Simmons Cemetery


Submitted by Ethel Briggs.

Located on Fork Ridge.

Taken from what is left of the tombstones:

NIXON, James S - died 8 May 1847 in the 59th year of his life
NIXON, Robert - died 7 April 1848 - age 26
BANE, Angeline - w/o G Bane - d 28 Dec 1862 - 16y/6m/11d
STEWART, Mary R - w/o Samuel M - d 5 Feb 1870 - 21y/10m/5d

"Farewell oh husband dear
And farewell dearest child Sarah"

Civil War Veterans name was: BAMUGG or BARTRUG. The other tombstones were entirely destroyed by the cattle. The story they told me was that the soldier was found wandering on that farm, either lost or AWOL and someone shot him and buried him in that small cemetery on the farm. They didn't know if it was the enemy soldier who shot him or another farmer.

I remembered flags being placed on two graves in that cemetery when I lived there but brother, the youngest, said there was only soldier but I think he is wrong. The tombstone was made of that chalky-like material and was easy to break and the weather could have washed it away bit by bit. There wasn't even a small piece of it left. Of course, the cattle didn't do it any good.

They always brought the flags on Decoration Day and they didn't even come in 1977. The D.A.R. looks after those small cemeteries here.

I took this information when I was up there and then misplaced it. If it is any help to you, you are welcome to it.

The other cemetery below the Simmons Farm belongs to a family named Rulong. They bought it and keep it looking nice. It is fenced and that is the way dad used to keep the other one. There was a Herman W. Richmond who owned that farm when I lived there and he died in 1926 or 1928 ad his wife died about then too. They didn't have any children. They are buried in the cemetery in Moundsville, maybe Greenlawn. No dates on his monument.