Dowler Family Reunions

Submitted by Peg Duffy.

If you can identify anyone in these photos, please



The older woman seated on the ground at the far right, first row, is, I believe, Mary Jane Dowler Holmes, my great-grandmother.

In the row behind her, are six high school-age females, arms around one another's waists. The one closest to the center of the picture, low-slung belt on her dress, and curly hair before the beauty profession knew about thinning, is Mary Linnie Vogle English, my mother.

Dead center, there is a tall man in a suit, holding hat in hand. Just over his left shoulder with hair pulled back from her face and wearing round glasses is Jennie Marie Cummins Holmes, wife of Mary Jane's son, Thompson Clyde Holmes.

To the left of Jennie Marie is, I think, Georgianna Holmes Flanegin, another of Mary Jane's children.

Four to the right of the gentleman in the center is my grandfather, Henry Vogle. He is wearing a dark suit and bow tie. The nearly washed out lady, slightly to his left in the back row, is my grandmother, Hannah Margaret Holmes Vogle.

DOWLER REUNION, 1928 or 1929

The date for this photo is 1928 or 1929. I suggest this date for two reasons: Mary Jane doesn't seem to be in the picture. She died in 1928. I also lean toward 1929 since mother isn't present and I believe that was the summer she worked in Atlantic City.

The adolescent at the far right, front row, is Henry Vogle. In the back row, several from the right end, in the dark suit, is his father, Henry Vogle. Slightly to the right of center, back row, the female NOT wearing a hat, head turned slightly to the left, with dark necklace, is Hannah Margaret Holmes Vogle.

The later photo is identified on the reverse as being taken by the Walter Smith Studio, 1220 Market Street, Wheeling, WV.