Emma Virginia Hicks' Autograph Book,

Submitted by Ruthann Burton.

Emma Virginia Hicks

January 6, 1887 Friend Emma.
Remember me when this you see
Though apart we may be
Take down this book and think of me
A school mate used to be.
SARAH ADAMS Loudenville

Feb 22, 1887 Miss Emmy
These few lines you are tender [sic]
By a friend sincere and hoping
But to be remembered when I’m
Far away from you
From your friend,
JAMES BURLEY Rocklick, W. Va.

Jan 6th 1887 Friend Emma,
When rock and hill divide us
And you no more I see
Just take your pen and paper
And drop a line to me.
Your friend
H.W. DOLEN Cameron W. Va.

Jan the 6 1887 Friend Emma
Think of me in the hour of leisure,
Think of me in the hour of care,
Think of me in the hour of pleasure
Spare me one moment in the hour of prayer.
Your friend,

Emma [no date]
May joy and happiness be thy lot
From LIZZIE BUZZARD Cameron W. Va.

Another year is ended,
Another milestone passed;
How have we spent the hours
That glided by so fast.
Your sister LOTTIE [HICKS] Dec. 25 ‘86

Miss Emma
"Tis not position, wealth or state
But the get-up-and-get
That make people great.
Respectfully, DELLA CONNELLY
Kausooth, Marshall Co. W. Va. Oct. 1st, ‘87

Miss Emma Jan. 6 1887
The rose may fade from thy cheek and die
The luster fade from your brillent [sic] eye
but the love of your pure heart for Him
will drive away trouble and keep you from sin.
This from your friend and schoolmate

Sept. the 27, 1887
Accept my Sister these lines from me
They show that I remember thee
And hope some thought they will retain
Till you and I shall meet again.

y y u r y y u b
y y u r for me i c
your Sister H[ANNAH] E[TTA] HICKS

Miss Emma Jan. 4th 1887
Man with his little
life, reaches upward high as heaven—
downward low as hell; and in his
three-score years of time holds an
eternity fearfully and wonderfully hidden.
Written by your friend and teacher
J.W. STEWART Beeler's Station

Friend Emma Nov 21th 1887
Love is a killing thing
Beauty is a blossum [sic]
If you want your finger
Bit just stick it at a possum.
Your schoolmate LEONARD RICHEY

Emma Dec the 31 1886
Never forget that life is short
To us a while ‘tis given
Then watch and pray till called away
To live with Christ in heaven.
Your sister, AGGIE [HICKS]

Miss Emma Jan the 7, 1887
When the name that I write here is dim on the page
And the leaves of your album is yellow with age
Still think of me kindly and do not forget
That wherever I am I remember you yet.
your Friend JACOB A. LOUGH Cameron, W. Va.

Friend Emma Nov 21th 1887
My pen is poor my ink is pale
To you my love shall never fail.
Your friend G.A. BURLEY Cameron

Friend Emma Jan the 7th 1887
Remember when you are married
And living at your ease
Remember I am single
And doing as I please.
Your friend E[LMER] C. BUZZARD Cameron
Marshall Co. W. Va. Remember me.

Emma May 17, 1887
This is thy birthday may it be
A source of happiness to thee,
And may each birthday still in store
Be brighter than the one before.
Your bro. C[HARLES] HICKS Cameron West Va.

Dear Emma, Jan 5th 1887
May joy and happiness be thy lot
And peace thy steps attend
Accept the tribute of respect
From one who is thy friend
Your schoolmate ADA BUZZARD
Cameron W. Va. Remember me.

Friend Emma January the 7 1887
When far away among the flowers and Vines
Remember the one who wrote these Lines.
Your schoolmate SAMUEL H. CLOUSTON
Cameron, W. Va.

Dear Emma Jan the 5 1887
All you do and all you say
He can see and hear
When you work and when you play
Think the Lord is near.
Your friend NETTIE BUZZARD, Cameron W. Va.
Don’t forget the night you went home with me.

Friend Emma Jan 7th 1887
When on this page you chance to look
Just think of me and close the book
From your friend STEPHEN HICKS
Cameron, Marshall Co. W. Va.

Miss Emma Jan 5th 1887
Perhaps no more I hear thy voice
Thy form no more may see.
Yet in my breast my only love
I aye remember thee.
From your friend LEONA B BUZZARD
Remember last night

Dear Emma [no date]
We reap what we sow
Oh, a wonderful truth
And one hard to learn
In the days of our youth.
But it shines out at last
Like the "hand on the wall."
And the world has its "credits"
And "debits" for all.
Your Teacher D.M.C. [Della Connelly]

Friend Emma Jan. the 5 1887
When I am dead and out of mind,
My writing on this page you find.
Just drop a tear and think of me
Who once your school mate youst [sic] to be.

Miss Emma March 1st 1888
Accept my friend these lines from me
They show that I remember thee
And hope some thought they will retain
Till you and I shall meet again.
From your friend LEONA BUZZARD Cameron W. Va.
Tomorrow is the last day of school.

Friend Emma March the 15 1887
Fore get Me not
Fore get Me never
Till yonder Sun
Shall Set fore Ever

Aunt Emma June 21 1888
May you dear friend be forever blessed
With friends selected from the best
And may you in return extend
A jem [sic] of love to evry [sic] friend
Yours truly, ANNIE M D
Think of me. Remember Geo W.D.
Remember Saturday night SSH

[no date]
On this leaf in memory prest
May my name forever rest
Your friend R.N. MILLER

Friend Emma March 2, 1888
When you are old
And can not see
Put on your spec [sic]
And think of me.
Your friend ESTIE FLETCHER Cameron, W Va.

To Emma Feb 17th 1887
On this leaf in memory prest
May my name forever rest
Yours IDA BUZZARD Cameron West Va.

Friend Emma Feb 29, 1888
These few lines to you are tendered
by a friend sincere and true
hoping but to be remembered
when I am far away from you.
Your Friend W.S. HICKS Cameron W. Va.

Friend Emma Mar 2, 1887
Within this book so pure and white
Let none but friends persume [sic] to write
And may each line in friendship given
Direct the readers heart to heaven
Last day of school

Friend Emma 3-2-1888
May he who clothes the lilies
And marks the sparrow’s fall
Protect and save you, Emma
And guide you safe through all.

Friend Emma May 24 1887
In the golden chain of friendship
Regard me as a link.
PEARL HOGE Cameron, W. Va.

"We live in deeds; not years,
In heart throbs; not in figures on the dial.
He lives longest—who thinks most—
Feels the noblest—Acts the best."
Yours very truly, F.N. LYNCH July l0, 1888

Emma Jan 1 1887
Fair and flowery be thy way
And skies all bright above thee
And happiness every coming day
To thee and those that love thee.

Dear Emma Jan 6, 1887
When I am dead and out of mind
My writing on this page you find
Just drop a tear and think of me
Who once your school mate youst [sic] to be.
From your sister DELLA HICKS

To Emma Feb 17 1887
Were mine the power I would twine for you
A crown of jewels rare
Each jem [sic] should be a kingdom
Each pearl a humble prayer.
Your Friend BERTIE KELTZ Cameron West Va.

Friend Emmi November the 18 1887
Think of me long
Think of me ever
Think of the fun
We had together.

Emma May 22nd 1887
May you through life remain the same
Unchanged in all except your name.
LINDLEY HOGE Bethesda, Ohio

Emma March the 15  '87
In the Book of Life, God’s Album
May your name be penned with care
And may all who here have written
Have there [sic] name forever there.
Written by your friend ALLIE STEWART
Cameron West Va.

Emma Virginia Hicks, born 9 May 1871, was the youngest of the ten children of Robert Anderson Hicks (1813-1885) and Lavina Messicker (1829-1911).

On 8 Oct 1891 Emma married Seaberry Buzzard (1868-1955), eldest son of Theodore Presley Buzzard (1846-1921) and Anna Eliza Fletcher (1850-1936). A year later on 19 Oct 1892 their only child, Charles Elmer, was born.

Emma died of TB on 2 June 1898 and is buried in the Clouston churchyard.