Sivert-Rush Cemetery

Copied June 19, 2000 by Jimmy & Joel M. Robinson.

The Sivert-Rush Cemetery is located along the West bank of the headwaters of Lynn Camp Run, just south of the Marshall/Wetzel line. It is close to the Finley Sivert farm and Blake Ridge.

Mary Bell (Brock)
w/o Jacob Brock
d. 3-14-1872 aged 21y. 3m. 26d.

James Delaney
d. 7-9-1865 aged 39y. 16d.

Tabitha (Delaney)
w/o James Delaney
10-17-1881 aged 59y. 10m. 10d.

Bethuel Rush
d. 11-3-1852 aged 61y. 10m. 26d.

Sarah (Rush)
w/o B. Rush
d. 11-11-1873 aged 76y. 8m. 8d.

Eustle W. (Smith)
s/o C.W. & R.J. Smith
aged 5m. 11d.

Rachel J. (Smith)
w/o C. W. Smith
b. 11-4-1865
d. 10-15-1894 aged 28y. 11m. 19d.

Clemense (Sivert)
s/o C.B. & C.C. Sivert
b. 4-28-1908
d. 4-23-1908

Jacob Sivert

Julia A. (Sivert)
b. 7-10-1875
d. 8-7-1903

Sarah E. Sivert
b. 11-22-1862
d. 1-6-1865

Tabitha E. Sivert
b. 1-30-1880
d. 8-14-1894

Thankful (Sivert)
w/o J.W. Sivert
b. 4-16-1832
d. 3-29-1902

Virginia Bell (Sivert)
d/o J.W. Sivert
b. 8-25-1878
d. 4-18-1890