Gormly Camp/Ragtown

Submitted by Phyllis Slater.

This village was located along Valley Run and on the farm of C. E. Yeater. The farm is now owned by Glen Stern. The town was sizeable and existed during the oil boom of the early 1900's.

Many of the houses were of up and down material and more or less temporary. There were also a number of tents. For these reasons it was given the name of Ragtown.

Besides the homes, a machine shop, a blacksmith shop, three livery stables, an eating place and a hotel were located there. During the oil boom, supplies were delivered by wagon and horses, with the mud axle deep. From the camp you could see five oil wells at the north or the hill.

The followng families lived there; Frank Griggs, his wife and two boys, Alocius and Mike - the Vengel family - Basil Hudins, his wife and son Clyde - the McGinnis family and the Dean Buzzard family.

The Sidney Mason family lived nearby in a white house, around the bend that is known as Horse Shoe Bend.

Copied from History of Marshall County, 1984 - Submitted by Ruth Durig.