J. Parsons Cemetery

Submitted by Frank & Sharon Hodorowski.

Turn off WV Rt. 2 onto Burch Ridge Co. road (29) at Wayne's Carry-out. Taking this road, which is very winding and steep near the river, it levels out somewhat at the top. Staying on this road you will come to an intersection on the left with Rines Ridge road (76). Go through this intersection and the next road on the right is Parson's Rd.(82) about 500 feet beyond that is a white house with red barn. . Behind and to the left of the house is a badly overgrown clump of trees. Supposedly there are 15 / 20 burials.

Hannah E. Parsons - w/o George A. Smith - 1851 - 1920
Margaret D. - w/o Jacob P(arsons)? - Died 5 Jun 1887
A large white marble monument laying on it's side, badly eroded, no data.

Known to be buried here, per research of Eloyce Parsons Trader:

Parsons, Joseph - 8 Feb 1813 - 8 Nov 1846 - h/o Margaret (Yoho) - s/o Henry P. & Hannah Etta (Gorby) Parsons
Parsons, Margaret (Yoho) - 16 Mar 1815 - 6 Aug 1887 - w/o Joseph - d/o Henry & Annabelle (Buchanan) Yoho