Hubbs Reunion Great Family Gathering

Moundsville Daily Echo, Tuesday, July 6, 1915

Submitted by Eric M. Anderson.

     One of the most pleasant celebrations held in the county Monday was the reunion of the Hubbs families held at Glen Easton.

     For ten years these reunions have been bringing parents and children, grand parents, and aunts, uncles and cousins together, renewing ties of love and affection. Each year one or more of the older ones are missed, having been called to the long rest, and each year new faces appear to take their places in the journey through life.

     The Hubbs family is one of the oldest in the county, and all through the long years of building up the communities this family has been one of the leaders.

     Early in the morning the people began to gather at the Jr. O. U. A. M. hall with baskets laden with vegetables, and when the ables were spread there was an abundance of food, the menu including all the garden products served hot. About one hundred people ate both dinner and supper and there were several baskets of fragments left.

     Many friendships were renewed and many more were made. The younger folks were highly entertained by the older ones who were in a reminiscent mood and told of interesting happenings of former days.

     The hall was decorated in keeping with the day, bunting being used, and many bouquets of brilliant flowers adorned the tables.

     In the afternoon a party was shown through the J. M. Harris & Sons' flour mill. New machinery was recently placed in the mill, making it up?to?date in every department, from the 15 h.p. gas engine to the shipping facilities of the flour.

     An orchestra composed of Dr. W. F. Crow, C. M. Penick, C. B. Harris, O. H. Carpenter and Otis Lutes rendered several selections after dinner.

     Glen Easton is a beautiful location for a village and the aim of the inhabitants seems to be to make it more beautiful, if that could be, than nature has done. It lies cozily nestled between high hills, some of which are carpeted with grass and grain, and others are still wooded with forest trees. Many yards are ablaze with flowers of brilliant hues and the lawns are all well cared for.

     The hundred or more people who attended who attended the reunion declared it was the best one of the ten and all thanked the promoters, especially Miss Lizzie Hubbs of Moundsville, who left nothing undone to make it the success it was.

     Following is a great list of those who attended:

      From Glen Easton ?? Geo. W. Hubbs, Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Hubbs, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Harris, Aunt Katie Wilson, Rev. James Graig, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ingram, Elmer Ingram, Earl Ingram, Mrs. James Mellon, Mrs. Martha Ritchea, Miss Lydia Hubbs, Mrs. Eveline row, Miss Lizzie Harris, Miss Mattie Wilson, Mrs. C. O. Grims and children Mildred and Burnell, Dr. and Mrs. W. F. Crow, Mrs. M. F. Hubbs and children, Mrs. Susan Treadway, Mrs. W. K. O'Neill, Mrs. O. H. Carpenter and children Vera and Von, Miss Elsie Hubbs, Miss Georgia Hubbs, Ella Virginia Hubbs, Mrs. Mary Hubbs, C. S. Hubbs, Geo. S. Hubbs, George Hubbs, Miss Aletta Richter, Miss Sophia Hubbs, Mrs. Georgia Hubbs, Mrs. B. H. Bonar and children Dorothy and Herbert, Mrs. Chas. Hubbs and children James, Charles and Arthur, Miss Malissa Hubbs, Geo. W. Cunningham, C. B. Harris, Wm. O'Neil, Willie Knapp, Misses Gail and Gazelle Crow, Miss Mabel Nuzum, Miss Ethel Chambers, Atlee Hubbs, Geo. Hunt, James Hubbs, Paul Grimes, Ira Lutes, Charles Hubbs, Jr., Oliver Hubbs, Ja. O. Lutes, Cyde Smith, Miss Ada Starks, Miss Edna Hubbs, Wm. H. Hubbs.

     From Moundsville ?? Mr. And Mrs. Frank H. Hubbs and daughters, Ethel, Irene and Mary, Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Reynolds, M. F. Kirkman, Wm. Knapp, Miss Pearl Chambers, Miss Edna Chambers, Miss Virginia McConnell, Miss Virginia McConnell, Miss Effie Stewart, Mrs. M. W. Hoskinson, Mrs. S. H. Woodruff, Frank Poindexter, Mrs. E. C. Taylor, M. Keyser, Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Hubbs and daughters Wilma and Virginia and son Herman, Miss Lizzie Hubbs and Miss Malissa Hubbs, and Miss Gertrude Shaw.

     Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Weekly of McMechen; Miss Jean Clyker of Wheeling; Mrs. Claude Tennis and daughter Miss Irene of Claremont, Va.; Mrs. S. B. Wilson of Pittsburgh; Mrs. Anne Dickey of Rock Lick; Mrs. Mary Gatts and Mrs. Geo. S. Hicks of Captina; Laurence Wilson of Pittsburgh; Mrs. Sadie Bellville and Mrs. Lydia Hubbs of Shadyside, Ohio; Dewey Hubbs of Rosbys Rock; Mrs. Sadie Hartley and two children of Loudenville, John Harris of Loudenville; Misses Nola, Esta and Bessie Van Syoc of Cameron.