Joseph & Mary Ann (Hawkey) Hohmann

of St. Joseph's Settlement

By Isabelle (Hohmann) Parikh.

JOSEPH HOHMANN was born on the family farm at Whetstone in Wetzel County, Virginia (now West Virginia). MARY ANN HAWKEY was born on the family farm near Whetstone in Marshall County, West Virginia. JOSEPH was born before West Virginia was admitted to the Union and became a state, MARY was born after West Virginia became a state of the United States. Both of the family farms of their birthplaces are located within St. Joseph's Settlement, West Virginia.

Whetstone actually refers to "Whetstone Creek" a small creek in both counties which runs from someplace to someplace. Many of the early settlers at St. Joseph's Settlement built their homes between hillsides near the creek. The next generation selected and built their homes on the tops of the hills. This was generally due to the ability in time to drill for water on top of the hills.

JOSEPH, born in 1860, was the third son of GEORGE HOHMANN and KUNIGUNDA (MULLER) HOHMANN. Both of his parents emigrated from the state of Hessen, Prussia (Germany). He had eight brothers, two older: JOHN and GEORGE (Jr.), and six younger brothers: ADAM, CONRAD, PETER, WILLIAM, HENRY, FREDERICK.

MARY ANN HAWKEY was born in 1864, the daughter of FRANK HAWKEY and GERTRUDE (TAVIS) HAWKEY. Both of her parents emigrated from Prussia (Germany). The name "Hawkey" is also spelled "Hake", "Hockey", and "Hawke".

JOSEPH and MARY were the first couple to be married in the new present day church at St. Joseph's Settlement. JOSEPH's parents (George Hohmann and Kundigunda Muller) were the first couple to be married when the first church and parish was established at St. Joseph's Settlement.

JOSEPH was a farmer and he and MARY settled on a farm at Newdale, West Virginia. Newdale is near Silver Hill. They had six children , all born at the Newdale farm.

In 1910, JOSEPH and MARY moved their family to the Hawkey farm of MARY'S parents. In the same year constructioTn was completed on a new house up the hill from the old family home. The exact place where the house was built and is currently situated was selected because from the front yard it provides a view of St. Joseph's Church. Part of the farm was located in both Wetzel and Marshall County and Joseph had all the land transferred into Wetzel County.

The once famous MASON-DIXON LINE runs through the property within the front yard. The family liked to joke that they could stand on the southern or northern side and choose either the southern position or the northern position about the Civil War, whichever pleased their visator at the time. At all times however the family was staunchly opposed to slavery. JOSEPH'S father, GEORGE HOHMANN, was a soldier with the Union Army.

JOSEPH was very much a business man and he kept detailed written and document records of his farming activities. He was a devoted and successful farmer and he loved the land. He carefully planned the layout of the fields for the various crops and did precise accounting of the income and expenses. He worked hard and provided very wEll for his family. Along with farming duties he also served as the executor of the HAWEY estate and the estate of his father, GEORGE HOHMANN.

The Children of Joseph and Mary Hohmann

Son, JOHANN GEORGE married MARY ANN ESTEP of St. Joseph' Settlement and they lived at and reared their six children at the Newdale farm.

Son, WILLIAM EDWARD married MARGARET PENDEGRAST of Littleton, West Virginia and moved to and reared their three children at Rockville, Maryland.

Daughter, CLARA CATHERINE, married LEE WAYMAN of St. Joseph's Settlement and they moved to and reared their six children at Akron, Ohio.

Son, LAWRENCE married ROSE DOTY and they moved to and reared their two children at Ronake, Virginia and Pennsylvania. LAWRENCE ANTHONY was the only member of the family who obtained a college education and he worked as a CPA in government service.

Son, CLEMENCE JOSEPH married HILDA MONTGOMERY and they lived and reared their six children at the St. Joseph's Settlement farm.

Son, LOUIS FRANCIS married MARIE _____________? . They moved to and reared their son at Hundred, West Virginia.

JOSEPH HOHMANN and MARY ANN (HAWKEY) HOHMANN are both buried at the St. Joseph's Church. They have the most visable tombstone at the entrance to the cemetery. MARY died in 1942 three days before her 78th birthday and JOSEPH died at age 92 in 1952.

Written by Isabelle (Hohmann) Parikh, Joseph and Mary Hohmann were my Grandparents.