Submitted by Tom James, Marshall County Historian.

     A major encampment of G. A. R. veterans was held in Moundsville during May of 1922, and along with the speeches and photos of surviving Civil War Veterans was this compelling little song. It was part of the Memorial Day exercises held at Mt. Rose Cemetery.

Following is the song that will be sung to the tune of 'America' at the close of the Woman's Club service at the cemetery Tuesday morning.

God save these trees we plant,
And to all nature grant
Sunshine and rain.
Let not their branches fade,
Save them from ax and spade,
Save them for joy and shade---
Guarding the plain.

When they are ripe to fall,
Neighbored by trees as tall,
Shape them for good,
Shape them to bench and stool,
Shape them to square and rule,
Shape them for home and school,
God bless the wood.

Lord of the earth and seas,
Prosper our planted trees,
Save with Thy might,
And may our Heroes brave,
Who died our land to save,
Rest in the God who gave
Our blessings bright.