Will of John May

Submitted by Joyce Post.

Will Book 2, pg. 267 & 268, 1886

John May's Will

I, John May of Meade District Marshall County West Virginia farmer being
of sound mind make this my last will this tenth day of January Eighteen
Hundred and Eighty five = I give devise and bequeath my estate personal
and real as follows that is to say =  To my beloved wife Elizabeth I
give all my stock horses, cows sheep and hogs to have and hold & possess
during her natural life and at her death to go to my son John G. May.
To my son Levi I give three hundred dollars.  To my daughter Margaret
Utter I give three hundred dollars.  To my grandson Joseph H. Richmond
I give three hundred dollars to be to my son, daughter, and grand son
above named as follows, that is to say, one hundred dollars to each
within one year of my decease, one hundred dollars to each within two
years of my decease, and one hundred dollars to each within three years
of my decease.  Making in all three hundred dollars to each.  All my real
estate I give to my son John G. to have and to hold so long as he keeps
my wife Elizabeth (his mother) in comfort and supports and cares for her,
but if from any cause she should be neglected or well cared for, then she
is to take one third of my said real estate into her possession to have
and to hold during her life time.  But at her decease it shall revert back
to my son John G. or to his children if he should not then be living.  I
appoint S. R. Hanen of Meade District Marshall Co WVa my Executor of this
my will in  the fourth line from the bottom of the page opposite the word
"not" was interlined before signing this instrument.
								John May    (seal)

The said John May at his home in Meade District and on the said 10th day
of January 1885 signed and sealed this instrument and published and declare
the same ____ and for his last will.  And we at his request and in his
presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto written our names
as Subscribing witnesses.
								Witnesses ) J. A. Chambers
								   )  S. F. Chambers

West Virginia Marshall County Court December 14th 1886.

A paper writing bearing date on the 10th day of January 1885 purporting
to be the last will and testament of John May late of this county decd
was this day fully proved in open Court by the oaths of J. A. Chambers
and S. F. Chambers the subscribing witnesses thereto & is ordered to be
recorded & leave is given S. R. Hanen the Executor therein named to some
future day to qualify and give ___as such.
							A copy  Teste
							Thos Finn
							County Court