Greene County Home Cemetery Burials

Researched by Bill A. Davison,
(as of 5 May 2003).

LOCATION: Franklin Twp, Greene Co, PA

Grey, Hiram (white)
Died 2-15-1910 at County Home 97y
Burial County Home Cemetery
Dr. F.S. Ullom

Stickles, Levi (white)
Died 3-27-1910 County Home
Funeral 3-27-1910
Burial County Home Cemetery
Rev. McElvans

Tuttle, Mary (white) 70y
Died 12-18-1910
Burial County Home Cemetery

Stall, Opidi (white) male 73y
Died 8-19-1911 Greene County Home
Burial Greene County Home Cemetery

Pfiender, Michael farmer (white) 82y
Born Germany Widower
Burial Greene County Home Cemetery

Hamilton, William (white)
Burial County Home Cemetery

Baysinger, Ralph (white) age 21 days
Born Waynesburg
Parents: James Ireland, birthplace ink.
Pierrie Baysinger, born in Greene Co.
Died 1-1-1912
Burial: Greene County Home Cem.

Pletcher, Malissa
Died 3-8-1912 Greene Co Home
age 70 Single
Burial: ____

Taylor, Isaac laborer (white) age 62
Died 8-23-1912 Greene Co Home
Burial: _____

Arnold, Abraham
Died 10-7-1912 Greene County Home
age 68 Born: PA Single
Burial: Greene County Home Cem

Unidentified Male (white)
Died 11-9-1912 age-about 70
(Found in building on Jennie Wisecarver farm)
Burial: Greene County Home Cem.

2607 Heing, William, ret shoemaker, white
5-24-1860 PA - 1-24-1936 County Home
age 75-8-0
Marr. widower Margaret Riley
County Home Cemetery

2673 Harvey..infant, stillbn ... W
Daniel Harvey (Pa)
Mable Bane (Pa)
F. 11-6-1936 County Home Cem

2778 Kovach, Mike coal miner W
d. 12-16-1937 70-8-1
b. 4-15-1867 Hungary
marr. Widower
Par_____ Hungary
F. 12-19-1937 County Home Cem

2792 McGruder, Morris .. Black
d. 3-17-1938 County Home
b. 2-28-1872 PA
Marr. widower Blanche Tate
Par Perry McGruder VA
Malissa Blake PA
F. 3-19-1938 County Home Cem

2909 Rusnock, Steve
d. 7-29-1939 County Home 65
b. Poland F 7-30-1939 County Home Cem

Curlin, Wm. Civil War Vet... dates not known.

Curlin, John White Male
s. of Wm. T Curlin and Valdie Curlin.
Died 15 Aug 1913 in Waynesburg (Wbg) Hosp.
Buried 16 Aug 1913 County Home Cemetery.

Walters, Martha. d. 11-15-1925 at the county home.
Bur. 11-17-1925 County Home Cem.

Hornick, Mike Polish age 50, d. 6-8-1926 county home
Bur. 6-10-1926 burial ?

1725 Black, Minnie d. 1-26-1927 county home (Cem)

1784 Dobbs, Robert Lee, 2 yr old, 9-13-1927 County Home (Cem)

1805 McFall, Bernard, d. 12-1-1927 County Home (Cem)

1827 Sarver...unnamed...2-22-1928--2-22-1928 stillborn County Home (Cem)

1868 Wrobel, Martin d. 8-14-1928 County Home (Cem)

1888 Haines, William L., Wbg Hosp, stillborn
Dorothy Hauward
11-8-1928 County Home Cem

1897 Kennedy, William, 75 y, d. 11-30-1928 County Home (Cem)

1961 Pyle, Eliza Jane 79y, b. 10-31-1849...d. 5-14-1929 Clarksville
Grace Carter, born OH
Cassandra Smith
County Home
*not sure just what this means but it was recorded in the Cem. Book

2064 Masa, Flora, coal miner, 60 y
d. 6-8-1930 County Home born Europe
6-10-1930 County Home Cem

2080 Ribick, Nick 72y, d. 8-22-1930, bur County Home Cem

2092 Yost, Jack Richard, b. ? Died 10-13-1930, par John Yost, WV ..._____Hillberry

2124 Balustra, Pete, d. 1-27-1931 County Home (Cem)

2265 Ackley, Mary M. infant W
d. 6-24-1932 GCMH
Wm Ackley....Bertha Hewitt...both PA
County Hom Cem 6-19-1932. (yep 6-19-1932)

2311 Barclay infant F. W.
11-2-1932 Franklin Twp
Edmund S. Barclay, PA
Margaret Lockhart
Bur ?

2349 Daily, Edward 67y,
4-22-1865 (Ill) -- 3-11-1933 County Home
Andrew Daily, PA.......Sarah Avory, Ill
Fun 3-14-1933 County Home Cem.

Hines, David 49y (black)
d. 5-2-1934 County Home
bur County Home Cem

2492 Vivec, Steve coal miner (white)
12-8-1883 Europe...8-28-1934 GCMH
Mar. ?
Parents: Frank Vivec, born Europe
County Home Cem

Chapman, William W M 69y
Married Born: Greene Co. Died: Franklin Twp 6 Oct 1894
cod information 10 days/County Home 7 Oct 1894

Evans, John W M 23 inmate
20 June 18795 Franklin Twp Consumption
County Home 21 June 1894/recorded 29 Nov 1894

Marris, Mandy W F 40 yrs Single
Born: Gr Co. Died: 17 Nov 1894 Franklin Twp Dropsey
1 yr County Home 18 Nov 1894/recorded 29 Nov 1894

Kerns, Charles W M 25 Single
Greene Twp born/ d. 13 Aug 1895 Franklin Twp
Fits sudden County Home inter. 15 Aug 1895

Munion, Colenedious W M 65 Marr.
Gr Co./ 28 Sept 1894 d./ Franklin Twp-Dropsey 2 mo.
County Home 29 Sept 1894

Packer, Sarah W F 75 Marr.
b. Wash Co, PA-d. 18 Oct 1896 County Home
Consumption 6 mos.

Page 175 Unknown - White Male ?
Inmate 26 June 1894 Franklin Twp Consumption
Co Home 27 June 1894

Whipkey, Belle W F 29 Single Alleppo
25 Apr 1895 Frkn Twp Consumption 3 weeks
Co. Home 26 April 1895

from Garrison Funeral Home Book at Cornerstone
34 Butter/Butler, Keener (white) 66y
Died: 2-14-1916 Greene Co. Home
Born: France Funeral: 2-15-1916
Burial: County Home Cemetery

35 Cox, Catherine (white) age 77-0-25
Died: 2-26-1918
Par: James Kiney (b. PA)
Sarah Pittsenberger, (b. PA)
* on headstone: "Catharine, Wife of John Cox, 1841-1918"

36 Younkin, Henry age 71-6-24
Died: 12-29-1918
Born: PA
Par: Charles Younkin, born PA
Nancy Younkin, born PA
Fun: 12-31-1918
Bur: County Home Cem
*on Tombstone: " Henry Younkin, 1845-1918"

3332 Martin, William
d. 9-19-1950 County Home age 78
b. Smithfield Pa
Par: Richard Martin b. Pa
June Dorsey b. WVa
Fun: 9-22-1950
Bur: County Home Cem

3409 Toth, John ret coal miner
died: 8-8-1952 County Home age 69-7-2
born: 1-6-1883 Hungary
Fun 8-11-1952
Bur County Home Cem

3823 Morocco, Nick
died 3-4-1962 Curry Home 75
born 1-25-1887 Italy
Par. Saual Morocco
Movesta Pascuta
fun 3-7-1962
Burial place ______?
**Mr. Morroco may or may not be buried in the County Home Cemetery.

From the Weaver Funeral Home Records
Jan 1919 - Oct 1977

120 Williams, Hunters (colored) 58-9-18
May 1, 1861 - Feb 19, 1920 Co. Home
Par: Everly Williams and Emily - born Va

755 Pingitore, Frank 7- Italy d. 4 Mar 1936 county home
Works livery barn last 40 years, wife and son.
**Not sure if he is buried in the County Home Cem. but does say he died there.

761 Lasco, Jess 51 Poland Apr 4, 1903
G. Co. Home Cemetery

1352 Piecyk, John (52-6-14) 7/23/1881 - 2/7/1944 Single
County Home Par: Tony Piecyk & Mary.
B. County Home Cem. inf. C. N. Hewitt

1441 Main, Eli (90-10-16) 8/8/1854 - 6/24/1945
Curry Home Laborer
Par: William Main & Phoebe Horner
Children: Dorsey, Thomas, William, Stella Collins, bro Thomas
B. County Home Cemetery inf: Mrs. Shriver

1476 Stickles, Areford (64) 1882-1/18/1946
Single County Home
Par: Eli Stickles and Rebecca
B. County Home info: O.N. Hewitt

1494 McWhorten, John (75) 1871-5/7/1946
(unknown) Curry Home

Found in the John Lucas-Frank Behm Funeral Records
7 May 2003

#36 Budin, Paul; died Jan 23, 1929, Age ca 51
Died in Waynesburg Hospital
Buried: Greene Co Horne Cemetery
*Do not know if he was buried in a Horne Cemetery in Greene County
or the Greene Co Home Cemetery…Horne being a typo.

#65 Unknown…died Aug 25 1929
Drowning victim, Mon River, near Rices Landing
Age 45-50 yrs.
Burial: County Home Cemetery

#195 Hughes, Annie M. Jefferson, Pa.
Died: Mar 25 1932 Age 66-2-16
Edema of Lungs
Born: Jan 9, 1866

From the Scott Funeral Home Records
7 May 2003

#27 Parry, Dr. Edward died @ Pittsburgh PA
died: 10-26-1945
no other info
Burial: ?

25 June 2003
Some of the following say "Franklin Twp., while others say Co. Home.
The County Home Cemetery is located in Franklin Township.

Rhinehart, Maria W 76 27 May 1895 Franklin Twp

Rhoads, G(?) T W 33 20 Sept 1895 Franklin Twp

Rhoades, Inf. W 14 days 7 Sept 1895 Franklin Twp
parents: Wm Rhoades - Mattie Rhoades of Jeff Twp

Rhoades, Maggie W 23 19 May 1895 place of burial ?
*the above Rhoads/Rhoades ARE NOT buried in the Rhodes Cemetery, Franklin Twp.*

Whipkey, Belle W F 29 born Aleppo Twp died 25 Apr 1895 Franklin Twp. burial: Co Home

Unknown, White Male Inmate 26 June 1894 County Home

Thompson. Charley S. W M 3 b. Center Twp, d. Center Twp… Thomas Thompson and Ida M. Thompson 19 Nov 1893 Franklin Twp

**found 7 July 2003**

Chapman, Wm W M 69 married born: Greene Co. died: Oct 6, 1894 Franklin Twp
buried: Oct 7, 1894 County Home

Grandon, Albert C. or G. W M 21 died: Oct 26, 1898
Buried: County Home Oct 27 1898

Gladden, John W M 72 died: Jan 2, 1896 buried Jan 3, 1896 County Home

Henry, Sadie Hettie W F 5 yrs
Parents: Peter Henry – Addie B. Henry Aleppo Twp
Died: Nov 17, 1894 County Home

Kent, Mattie W F 24 died: June 27, 1893 buried: Franklin Twp June 28, 1893

Edward Cranshaw, Male, Colored, Married, 75yrs 6mo 11days. Died: July 15, 1934, Waynesburg. Born Dec 24, 1858. father: Edward Cranshaw of WVa; mother: Jane Boggen of WVa.. Burial: County Home Cemetery

Kus, Frank 1909 – 1964 Pauper Cem…* a metal funeral home marker with Mr. Kus’ name was reported to have been seen in the wooded area of the County Home Cemetery. ** I did see the Kus information during my search for County Home burials…so I list his name here

102 26 Miller C. A. colored male 83 yrs. single farmer April 28 1908 Aleppo old age 3 months Home Cem. Apr. 30, 1908

** I list this death because the place of burial is unknown.