Pension Abstract of John Fox

From: Virginia Revolutionary Pension Applications, Abstracted & compiled by John Frederick Dorman.

FOX, John. S.41540.
25 Sept. 1821. Washington Co., Pa. John (X) Fox of Followfield Township in said county, aged 60, declares he enlisted in 1777 on Muddy Creek, Pa., in the company of Capt. Benjamin Biggs in the 13th Virginia Regiment for three years and served under Capt. Biggs about two years when he was taken prisoner by the Shawnee Indians at Fort Lawrence on the Tuscarawas River, then commanded by Gen. Broadhead. He remained a prisoner with the Indians about seven years and was liberated at the treaty held by Generals Butler and Clark at the mouth of Miami River. At the time he was taken by the Indians he was wounded in the left hand and on his arrival at the Indian towns was made to run the gauntlet and so beaten over the head that he has ever since been unable to do any hard work.

He has a wife and five children; two of them are married and the other two [sic] quite young, the eldest about 13 years of age.

He owns one kettle, one dutch oven, one wheel, one axe, one bed and bedding, one table, the whole valued at $14.00.

6 July 1821. Ohio Co., Va. Benjamin Biggs, late captain in the 13th Virginia Regiment, declares John Fox in the spring of 1777 enlisted in his company for three years and served about two years. In Feb. 1779 he was taken prisoner at Fort Lawrence by the Indians and was held by them until the war was over. He has frequently heard him say that the beating the Indians gave him in his head always injured him.

6 July 1821. Ohio Co., Va. John Mills, late ensign in the company of Capt. Biggs in the 13th Virginia Regiment commanded by Col. John Gibson, declares John Fox served about two years in said company and was taken prisoner by the Indians at Fort Lawrence in Feb. 1779 and was held by them until the close of the war. He is fully of opinion he is unable to support himself and is much afflicted with a pain in his head and breast.

John Fox of Followfield Twp., Pa., private in the regiment of Col. Gibson in the Virginia line for three years, was placed on the Pennsylvania pension roll at $8 per month from 25 Sept. 1821 under the Acts of 1818 and 1820. Certificate 18398 was issued 6 Dec. 1821.


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