Will of George Dowler

Transcribed & submitted by descendants, Vernon Anderson, Peg Duffy & Ed L. Starling.

From Marshall County Will Book III, pp.297-298. 

In the name of God Amen. I George Dowler of Marshall county and state of
Virginia being in health and sound in mind and memory thank God and
calling to mind the mortality of my body I desire my body to be buried
with a Christian burial. My soul to God  that gave it. As to such estate
as I possess I dispose of  in the following manner. Towit To my son
Thomas Dowler I give and bequest that portion land that I purchased of
Josiah Talber[t] and that portion of my homestead lying West of a line
to be drawn from the  back of the orchard to South-West corner of the
barn thence to the meeting house including the barn field and also the
land lying North-West of the ridge road. The remainder of my homestead
to my son Isaac Dowler.

As to my personal property I give and bequest to my sons Thomas Dowler
and Isaac Dowler whom I appoint and ordain the Executors of this my last
will and testament after all my just debts and funeral expenses are
paid, and they(?) pay the following legacies towit said Thomas Dowler to
pay to my son Edward Dowler one hundred dollars, to my Michael Dowler
one hundred dollars, to my Joseph Dowler one hundred and fifty dollars.
My son Isaac Dowler to pay to my daughter the following sums to my
daughter Nancy Ann Talbert one hundred dollars to my daughter Hannah Ann
Turner one hundred dollars to my daughter Mary Orem one hundred dollars
to my daughter Sarah Conner one hundred dollars to my grandson Nelson
Lancaster thirty dollars when he comes to age of twenty one years.
Whatever notes, receits[sic]or accounts standing against either or each
of the above heirs to be deducted from their legacies.  The whole of the
above property to be subject to the lawful claims of my beloved wife if
My executors to act without further security than the property he. In
witness whereof I herewith set my hand and seal this 28th day of June
A.D. 1858 eight..
Acknowledged in presence of  us                 George Dowler (seal)
Dennis Dorsey
William Talbert
Virginia: county court of Marshall county October seven 1862

George Dowler's will continued

A writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of George Dowler,
late of this county, but now deceased, was this day fully proved by
oaths of Dennis Dorsey and William Talbert, the subscribing witnesses
thereto, and is ordered to be recorded. And on the motion of Thomas
Dowler and Isaac Dowler, the persons named as executors of said Will,
who made oath as the law directs and witnessed unto (?and?) acknowledged
a bond in the penalty of $1000 payable and conditioned according to law
(they being persons [forced?] by said Will to act without giving
security) certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate of said
will in [?this or our?] forum.

A copy 
E. H. Caldwell II