Earnest Family, Fall Run School

Submitted by Scott West.


Fall Run School Class Picture, circa 1908

This picture was in the front yard of the John A. Earnest home, about 1/4 mile from the schoolhouse's location at the head of Wildcat Hollow and along the road between Woodruff and Georgetown (Nuss), W.Va.

Front Row, left to right: Ralph Poland, Arthur Earnest, Ed Moore

Second Row, left to right: Abbie Poland, John Burley, Florence Earnest, Everett Winters, Glen Poland, Walter Moore, Mabel Earnest, Joe Flaherty, Orpha Flaherty

Back Row, left to right: Gale Flaherty, -?- Dayton, Quay Hupp (teacher), Myrtle Winters, Lydia Earnest, Nell Winters, Ben Earnest, Shannon Moore