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     Robert Marshall, Sr. left Cork County, Ireland, with his wife and infant children, coming to America on a sailing vessel in the late 1700’s. After his arrival in this country, he located upon a farm in Maryland. Nothing is available on his wife, but it is known that Robert and his wife were the parents of three children: Martha, Robert, Jr. and Ellen.

1. Martha Marshall born Va. circa 1797
      Little information is known about Martha except she married a Rosenberger. They had two children, Robert and one of which nothing can be found. Robert Rosenberger married a Brown. He’s buried at Wheelers Station (probably Beelers Station).

2. Ellen Marshall Roe born Ireland circa 1796
     Ellen was born in Maryland and married a Roe. They lived in Hagerstown Md. until 1820 when they moved to Pleasant Valley, Marshall Co., WV. One known son was John J.

3. Robert Marshall, Jr. born Ireland circa 1793
      Robert grew to manhood on a farm in Maryland and learned the trade of weaver. Later he moved to the Wheeling, WV area and resided upon a farm there till his death, about age 76. He enlisted in the War of 1812.


     Robert’s wife was Elizabeth Moats, daughter of William Moats. Elizabeth was born July 20, 1794 in Maryland and died January 10, 1892. Robert and Elizabeth were married and lived in Hagerstown, Maryland until 1820 when they moved to Pleasant Valley, WV where they are buried. There were fourteen children, Jacob, Lavina, John, William, Susan, Joseph, Thomas, James, Mariah, Elizabeth, Martha, twins who died in infancy and Eli. All members of Baptist church.

1. Jacob Marshall - Born 1816 Maryland married Nancy Ann Anderson born January 15, 1816 in Pa. They lived at Walkers Station, Wood Co., WV until after the Civil War when they moved to Illinois. Nancy died August 1, 1878 and Jacob May 22, 1905 in Stillwater, Ok.. Both are buried lot 45 In Dana Cemetery, Lasalle Co. Il. There were seven children:

John born 1-2-1839 married Minerva Clegg 12-24-1867 Dana Il
Robert married Nancy Hines
George born 1841 married Elizabeth Whitlock
Lewis Cass born 4-18-1850 died 6-7-1933 in Ca. married Alpharetta Littleton
James Franklin born 11-24-1853 married Margaret Keating died 4-17-1933
Jacob Jr. born 5-1-1856 married Olive W. Huckings died 4-15-1929
Levi no info.

2. Lavina Marshall - Little is known; lived about 22 years.

3. John Marshall
      Born about 1818, married Rebecca Jane Caldwell, three children John C., Robert, and Eziekiel. John Marshall 11-24-1851 age 28 Pleasant Hill cemetery Wood Co. WV.

     1850 Wood County census: John Marshall age 20, Rebecca age 22, John age 2, Robert age 1. Next door to them is Jacob Marshall age 21, Nancy age 22, John age 11, George age 9. Robert age 6, Eli age 3, Lewis age 1

Three children:
1. John C. the oldest son of John and Rebecca was born 3-16-1846 in Wood Co. WV. His father died so he was raised by his grandparents. He married Emma Porter Mooney on 4-10-1883. Emma was born 12-28-1850 in Ripley, Ohio, daughter of John and Lucinda Mooney. At the age of six she moved to Dana Illinois with her parents. Emma and John in 1886 moved to Whiteside county, Illinois for five years, but then moved back to Dana where they spent the rest of there lives. Two children John Clinton and Ella Lucinda. Emma died 7-22-1917. On 3-2-1919 John married Sarah Smart in Cameron WV. John died 1-4-1931 in Dana. John and Emma buried Dana Cemetery.

2. Robert born 9-25-49. On 3-2-1872 he married Alcinda Howard in Pleasant Valley, Marshall Co., WV. Alcinda was born 3-8-1854 in Clarington, Ohio. After their marriage they moved to Dana Illinois but after a short time returned to WV. Two children Emma and Harry J. - Robert died in 1876, he is buried in the same lot as his grandparents, Robert and Elizabeth (Moats) Marshall at Pleasant Valley, WV. - - Alcinda later married John Conley of Moundsville on 8-29-1878. Six children to this marriage: William E., Mary F, Roneo B, Etta, David A and Asby B. In 1886 they moved to Hutchinson, Kansas where John was engaged in contracting and building. In about 1902 they returned to Illinois where Alcinda died 4-19-1905 in Dana. Alcinda’s daughter, Etta, married Jake Klesath.

1. Emma, the oldest child of Robert and Alcinda, was born 3-22-1874 in Sistersville, WV. At the age of six months she moved to Dana Il. with her parents. Later the family moved to Hutchinson, Kansas where she was baptized into the Christian Church when 14 yrs. old. Emma married her second cousin, James F. Marshall.

2. Harry J. Marshall was born 1-12-1876 in Pleasant Valley, Marshall Co. WV. On 1-20-1903 he married Annie Cunningham, born 2-12-1883 in Ballymoney, Antrim County, Ireland. Annie was sister to Mary Marshall. Annie died in Dana 5-29-1910. - Harry married Mrs. Addie Moore on 4-18-1920. Addie was born 9-1-1875 and died 3-2-1950. Harry died 8-3-1972 in Dwight Il.; buried in Dana.


3. Ezekiel Marshall - Born 5-17-1851 in Wood Co., WV, he went to Illinois around 20 yrs. of age, he married Nettie Jones born 6-11-1860, on 11-27-1879. She was the daughter of Chaunsey and Sarah A. (Bane) Jones. They had four children:

1. Jessie born 1880
2. Orville 3-17-1882 married Jessie Sauer 1-1-1906
3. Howard Ezekiel 11-19-1890 married Margaret 10-3-1912
4. Infant born and died 1895

     Ezekiel died Oct. 16, 1948 in Streator, Il. cert. 00040764.

4. William Marshall, born 2-21-1819. William’s first wife was likely Mary Drummond and they had two children: Sarah and Mary. His second wife was Rebecca Jane Caldwell Marshall, widow of his older brother, John. They had two children, Martha Jane and Alexander. William’s third wife was Mary Ferman, whom he married 1-23-1872. William died in Dallison, Wood Co., WV on 1-27-1902. He and Rebecca are buried in Pleasant Valley, Wood Co., WV.

1.Sarah nothing known except she married a Whitlatch
2. Mary married a Smith
3. Martha Jane, first child of William and Rebecca, born 5-9-1855 in Dallison Wood Co., WV. She married Frank Conley. Three children Frank, Lulu and Velma
4. Alexander, born 12-5-1856, married Delia Congleton the daughter of John and Marjorie on 11-29-1883. Alexander died 7-19-1936 in Parkersburg. Alexander and Delia buried in Odd Fellow Cemetery Parkersburg, WV. They had five children:

Bessie born 12-23-1884 married Robert McIntosh
Cora born 8-19-1888 married Henry Rost 6-29-1912 (Maralee)
Lulu born 11-2-1890 married Charles Johnson 7-6-1931
Pearl born 1-6-1893 married Walter Snyder 9-29-1915
Okey born 7-27-1900 married Louise Mollendick Mason 4-11-1936

5. Susan Marshall, born 8-25-1820, married James Pritchett on 3-10-1842. James was born 5-2-1818 in Haney Town near West Union Pa. James a Civil War veteran. They moved from Marshall Co. to Dana Il. in September 1864. Susan died in Dana 5-16-1912. James and Susan buried in Dana Il. They had three children:

1. Son who died in infancy
2. Wesley William born 6-4-1844
3. Robert Marshall

6. Joseph Marshall - Only information is children:

1. John Thomas
2. Effie
3. Newton
4. Elizabeth Jane

7. Thomas John Marshall - Born 10-10-1826 in Huntington, Ohio Co., Va.
     Thomas lived in Wood Co., WV for a number of years. On 8-19-1855 he married Elizabeth (Bessie) Geddy Curgenven in Maryland. Bessie was born 4-17-1837 in London, England, being the daughter of William and Susan (Geddy) Curgenven. In 1864 Thomas and Elizabeth went to Il. with four children and they had a total of nine.

1. William Henry born 6-22-1856
2. Nicholas Getty 3-5-1858
3. Milton Thomas
4. Wesly Pritchett 9-4-1864
5. Susan Victoria
6. Harriet May 8-5-1867
7. James Franklin 8-3-1869
8. Bessie Rose 9-3-1872
9. Robert

     It says his father gave him 150 acres of timber land, as he did each of his boys ?? Now where did Robert get this land?? Illinois land records show 25 land purchases for Robert Marshalls, some were land warrants around mid 1850’s. - He cleared twenty acres and sold it for $1000.00.

Thomas died 1-15-1917; Elizabeth died 7-10-1905; both buried Dana Illinois.

8. James Marshall - Born 3-28-1829 in Ohio Co. WV, married Elizabeth Ewing 1-10-1858 in Parkersburg WV. Elizabeth born 9-30-1835 in Marshall Co. WV. Two children:

1. Mary Virginia
2. James Wylie

     James Sr. died of accidental gunshot while cleaning gun on 11-17-1896. Buried Rutland Cemetery, Marshall Co., Il.

9. Mariah Marshall - Mariah never married and remained with her parents looking after there welfare. She inherited the homestead and had a daughter, Jennie Louise, out of wedlock. Jennie Louise married John Fitzsimmons. Four children:


10. Elizabeth Marshall - Born 7-21-1835 in Wheeling, Ohio Co. WV. Elizabeth married William Croft and went to Il. in 1866. William and Elizabeth seperated before their second child was born. Elizabeth died 4-4-1915 in Dana, Il. Two children:

Samuel born 1-15-1868 married Hannah Driscoll
William born 1870 married Ada Booker

11. Martha Marshall - Nothing is recorded for Martha except she only lived 18 years.

12. & 13. Twins - Died in infancy

14. Eli Marshall - Died in teens from eating poison berries or herbs.

From 1850 Marshall Co. Census

Robert…farmer...$2000.00...age 57…born…Ire.
Elizabeth ( Moats )...57...Md.
Sarah E...4...Va

William...Farmer...age 37...born...Va
Sarah E...2...Va
Mary E...8 months...Va.

John J...Farmer...age 24...born...Va
Ellen (Marshall)...56...Ire.

Rosenberger 64…born…Va

Robert...farmer...age 26…born…Va

James...farmer...age 60…born...Va

Marriage records Marshall County:
Samuel Welman age 30, son of James and Sarah, married Eleanor Rosenberger age 26, daughter of John and Martha, 14 June 1855. Samuel and Eleanor raised Martha Jane Marshall, daughter of William and Rebecca Caldwell Marshall when Rebecca died around 1855. Eleanor was a first cousin of William Marshall and her mother, Martha Rosenberger, was a sister to Robert Jr., William’s father.

John Marshall married Rebecca Jane Caldwell 4-9-1846. Rebecca was the daughter of Ezekiel Caldwell, her mother was Clarissa-Chloe Wetzel who was the daughter of Martin Wetzel and Mary Coffield. Martin was the brother of Lewis Wetzel. Alexander Caldwell a brother to Ezekiel also married a Wetzel, Ruhama.

William Marshall's first wife may have been Mary Drummond 10-17-1844

Marshall County tax list for Robert Marshall:
     1836- two white tithables and six horse
     1840-three white tithables and six horse
     1850-two white males, one horse and one clock

1880 Illinois Census:
Ezekiel Marshall age 29, born in Wva. lives in Groveland, Lasalle Co. Illinois with wife Nettie- 20 born in Illinos. George W. Marshall, same city, age 39 wife Elizabeth age 33. John C. Marshall, listed as cousin-same household.