Pension Abstract of Joseph Biggs & Widow

From: Virginia Revolutionary Pension Applications, Abstracted & compiled by John Frederick Dorman.

BIGGS, Joseph (Mary). R.831. 24 March 1825, Brooke Co., Va. Joseph Biggs, formerly of Ohio Co., Va., but now of Belmont Co., Ohio, declares he has been a pensioner on the roll of the Virginia Agency since 29 June 1796 on account of wounds received from the enemy (Indians) while he commanded a detachment of Virginia rangers as ensign commandant at the Block House or station on the west side of the Ohio River nearly opposite Wheeling. His certificate has been lost and he requests a duplicate.

29 Dec. 1825. Belmont Co., Ohio. Joseph Biggs declares he belonged to the company of Capt. William MeMachan in the regiment of Cole Benjn. Biggs. He has lately moved from Virginia to Belmont Co., Ohio.

March 1833, Belmont Co., Ohio. John McMahon and J. H. Lockwood declare Mary Biggs is widow of Joseph Biggs, late of Belmont County who died 1 Feb. 1833.

12 May 1840. Marshall Co., Va. Mary (X) Biggs of said county, aged 70, declares she is widow of Joseph Biggs who was a lieutenant or ensign of the militia rangers. She was married 14 Jan. 1794 and he died 1 Feb. 1833.

12 Oct. 1840, Marshall Co., Va. Henry (H) Baker of Belmont Co., Ohio, declares he has known Mary Biggs since 1791 when her name was Mary Daily. He recollects the day she was married in 1794, his sister being married the same day. At that time he was a near neighbor of the Dailys, not farther off than 40 yards.

Joseph Biggs, ensign, was placed on the Virginia pension roll at $9 and on 24 April 1816 was increased to $11.70 per month.

[This was not Revolutionary services although the widow applied under an Act governing Revolutionary claims. Her application was rejected because she was married too late.]


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