The Standiford Family in the Civil War

Compiled by Linda Fluharty

From information provided by Blaine Standiford & Clarice Stanley.


JOHN Standiford & SKELTON Standiford, born in Maryland, were both in the Brooke County, Va./W.Va. census in 1810. Both were in Ohio/Marshall County through 1840. Skelton remained but John was in Wood County, W.Va. in the 1850 census. There is no proof that JOHN and SKELTON were brothers but they probably were.

JOHN was born about 1773 and died about 1859 in Wood County, W.Va.

SKELTON was born about 1776 and died in Marshall County in 1861 at the age of 85 (Bk 1, page 18, Marshall County Deaths.)

JOHN, was the grandfather of B. F. Standiford, who served in the Confederate Cavalry.

SKELTON was the father of Peter, William and James, whose sons served in the Civil War. Peter himself served in the war. Other children of Skelton were Abraham, Jane and John.


B. Franklin Standiford - Company "G" 20th Va. Cavalry, C.S.A. From Powell's History of Marshall County: "B. F. Standiford went to Marshall, Texas, in November 1860 and enlisted in the southwest and served until the close of the war. He returned to Marshall County and later located in St. Marys, (Pleasants County) West Virginia." He was the son of Rebecca Standiford, d/o John and Elizabeth Standiford.

B. F. Standiford, 20th Va. Cavalry, C.S.A.

Benjamin F. Standiford - Company "C" 12th W.Va. Infantry. He was born 26 Dec 1843, Marshall County, W.Va., the son of William & Eliza (Wellman) Standiford (Death certificate gives father as Peter). Benjamin, 25, married Susan Amanda Eckels, 20, 12 Nov 1868 in Marshall County, W.Va.

Benjamin F. Standiford

Jacob Standiford - Company "C" 12th W.Va. Infantry and Company "C" 10th Infantry. Born about 1845, the son of Peter and Margaret (Coffield) Standiford, Marshall County, W.Va.

Jacob Standiford

John J. Standiford - Company "L" 17th W. Va. Infantry. He was the son of Vincent Standiford and Louisa Johnson. His relationship to these other soldiers is not known at this time but his ancestors were also from Maryland.

John J. Standiford

Peter Standiford - Company "A" Independent Exempts Infantry. Resident or enrolled at Wheeling, W.Va.; 59; mustered in 03 Oct 1862, Wheeling, W.Va.; mustered out 31 May 1865.(W.Va. Adjutant General's Report)

From "History of the Pan-Handle, W.Va." - page 178. Regarding the Independent Exempts: "A company consisting of men exempt from military duty on account of age, volunteered for prison guards and were organized under command of Capt. Robert Hamilton, performing exclusive guard and escort duty at Wheeling."

Service Record from the National Archives, provided by Blaine Standiford, shows that Peter Standiford was present throughout his enlistment with one exception: "Sick at home in Marshall Co since Oct 20 1863." He was present on the Nov-Dec 1863 Muster Roll.

Peter Standiford (Apr 1803 - 12 Jan 1875) married Margaret Coffield (died 2 Apr 1887 - 73-5-9). They are buried in the Carmichael Cemetery, Nauvoo Ridge, Marshall County, W.Va.

Skelton Standiford - Company "L" 6th W.Va. Infantry. Born 19 Sep 1837, the son of Peter and Margaret (Coffield) Standiford, Marshall County, W.Va.

Skelton Standiford

William S. Standiford - Company "B" 12th W.Va. Infantry. He was the son of James & Sarah (Smith) Standiford. He was Killed In Battle at Winchester, Va.

William S. Standiford