Transcribed by NANCY REYNOLDS from

The Daily Jeffersonian

Cambridge, Guernsey CO., OH.



June 10, 1895.




   Wheeling,  June 10.--The town of Cameron, W.Va. a place of 1,500 people on the Baltimore and Ohio road  28 miles east of Wheeling, was almost entirely destroyed by fire last night and the homeless people camped on the hills that surround the ruins.

   Many of the inhabitants have lost all they possessed and are entirely destitute. The loss will probably reach $100,000.





   Wheeling,  June 10. --The special Baltimore and Ohio train carrying the Wheeling fire engine and hose reel to the relief of the burning town of Camden, jumped the track near Rosby's Rock and went down a 50-foot embankment.  Engineer Pat DUFFY of Wheeling is in the fire under the wreck and is undoubtedly dead.  Several others were injured.  The fire engine and hose reel was ruined.



April 9, 1895.




Between Local Butchers and The Provision Dealers


   Wheeling, July 20, 1895.  A merry triangular war is on in this city, resulting from the adoption by the local retail butchers of a resolution boycotting the wholesale provision dealers because of their refusal to discontinue the sale of fresh meats to retail grocers.  The local concerns and respresentatives of the western pork packing establishments have combined upon retaliatory measures. They will open retail stores in every ward in the city, and have already cut prices 40 per cent.  Their stalls in the markets are monopalising the business, and many persons are coming from Bellaire and Bridgeport to reap the benefit of the competition.  The retail butchers announced that they will meet the wholesalers' prices in which event there will be another cut.





And Others Badly Injured in the Collapse of a Building in Wheeling


   Wheeling,  W. VA.,  April 9 (Special)--A four story brick building collapsed this morning at 8 o'clock in Wheeling and a number of people were buried in the ruins.  The building was located on the corner of Main street and the alley which runs up from the Stamm House.  The building was an old one and had been but two stories high until recently when it had been repaired and two stories added.  It covers 60 feet frontage and was occupied by T. T. Hutchisson's large wholesale saddlery and hardware store.


Additional Details


   Wheeling,  April 9, ---T. Hutchisson's big brick 4-story wholesale hardware building on Main street, collapsed in the morning about 8:30 o'clock, carrying with it W. H. Chapman & Sons and A. L. Rice & Company's building on each side.  Six persons in the Hutchisson building were killed being carried down in the ruins and Rev. F. H. PARK, a prominent clergyman, who was going up the alley at the side of the building at the time was also buried in the ruins.  The buildings adjoining caught fire, but at 10:30 o'clock the flames are being gotten under control.  One hundred men are hard at work rescuing the victims and a thousand people are gathered at the scene. Relatives of those lost are numerous and many heartrending scenes are witnessed.  The money loss will reach $200,000.  The greatest excitement prevails.



April 10, 1895




   Wheeling, W. VA.,  April 10 ---At 4:30 o'clock in the morning the men cleared away the debris of the Chapman and Hutchisson building found the body of Harry COWL, the Western Union messenger boy in alley 9.  The body was found in a standing position with his arms raised above his head as though to defend himself from the falling debris.  The body was badly crushed and almost unrecognizable.  The remains were taken to Friends undertaking rooms to be prepared for burial.  He was with a sister, the only support of a widowed mother.  This makes three bodies removed from the ruins and three still in the ruins.

   At 10 o'clock at night the list of the dead and missing was as follows:  Father F. H. PARKE  vicar general of West Virginia diocese and chaplain of Mt. De Chantel, the Catholic seminary here;  Benjamin PRITCHARD, carriage builder of Buckhannon, W.VA.; Robert WINCHER , employe of Hutchisson & Co; Eugene BIRCH , employe of Hutchissson & Co; Michael HORAN, employe of Hutchisson & Co.; Harry COWL, Western Union messenger boy.

   The injured are: T. T. HUTCHISSON, senior member of the hardware and saddlery house of Hutchisson & Co., two ribs broken and head cut, will recover;  M. J. FORD, employe of Hutchisson & Co., slightly bruised and cut;  O. F. WILLIAMS, carpenter, head cut and severely bruised about body; G. W. CLIFTON, capenter, head cut.  All the above will recover.

   William H. CHAPMAN and Elmer F. CHAPMAN, proprieters of Chapman & Sons, Frank HALLER and Adam BLUM  of Hutchissons escaped comparatively uninjured.