Submitted by Phyllis Slater.

Dallas was settled in 1815 by Thomas Haney,the community first being called Haneytown. Records in county deed book(278) note a plot for town of West Union, the community's first official name. The plot showed 51 lots with streets and alleys laid out for Thomas Haney by Jesse Burch in 1820. It is described as encompassing 13 acres and 110 poles, situated on a road leading from Elizabethtown, Flats of Grave Creek, to Washington, Pa., on the dividing ridge between the waters of Big and Little Wheeling Creeks, on a piece of land adjoining the Pennsylvania state line, conveyed by William MGuire to the said, Thomas Haney.

In bygone days, Dallas enjoyed the services of four doctors, a dentist, barbershop, shoemaker, blacksmith, a general store, hotel, drugstore, tannery, cigar factory and a funeral home. The post office was established at West Union in 1839. The name of the community was changed to Dallas in 1845.

In recent years, residents have organized a volunteer fire department and now enjoy a public water system.

The community today has two houses of worship, the Presbyterian church established in 1831 and the Methodist church, organized in 1871. The public school was closed in 1943, the children now bused to Sand Hill Elementary.

From the History of Marshall County, 1984.