Harbison-McIntire Cemetery


Readings by Ethel Briggs, c 1970-1980. Submitted by Phyllis Slater.

This small family cemetery is located on the old homestead of the Harbison-McIntires on Burch Ridge, Marshall County. It is in the woods and all grown over. To reach it, drive up Burch Ridge about two miles. You will notice a dirt lane on the right. It is always muddy so don't try to drive a car up. About one mile up this lane you pass an old farm house, then a cabin that has fallen in. This cabin was the Harbison home. To the right on a knoll is the cemetery. Past the cemetery is where the McIntire cabin stood. It was built by McIntires in 1854 but burned in 1979.

From this orginal family of McIntires came two lawyers, a doctor and a W.Va. University Football coach.

HARBISON, William D - died 5 Nov 1877 - age 7/5/11
HARBISON, Evalin (Evaline Smith) - 1896
HARBISON, Moses - 1855

This double monument was erected by their daughter M. J. McIntire.

McKEE, Lorena Eden 1896 - 1938
HARBISON, (Iven F.) - 7th WVa Inf" - 1844 - 1925
HARBISON, (Thomas B.) - Co A 17th WVa Inf - no dates
MYERS, David - Co A 17th Vol Inf - 1846 - 1887
*MYERS, Mary Kathleen - "Kitty" - 17 Mar 1876 - 17 Feb 1894
MYERS, Cora Venetia - "Ishy" - 10 Oct 1877 - 19 Apr 1891
MARSH, Millard Filmore - 24 Mar 1953 - age 72/2
McINTIRE, Ishia (Charlotte) - 24 Apr 1877
McINTIRE, daughters of J W & M J McIntire
McINTIRE, Ida - 29 Apr 1877

Readings by Mark & Jim Myers, 2004. Submitted by Sharon Jones.

This cemetery was visited by Mark & Jim Myers in May 2004. It was covered with grass & underbrush that in some areas was nearly waist high. Small trees are filling in much of the area. This underbrush made finding & reading the stones difficult. Therefore this list may be incomplete. The following is compiled from current information & photos taken about 30 years ago. HARBISON, Iven F. - b. 1844 d. 1925 "Co B 7th W.V."
(this stone standing in older photo, has fallen off base and is lying on ground)

HARBISON, Johnny M. C. - "son of -- & M. E. Harbison", d. Jul. 24 1877 "in his 7 year"
(In old photo, the initials of father are too hard to read clearly. In 2004, stone was found lying face up on ground, eroded to point where it could no longer be read.)

HARBISON, Moses - d. 1886
HARBISON, Evalin - d. 1896
("To the memory of her parents by Mrs. M. J. McIntire" - stone has fallen off base)

HARBISON, Thomas B - "Co. A 17 W.VA. Inf"
(military stone, no dates)

HARBISON, Wm. D. - d. Nov 5, 1877 Aged: 21y 5m 11d

HARBISON, William L. - "son of -- & M. E. Harbison", d. Jul 2-, 1877 "in his 9 year"
(In old photo, the initials of father & day of death is too hard to read.)

(white double stone, not clear enough in old photo to make out names or dates - most likely the two daughters of J. W. & M. J. McIntire who died in 1877)

McKEE, Lorena Eden - b. 1896 d. 1938

MYERS, David - He is not buried in this cemetery. County death records indicate that he is buried in Grace Chapel Cemetery.

*Notes regarding the Myers family:

Cora Venetia and Mary Kathleen Myers were the daughters of David & Adaline (McIntire) Myers. After the death of David, Adaline remarried. The family then moved to Belmont County, OH where they were living by February 1893. Cora's death location & burial are unknown. Mary Kathleen Myers died of pnuemonia in Martins Ferry, OH and was buried at Grace Chapel, rather than the Harbison-McIntire Cemetery. The following was found in the Moundsville Echo:

Burch Ridge--The remains of Miss Kitty Myers were brought to Grace Chapel for interment Monday Feb 19. Miss Kitty's death was most sad as she was only 17 and her childhood and youth had merged into young womanhood just so far that it seemed to her friends that she would not be given up. But "He who doeth all things well has only shown us by another perfect object lesson that all that belongs to God is pure. ~Moundsville Echo March 2, 1894 p3