Will of William Clouston

Submitted by Brooks Hill.

Will of William Clouston (Jun 27, 1797 - Jul 25, 1877)

In the name of God amen.  I William Clouston of Marshall County 
[West] Virginia being in normal health of body and sound disposing 
mind do make this my last will and testament.  I will that after all 
my just and lawful debts and my funeral expenses met.  I will that my 
Grand daughters Jane, Margaret Ann and Lucinda Clark each have two 
hundred dollars to be paid when they come of age.  I will that the 
remainder of my personal property and real estate remain in the 
possession of my wife Jane for her use during her natural life to be 
at her disposal.

By this my last will and testament I appoint my son James M Clouston 
as my Executor.  In testimony whereof I herewith I set my hand and 
seal this.  Signed with my seal this 6th day of May 1868

William Clouston     |seal|

Signed and acknowledged in our presence who in the presence of each 
other read in the presence of the testator and at his request have 
signed the same as witnesses.

B Parkinson
John H Dickey

West Virginia clerks office Marshall County Court July 27th 1877.

A paper writing bearing date May 8th 1868 purporting to be the last 
will & testament of William Clouston decd was this proven by the oath 
of John H Dickey one of the subscribing witnesses and it appearing 
that B Parkinson the other attesting witnesses thereto resides out of 
this state to wit: in Washington County Iowa.  Therefore on motion of 
James M Clouston the Executor therein named a commission is awarded 
to be directed to A Anderson a Notary Public of said County to take 
and certify the attestation of said B Parkinson.

Teste   Thms Fure[?] clk

West Virginia clerks office Marshall County Court Sept 26th 1877.

The paper writing bearing date May 8th 1868 purporting to be the will 
of William Clouston late of this County decd was returned to me in my 
office togather with the commission thereto awarded for taking the 
attestation of the m[u]tuals therein named and the certificate under 
the hand & seal of A Anderson a Notary Public of Washington County 
Iowa of the execution of said commission & thereupon the said 
certificate being seen and dispatched by me.  It is ordered that the 
said writing be granted as the true last will & testament of Wm 
Clouston decd and James M Clouston the Executor in said will named 
who under oath thereto as required by law & togather with George 
Edwards his security who qualifies as his sufficeairy[?].  Entered 
into & acknowledged their bond the percal[?] sum of $500 conditioned 
& payable as the law directs.  Thereupon certificate is granted to 
said James M Clouston for obtaining a probate of said will in due 

Teste   Thms Fure[?] clk

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