Cresap Family Cemetery

Submitted by Phyllis Slater.

     This list of Cresap Family Cemetery graves was in the newspapers when they were moving the graves or wanting to move them. They were advertising for relatives to come forth in order to make re-burial arrangements.

     According to the following newpaper article, the names of those buried at the Cresap Family Cemetery were:

Michael Cresap, Jr., Hannah Ogle Cresap, David R. Cresap, Quincy Cresap, R. K. Cresap, Benjamin Ogle Cresap, William Cresap, Rebecca Cresap, Friend Cox, Michael Cox, Mary Ellen Cox, Robert Woods Cox, James Smith, Mary W. Cresap Smith, and Elizabeth Price Cresap

     Some of the remains were interred at Riverview and Mt. Rose cemeteries.

Wednesday, April 5, 1967



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Note: This list is descendants & relatives of those buried in the Cresap Family Cemetery.
They were being sought in order to make re-burial arrangements.
Robert Augustus WoodwardTheresea Alethea WoodwardRobert Wortham Woodward
James Preston WoodwardMary Emma WoodwardEugene Gates Woodward
Augustus Monroe WoodwardJulianna WoodwardWillie Rentz Woodward
Preston Edgar WoodwardEleanor Cresap Woodward BryanMinerva Ellen Boyd Winston
Mattie Ruth WinstonFrances Roberta WinstonArthur Boyd Winston
Minerva Ellen WinstonCharley Ann WinstonHenry Leslie Boyd
John Henry BoydLeslie Gene BoydBessie Jane Boyd
Robbie Boyd CobbsJames Henry CobbsAlbert Woodward Cobbs, Jr.
William George BoydWilliam George Boyd, Jr.Kyle Kaufman Boyd
Annie Wortham Woodward StewartOtis Woodward StewartClaude Cammack Stewart, Jr.
Ellen Keene Woodward AlexanderRobert Edward AlexanderVirginia Ellen Alexander
Annie Nora AlexanderMary Florence Wortham ZimmermanJewell Eleice Wortham Dumas
Lenox Eugene WorthamClifford McCrae WorthamRobert B. Wortham
Dorothy Jean DumasMartha Ann WorthamMary Nell Wortham
Thomas WorthamRose Wortham McNamaraAnetta Gene Wortham
Janice WorthamJames Clifford WorthamMaude Wortham Stewart
Kathleen Stewart ScottLenora StewartVirginia Stewart
Annette StewartKay ScottLulu Rentz Rose
Josephine Rentz WoodwardMable Rentz WaddellGilford Scott, Jr.
T. G. ScottMary Jane ScottIna Rose Scott McNamara
Margaret Scott DilworthFortson ScottMaurine McNamara Johnson
Bettie McNamara JohnsonThomas Parnell McNamaraMargaret Dilworth
Cecelia DilworthVada Lanette ScottGates Scott Codell
Ora Mae ScottWilliam ScottCurtis Scott
T. Don ScottNora Scott SturdivantMaggie Scott Pogue
Morgan ScottFannie Gene Scott SimsVancil Sturdivant
Cecelia Sturdivant MooreJohn Olin MooreLouise Moore
Robert Judson MooreEdgerly SturdivantRichard Sturdivant
Jean Morgan SturdivantJoseph LogueDorothy Logue
Helen LogueElizabeth LogueThomas J. Logue
J. William LogueMargaret Rose ScottHubert Rose
Edna Rose Lyle Lillian Rose LeeJosephine Rose Heulett
John K. Rose Virginia RoseFrancis Lyle
Cecelia LyleJosephine Lyle Virginia Lee
John Aubrey LeeEstell Orr MerridethKate Orr Cypert
Watkins OrrRex Cypert Jean Merrideth
Vivia D. MerridethElaine MerridethAnn Merrideth
Minnie V. Cresap WilliamsJames Edward WilliamsCora Cecelia Cresap Snow
Cecelia Snow JewellRichard Warren SnowHelen Snow
Ellen Rentz IvyGeorge Rentz Mina Rentz Honea
Nadine Rentz BrumfieldEdwin Rose Martha Rose Price
Earl RoseMary Rose Robert Rose
Edwin RoseLillian Price Kathleen Price
Helen PriceRuth Woodward SessamsMattie Woodward
Warren WoodwardT. A. SessamsJames Howard Sessamis
John WaddellJosephine Waddell BartonAudrey Waddell
Mabel Clair Waddell OwenJoseph BartonJack Barton, Jr.
Betty Ruth BartonBobbie Jean BartonVirginia Waddell Rodman
Bertha WaddellT. J. IvyWard Rentz
Rosemond RentzDude RentzScott Rentz
Gladys HoneaHubert HoneaThurman Honea
Douglas HoneaMattie BrumfieldVirginia Brumfield
Francis BrumfieldSybel Brumfield Travis Brumfield
Robert Lawrence ZimmermanCecil ScottGilford Scott
Vada Scott WorthamDell Scott RoseC. C. Scott
Dorothy ScottHonsell ScottHarry Scott
Kenneth ScottMary Elizabeth ScottJames Cresap Snow
Rachel J. Cresap AshtonMargaret Whittaker Ashton TuckerCresap Brent Cox
Virginia AshtonJames David AshtonMary Rosalie Ashton Pappas
Betty Cresap Tilton HerbCharles L. CresapThomas Quincy Cresap
Beverly Ann Bergoff, Jr.Benjamin Ogle Cresap, Jr.William Simpson Cresap
Richard George CresapElizabeth Cresap GattsRichard T. Cresap
Joseph E. CresapRobert W. CresapWilliam T. Beam
Eugene Cresap BeamGeorge BeamJanet Beam Detmer
Kenneth S. BeamSterling BeamDonald Cresap Beam
Stanley BeamBetty BeamFaith Beam
Dorothy BeamMary L. Beam PinkertonNellie V. Beam
Mary V. Alexander WilliamsonCharles WilliamsonThomas Williamson
Ruth Williamson SouthanDavis GrubbLouis Grubb
William R. CoxElizabeth Jane Cox WoodSuzanne Ruth Edwards
Robert Evans EdwardsCharles Trever EdwardsJames F. Cox
Mary Frances Cox EmmerthRobert Cresap CoxCharles Quincy Cox
Michael Cresap CoxRobert Cresap Cox, Jr.Katherine P. Cox
Roberta May CoxFrank Hurst WeaverJane Cresap Weaver Wilson

Also any unknown surviving next-of-kin, heirs-at-law, administrators, executors or personal representatives of Michael Cresap, Jr., Hannah Ogle Cresap, David R. Cresap, Quincy Cresap, R. K. Cresap, Benjamin Ogle Cresap, William Cresap, Rebecca Cresap, Friend Cox, Michael Cox, Mary Ellen Cox, Robert Woods Cox, James Smith, Mary W. Cresap Smith, and Elizabeth Price Cresap, each of whose remains are believed to be interred within graves located in the Cresap Family Cemetery In Franklin District, Marshall County, West Virginia. Also any unknown surviving next-of-kin, heirs-at-law, administrators, executors, or personal representatives of any unknown person or persons whose remains may be interred within any grave located in the Cresap Cemetery in Franklin District, Marshall County, West Virginia.


These photos, provided by Randy Hewitt and submitted to this page by Vernon Anderson, were taken during the removal/moving of remains.