Hupp Family Letters, Etc.

Submitted by Virginia Simms Toney.

     The Hupps were from Washington County, Pa. during Revolutionary War, then moved to Marshall County, W.Va. Wilson Garrison Hupp was son of Everhart Hupp and Hannah Scherick. Wilson was born June 05, 1869 and died July 13, 1912, per information from the Hupp Bible.

     The following is a letter written by Wilson G. Hupp in 1907 to his older brother, Orange Isaac Hupp:

Purchasing Department Memo
The Glen Easton Coal and Coke Co.
Purchasing Department April 5th, 1907 8:30 PM Moundsville

O I Hupp - Balls
Orange, I will shipped (sic) that box of books Saturday April the 6. I had it ready
yesterday but the transfer man didn't come as he promise. there will be 1 tablet for
you and coat for Clint. The coat will have to be washed. I for got (sic) when I moved
and left it in the closet hanging on a nail and the water got about 6 in. of the tail
tell Clint if it is no good to him to burned it. Tell ward to let the boys and Mother
read them. There will be 200 more or less. Orange I would of been out Easter but could
not get off. I am having a hard old time with my work. I will tell you what I have to
do, I am fire boss pitt boss I have 1 horse & 5 mules to tend to they are all Hell. I
got throwed off of the large mule about 15 ft and I am most powerful sore and stiff.
She ran off and went about 2 mi. and I thought I would ride home but she got the best
of me for a while but I made her say it at the end. I whip her with a oak railing till
she made the awfullest noise you ever heard. She has stayed at home since and I rode
her home all right. I don't know how long I will be with this co. They are still in the
receivers hands and there will be nothing done till it is sold the Bridges is all gone.
I will be out home the first opportunity I have you see how person that can do all of
my work. will write __?__ next time. would like to see you.

All well WGH
Write when you
have time I only work
1/2 day on Sunday
tending mules
2 hrs in morning
2 hrs in evening
$1.60 for it

     (A note from my father in 1980's said that William Garrison Hupp died young from burns in an explosion at the mine.)

     Another letter written by Wilson G. Hupp from Morgantown, W.Va., March 10th, 1901 or 1907, to his brother Orange Isaac Hupp, and typed as it was written:

"O.I. Hupp - Your note with no date received in regard to that Company Lot and Pipe Line.
You use your own judgement as you are there and can find out more than I can but if I was
you I would feel them and work them for what is in it- I don't think they ever got any Right
of way from B&O as they have us title for the Ground but as you say I expect it would be as
well to let it go in with the rest of the Land. I mean to make them believe that the Little
Bottom and Co. Lot is all one and the Same but do as you please and I won't kick.
I would of wrote sooner but have been feeling bad had some sort of Gripp it must of been the
Gripp for __?__ Gripp to beat Hell, but am feeling good now. Weigh 170 lbs. with coat off. I
have not missed no time since Christmas and made 10 days extra but will not make No over time
now for they have taken my Sunday train away and she will lay over at Fairmont and I will not
work on Sundays this is the first Sunday I have been at home this winter I am going to get me
a Bull Pup. The first of May. he will be a fine one they have a Head just like old Nig(?) only
these ears are smaller little (?) heaven behind they are white with one Red eye and side of
head is Red. Hair is very short they are about the size of old Nig(?) don't think there head
is quite as large.
Orange your kinders(?) leave an impression with the people That I have sold out and have gone
to Connellsville or some other sea port. Do you catch on the reason is this I don't want any
person from down there to bother me this spring. I mean Faskers (?) or Courright you can fix
it so you won't get caught in it by telling them that I got a better job and said if I could
sell I would go I think I can sell this spring to advantage.
Family are all well except J.W. he has a bad eye got cold in it but is getting better. Will &
Albert is all right. Will got 2 fine Roosters from New York yesterday. Wyandotts weighed 20
lbs the Express was $1.45 making them cost him $3.45 he has Advertised in some of them
poultry Journals and Morgantown papers he will make money on them chickens yet I think he
slep with his Roosters last night to keep the widow Jinkins from braking through his stock
car and taking them he said he was confident she got the other Two.
This has been a most reasonable winter I ever saw. This morning look like spring makes think
of getting ready to plow. but I guess that is a thing of the past. I think I will be home in
June if nothing happens. I am getting sleepy I will have to go to Bed.
W. G. Hupp"

     This is a letter written by Albert Everett Hupp. Albert was single and is buried in Big Run Cemetery near Cameron, WV. His record #269, Book 5, Antill Funeral Home, Cameron, WV lists him as a retired school teacher and civil engineer. According to Hupp Bible records he was born April 21, 1879 and died March 15, 1957. My father had a note attached to the letter that said Albert was the youngest son of Everhart and Hannah Scherich Hupp and went to West Liberty Academy, now West Liberty College. The following is a letter he wrote to his brothers in Cameron, WV.

"West Liberty
March 28, 1898
Hupp Bros. & Co.,
Dear Sirs, 
I got here on Wednesday and secured a room from a man by name of Curtis, a nephew of one
of the faculty about half mile from the academy. I pay 50 cents per wk. for the room.
They furnish a bed, stove, cupboard and table and about everything. I had to buy a bucket,
two sauce pans tin cup and coffee pot.
Things are not so very dear here; bread 5 cents loaf, potatoes 25 cents pk, milk 4 cents
quart. The cost to get a box up from Wheeling is 50 cents almost any size. It is cheaper
to get things here.
I room up stairs. Two other persons room in the adjoining room by the names of Grandstaff
and Petticord.
Grandstaff is a good scholar and is a heap of help.
I take 5 studies. Viz: Gram. and Physical Geo. under Prof Shaw. Arith. and Algebra under
Prof Jacob. Gen. His. under the principal (Prof Deahl)
I eat my supper with __?__ Chase in the earning I got here. Charley Taylor rode up from
Wheeling with me. He lives about a mile and a half your side of Liberty.
If you haven't received those orders investigate (from Hubbs) Also if you have a chance
get them cashed.
This is a nice country I was up on the hills south of here today. Boarding here is almost
like home. The reason I didn't write sooner was because I hadn't the particulars yet.

P.S. I shaved today and never cut myself. Grandstaff shaved my neck.


     Charles Quay Hupp was born March 13, 1889, in Greene Co., PA. to Elmer Ellsworth Hupp and Lucy Lyon. He died December 25, 1966, near Cameron, WV. His death record #24 is listed in Book 7 of Antill Funeral Home. His parents were listed and his occupation was farmer. His last residence was given and his burial was at Big Run Cemetery.

     In an article written February 22, 1967, as a Report to the Sons of the Revolution, John C. Hupp of Fairmont, WV wrote: "Charles Quay Hupp was my brother. He died from a car accident on Christmas Day. He was admitted to the SAR February 23, 1925. Charles Quay Hope was a teacher and school supervisor in Marshall County, WV. He also served for some years in the US Mail Service and was retired and pensioned from that service. He had several hundred acres of land near Cameron, WV. He was widely known in Marshall Co., WV. He served the state for a time on the Agricultural Commission appointed by the Governor."