Will of Catherine Jane Barger

Submitted by Laquita Fox Carter.

WILL  of Catherine Jane Barger
No 10978
Authenticated Copy of Will of Catherine Jane Barger,
Filed December 3, A.D. 1931,
FranK. Silveus,  Register
Written; 30 August 1930
      I, Catherine Jane Barger, a resident of the City of 
Moundsville, Marshall Co West Viginia, do make, publish and declare 
this to be my last will and testament, revoking any and all former 
wills made.
      First: I want all my just debts and funeral expenses paid 
      Second: I desire Two Hundred ($200.00) Dollars left to my 
Grandson J.W. Wellman Jr.- and Two Hundred ($200.00) Dollars left to 
my Grandson James P. Wellman, and I desire the sum for both ($400.00) 
paid to their Mother and lawful Guardian Ida May Wellman (providing 
they are not of age) to be used for them as she deems necessary.
      Third: I desire everything else I am worth both real, personal 
or mixed to be left to my two daughtes Annie Bissett and Ida May 
Wellman to share and share alike, and I desire that my two daughters 
have free without bond to make complete settlement without any 
interference whatever.
      In Witness Wherof, I have hereto set my hand and seal this 30th 
day of August, in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and 
Thirty (1930).
Catherine Jane Barger  (Seal)
     Signes, sealed and published and declared by said Catherine Jane 
Barger, the above named testator, in our presence as and for her last 
will and testament, and we the attesting witnesses thereto, at her 
request in her presetn, and in the presence of each other, have 
hereto subscribed our names as witness this the 30th ....of August 
Bess A. Hammond
Ettie Brandon

Probate July 1 1931

(Note: Catherine is the former Catherine Jane FOX, daughter of 
William Fox and Anna Elizabeth Green. She married Andrew Jackson 
"A.J"  Barger on 8 Aug 1860 in Greene Co PA. They had  4 children:  
Anna, Sarah Belle, Francis L, Ida May Barger
They lived in Springhill Twp in Greene Co PA and later moved to 
Marshall Co WVA about 1890. Andrew Jackson Barger is the son of  
Francis Barger Sr & Sarah Pettit of Greene Co PA)