(Son of Theodore)

The Moundsville Echo -  May 1906

Now a Canadian, Former St. Joseph Man is Home For a Visit From Northwest

     John A. Brinkmier, to whom home was St. Joseph when not in U. S. Army or here in Moundsville, passed through the city today on his way to his old home at St Joseph. For a few years he has been homesteading in Saskatchewan province, northwest Canada near Muenster, which is 400 miles from Winnipeg.  He now owns 160 acres homesteaded and 100 acres purchased. Last year his wheat was exactly his own height and oats was six feet.  It is the best grain region in the world, he says land in his region now sells for $12 to $15 per acres for unimproved, which is partly prairie and partly brush. He says that work goes ahead more steadily in the winter than it does in this climate


(Submitted by Rae Baker.)