Cornelius DeHart Indenture to Jared Sexton

Submitted by Louise Morton.

This Indenture Witnith that Cornelius Dehart son of Ann Dehart of Maple Town in the County Middlesex And State of New Jersey hath put himself and by these presents doth Voluntarlry put himself of his own free will and acord put himself apprentice for Jared Sexton of Prince Town, in the county of Sumerset and state of aforesaid, To learn his Trad, art or Mistry of a Taylor, after the manner of an apprentice, To serve him from the Day of the Date hereof, for and during the full term of four years seven months and Twenty five Days, next ensueing, all which Term, the said apprentice his said Master shall faithfully serve, his Secrets keep, his lawfull commands gladly every where obey, he shall do no damage to his said Master, nor see it done by others, without letting or giving notice thereof to his said Master, he shall not waste his said Masters goods nor lend them unlawfully to others, he shall not commit fornication nor contract matrimoney within said Term at Cards, Dice, or any unlawfull game, he shall not Play, whereby his said Master may be damaged with his own goods or the goods of others during the said term, without Suence of his said Master, he shall neither buy nor sell, he shall not absent himself Day nor Night from his said Masters Service without his leave, nor Haunt Alehouse Taverns or Playhouse, but in all things behave himself as a faithfull apprentice Ought to do During the said Term and the said Master Shall use the utmost of his enclavours to Teach or cause to be Instructed the said apprentice in the Trade or Mastery he now profifeth, Occupieth or followeth, and provide and procure, for him the said apprentice Sufficient Meat, Drink, washing and lodging, and apperel, excepting his Shirts, Stockens and Trousers, and also allow him time to go to School two Quarters Night School within the said Term, and his Mother Ann Dehart engages to find Shirts, Trousers and Stockens and pay for his night Schooling During the said Term, and for the true performance of all and _______ of the said Covenants and agreements either of the said parties find themselves unto the other by these present In Witnefs whereof they have Interchangably put their hands and Seals this twenty fifth Day of July and in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and ninety one.

His (finger print)
Cornelius (his X mark) Dehart

Her (finger print)
Ann (her X mark) Dehart

_______Van Dike