McCreary Cemetery Deed, 1853

Submitted by Joseph Frey.

This is a copy of the original deed for the McCreary Cemetery.
Filed by Thomas McCreary in Marshall County Court House, June 24, 1853
Deed Book 8 Pages 470-471

This indenture made this 14th day of October Eighteen Hundred and Fifty two, between me,Thomas McCreary,of the County of Marshall and State of Virginia of the one part, and Alexander Caldwell, Thomas Coffelt, and John T. McCreary(as Trustees) of the other part, and these successers forever as a placeof deposit for the dead, Witnessth, that the said Thomas McCreary for any consideration of Five Dollars to him in hand paid the receipt whereof doth hereby acknowledges both bargains and sold and by these presents doth confirm and convey to the said second, a certain lot of ground lying and being in Marshall County and State of Virginia on Big Wheeling Creek containing one acre and bordered as follows,Begin-ning at a stake in William McCreary line and with said line, South 19 1/4 West8 1/2 poles to a stone in the road thence North 73 1/2 West 14 poles to a white oak stump, thence North 19 1/4 East 12 poles to a stone, thence South 73 1/2 East 11 poles to the beginnings, which lot of land with the appurtances thereto belonging or in anywise apportaining to the said trustees and and their successors the said Thomas McCreary, his heirs and assigns doth convenant to and with the said trustees that the said with the appurtances thereto belonging and from his heirs and assigns any other person or persons whatever claiming or hereafter to claim right-title or claim thereto will warrant and forever defend . In testimony whereof the said Thomas McCreary has subscribed his name and affixed his seal the day and year above wriiten.

Thomas McCreary

Virginia Clerks Office, Marshall County Court, June the 24th 1853

This deed from Thomas McCreary to Alexander Caldwell, Thomas Coffelt and John T. McCreary(trustees) and their successors was this day received in my office for record and being duly acknowledged before me by the said Thomas McCreary, the said deed is thereupon admitted.

Jackman Cooper, Clerk