Will of Jane Frazier Fletcher

Submitted by Frank & Sharon Hodorowski.

Will Book 2, Page 408 - Probated 1891 

In the name of God Amen. I Jane Fletcher of the District of Cameron,
County of Marshall and State of West Virginia being of sound mind and
memory, do make, publish and declare this my last will and testament
in manner following that is to say, (1)I give and bequeath to my
daughter Elizabeth, now Mrs. Rogers, One Hundred Dollars being the
one hundred dollars she received from me Feb. 26 1882.
(2) To my daughter Ann Eliza, now Mrs. Buzzard I give and bequeath all
my household goods of every kind. Exception one feather bed and bedding
which I give and bequeath to my granddaughter Nettie Buzzard.
(3) I leave in the hands of my son William Fletcher a sum of money
sufficient to pay all expense necessary for taking care of me in my last
sickness and for my decent burial and after the payment of these expense.
I give and bequeath all the rest, residue and remainder of my real and
personal estate of every name and nature whatever to be divided equally
between my sons William Fletcher, John Fletcher, Abraham Fletcher, Joseph
H. Fletcher and my daughter Sarah Jane Stewart, Mary Ann Hewitt, Margaret
Ingram, and Ann Eliza Buzzard. Lastly I do hereby nominate and appoint
my son Abraham Fletcher to be executor of this my last will and testament,
without requiring any bond, hereby revoking all former will by me made. 
I witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 17 day of
May in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty Four

Jane Fletcher (Seal) 

The above instrument consisting of one sheet was at the date thereof
signed, sealed, published and declared by the said Jane Fletcher as and
for her last will and testament in presence of each other have subscribed
our names as witness thereto.
Jas. C. Crawford resident Cameron W.Va. 
M. A. Walton " " " 
West Virginia, Marshall County, Clerks Office Jan 19 1891. 
A paper writing bearing date on the 17th day of May 1884, purporting to
be the last will and testament of Jane Fletcher, late of this County.
Deceased was presented to Thomas Finn, Clerk of the County Court of this
County on the 19th day of Nov. 1890, and it appearing that M. A. Walton
and James C. Crawford the attesting witnesses thereto are both non
residents of this County thereupon, on motion of Abraham Fletcher the
executor in said will named a commission was issued by Thomas Finn, Clerk
of this Court on the 19th day of November 1890. To Wm. P. Lynch a Notary
Public of Chautauqua County, Kan., to take the deposition of M. A. Walton
one of the said attesting witnesses, which commission and deposition has
been duly returned and on the 1st day of Jan 1891 a commission was issued
by E. M. Lewis Clerk of the Court of Marshall Co., West Virginia to Henry
B. Morgan a Notary Public of Marion Co., West Va., directing him to take
the deposition of James C Crawford the other attesting witness, which
said commission and deposition, together with the will of said Jane
Fletcher, Deceased, have been duly returned to this office and the same
being fully examined and inspected by the undersigned County Clerk, the
said will is considered by me to fully proved and is ordered to be
recorded and Abraham Fletcher the executor in the said will named, this
day before me in my office qualified as such executor by taking the oath
as required by law, no bond or security being required of him by the
terms of said will. Thereupon certificate is granted the said Abraham
Fletcher for obtaining a probate of said will in due forum. 

Teste: E. M. Lewis, Clerk 
County Court Marshall Co., W.Va.