The First Street Cemetery, located across the street from Calvary United Methodist Church in Moundsville, West Virginia, was formerly known as the Graveyard Lot of Waynesburg Avenue. Its origins are intertwined with that of Methodism in the frontier era of the Ohio Valley. Circuit riders on the old "Red Stone Circuit" carried John Wesley's message and the Methodist spirit across the mountains even before the formal organization of the Methodist Church in America in 1784.

As early as 1816, a Quarterly Conference held in Wheeling had recorded in its minutes a subscription of $100 by Walter Gray "towards the building of a Methodist Episcopal Church at Elizabethtown." (Elizabethtown is now Moundsville.) Other subscriptions were added and plans were made. There are records showing that already in 1817 and the following years, ministers were serving the people in the Flats of Grave Creek. (Now Moundsville)

     Finally, about 1820, a log building was erected on the "graveyard lot of Waynesburg Avenue." This burial plot, still known as the Methodist Cemetery, is near the site of the present Calvary United Methodist Church and is maintained by the United Methodists of the community. Although the membership of the log church consisted of only about 15 persons, the same people were influential in the business and civic affairs of the settlement, as well as in the religious life. This is evidenced by the frequency with which their names appear in the early records of Elizabethtown and the Flats of Grave Creek.



     The earliest burial in the First Street Cemetery that we have record of is that of John B. Rogerson in 1804. [Note 2009: The photo of this grave shows 1804 as dob & 1867 as the dod.] We have record of eight burials prior to 1816. The cemetery apparently was a part of the ___ acres sold by ___ Parr to William Parrott in 18--. William Parrott intended to give a deed to the cemetery lot consisting of one acre to the Methodist Episcopal Church but died in 1824 before the deed was transacted. His widow, Susanna Parrott, sold the farm to John List in 1830 with the request that William Parrott's wishes be respected. John List later sold the farm to Thomas H. List, and Thomas List, in turn, sold the cemetery lot to the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1841 for one dollar.

     The last burial on record is that of Amelia Price in 1886. The cemetery was sadly neglected and a committee was formed to take an inventory of tombstones in poor condition, and a listing of such was published in the Moundsville Echo of August 4, 1899. The Echo reported on November 17, 1899 that the G.A.R. had purchased lots in Mount Rose Cemetery to have the remains of 19 Civil War Veterans transferred so that their graves could be properly cared for.

     The Echo reported in 1904 that an unknown number of remains had been transferred to Mount Rose Cemetery so that First Street could be widened. In 1906, $10 was raised to clean the briars, weeds, alders, and trash from the cemetery which had become a dumping ground. In 1908, money was raised to continue the clean-up.

     At some point, Calvary Methodist Church, across the street from the cemetery, assumed responsibility for care of the cemetery which remains in effect as of this writing.

     It appears in 1930 an inventory of monuments was made by Ed Rulong, the sexton of Calvary Church, possibly at the request of Evan G. Roberts.

     There is another listing of monuments apparently taken in about 1938 by Herbert O'Neil, a member of Calvary Church.

     The next inventory was made by Tri-County Researchers between 1977 and 1981.

     Phyllis Slater of Wheeling put the Tri-County Researchers' list on the Internet, apparently February 6, 2000.

     All of these lists, with the exception of the Internet list, were consolidated into one preliminary master list so that all discrepancies could be reviewed and edited where advisable. The review and editing committee were composed of the following:

1. Representative of Calvary UMC - Howard Roth
2. Representative of District UMC - John Varlas
3. Representative of the Marshall County Historical Society - Naomi Hupp
4. Researcher - Joe Parriott

     It may be well to note that the overwhelming percentage of discrepancies were differences between information provided by Tri-County Researchers and the information supplied by the two previous reports made by Mr. O'Neil and by the church sexton. These discrepancies are attributed to the monuments being forty to fifty years older when Tri- County made their readings. Tri-County noted that some of the inscriptions were difficult to read.

     This is a listing of all known persons buried in the First Street Cemetery and the inscriptions on each monument, as judged by this committee on 3-27-2001.

     It is intended to submit this list to Calvary United Methodist Church; Simpson United Methodist Church; Northern District of West Virginia Annual Conference, United Methodist Church; Marshall County Historical Society; Marshall County Public Library; the Marshall County Website, and any other genealogical repositories that come to mind.

O S Y   Alexander, James Ross, son of R. & N. J. Alexander, 1840(1846?) - PHOTO
O S Y   Alexander, Narcissa, wife of Robert Alexander, 1862 - PHOTO
O S   Alexander, Orlenna, daughter of R. & N. J. Alexander, 1858
O S Y   Alexander, Robert, 1862 - PHOTO
O S Y   Alexander, Virginia, daughter/Robert & Narcissa Alexander, 1860 - PHOTO
G   Allison, William
G   Allum, William
O S E Y   Andjtholer (or Andthaler), Michael, 1857 - PHOTO
E   Armstrong, Elizabeth
T S Y   Arnett, Alfred, 1837 - PHOTO
O S Y   Arnold, daughter of Joseph & Lucretia Arnold, 1842? - PHOTO
E   Arnold, Elenor
O S   Arnold, Franklin, 1851
E   Arnold, Jane Ann
O S   Arnold, John, 1852
E   Baird, Thomas
T O S Y   Baker, Henry, 1857 - PHOTO
O S   Baker, John, 1848
O T Y   Baker, Elizabeth Roberts, 1791 - 1848 - PHOTO - PHOTO
T O   Barcus, Dorcas, wife of Noah Barcus, 1873 - PHOTO
T O Y   Barcus, Noah, Jr., son of N. & D. Barcus, 1873- PHOTO
O S Y   Blair, Mary, wife of E. H. Blair, 1851 or 1861 - PHOTO
E   Blair, Melvina
O S   Blake, Nancy P., 1876
O S   Blake, Richard C., 1864
O S   Blake, Robert
Y L   Blake, William A., d 6 July 1860, age 5 mos; s/o Wm. & Ann - PHOTO
O S   Blakemore, Mary, wife of Jas. Blakemore, Sr.
T O Y   Bleakmore, Jas., Sr., 1853 - PHOTO
O S Y   Bowers, George W., 1863 - PHOTO - PHOTO 2
E   Brown, Barbara
O S   Campbell, James B.
T S   Carlton, Nancy, wife of Absalom Carlton, 1871
O S   Carr, John, son of John & Mary Carr, 1860
E   Catlett, C. B.
O S Y   Catlett, Nimrod, 1823 - PHOTO
O S   Chaddock, Charles, 1857
O   Chaddock, Mary, wife of Charles Chaddock, 1857
O T   Chaddock, John, 1859
E   Charleston, Molly
O X   Cockayne, Alexander, son of Bennett & Sarah (Price) Cockayne, 1865 - PHOTO
X Y   Cockayne, Samuel, Aug 26, 1768 - June 14, 1854 - PHOTO - PHOTO 2
O X    Cockayne, Bushrod Washington, 1830 - PHOTO
E X Y   Cockayne, Isabel - PHOTO - PHOTO 2
E   Cockayne, Margaret
O S   Cool, Mary, daughter of Rev. D. Cool, 1873
O S Y   Cordell, John, 1838 - PHOTO - PHOTO 2
O S Y   Cordell, Rebecca, wife of John Cordell, 1835 - PHOTO - PHOTO 2
O Y   Coughlin, Margaret, 1835 - PHOTO
T O S Y   Dague, Ann, consort of Frederick Dague, 1851 - PHOTO
O T Y   Davis, Lavina Sappington, 1852, wife of Christ'n - PHOTO
E   Davis, Mary
G   Davis, Samuel P.
O T   Dawson, John Gallaher, son of S. B. and B. J., 1868
G   Dunlap, William
O S Y   Elder, Jane Caldwell, consort of William Elder, 1840 or 1849 - PHOTO - PHOTO 2
E   Ernst, Matilda
E   Ernst, Michael, Sr.
E   Frien, Charles
Y   Gallaher, John, d Mar 8, 1868 - PHOTO
O S Y   Gallaher, John B., 1871- PHOTO - PHOTO 2
O S Y   Gallaher, Morgan Hurst, son of John & Rachel Gallaher, 1841 - PHOTO
O T Y   Gallaher, Rachel Hurst, wife of John, 1841 - PHOTO
O S Y   Gallaher, William F., 1870 - PHOTO - PHOTO 2
G   Gatewood, T. E.
O S Y   Gillespie, R. B., M.D., 1853 - PHOTO
Y   Goodrich, William; d 1837 - PHOTO
O S   Gosney, Alexander, 1855
O T   Graham, Laura V., daughter of R & F. A., 1848
E   Grandstaff, J. M.
E   Grandstaff, Jacob
O S   Hanes, Mary Elizabeth, daughter/Jacob and Elizabeth Hanes, 1832 or 1838
E   Hannah, E. L.
O S   Harrison, William Henry, son of James & Sarah Harrison, 1840
O S   Hogan, Angeline, 1851
O S   Hogan, Drusilla, wife of Edward Hogan, 1848
O S   Hogan, Ephriam
O S Y   Hoge, infant son of J. & R. M. Hoge, 1849 - PHOTO
E   Holliday, J. I.
E   Holliday, Mary
O S   Holliday, William, 1865
E Y   Hubbs, Elizabeth, d 5 Sep 1856 - Wife of Elijah - PHOTO
O S   Hunter, Margaret, 1868
S   Hurst, Rachel, consort of John Gallaher, 1841
E Y   Ingram, Elizabeth (Kacke)- PHOTO
O S Y   Israel (Iseral), John B., 1835 - PHOTO - PHOTO 2
E   Israel, Mary
E   Israel, Rebecca
E   Jefferson, Elizabeth
O S   Jefferson, Jacob, 1863
E   Jefferson, Jane
O S   Jefferson, Marinda, consort of Jacob Jefferson, 1861
O S   Jefferson, Rebecca, consort of Jacob Jefferson, 1854 - PHOTO
S   Jones, Ann Eliza, daughter of H. & A Jones, 1864
O S Y   Jones, Morgan, d 25 Dec 1840, 70th yr. - PHOTO
T S   Kerans, Utelis, son of William & Elizabeth Kerans, 1835
T Y   Koch, Dorothea, wife of Henry Koch, 1843 - PHOTO - PHOTO 2
T S Y   Koch, Henry, 1849 - PHOTO - PHOTO 2
O T   Koontz, Catherine C., daughter of J. & M., 1847
E   Koontz, Jno. W.
O E   Koontz, Louis, 1858
O S   Lake, John, 1851
E   Lane, Milissa
E   Leggett, De C.
E   Lewellen, James H.
O S   Lewellen, William Henry, son of Dr. & Susannah Lewellen, 1855
T Y   Lindsey, Johnson, 1838 - PHOTO
E   Lindsey, Nancy Ann
O S   Logsdon, Abigail, wife of Bennett Logsdon (1810 is wrong)
E   Logsdon, Sarah
E   Long, Amanda
E   Low, Mary
G   Lowe, Joseph
E   Lyon (child of A. J. Lyon)
O S   Martin, Henry F., son of H. & M. J. Martin, 1863
O S   Matthews, James, 1813
O E Y   McClean, Archibald, 1845 - PHOTO - PHOTO 2
O S Y   McClean, Joseph, 1838, 35th year - PHOTO - PHOTO
O S Y   McClean, Joseph Sr., 1775-1848 - War of 1812 - PHOTO
O S Y   McClean, Elizabeth Fry, 1776-1874 - Settled Grave Crk. 1825 - PHOTO
S   McClean, Robert, 1858
O T Y   McClean, Susan Rector, 1831 - PHOTO
Y   McClean, Mary Emma, d 1838, age 3 yrs 1 mo. - PHOTO
O   McClellan, Robert, 1858
T O S Y   McClure, John, 1883 - PHOTO - PHOTO 2
Y   McClure, Susan, 1873 - Wife of John - PHOTO
T O S Y   McDonald, James, 1831 - PHOTO
O S Y   McDonald, James W., 1882? - PHOTO
O S   McDonald, William N., 1861
E   McFadden, J. B.
E   McFadden, M. M.
S Y   McGrew, Finley R., 1851 - PHOTO
O S   McMillan, George C., 1846
E   McPeek, Alice L.
O S Y   McQuilling, Hannah, 1821 - PHOTO - PHOTO 2
Y   Mitcheltree, George, d 1844 - PHOTO - PHOTO 2
O S   Moore, John C., 1837
O S   Moore, Mary G., wife of J. F. Moore, 1845
S O   Moore, Thomas, son of J. M. (or J. F.) & M. G. Moore, 1836
O S Y   Morris, Bell Jane, consort of Richard W., 1847 - PHOTO
O   Morris, Jane N., wife of Saul
E   Morrow, Jno.
E   Morton, Jane
E   Morton, Jasper
O S   Moss, Elisha, 1811
O S Y   Moss, John, 1861 - PHOTO
O S Y   Moss, Laura Virginia, daughter of Elisha & Mary Moss, 1840 - PHOTO
O S   Moss, Mary, 1861
O S   Moss, William D., 1815
O S   Mount, Catherine C., daughter of J. & M. Mount, 1847
Y   Murray, Infant of Jas & Margaret M.; d 10 Dec 1847, 7 wks 3 days - PHOTO
Y   Nace, Elizabeth Eve, c/o Jacob; d 8 Feb 1839 - PHOTO
O S Y   Nace, Henry, 1848 - PHOTO
E   Newman, Elvise
G E   Newman, Jno.
E   Nichols, Thos.
O S   Ogden, James, 1854
E   Parriott, Elizabeth
O S Y   Parriott, John, 1855 - PHOTO - PHOTO 2
O S Y   Parriott, Martha, 1839 - PHOTO - PHOTO 2
E   Parriott, Mary A.
O Y   Parriott, Susan Emaline, 1838 - PHOTO
O S Y   Parriott, William, 1824 - PHOTO
O S   Patterson, Sarah, wife of James Patterson, 1855
O S Y   Peck, Dr. Lemuel, 1844 - PHOTO
Y   Peck, Mary A., dau. of Lemuel & Eliz. - PHOTO
Y   Peck, Lemuel L., Jr., Infant son of Lemuel & Eliz. - PHOTO
G   Porter, John
O S   Powell, Frances, 1847
O S   Powell, Hiram M., son of W. O. & Mary Powell, 1847 or 1858
O S Y   Powell, Martha Reed, daughter of W. O. & Mary Powell, 1847 - PHOTO
O S   Powell, Mary, 1878
O S Y   Powell, William O., 1871 - PHOTO
O S Y   Pratt, Sarah Ann, wife of E. L. Pratt, 1847 - PHOTO
E   Price, Alice C.
O S   Price, Amelia J., wife of G. M. Price, 1886
E   Price, C. B. M.
O S   Price, Franklin, 1856
G O S Y   Price, George B. M., 1872 - PHOTO
O S   Price, Governor M., 1856
O S Y   Price, Jefferson Mason, son of M. & S. P. (or Wm. & S. T.) Price, 1851 - PHOTO
O S   Price, John W., 1844
O S Y   Price, Martha L., Nov 1836 - PHOTO - PHOTO
O X Y   Price, Martha L., Feb 28, 1825 - PHOTO - PHOTO 2
O Y   Price, Child (son?) of Martha L. Price, 1834 (1831?) - PHOTO
G   Pride, Jackson [Note: Andrew Jackson Pride, I 3 WV Inf, d Oct 3, 1861, Typhoid Fever - per Linda Fluharty.]
O S   Purdy, Amelia Ann, wife of Jonathan Purdy, 1863
E   Purdy, Annie
E   Purdy, Bertha
O S Y   Purdy, Eunice, wife of Jonathan Purdy, 1825 - PHOTO
O S   Purdy, James J., 1880
O S   Purdy, Mary, wife of Simeon Purdy, 1840
E   Ramsey, Ann
E   Ransom, Rebecca
E   Ray, Margaret
T Y   Raynes, Benjamin, 1833 - PHOTO
O Y   Reed, Clement, 1844 - PHOTO
O S   Reynolds, Charles N., son of William & A. W. Reynolds, 1884
G   Reynolds, Henry
E   Riggs, Catherine
E   Riggs, Lucy
L Y   Riggs, Mary E., dau. of J. C. Riggs, b 1850 d Mar 25, 1872 - PHOTO
O T   Rogerson, George
O S Y   Rogerson, John B., b 1804, d 1867(Grandfather of T. L. Rogerson)
T   Rogerson, Mary Ann Waterland, wife of John (Grandmother of T. L. Rogerson)
O S Y   Rogerson, Susannah, wife of George Rogerson, 1872 - PHOTO
O   Rohn, M. J.
E   Roome, Marrian
O S   Roome, Mary E., daughter of W. & E. Roome, 1851
O S   Roome, Thomas, son of W. & E. Roome, 1851
O S   Rossell, Priscilla, 1852
O   Roynes, Benjamin, 1833 (See Raynes)
O S Y   Rulong, Aaron, 1857 - PHOTO
O S   Rulong, Ida May, 1875
O S   Rulong, Margaret, 1878
G O S   Rulong, William H., 1872
E   Rumble, Anna
E   Rumble, Samantha PHOTO
O S   Sayre, Edith B., consort of John S. Sayre, 1855
S O T   Sayre (or Soyre), Alice May, daughter of J. S. & E. B. Sayre (or Soyre), 1857
S O T   Sayre, (or Soyre) Mary E., daughter of Alex A. & J. A. Sayre (or Soyre), 1850 or 1859
E   Seamon, I. S.
O S   Shannon, Samuel S., 1851
O S   Sheperd, Sarah, 1881
E   Simpson, Elizabeth
E   Simpson, Jno.
E   Simpson, Maria
O S   Sinclair, Susan, wife of Wm. Sinclair, 1858
O S   Sloan, Susan Ann, 1871
O T Y   Smith, Harriett and Hannah - PHOTO
G   Smith, Louis H.
O S   Smith, Sarah, 1871
O G S Y   Smith, Thomas F., 1862 - PHOTO
O S   Smith, Thomas P., 1855
E   Snider, Amelia
E   Snider, Jacob
O S Y   Snider, Josephene, daughter of H. & A. Snider - PHOTO
E   Snider, Michael
E   Spellman, James M.
O S   Staley, William J.
O S Y   St. Clair, John W., 1838 - PHOTO
T O S Y   Stewart, Amos Westly, 1810 - PHOTO
O S Y   Stewart, Emit Westly, 1811 - PHOTO
O S   Stewart, John Henry, son of Wm. & N. Stewart, 1817
E   Stewart, Tom, Sr.
O S Y   Stine, George, 1812 - PHOTO
E   Straight, Elizabeth
O S   Strawn, Little Jimmy, son of John & Elizabeth Strawn, 1852
E   Taylor, Retty
O S   Taylor, Mary, daughter of J. & Hetty Taylor, 1827
E   Turner, Adaline
O S Y   Turner, Amelia, consort of Simeon Turner, 1858 - PHOTO - PHOTO 2
E   Turner, Mary
E   Ward, Francis
O   Weekly, Barbara, wife of William Weekly, 1879
S   Weekly, Rachel A., 1880
S Y   Welshhans, David, d 1821 - PHOTO
Y   Wheeler, N. C. - PHOTO
O S Y   Wilson, George W., 1834 - PHOTO
O S   Wilson, Mary, 1844
O S   Woodburn, son of B. & A. Woodburn, 1843
O S   Woodburn, Ann, wife of Robert Woodburn, 1873
O S   Woodburn, Charles D., 1847
O S   Woodburn, Mary V., daughter of W. H. Woodburn, 1859
O S Y   Workman, Alfred J., 1834 - PHOTO - PHOTO 2
O S Y   Workman, William F., 1834 - PHOTO - PHOTO 2




Unidentified "Mary"     
Unidentified "Molly"    
Unidentified Gravestone
Unidentified Gravestone
Unidentified Gravestone
Unidentified Gravestone
Unidentified Gravestone
Unidentified Gravestone
Unidentified Gravestone
Unidentified Gravestone
Unidentified Gravestone
Unidentified Gravestone
Unidentified Gravestone
Unidentified Gravestone
Unidentified Gravestone
Unidentified Gravestone
Unidentified Gravestone
Unidentified Gravestone
Unidentified Gravestone
Unidentified Gravestone
Unidentified Gravestone
Unidentified Gravestone
Cemetery View

Source E - Listing of tombstones in First Street Cemetery in need of repair. (Moundsville Echo, August 4, 1899)

Source G - The G.A.R. transferred the remains of these veterans to Mount Rose Cemetery so that the graves would be properly cared for. (Moundsville Echo, November 17, 1899)

Source L - Death Record.

Source O - List of tombstones made by Herbert O'Neil and published in the Moundsville Journal, July 13, 1938.

Source S - List of tombstones made by Calvary Methodist Church Sexton, Ed Rulong, probably in 1930.

Source T - List of tombstones made by Tri-County Researcher, possibly 1980. Tri-County work suspected of discrepancies because of the aging of lettering on the monuments.

Source X - Edmund Grose photographed the Cockayne monument which bears the name of Alexander Cockayne, son of Bennett & Sarah (Price) Cockayne, on the south side, and Samuel Cockayne's name on the north side. [Samuel's burial at First Cemetery was was not previously listed.] He also photographed the graves of Isabel and Bushrod Washington Cockayne. In addition, Ed photographed the gravestone of Martha Burbridge Price Cockayne, shown as Martha Price in the above list. She was the second wife of Samuel Cockayne (1768-1854) and the widow of George Washington Price. Two of Martha's daughters (Sarah & Mary) married two of Samuel's sons (Bennett & Samuel). For more about the genealogy of this family see Descendants of Samuel Cockayne.

Source Y - COLETTE TRADER photographed the gravestone.

NOTE: Moundsville Echo of September 30, 1904, stated that the unidentified remains of some burials were transferred to Mount Rose Cemetery so that First Street could be widened.

NOTE - Oct 10, 2003: There has been some discussion on the Marshall County Mailing List about money being needed for the upkeep of this cemetery. The Simpson UM Church pays for the insurance on the First Street Cemetery. Calvary UM Church pays for the maintenance, from a fund established many years ago by Evan G. Roberts. Perhaps this fund is running out? In any case, donations would probably be appreciated!

More photos of this cemetery are found on Flicker, courtesy of Willy Nelson.