By Roxann Hoover


With Love for my GG-Grandfather and GG-Grandmother Joseph and Elizabeth Louisa Burgy Baker.


When we are researching family history, one never knows what the past will offer us. Some of us find laughter and joy and then some of us find tears rolling down over our face like a water fall. The following letter will describe my experience when researching family history.




Toothman Funeral Home,                      August 10, 2001


Dear Sirs;


         My Name is Roxann Judy Hoover and I am writing you this very unusual letter. I started researching my family history about six months ago and I must say the things I have found out have been quit interesting.  Through death certificates I found my GG-GrandParents died in St. Clairsville, Ohio and their funeral services were held there also. So to make a long story short I called your funeral home in search of the Johnston Funeral Home and much to my surprise the phone call paid off.. I found the information I was searching for thanks to your wonderful Secretary.  As she was reading the file she found that the funeral bill of my GG-Grandparents was never paid off. There was a balance of $61.56.  I want to take this time to apologize for that.

         My GG-Grandparents were Mr. Joseph Baker born September 6, 1848 death October 28, 1935 and Mrs. Elizabeth Louisa Burgy Baker born April 3, 1843 death July 17, 1928.

         I am sending you a copy of a check from Robert and Karen Burgy.. Robert will also be helping pay the remaining balance. Robert is the GG-Nephew of Joseph and Elizabeth Burgy Baker. We ask that you please except the enclosed check for $61.56. If at all possible we would like to ask the account be marked paid in full and also if we could please have a receipt showing the account is finally paid off..


            Thank you for your time,

            GG-GrandDaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Baker


            Roxann Judy Hoover,    Husband: Dr. Kevan R. Hoover



            GG-Nephew of  Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Baker


            Robert Burgy,      Wife: Karen Burgy