Photos Found In Log Cabin

Submitted by Marvin Byard.

     These pictures were found in a log cabin on a farm near the intersection of Fork Ridge and a road going to Glen Easton. The farm was owned by Raymond Allen and Eula Mae Allen at one time. The farm was later owned by Samuel Henry, who sold it to the current owners. Other farms in the area have belonged to Gumps, Mellons and Hobbs. The cabin has been built around with siding now and is used as a storage building on the farm.

Please contact Marvin Byard ( if you are related to anyone in the photos.

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  • This message was received from Sharon Jones:

    I saw the photo on this page and fell in love with it. I thought it would be fun to see what I could come up with. I had some success. My guess is that it was taken sometime before 1930 probably about 1925. It appears to be a school photo, possibly the Dixon School on Dixon Ridge Road. Number 8 on the list of Liberty District Schools. The children can be found on either the 1920 and/or 1930 census.

    The 1920 census of Liberty District, North Division shows:

    Floyd Strawn son of Ray & Halcie Strawn- probably the following Floyd Strawn found living near Blakes & Chambers on Goshom Ridge Rd in Liberty District, North Division in 1920 (Ray & Halcie Strawn are buried in the Highland Cemetery near Cameron)
    pg 4B line 70 74/77 Strawn, Ray 29 mar
    Halcie wife 28 mar
    Floyd son 4 1/12 S

    Ada Richmond daughter of John & Ola M Richmond- probably the following Ada Richmond found living near Blakes, Sampsons & Logsdons on Cameron Ridge Rd in Liberty District, North Division in 1920.
    pg 1A line 43 17/17 Richmond, John 20 mar
    Ola M wife 23 mar
    Ada S dau 2 11/12 S
    Wiley C son 1 1/12 S

    Floyd & Ada are a little too young to be attending school so the photo must have been taken a little later than 1920.

    The 1930 census of Liberty District, Marshall County, WV, page 225B & 226A shows most of the families in this list. The families on page 225B lived on either Fish Creek or Dixon Ridge. The families on page 226A lived on Dixon Ridge. The following children appear on these two pages:

    Joe & Letta Logsdon - children of James William & Delia Logsdon (JW & Adelia M are buried in Nauvoo Ridge Cemetery)
    pg 225B line 55 88/92 Logsdon, William 61 mar age 21
    Delia M wife 49 mar age 20
    James E son 22 S
    Lettie C dau 15 S
    Joseph A son 12 S
    Roxie M dau 9 S
    Flossie dau 7 S

    Ada, Mabel & Myre (Merle) Sampson - children of Walter & Emma Sampson (Walter & Emma Sampson are buried in the Highland Cemetery near Cameron)
    pg 225B line 70 91/95 Sampson, Walter 38 mar age 20
    Emma wife 46 mar age 26
    Mabel dau 17 S
    Ada dau 15 S
    Merle son 10 S
    Helen dau 8 S
    Carl son 6 S
    Harold son 3 9/12 S

    Kenneth - probably Briggs see below

    J - probably Briggs see below

    Sybil & Crystal Briggs, daughter of Tolbert Glenn & Allie M Briggs (Tolbert Glenn & Allie Briggs are buried in the Highland Cemetery near Cameron)
    pg 226A line 1 96/100 Briggs, Glenn 48 mar age 23
    Allie wife 42 mar age 17
    Kenneth son 16 S
    Crystal dau 14 S
    J son 11 S
    Sybil dau 9 S
    Ruth dau 5 S

    Alley & George Blake, children of Benton & Laura May Blake (Benton & Laura Mae Blake are buried in the Highland Cemetery near Cameron)
    pg 226A line 9 96a/101 Blake, Benton 45 mar age 31
    May wife 31 mar age 18
    George son 13 S
    Allie dau 11 S
    Betty dau 3 1/12 S

    Floyd Chambers - son of Elmer & Georgia Chambers (Elmer Chamers is buried in the Highland Cemetery near Cameron)
    pg 226A line 20 98/103 Parson, Nicholas M 59 mar age 22
    Rhoda A wife 60 mar age 23
    Chambers, Elmer son-in-law 34 mag age 19
    Georgia dau 33 mar age 18
    Floyd P grandson 13 S

    1930 census of Meade District I found a Roy Williams, married with an infant daughter who could be the Roy Williams in this photo.
    pg 245A line 45 183/183 Roy Williams 19 mar age 18
    Ollie wife 21 mar age 20
    Mary E dau 6/12 S

    The children on the 1930 census are a little older than the ones in the photo, so the photo must have been taken before 1930. I would guess that the children are about 7-10 years of age in the photo with the the eldest boy being about 13 or 14 & the eldest girl being about 12 or13. From the list above, that would probably be Roy Williams & Mabel Sampson. So if Roy is 19 & Mabel is 17 in 1930, subtract about 5 years and I would estimate the date of this photo to about 1925-1927.

    From Shelda Briggs (, 10 Apr 2008

    My husband is related to the "Briggs" kids posted on the

    The tall boy on the first left back position is Kenneth Briggs born in 1913. The tall girl 2nd person on the right, back row, in the dark clothing & dark hair behind the boy with the white shirt with the dark jacket ( that is Floyd Chambers) with her right cheek towards the camera is Crystal Briggs born in 1915. I think that Sybil Briggs (born 1920) is the girl -2nd to the left, back row, with the face that is obstructed. Finally, the first boy on the left in the front row is J ("Jay") Loyal Briggs (born in 1919). These Briggs kids are my husband's Great Aunts and Uncles. Uncle Jay is the only living sibling and he still resides in Cameron, WV. Of note these Briggs kids were the children of Talbert (note the spelling) Glendon Briggs and Allie Myrtle Dobbs Briggs. [Update: "Jay" died February 26, 2010.]