Harry L. Purdy Murdered

Submitted by Pat Norlander and Laurie Dean.

"The Moundsville Daily Echo" - July 20, 1914


Prosecuting Attorney J. D. Parriott with Mr. and Mrs. Roy McGill today went down to the camp site where William Arn and Harry Purdy were murdered Thursday afternoon, and looked over carefully the scene of the murder.

The object of the trip was to secure accurately the different locations in connnection with the murder before the river stage changes.

A change in the river stage may develop at a time that would make it impossible for the jury to view accurately every scene of the camp where the murder was committed.

Al Moore, who is charged with the murder, has not been given a preliminary hearing. His attorney, Martin Brown is at Atlantic City for ten days and the hearing will not be held until his return.

Prosecuting Attorney J. D. Parriott is putting forth every effort to secure every fact in connnection witht the murder. No just effort will be spared by the state to secure the extreme penalty for the allleged murderer.


"The Moundsville Daily Echo" - abt. July 20, 1914


At a special term of circuit court held here today Judge H. C. Hervey entered an order approving the county court's action in offering and O. K-ing the reward of four hundred dollars for the capture of Al Moore, murderer of William Arn and Harry Purdy.

Immediately upon the receipt of a copy of this order, the county court directed Sheriff Hutchinson to pay the reward and each of the six men who had partin Moore's capture was given an order for $66.66.

The men who shared in the reward are Chief of Police Luke Sauers and Smiley Games of Benwood, and Louis Bierce, Joe Bierce, A. R. Howard and Alex Coski of Moundsville.

The other $100 of the reward was offered by the city. Action on that reward will probably be taken by council Monday night.

Several chancery matters were considered of by Judge Hervey today and some disposed of.

In the suit of Wesley E. Pelley against Rosa Pelley a decree of divorce was granted.

In the suit of J. B. Hipsley against the Home Fire Insurance company, Judge Hervey handed down an opinion holding that Mr. Hipsley could not collect insurance for a fire because of other insurance being taken out in violation of a provision of the policy in question.

An opinion was handed down in the case of the city of Benwood against the Wheeling Traction company.

Judgement against the Wheeling Traction company in favor of the city of Benwood for $438 was entered.

Prosecuting Attorney J. D. Parriott took up with Judge Hervey the subject of a special term of court to try Al Moore for the murder of William Arn and Harry L. Purdy.

Judge Hervey indicated that he could not see that any thing would be gained by having a special term for that purpose at this time, incurring additional expense and inconveniencing jurors, but indicated that should occasion arise he might consider a request for a special term early in September.