Mt. Union Presbyterian Cemetery



Message from Tom Welsh, 6/2000:

My wife's great-great grandfather, William Henry Daugherty, who fought in the Civil War and was wounded at the Battle of McDowell in 1862 and survived a gunshot wound to the head in 1865, was buried in Mount Union Presbyterian Cemetery in Sand Hill following his death in 1915.

I met with another relative of William's who tipped me off that his grave was behind someone's house. So, on a sunny day, we set out to find his grave. Relying on her description of the house, we pulled in the driveway of a weathered house. The owners confirmed that their were some tombstones still there and allowed us to take a look.

Behind their house, sandwiched between a rusted horse trailer on the left, and three or four dogs on the right, sat William's marker. There were a few other markers, but I could not make out the names.

Although we were happy to find his grave, we were just as sad that the cemetery had not been maintained. Can anyone tell me when Mount Union Presbyterian ceased to exist?

Attached are photos of William's gravesite. The elderly lady standing in the background is William's granddaughter.