Ohio River Ferry At Moundsville

Submitted by Phyllis Slater.

Originally established by Joseph Tomlinson at the mouth of Little Grave Creek, it was later moved to the river front between 11th and 12th Streets and operated across the river to Dillies Bottom in Ohio. A man by the name of Catlett first ran it for Tomlinson. For over 30 years, before closing, Rosswell Ruble of Powhatan plied the waters of the Ohio River as operator of the ferry - hauling cars back and forth between Ohio and West Virginia.

For a long time the boat was steam-operated and was mostly used for ferrying livestock. Later the ferry was diesel powered and its chief function was to passenger vehicles across the Ohio. It faded into the past along with other memories of a bygone era.

A modern day convenience washed this old line business right down the drain.... This ferry was in operation until the new bridge opened August 15, 1986.

This bridge is the longest tied arch bridge in the United States, being 912 feet long. It took nine years to build at a cost of $32 million.

What would old Joe Tomlinson think of that, just to replace his ferry!