Researched and Compiled by Linda Cunningham Fluharty.

According to Jerry Bruhn, ANDREW KIGER, b. abt 1838, son of LEWIS KIGER, was an enlisted Union soldier in the Civil War, and was an active Odd Fellow. He married and lived at Triadelphia, east of Wheeling, WV. He was the brother of James B. Kiger. Andrew gave an affidavit in pension application of James B's widow. - [Note from Linda Fluharty: There was no Andrew Kiger in a West Virginia Regiment, so if he served, it was in another state. Not found in the 1890 census of Vets.]

GEORGE KIGER, b. abt 1832, son of LEWIS KIGER, is described as a large, broad and heavy man, according to information provided by Jerry Bruhn. Though only a boy in the late 1840's he served as a soldier in the Mexican War, then through 2 enlistments in the Civil War of the '60's. Having enlisted again, he was killed in action near the end of the war. -- Research by Linda Fluharty: George Kiger was a Private in Company "D" 12th West Virginia Infantry. A ropemaker, born in Ohio County, W. Va. At age 25, he enlisted at Wheeling on Aug. 19, 1862; mustered in Aug. 25, 1862. He was missing and wounded in engagements at Winchester June 15, 1863. He had been captured June 15 and was a POW at Richmond from July 1, 1863; paroled July 14. He died of Consumption at home in Triadelphia, Ohio Co., W.Va., Apr. 18, 1864. He is buried at Stone Church Cemetery, per Headstones Provided for Deceased Union Civil War Veterans, 1861-1904.

JAMES B. KIGER - Son of LEWIS KIGER, per first marriage record. At age 28, enlisted in Company "D" 12th West Virginia Infantry Aug. 22, 1862 at Wheeling; mustered in Sept. 9/10, 1862 at Buckhannon, WV; mustered out June 16, 1865 at Richmond, Va. He was captured at Winchester June 15, 1863 and was confined at Richmond, Va.; paroled July 8, 1863. Farmer, born Belmont Co., Ohio. Obtained pension certificate in 1879. Widow, Maggie V., also got a pension but Melvina (Shillings) Kiger is listed in a pension file as the "contested widow." She claimed to have married Kiger Nov 6, 1880 in West Alexander, Pa., and had a son, Samuel, born July 30, 1881; her claim was not accepted because she could not prove valid marriage, which she said was her third. First husband was John Walker Vanneman; two daughters, Julia Bennington & Josephine Wallace. Second husband was John Taplin Hanson, whom she claimed was a drunk & had a bad disease; one son, George Hanson. No divorce; ergo no valid marriage to James B. Kiger, even though they did have a marriage ceremony in West Alexander, Pa., Nov 6, 1880. The first wife of James B. Kiger was Mary Ann Davis, whom he married Jan 15, 1857 in Marshall County, (W) Va. She died during the birth of a child; one surviving son, George. Indiana Hamilton of Triadelphia was Kiger's second wife and they had about 5 children, three of whom were living in Feb 1900: Maggie, Katie, Lewis. Indiana died July 20, 1879 and was buried at Stone Church Cemetery, Wheeling. Children found in the 1880 census, Ohio County, W. Va., with James, a coal miner, were Katie, 10, and Lewis, 6. James B. Kiger is in Pultney Twp., Belmont County, Ohio, 1890 Census of Veterans. He died Dec 19, 1895 in St. Clairsville, Belmont County. [Pension file obtained by Linda Fluharty.]

JAMES KIGER - Son of LEWIS KIGER. Company "I" of the Fifteenth West Virginia Infantry, enlisted Sep. 15, 1862; mustered in Oct. 11, 1862. James Kiger, 35, appears on the Detachment Muster-Out roll, dated May 12, 1865 at Wheeling. The soldier reported from USA Gen. Hospital, Wheeling, May 12, 1865 for muster out of the service, in obedience to instructions contained in telegram from the War Dept. May 4, 1865. The W.Va. Adj. Gen. Records indicate he was transferred to Co. I, 10 West Virginia Infantry per special order June 12, 1865, perhaps because he still had time to serve. - The service record provides little information and no pension claim is found. His wife, Ellen Nickerson, died in 1879. James died Jan. 21 (or 24), 1886 and both are buried at Stone Church Cemetery, Ohio County.

JOHN KIGER, b. abt 1834, was the son of LEWIS KIGER, and died of fever during the Civil War, according to the research of Jerry Bruhn. -- Research by Linda Fluharty: This man served in Company "H" 15th West Virginia Infantry. He enrolled Sept. 17, 1862 at Wheeling and mustered in at Wheeling on Oct. 1, 1862. He died of Congestive Fever on Dec. 10, 1862 at Cumberland Hospital, Md. He was originally buried at Cumberland and was later moved to Antietam National Cemetery. - On Sep. 8, 1856, in Marshall County, John Kiger, 24, married Charity Jones, 24, both residents of Marshall Co. At the time of the 1860 census of Marshall County, John, 29, and Charity, 28, were the parents of a son, Thomas W., age 2. Charity Kiger applied for a pension on Apr. 15, 1863; no certificate. She stated in her application that she and the soldier had resided on Boggs Run, Marshall County. In 1865, her minor child (or children) received pension certificate #83.425. According to the widow's pension application, Charity Kiger died on Mar. 18, 1865.

JOHN KIGER/KIGAR, Company "K" 1st West Virginia Infantry. Service Record: Joined for duty and enrolled Oct. 7, 1861 at Wheeling; mustered in Nov. 14, 1861 at Wheeling. He was captured at Winchester May 25, 1862 & in hospital; paroled and at Camp Lew Wallace in Oct. 1862. He was captured again on Sept. 11, 1863 at Moorefield, Hardy Co., (W)Va. According to the POW record, he died while a POW, and his stated age in the Prisoner of War record is 39, occupation Cooper. He died of Pleuritis at the Confederate Hospital at Richmond on March 17, 1864. - From the West Virginia Adjutant General's Records: "Resident of or enrolled at Wheeling; age 38; mustered in Nov 1, 1861 at Wheeling. Cooper, born in Ohio Co., W.Va. Captured by the enemy at Moorefield, W.Va., Sep 11, 1863, and a prisoner of war at date of muster out." - From the W. Va. Adj. Gen. Descriptive Roll for Company K: John Kiger, 38, 5'10"; light hair; blue eyes; fair complexion; born in Ohio County; cooper; enrolled Oct. 7, 1861 at Wheeling. - John Kigar, 33, cooper, was found in the 1860 census of Sherrard, Marshall County, with possible parents, Andrew Kigar, 63, and Hannah, 48. In 1850, Andrew Kiger, 55, and Hannah Kiger, 45, were living in Ohio County. John, the cooper, is not found, but a younger, Hannah, age 20, was also in the home. She married Roger Irwin in 1860 and lived in Sherrard, Marshall County. -- MANY people have identified the son of Andrew and Hannah as John T. Kiger. The soldier's middle initial might have been "T" but he was not the man they claim was the son of Andrew and Hannah. Despite an extensive obituary of John T. Kiger, which states unequivocally who his parents were, the researchers continue to name him as the son of Andrew and Hannah. - No pension claim was filed under this soldier's name. [NO other John Kiger, COOPER, is found. Company K included quite a few close neighbors of the Kigers in Sherrard. Some of them were William H. Morgan, James McHenry, John Tolbert/Talbert, John Bird, Richard Gosney, Joseph Shaw, Otis & Henry Kemple, John McCombs, Peter & George Orum, James Shilling, Ambrose Leach, James Gray, Louis & Peter Criswell.]

WILLIAM KIGER served in Company D of the 12th West Virginia Infantry." WV Adj. Gen.: "KIGER, William; resident of or enrolled at West Liberty, WV; 23; mustered in Aug 25, 1862, Wheeling, WV; mustered out June 16, 1865. Farmer, born Ohio Co., WV. Mustered out at Richmond, VA." Following the war, he resided in Belmont County, Ohio. In 1870, he lived in Colerain, Belmont County, with his wife Eizabeth (Craft) and their children, William H., Belle R., Margaret, and Samuel. The soldier died May 13, 1900 and is buried at Saint Clairsville Union Cemetery, Belmont County, Ohio, per Headstones Provided for Deceased Union Civil War Veterans, 1861-1904.] More Info