Roosevelt Orders Moundsville Gun

Moundsville Echo, March 5, 1909

Submitted by Joseph D. Parriott.

Three-Barrel Gun Co. Has Shipped
a Standard Three Barrel Gun For
the African Trip.

     Theodore Roosevelt, then-to-be ex-president of the United States, will use a gun made in Moundsville on his hunting trip in Africa.
     It has already been shipped to Washington by express.
     The President some time ago placed an order with the Three Barrel Gun Co. for a standard three barrel gun, made extra strong for hard usage, and with one shot barrel bored for buckshot and solid lead ball.
     The gun has 12 gauge shot barrels, 32-40 caliber high velocity rifle barrel, barrels 28 inches long, made of Krupp fluid steel, and stock of standard measurement. It is the regular $75 grade.
     The order specified these details and said that it was to be used on the African trip.