New Bethel Cemetery


New Bethel and Carmichael cemeteries are ONE cemetery, with TWO sections. The Carmichael family took care of one section that is often referred to as "Carmichael Cemetery." See the Carmichael Section of the cemetery.


According to Steve Bowers, "The cemetery is located on New Bethel Ridge, approximately 1 mile from Bowman Ridge. More specific directions: Take Robert's Ridge out of Moundsville, bear left onto Bowman's Ridge @ Taylors Ridge, bear left again onto New Bethel Ridge @ the fork @ Salem Church. (Nauvoo Ridge is to the right @ the church). Go approximately 1 mile and the cemetery sits up on the left @ the bottom of the hill." - - The New Bethel Cemetery is also on New Bethel Ridge and is directly across New Bethel Ridge road from the Carmichael Cemetery. Both are fenced and well taken care of." [Note from Steve Bowers, Feb 2018: "Even though they are technically both the same cemetery, the New Bethel section is on the left, and Carmichael is on the right."]

While the cemetery is well cared for, it has many unmarked graves. Copied about 1981 by Mrs. Ethel Briggs & Mrs. Ada Finnicum, former editors of the Tri-County Researcher. Submitted to this site by Phyllis Slater.

According to Rev. John Gorby, the list on the New Bethel Cemetery page should be titled "Carmichael Cemetery" and the Carmichael Cemetery list should be called "New Bethel Cemetery."

The lists both came from the readings of Ethel Briggs and Ada Finnicum. They called one "New Bethel (or Carmichael) Cemetery" and the other "New Bethel Church Cemetery."

This note from Naomi Lowe Hupp: In 1983 when Dale Lowe was covering Marshall Co. doing the research for Schools, Churches and Cemeteries, he also found confusion at the site of New Bethel Cemetery. All the burials were across the road from the location of where the church had been. One area was better cared for. He talked with "old timers" of the area. They explained that the area that was mowed was referred to as "Carmichael" because that family took care of it. (Check pages 86 and 87 of the book). Mrs Briggs had already copied the burials. Her assistant Ada Finnicum had grown up in that area, so probably knew the "Carmichael" reference.

On March 3, 2003 Betty Lancaster Pickett wrote: "There have been some discussions lately in the Marshall Co. Digest about the New Bethel Cemetery which has two sections one of which is often referred to as Carmichael Cemetery. I visted it in 1994 when it was a mess and in 2001 when it was much improved and I understand from my cousin's husband that it is now even in better shape. I took pictures of many of the grave stones at both times. Since I live in California and probably may not see this cemetery again, I felt that if it were possible I would like to see if things could be straightened out. I don't want to cause more confusion. - A committee was chosen from those people interested in the care of New Bethel Cemetery to deal with a Coal Company to clean up both sections of the cemetery. They erected the tomb stones and built a fence around the cemeteries. It is my belief that both sections were considered as part of the New Bethel Church Cemetery even though some families took the responsibility of caring for parts that contained their family members. - I took pictures of many of the tombstones in October of 2001 when I visited the cemetery which was then cleaned and in much better shape then when I was there in June 1994. I have ties to the following families: Lancaster, Standiford, Gorby, Anguish, Carmichael."

Some of the Anguish tombstones at New Bethel

BAKER, Sarah - w/o Lewis Baker and d/o W & M Gann - 19 Feb 1866 - 48y/2m/13d
- There is a footmarker beside this marker.
BERRY, John B - 31 Dec 1869 - 43y/9m/17d
- Susan (on same marker)- 8 Mar 1833 - 22 Jan 1897
CROW, Harmon - "Co C 12th WV Inf" - no dates
- Baby Ray Norman - only date is 1926
GOOD, William - "Co G 1st WV Inf" - no dates
JOHNSON, Adam - "Co H 11th WV Inf" - no dates - Tombstone Photo - (Steve Bowers)
GALLENTINE, William - "Corp Co A WV Inf" - no dates
PRICE, Daniel - 10 Jan 1902 - age 80
- Mary B - 26 Sept 1901 - age 75
PELLY, C R - 1893 - 1897
- Jasper - 1853 - 1923
- Mary - 1854 - 1924
- Ronnin - "son" - 1884 - 1944
- Harry M - 1894 - 1954
RANSON, Cyrus - 7 Dec 1865 - 27y/11m/1d
- Another stone like his but there is nothing written on it.
RICHMOND, Elizabeth - w/o Isaac - 13 Oct 1851 - 32y/9m/15d
- John Wiley - s/o Isaac & E - 22 Oct 1851 - 5y/11m/20d
SPEAR, F S - 1862 - 1907
- Laura A Talbot - 1861 - 1897
- Baby Herbert Fulton - 1890 - 1891
- Baby Nancy - 1866 - 1867
- Nancy - 1837 - 1866
- Skelton - 1871 - no age given
- Margaret - 1874 - 1876
- Ada - 1903 - 1906
- Elizabeth - w/o Joseph - 3 Jan 1877 - age 34
- JJ - "116th Reg Ohio Inf" - 1835 - 1908
TANNER, William W - s/o J A & A M - 19 Sept 1915 - 8 Oct 1916