Submitted by Virginia Simms Toney.

Generation No. 1
1.  BENJAMIN4 DOLBEARE  (GEORGE BENJAMIN3 DOLBEARE, GEORGE2, JOHN1) was born October 29, 1786 in Connecticut, and died June 07, 1854 in Clarksburg, Harrison Co., VA (WV).  He married JANE MARIA MARTENEY May 13, 1824 in Randolph County, (W)V, daughter of WILLIAM MARTENEY and EUNICE EASTBURN.  She was born August 29, 1802 in Randolph Co., VA (WV), and died May 19, 1869 in Clarksburg, Harrison Co., WV.
Benjamin Dolbeare was born in Connecticut according to the census records as well as information from other researchers.  He was an editor of four papers.  He attended Dartmouth University in 1812.  The record at Dartmouth showed his home was in Plainville, CT.  He was also a physician.
According to the book, West Virginia in History, Life, Literature and Industry, Vol II, by Morris Purdy Shawkey published in 1928 page 454:  "Dr. Benjamin Dolbeare was one of the foremost editors, writers, physicians of his time.  He was owner and editor from May 30, 1840 to the date of his death June 7, 1854 of the Clarksburg Virginia, the Clarksburg Democrat, the Scion of Democracy and the Independent Democrat.
Doctor Dolbeare performed a surgical operation in the early part of 1854 upon the then youthful Thomas W. Tinsman, born December 23, 1846, and who is now (1928) residing in Clarksburg, and is active and vigorous."
The following was sent by a RAOGK volunteer, Barb Palmer in Harrison County, WV:
"Dr. Benjamin Dollbeare. a physician who published four short-lived newspapers in Clarksburg,  between  1840 and his death in 1854 , is buried in the Jackson Cemetery."  Several prominent people are buried in this cemetery,  including relatives of Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson and the mother and sister of Dolly Madison, Mary Coles Payne and Mary Meigs Jackson."
Dr.  Dollbeare, a medial doctor and a Journalist, came to Clarksburg from Virginia about 1840, and before his death in 1854, expounded the Democratic Party philosophy in four papers which he owned and edited--The Clarksburg Virginian, Clarksburg Democrat, Independent Democrat, and Scion  of Democracy.  There is some controversy over these papers and who actually owned and published them.
He is also attributed to have founded the Clarksburg's Register.  It was purchased by Robert Somerville and became an abolitionist's attack paper.
The Jackson Cemetery is very important to Clarksburg's history, and is maintained by the Parks' Board, and is located in central Clarksburg.
There  is a tombstone reading "Benjamin Dolbeare, M.D. died 7 June 1854, 67 years, 7 months and 9 days.  By using the birth calculator, I estimated his birth date as October 29, 1786.
There does not appear to be a stone for his wife that is in place.
I received the following from Harrison County RAOGK person.
DOLBEARE, Benj., M.D -  died 7 June 1854, (67y7m9d).
            “Benjamin Dolbear, M.D., was born October 28, 1789, at Montville, New London County. Connecticut.  He was a descendant of a highly respectable family who came to this country from England in the first settlement of the New England colonies, and his father was a thrifty farmer of that day.
            At the age of sixteen, the doctor left his home to receive an academic education in Plainfield, Connecticut, where he became especially proficient in languages. Afterwards he attended Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. Later he studied physics under the distinguished surgeon, Fr. Isaiah Fuller, of Plainfield, and then he attended surgical courses at the Smith Lectures.
            When young, he manifested signs of poetic talent and composed a small volume of original poems, which was published.
            Following his medical education, Dr. Dolbear located in Beverly, Randolph County, Virginia now West Virginia, in 1815 for the practice of his profession.
            About the year 1820, he married Maria Marteney, a daughter of  William Marteney, Esq., of Randolph county, and they lived in Beverly until 1835.  At one time, while living in Randolph County, he was elected to, and represented that county in the Virginia legislature.  However, he found he had no desire for political life and abandoned this pursuit.
            In 1835 the doctor moved to Harrison County to follow his practice of medicine. During the interval of 1838 and 1854, he engaged in publishing four short-lived political newspapers: the Clarksburg Virginian, Clarksburg Democrat, Independent Democrat and Scion of Democracy.
            According to Dr. J. W. Ramsay, of Clarksburg, Dr. Dolbeare was considered to be ‘original and eccentric, yet a man of majestic appearance who stood prominent in his profession as a surgeon.’
            Benjamin Dolbear, M.D., died on June 21 1854, at sixty-five years of age.  He is buried in the Jackson Cemetery, Philippi Street, Clarksburg, West Virginia.”[1]
            Mrs. Lucinda Earle Patton Highland’s step grandfather was Dr. Benjamin Dolbeare.   1Dr. Benjamin Dolbeare’s sister, Lucy Dolbear (born January 8, 1786, died October 26, 1863), became on April 1, 1820, the second wife of Rev. Lorenzo Dow (born October 16, 1777, died February 2, 1834), the great Methodist missionary, who in the pioneer days traveled through the wilds of America, as well as through Europe.”[2] “Doctor Dolbeare’s daughter, Martha Jane Dolbeare (born September 21, 1826, died April 22, 1887), became on February 1, 1855, the third wife of Mrs. Lucinda Earle Patton highland’s father, Ebenezer Wilson Patton, attorney, merchant, civil engineer; Doctor Dolbeare’s son, Lorenzo Dow Dolbeare (born March 21, 1825, died October 8, 1885), was a graduate of the Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, 1861.  He married and left descendants. 
            Hon. Granville Davisson Hall, author of Daughter of  the Elm, in his sketch book published 1907, called Old Gold, refers to Lorenzo Dow Dolbeare in part as follows:
            He (Lorenzo Dow Dolbeare) was a nephew of the celebrated pioneer preacher of a former generation, Lorenzo Dow, for whom he had been named.  He was short and stout of figure and the best groomed man I had ever known; looked always as just out of a bath; in summer dressed in spotless linen, with polished shoes, and was as dapper and exquisite as any city dandy.  He had beautiful teeth, which were his especial pride.  His father had been editor of a county paper, and the son had grown up in an intellectual atmosphere.  Through this gentle man, I was led into a small literary adventure.  He has been dead many years.  We never met after I left his village; and when I recall him as he was then ---gay, clean-minded, high souled, gentle but proud—I am sorry life’s currents did not bring us together in later years.[3]
            While in Clarksburg, Dr. Benjamin Dolbeare lived in the house once occupied by Jacob Means, a son-in-law of George Jackson.  This house was situated on the corner of Monticello Ave. and Main St.[4]
            The Methodist Church had it roots in Beverly from the time of its settlement.  The first “church” was the log home of Dr. Benjamin Dolbeare, first physician in Randolph County.  He is enumerated in the 1830 Census for Beverly, Randolph County, (West) Virginia. 
            The household of Benjamin Dolbeare and Maria T. is enumerated in the 1850 Harrison County, (West) Virginia census.
[1] Hess, Alice Jo, History of Medicine in Harrison County West Virginia.  Harrison County Medical Society, 1978.
[2] Shawkey. West Virginia. pp. 454-455.
[3] Ibid p. 455.
[4] Conversation with David Houchin, Librarian, Waldomore Genealogical Library, Clarksburg, West Virginia.
#S40688  Shaw-Shoemaker
Dolbeare, Benjamin
The Poetical works of….
Richmond, Warrock, 1817.  36 pp.
RPB copy.
Title Page:
The Poetical Works of Doct. Benjamin Dolbeare:
Consisting of
Art of Courtship,
Other pieces,
Amatory and Sentimental
Printed for the author,
By John Warrock
    (Next page)
District of Virginia, to wit:
****Seal**** Be it remembered, that on this twenty second day of  January, in the forty-first year of the Independence of the United State of America, Doctor Benjamin Dolbeare of the said District, hath deposited in this Office, the title of a Book, the right whereof he claims as author, in the words following, to wit:  The Poetical Works of Doct. Benjamin Dolbeare; consisting of his art of Courtship, and other Pieces Amatory and Sentimental."  In conformity to the act of Congress of the United States, entitled, "an Act for the encouragement of  learning, by securing the copies of Maps, Charts, and Books, to the Authors and Proprietors of such copies, during the times therein mentioned."
       Rd. Jeffries, Clerk
   Of the District of Virginia
   (Next page)
A few brief notices of the life of the Author by a friend.
Dr. Benjamin Dolbeare, the author of the ensuing Poems, was born at Montville, in the State of Connecticut, on the 28th day of October, A..D. 1789.
He is descended of respectable parents, and his family has long enjoyed a respectable standing in that town.  When young, he shewed (sic) no premature signs of genias (sic) : he was accordingly destined as many other of his fellow-citizens, to that honorable, but laborious employment, the cultivation of the earth.  This business was but illy (sic) fitted to our Poet’s inclination or talents, who seizing a favorable opportunity, made his escape  from the plough and spade, quitted (sic) his parental roof at sixteen, and with on other help than what his labour (sic) afforded to him, supplied himself with an Academic education, at Plainfield.  Here his proficiency, especially in the languages, was great, at first under the tuition of Mr. Burleigh, that eminent preceptor, and afterwards of the Rev. Mr. Hewitt.  Soon, however, he went to Dartmouth College (New Hampshire) but it is not certain that he graduated there, though it is beyond a doubt that he gained the particular favour (sic) and patronage of its worthy  President, Dr. Wheelock.  Returning from thence, he studied Physic under that very distinguished Surgeon and Physician, Dr. Siah Fuller of Plainfield, with whom his progress was extremely rapid.  He likewise attended Smith’s Lectures, and obtained no small portion of surgical knowledge of that celebrated professor.  Thus far we thought fit to premise.  As for his person, it is rather of a majestic appearance, his countenance is expressive and full of fire, and much we lament we could not obtain an engraving of it in sufficient readiness for this volume.  Dr. Dolbeare, like many other Poets, is original and eccentric in his character, having an agreeable smooth way with him, which is peculiarly pleasing to the ladies.  I have been told that he is a favourite (sic) in the good graces of some of them, but this being no concern of mine, I have taken small pains to ascertain the truth of it.
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To Charles Feke Townsend, Esq.
The following sheets submitted to his friendly revisal and approved by him, are respectfully dedicated to his humble servant,
   And brother Poet,
           The Author
Advertisement by the Author
The following piece, the chief in the collection, was written when I was in New Hampshire, being absent from the lady of my choice, and revolving in my mind the means a skillful lover would take to gain his mistress.  I concluded I could not do better than commit my thoughts to writing, and especially to verse, as Ovid, that master of gallantry, has done before me.  How I have succeeded, I know not, yet it appears to me my design is more moral than the Roman Poet’s, since it has matrimony for its sole end, and is altogether free of that libertinism which was allowed and practiced in those days.  I hope there is nothing here, that will give offence to the fairest or most scrupulous reader.  For the ease of those who do me the honour (sic) to peruse, I have subjoined notes to every page where necessary but then as few as possible.
Next page begins the poems.  There are 36 pages in this collection.
I found the following about John Warrock, the printer of this book:
WARROCK, John, printer, born in Richmond, Virginia, 4 November, 1774; died there, 8 March, 1858. He received a common-school education, became a printer, and for forty years issued annually "Warrock's Almanac." He was chosen to the office of printer to the Virginia senate, and held that place for more than forty years.
        Edited Appletons Encyclopedia
Burial: Jackson Cemetery, Clarksburg, West Virginia
2. i. LORENZO DOW5 DOLBEARE, b. March 21, 1825, Randolph Co., West Virginia; d. October 08, 1885, Barbour Co., West Virginia.
 ii. MARTHA JANE DOLBEAU, b. September 21, 1826; d. April 22, 1887; m. EBENEZER WILSON PATTON, February 01, 1855.
The information on Martha Jane is taken from West Virginia in History, Life, Literature and Industry, Vol II, by Morris Purdy Shawkey published in 1928 page 455.  He states Martha Jane was the third wife of Mr. Patton who was an attorney, merchant, and civil engineer.

Generation No. 2
2.  LORENZO DOW5 DOLBEARE (BENJAMIN4 DOLBEAR, GEORGE BENJAMIN3 DOLBEARE, GEORGE2, JOHN1) was born March 21, 1825 in Randolph Co., West Virginia, and died October 08, 1885 in Barbour Co., West Virginia.  He married ANNA HARDEN.  She was born May 1827 in Virginia (West Virginia), and died Aft. 1900.
Lorenzo is listed as a physician on the census records. 
Lorenzo Dow was a well known itinerant preacher in the 1800's.  No doubt Lorenzo Dow Dolbeau/Dolbear was named for him.  Benjamin Dolbeare's sister, Lucy was the second wife of Lorenzo Dow the preacher. 
This family is found on the 1960 Harrison County, Virginia (now West Virginia) census on page 765.  In 1870 they are living in Belmont Co., Ohio and found on that census on page 332.  In 1900, Ann is found on the Marshall County, WV census on page 183.  It states she has had 11 children and 9 are living.  In the home living with her are her children,  Nora, Ella and Otto.
According to a book entitled West Virginia in History, Life, Literature and Industry, Vol II, by Morris Purdy Shawkey published in 1928, Lorenzo Dow Dolbeare was a 1861 graduate of the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond.  Material sent by the Medical College of Virginia confirms he attended the Medical College of Virginia, but did not graduate.  During the Civil War he was a contract physician for the Union Army.  This is confirmed by the listed of his name and unit in the Contract book at the National Archives.
The death date for Lorenzo Dow Dolbeare is taken from the Randolph County, WV death book on page 102.  His age was reported as 63, his father Benjamin and the death was reported by a friend, T.P.R.
From the Barbour Co., web site: Barbour County Cemeteries
(owned by church)
Submitted by Janet Waite
The following is taken from microfilm V150-1 West Virginia County Records Barbour County West Virginia. The dates appear to be burial dates, although some of the dates of death are the same as dates of burial.
Dr. L.B. Dolbears 10-8-1885 age 60 yrs
Burial: Phillipi Cemetery, Phillipi, WV
Notes for ANNA HARDEN:
Information on Ann's birth date taken from the 1900 Marshall County, WV census page 183.  She states she has had 11 children and 9 are living.   She is listed as a widow.  I took the names of the children and their birthdates from various census records.
 i. FLORENCE6 DOLBEARE, b. Abt. 1847.
 ii. BENJAMIN DOLBEARE, b. Abt. 1849.
 iii. ELLA DOLBEARE, b. March 12, 1851, Clarksburg, (w)V; d. November 12, 1927, O.V.G. Hospital, Wheeling, WV.
Information on Ella Dolbeare, a single woman was taken from her death certificate, #14796 in Ohio County, WV.
She died of Broncho-pneumonia with Pulmonary oedema (sic) .  Her sister Ada Newton was the informant and the name of her mother was given as Ann Harden and father L. D. Dolbeare.
Burial: November 15, 1927, Greenwood Cemetery, Wheeling, WV
3. iv. CORA BELLE DOLBEARE, b. December 25, 1857, Phillipi, West Virginia; d. December 1915, Wheeling, West Virginia.
 v. LORENZO DOW DOLBEARE, b. 1858; d. 1924; m. SARAH JEANETTE (NETTIE) LOY, 1895; b. December 25, 1866, Marshall Co., West Virginia; d. January 20, 1937, Benwood, West Virginia.
The marriage of Lorenzo Dow Dolbeare is listed in Book E, page 560, Marshall County. WV.  The information does not give parents but gives Harrison Co, WV as birthplace for Lorenzo.
Burial: McMechan Cemetery, Marshall Co., WV
 vi. ADA DOLBEARE, b. December 07, 1860, Harrison County, WV; d. January 19, 1946, North Wheeling Hospital, Wheeling, WV; m. ROBERT NEWTON, July 14, 1890, Marshall County, West Virginia; b. April 16, 1859, Benwood, Ohio Co., (W)V; d. October 13, 1923.
Ada was listed in the WV vital records as Ida, born to L.D. Dolbeare, occupation Doctor, resident of Lumberport.  Mother was listed as Ann Dolbeare.  The informant on the death certificate was Chas. B. Ahrens of Wheeling.  Ada was a widow. 
Burial: January 22, 1946, Greenwood Cemetery, Wheeling, WV
Information on Robert was given by his widow, Ada. She gave his father's name as Edward, born in England and his mother was born in England but no maiden name for her.  At the time, Ada and Robert lived in McMechen, WV.  Robert died of Tuberculous.  His occupation was listed as Retired.
Burial: October 15, 1923, Greenwood Cemetery, Wheeling, WV
 vii. GUY DOLBEARE, b. Abt. 1863, West Virginia; d. 1923; m. MARY CHAPMAN, May 29, 1888, Marshall County, West Virginia; b. July 26, 1863, Wheeling, Ohio County, West Virginia; d. September 18, 1949, Wheeling, Ohio County, West Virginia.
Burial: McMechan Cemetery, Marshall Co., WV
Burial: September 21, 1949, McMechen Cemetery
 viii. NORA DOLBEARE, b. April 1867, Harrison Co., West Virginia; m. FRANK FULTON, August 10, 1905.
Nora was living with her mother in 1900.  Her occupation was listed as a school teacher.  Her place of birth was listed as West Virginia.  However, on the 1870 census in Belmont County, Ohio her place of birth iws listed as Ohio.
 ix. FLORA DOLBEARE, b. April 1871.
 x. OTTO DOLBEARE, b. April 1871.
Otto 's birth date is taken from the 1900 census where he is living with his mother.  His occupation is listed as a piano player.  He was a twin.  Flora was listed on 1870 census with the same age.  I did not find Flora on another census and she may be one of the 2 children of Lorenzo and Ann's that died.  Otto's place of birth on the 1900 census is listed as West Virginia but on the 1870 census in Belmont County, Ohio his place of birth is listed as Ohio.

Generation No. 3
3.  CORA BELLE6 DOLBEARE (LORENZO DOW5, BENJAMIN4 DOLBEAR, GEORGE BENJAMIN3 DOLBEARE, GEORGE2, JOHN1) was born December 25, 1857 in Phillipi, West Virginia, and died December 1915 in Wheeling, West Virginia.  She married THOMAS BENTON HENNEN 1880, son of STEPHEN HENNEN and KATHERINE RUSSELL.  He was born March 19, 1847, and died February 21, 1922 in Wheeling, West Virginia.
Wife of Late Thomas B. Hennen is Dead on South side.

(d/o Lorenzo Dolbeau born in WV & Anna Harden born in WV.)
     Cora Belle Hennen, 67, wife of the late Thomas B. Hennen, died at 1:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon at the home of her daughter Mrs. C. A. Allen, 4325 Jacob Street. Her death followed a lingering illness of complications.
     Mrs. Hennen was born December 25, 1857 in Phillipi, W.Va. She was married in 1880 and came to Benwood in 1901. Eight years ago Mrs. Hennen moved to Warwood and then to the Island, where her husband died four years ago.
     Following the death of her husband, Mrs. Hennen migrated to St. Maries, Idaho, and did not return to Wheeling till July of this year. She was a member of the Thompson M. E. Church.
     Mrs. Hennen is survived by two sons, Clyde of Detroit, Mich., and Percy of Wheeling; two daughters Mrs. O. L. Simms of St. Maries, Idaho and Mrs. C. A. Allen of Wheeling.
Death record #56, pg 1126, Ohio County, WV Courthouse. Her obituary from the Wheeling Register, dated Dec. 05, 1915 page 10.
{My note:  The name Dolbeau is not to be found on any records concerning this family.  The name was Dolbear or Dolbeare.}

     Funeral services for Thomas B. Hennan, well-known Island resident who passed away Tuesday evening at his late home, 91 Maryland Street, will be held this evening at 8 o'clock at the place of death, with the Shield of Honor lodge members in charge. Further services will take place at the home tomorrow afternoon, with Rev. W. (E or B, it's cut off) Craig officiating. Interment will be in Greeewood cemetery.
     Mr. Hennan was born in this city 68 years ago. For many years he has been a millwright at the Benwood plant of the Wheeling Steel & Iron Co. He was a member of the Thomson M. E. Church at the time of his death. He is survived by his wife and the following children: Percy Hennan of this city, Clyde Hennan of Detroit, Mrs. Maud Simms of St. Marys (sic), Idaho, Mrs. Charles Allen and Miss Ada Hennan of this city.
Wheeling Register Feb 23, 1922 pg 5

Info on death certificate, #50 pg 154:
Thomas B. Hennen
Died Wheeling 21 Feb 1922
Date of birth, March 19, 1854
Father: Isaac Hennen born Greene Co., PA
Mother: Mary V. Granlee born Greene Co., PA
Cemetery: Greenwood (Ohio Co WV)

Burial: Greenwood, Ohio County, West Virginia
4. i. MARY MAUDE7 HENNEN, b. May 30, 1881, Jollytown, Greene County, PA; d. October 10, 1934, St. Maries, Benewah County, ID.

Generation No. 4
4.  MARY MAUDE7 HENNEN (CORA BELLE6 DOLBEARE, LORENZO DOW5, BENJAMIN4 DOLBEAR, GEORGE BENJAMIN3 DOLBEARE, GEORGE2, JOHN1) was born May 30, 1881 in Jollytown, Greene County, PA1, and died October 10, 1934 in St. Maries, Benewah County, ID.  She met ORANGE LEROY SIMMS November 28, 1912 in Wheeling, WV Ohio County2, son of GEORGE SIMMS and CLARA HUPP.  He was born April 17, 1877 in Marshall Co., WV  near Cameron3, and died March 21, 1939 in St. Maries, Benewah County, ID.
Mary Maude is found on 1870 census with her parents in Gilmore Township, Greene Co., PA on page 100 B.  Her death certificate number is 090838. On the 1920 census for Benewah Co., ID Mary M. is listed as 35 years old, born in PA and is a hospital nurse.  The 1930 census shows her as married at age 31.
Orange Lee Simms is how he filed his social security application on 13 Feb 1937. This is kept on microfilm at the Railroad Retirement Board in Chicago.  He gives his place of residence as 245 9th, St Maries, ID.  He is listed as a Loco. Eng'r and his date of birth was given as 17 April 1877 in Cameron, WV.  His parents listed as Geo. Miller Simms and Clarice Hupp.  Because the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad needed engineers, Orange Simms' service record with the B & O RR was protected according to his daughter, Cora Mildred Simms Webster.
Fact 1: August 13, 1896, hired B & O RR as fireman
Fact 2: October 29, 1899, Promoted to engineer
Fact 3: March 01, 1911, Left B & O RR
Fact 4: Chicago, Milwankee & St. Paul Railroad
Children of MARY HENNEN and ORANGE SIMMS are:
 i. CORA MILDRED8 SIMMS, b. April 20, 1916, St. Maries, ID Benewam County; d. January 15, 2004, Seattle, Washington; m. WALTER E. WEBSTER, May 10, 19704.
 ii. ADA VIRGINIA SIMMS, b. June 16, 1920, St. Maries, ID Benewam County; m. FRED GILBERT ALTOMARI, March 29, 1952.
 iii. CLARA WILMA SIMMS, b. August 22, 1924, St. Maries, ID Benewam County; d. January 20, 2001, Houston, Texas; m. HARRY SELMAR JENSEN, December 17, 1950, Seattle, Washington; b. 1920, Wenatche, Washington; d. February 20, 1961, Seattle, Washington.
1.  Obituary  dated 11 Oct 1934 in St. Maries Gazette Record, St. Maries, Idaho.  Family members of Presbyterian church.
2.  Marriage information in obituary, St. Maries Gazette Record 23 Mar 1839.  Interment in Riverside Mausoleum, Spokane, WA
3.  RR pension board, Marriage announcement and daughters of Orange.
4.  Information from Cora Mildred Simms Webster