Will of Henry Clark

Submitted by Phyllis Slater.

Record of Wills, Bk 2, pg 90

I Henry Clark of Ohio County & State of Virginia do hereby make my last will & Testament in manner & form following that is to say first I desire that out of the moveable part of my estate may be paid all my funeral expenses & my just debts paid...2nd. after my just debts & funeral expenses are paid I give & bequeath to my wife Mary Clark two thirds of the ballance & likewise the third part of the income of my land during her natural life. 3rdly I give & bequeath to my son Barnabas Clark all my land consisting of all my plantation which I now occupy & likewise the remaining third of my moveable estate after my wife Mary Clark has received her two thirds as a fore mentioned he being obliged to pay the following legacies & conforming to the following rules or conditions that is to say to pay to my son William Clark one hundred dollars in two years after my death & in one year after that time to my daughter Hellen Clark one hundred & twenty dollars & in one year there after to my son John S. Clark fifty dollars & in one year there after to my daughter Mary Ingaber Clark fifty dollars & in one year there after to my son Terence Clark fifty dollars & to my son Patrick Sorsfield Clark when he attains the age of twenty one years seventy dollars & to my son Daniel Clark when he attains the age of twenty one years seventy dollars & to my two youngest daughters Martha & Anna when they attain the age of twenty one years each fifty dollars & to my son Francis Clark I confirm the money that I give him orders to collect from Jacob Chambers & if he should ever return to this cuntry to live the sd Barnabas Clark is to furnish him twenty dollars in cash to build a cabin which he is to have liberty to build on any part of my unimproved land & Barnabas is like wise to furnish him with thirty dollars wourth of provisions & like wise to pay him thirty dollars annually during his natural life or that of his wifes or during her widowhood but nevertheless he shall not have the power to convey this beques to any other person but mus him on his wife come personalty to enjoy it to my son Laurence Clark I confirm the property that I give him & to my daughter Catherine Patterson I confirm the property give to her & five dollar in addition to be paid by Barnabas Clark & if Barnabas should not be prepaired to pay the Legacies as they become due he shall have an indulgence of two years by paying interest for time. I do hereby consititute & appoint my son Barnabas Clark & my son Laurence Clark Executors of this my last will & testament hereby revoling all former wills or testaments made by me heretofore in witness whereof I have unto set my hand & affixed my seal this 17th day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred & fifteen.
test....................................Wm. Chapline Jr....C.O.C.
George Dowler
Benjamin McMechen
Edward Dowler

..........Henry Clark....seal