The Marshall County Virtual Genealogy Society Gathering, 2001


PHOTOS, Third Gathering, 2001
Photo 1 - Bella Via - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 2 - Bella Via - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 3 - Bella Via - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 4 - Bella Via - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 5 - Bella Via - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 6 - Young's - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 7 - Museum - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 8 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 9 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 10 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 11 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 12 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 13 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 14 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 15 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 16 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 17 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 18 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 19 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 20 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 21 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 22 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 23 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 24 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 25 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 26 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 27 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 28 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 29 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 30 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 31 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 32 - Dinner - (Linda Fluharty)
Photo 33 - Dinner - (Linda Fluharty)
Photo 34 - Dinner - (Linda Fluharty)
Photo 35 - Dinner - (Linda Fluharty)
Photo 36 - Dinner - (Joel Robinson)
Photo 37 - Dinner - (Joel Robinson)
Photo 38 - Dinner - (Sharen Bowers)
Photo 39 - Dinner - (Sharen Bowers)
Photo 40 - Dinner - (Sharen Bowers)
Photo 41 - Dinner - (Blaine Standiford)
Photo 42 - Dinner - (Blaine Standiford)
Photo 43 - Dinner - (Blaine Standiford)
Photo 44 - Dinner - (Blaine Standiford)
Photo 45 - Dinner - (Blaine Standiford)
Photo 46 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 47 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 48 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 49 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 50 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 51 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 52 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)
Photo 53 - Dinner - (Helen Shipe)


Dear Friends:

The 3rd Annual Gathering of the Virtual Genealogy Society seemed to be a great success. I hope everyone in attendance had as good a time as I did.

Before I launch into the details of the dinner, I will say that the pre-dinner festivities were very enjoyable. There were about 20 people at the dinner at the Bella Via on Friday night and about the same number at the breakfast at Young's the next morning. (Thanks to Vernon Anderson and Naomi Hupp for making the arrangements for these gatherings.)

Following breakfast on Saturday, most of us went to the Marshall County Historical Society Museum. The members had worked very hard to present displays of Marshall County history and it was very interesting and enlightening.

I had an opportunity to speak with Lonnie and Judy Kiger and learned for the first time that Judy had known my dad.

When I was in St. Marys earlier in the week, I had heard of the hobby of collecting gas engines. According to Lonnie and Judy, this is a MAJOR hobby - - and very interesting!

We ended up having extra people come to the dinner but it all worked out well and everyone in attendance received a favor (mug & pen) after all. I was all concerned about this - - but needlessly. There were 76 people in all.

James Dague was our M. C. again, after just returning home from a week at Boys' State. He did his usual outstanding job and his participation is greatly appreciated, particularly in view of his busy schedule.

Elizabeth Swiger was not in attendance but she did make lovely programs for each place at the tables. My sincere thanks to Elizabeth for taking the time to help me, despite the fact that she was dealing with a great deal of uncertainty regarding her husband's health.

The evening was dedicated to the memory of Jim Wiley, of Akron, Ohio, who died of a brain tumor this past May. Jim was the M. C. at the first dinner in 1999 and he spoke at the dinner last year. His death has left a tremendous void in my life and I know that many of you feel the same way.

To honor Jim, I had asked Carlisle Bowling to write a poem to be read at the dinner. Carlisle is a very talented writer and his beautiful poem was a heartfelt and moving tribute to a wonderful friend and fellow genealogist. Carlisle's poem is now posted on the "Jim Wiley Memorial Page."

The featured speaker was Paul Burig of Wheeling. His lecture, "The National Road ... The First Interstate Highway," was quite informative and included an abundance of information that was new to many in attendance. Eventually, Paul's speech will be added to the W.A.G.S. page, where his other lectures are currently posted. - - Thanks to Paul for a job well done!

It was my pleasure to meet Connie Lilley and Cathy Caldwell at the dinner but I regret that I didn't get to talk to them. They are the women who copied the names of the World War II servicemen from the walls of the Marshall County Courthouse. This was a project that was near and dear to my heart and I truly appreciate the hard work they did to get me the list to share with the world.

Along this same line, Joe Parriott, author and historian, spoke briefly about his latest project. He and others in Marshall County are compiling information for a new book about the Marshall County veterans of the 20th Century. (See Military Section) He is asking that people submit information. - - Of course, I have been asking for the same information to put online and I hope that the veterans can be honored in as many ways and places as possible.

It was very nice to see Hazel Spahr looking so healthy this year after being hospitalized in Glen Dale when she came last year.

Larry Heffner, associated with my Calhoun County page, came to the dinner with his wife, Loretta, and I thoroughly enjoyed being at their table. Larry is a big help to me and he also participates on many of the other GenWeb pages.

I have probably forgotten to mention something about the dinner but this is all I have to say for now. However, I must add that I was pleased to see Paul and Dorothy Garvin at the dinner. Dorothy had been a teacher of mine at Boggs Run School and I had not seen her for 45 years! I did have an opportunity to chat with them and then I saw them again the following Tuesday at the Wheeling Library. - - I am extremely sad to say that Paul died on June 26. I have no further details at this time but James Dague called me and told me the news. - - My deepest sympathy to Dorothy and her family.

On a more pleasant note, I visited Crystal and John Allen on Rt. 88. Their new home is spectacular and I was thrilled to get to see it.

I was busy every second and did my best to see everyone I wanted to see, including my Uncle John Clarke, Vera Jo Bauer and Jim Thornton. An exception is Diane Huyer... Maybe next time.

The day after the dinner, I went to Mass at St Francis Xavier in Moundsville with my nun-friend, Sr. Florian. The church was recently renovated and it is quite beautiful.

Perhaps we will have another dinner next year...

Thanks to all. I will post pictures as soon as Blaine Standiford and/or others send me some.


  • Linda Fluharty
  • Baton Rouge, LA
  • Sister Mary Florian Habowski
  • Coraopolis, PA
  • Jim & Florence Schaffer
  • Moundsville, WV
  • Carlisle Bowling
  • Flagler Beach, FL
  • Mary Staley
  • Martins Ferry, OH
  • Phyllis Slater
  • Wheeling, WV
  • Vernon Anderson
  • Triadelphia, WV
  • Ed & Gail Yoho
  • Moundsville, WV
  • Cheryl McCombs
  • McMechen, WV
  • Don Fordyce
  • FL
  • Carla Quigley Stone
  • Colliers, WV
  • Stan & Mary Novak
  • PA
  • Blaine Standiford
  • West Melbourne, FL
  • Red & Charlotte Hunter
  • Wellsburg, WV
  • V. Kay & Jack Mason
  • Cameron, WV
  • Lonnie & Judy Kiger
  • Moundsville, WV
  • Daniele Bougher
  • Wheeling, WV
  • Myrtle Duke
  • Charleroi, PA
  • Helen Shipe
  • Charleroi, PA
  • Hazel Spahr
  • Belle Vernon, PA
  • John & Libby Wallace
  • Huntington, WV
  • Henry & Naomi Hupp
  • Moundsville, WV
  • Scot M. Rogerson
  • Washington, DC
  • Evan Rogerson
  • Moundsville, WV
  • Clarice Stanley
  • Martins Ferry, OH
  • Mamie Legg
  • Moundsville, WV
  • Larry & Loretta Heffner
  • Lewisburg, WV
  • Connie Lilley
  • Moundsville, WV
  • Cathy Caldwell
  • Wheeling, WV
  • Ted & Gwen Hubbard
  • Brooke County, WV (?)
  • Paul & Virginia Burig
  • Wheeling, WV
  • Rae Baker
  • Moundsville, WV
  • Jim & June Campbell
  • Moundsville, WV
  • Dorothy Dakan Sedosky
  • Moundsville, WV
  • Phil & June Wheeler
  • Opal Smith
  • Phillip & Nila Chaddock
  • Moundsville, WV
  • Joel M. Robinson
  • Moundsville, WV
  • James Dague
  • Triadelphia, WV
  • Sharen Bowers
  • Ohio
  • Gary Chambers
  • Paden City, WV
  • Harry & Bobbi Steele
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Shirley Allen
  • Barbara Suarez
  • Marvin Byard
  • Glen Dale, WV
  • Howard "Biggie" Byard
  • Sam Criswell
  • Galveston, TX
  • Sid & Shirley Gorby
  • Harold D. & Dorothy Jefferson
  • Frances Bonar
  • Bob & Joan McClelland
  • Paul & Dorothy Garvin
  • Marshall County
  • Judy Fugate
  • Wheeling, WV
  • Mr. & Mrs. Joe Parriott
  • Moundsville, WV
  • Nancy Roe
  • Glen Dale, WV
  • Charlie & DeAnn Riley
  • Tucson, AZ