Will of John Oscar McMillan

Submitted by Robert McHenry.

I, John Oscar McMillan, of Webster District, Marshall County, West Virginia, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make, publish and declare this my last will and testament, hereby revoking any and all former wills by me at any time heretofore made; in manner following, that is to say:

First. I direct that all my debts and funeral expenses be paid by my executors hereinafter named, as soon after my decease as conveniently may be done.

Second. I give, devise and bequeath unto my children, C. G. McMillan, L. C. McMillan, Loud V. McMillan Kinney, C. A. McMillan and Ila McMillan Alexander, each the sum of Five hundred dollars (500.00) to be paid to each of them in money, or notes secured by a deed of trust.

Third. In as much as my said son, C.G. McMillan owes me the sum of Six hundred dollars ($600.00), with interest thereon from 1904, I further will and direct that if the said sum and interest be not paid to me before my death, that the same shall be collected by my executors, less the Five hundred dollars ($500.00) hereinbefore bequeathed to said C.G. McMillan, and divided equally among the said C.G. McMillan, L.C. McMillan., Loud V. McMillan Kinney, C.A. McMillan and Ila McMillan Alexander.

Fourth. I give, devise and bequeath unto my wife, Jennie S. McMillan, and to my daughters, Elua McMillan, Elizabeth McMillan Berch, Fern McMillan and Grace McMillan, all my real estate, (subject to the dower of their mother, the said Jennie S. McMillan, so long as she remains my widow), and I further will and direct that my said real estate shall be kept intact as a home for said four daughters and their said mother, if she remain unmarried, so long as my said wife shall live. Should my said four daughters last above named all marry and leave said homestead during the life of their said mother, I further will and direct that my said executors shall rent the said real estate upon the best possible terms and after paying the taxes thereon annually, pay the remainder of the said rent to the said Eula McMillan, Elizabeth McMillan Berch, Fern McMillan and Grace McMillan, upon the said condition that they, or one of them, shall furnish the said Jennie McMillan a home.

Fifth. I hereby nominate, constitute and appoint my said sons C.A. McMillan and L.C. McMillan executors of this my last will and testament.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 22nd day of October, A.D. 1925.

John Oscar McMillan (SEAL.)