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Apr 24, 1999 20:04

NAME: Mark A. Cunningham

E-MAIL: macesq2@aol.com


COMMENTS: Looking for information on Samuel Boston WILHELM from Baltimore, Md. area and Sadie HIPSLEY, his wife, in Cameron.

Apr 25, 1999 12:56

NAME: Gayle Hilderbrand
LOCATION: RR# 4 Box 179-Salem, MO 65560

E-MAIL: webbermom@hotmail.com


COMMENTS: Need info on Margaret CONKLE, married william WARD lived in Moundsville, WV when daughter Elizabeth was born abt. 1819. Elizabeth married Simeon ARNETT in Moundsville, they are in the 1850 censes. THanks, Gayle

Apr 26, 1999 03:51

NAME: Nancy Edwards
LOCATION: Murrayville, GA

E-MAIL: nsedwards@mindspring.com


COMMENTS: Hello, Am researching Samuel B. SMITH(my great grandfa)b.February 1840 in Ohio - Union Soldier in Civil War - m. Margaret (Schutt/Schute/Schutz) - their children: Nora, Margaret, Elizabeth, Edward, Charles, Alvin & Mary Ethel - Samuel on the Marshall Co 1860 Census Index living at home with father Joseph & on the 1870 U.S. Census in Marshall Co with wife & first 3 children. Any info greatly appreciated. Nancy Edwards

Apr 26, 1999 15:27

NAME: Sharon Smith & Paula Chodacki
LOCATION: Michigan

E-MAIL: buckskin@ees.eesc.com


COMMENTS: Seeking info on a David HARTSOCK. We have a copy of an 1876 Caldwell's Atlas which lists David and his son Solomon as residents and farmers in Dallas, WVA for 1876. David was married to a Susan COOK.. They also may have lived in Washington Cty. PA as David's father Henry HARTSOCK owned a farm in E. Bethlehem Twp until his death in 1812 when the farm was left to his children. Any info on David or his son Solomon or any of his other children would be appreciated. David would have been 79 years old in 1876 which is when I found him listed in the Atlas.

Apr 27, 1999 11:51

NAME: Sharon Smith & Paula Chodacki
LOCATION: Michigan

E-MAIL: buckskin@ees.eesc.com


COMMENTS: Seeking info on the DAVID HARTSOCK & SOLOMON HERTZOG families. David was Solomon's father. We found them listed in a Caldwell;s Atlas for 1876 as living in Dallas, WVA Solomon was farming and raising sheep. Would apprecitate any info David was our G-G-G-grandfather. David was married to a Mary COOK and any help on her family would be helpful also.

May 2, 1999 15:44

NAME: Mark A. Cunningham
LOCATION: Cameron, West Virginia

E-MAIL: macesq1@aol.com


COMMENTS: Looking for information on Samuel Boston Wilhelm who came from Baltimore, Md. area to Cameron and married Sadie Hipsley.

May 13, 1999 21:20

NAME: Jo Ellen Dalton
LOCATION: Washington, PA

E-MAIL: tjdalton@sgi.net


COMMENTS: Looking for Jacquline M. Smith who posted a 1998 query seeking info on the ASTON Family from Marshall Co: Charles "Crane" ASTON & his wife ConsalDella MCGARY.

May 13, 1999 23:03

NAME: Barb
LOCATION: Marshall County

E-MAIL: rpatt25@1st.net


COMMENTS: Looking for my family roots of the Lucas and the Moore family of Sand Hill. James & Julia A. Lucas-Isaiah & Eliza Lucas-Julia A. & Alexander Lucas and Lewis Edward Moore

May 14, 1999 01:15

NAME: Barb
LOCATION: Marshall Co.

E-MAIL: rpatt25@1st.net


COMMENTS: Family roots - Lewis Edward Moore (M) Ida MAE Lucas MOORE in 1886 both are from Sand Hill,Want to find Lewis family - any info will be welcome,have nothing on Lewis E. MOORE side

May 14, 1999 09:58

NAME: Patricia Murphy DiNarda
LOCATION: North Canton, Ohio

E-MAIL: DiNarda-DV@prodigy.net


COMMENTS: surnames: Murphy,Six,Gump, Byard, Hughes, Rogers, Fitzgerald.
Researching information on the following:
1. William Henry Gump b.1835 d.Aft. 1906.
He married (1) Elizabeth Jane Six, daughter of Henry Six and Rachel Byard. He married (1)and(2) ???.
*Maggie Iona b.July 27, 1869 in Greene County, Pa. d.Dec. 23, 1963 in Littleton Wetzel Co., W. Va..
* Slater L.b.1871 d.Aug.19, 1917. married Bell Foster.
* Della Elizabeth G b1872 dNov.20,1967
* Alexander
b. Mar.4,1875
d.Nov.30, 1949
* Benson b.1878; d.1948
* Annabell Gump
b.June 18, 1879
d.Oct. 17, 1970
* Henry Gump,
b. 1887; d.1920
* Harry Edward b.1889 d.Jan.1963
* Goldie b. 1895; d. 1912.

May 16, 1999 18:00


E-MAIL: murel@juno.com


COMMENTS: I'm looking for information regarding (Samuel T. Burge) my grandfather & (Lindsey Burge) greatgrandfather. My grandfather was born in Washington, PA. 8/10/1905 to Eva Morris & Lindsey Burge. He died 7/5/66 in Marshall Co. Eva Morris remarried to a Mr. Rhome and later had another son named Woodrow Rhome of Moundsville. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

May 22, 1999 18:29

NAME: Barb Patterson
LOCATION: Marshall Co.

E-MAIL: rpatt25@1st.net


COMMENTS: looking for PORTER family of ohio co.-marshall co.-ohio.-pitts.

May 29, 1999 00:08

NAME: A.Whipkey-Yoder

E-MAIL: Yoder@hgo.net


COMMENTS: Am looking for Edward and Caroline Strait-Whipkey born around 1870 and lived in Woodruff in Marshall Co. near the Pennsylvania line. They died of TB and their children had to be seperated. One known relative that some children lived with was Jess and May Strait. Any info. on these names would be greatly appreciated!!

May 29, 1999 21:07

LOCATION: Marshall Co.

E-MAIL: hambill@cyberhighway.net


COMMENTS: Searching for any information on Henry Hamilton who lived in Marshall Co. during the mid 1800's.

May 30, 1999 16:37

NAME: Connie Taylor

E-MAIL: taylor@in-motion.net

HOME PAGE: http://www.angelfire.com/in/cjt

COMMENTS: Can anyone tell me where the Kenner Pipes Post 17 is? What is it, and where can I find information. I have a Kenner Pipes in my family history who died in the Civil War. He was from Tyler County. Thanks

May 30, 1999 23:19

NAME: Linda Clark Ross
LOCATION: Akron, Ohio

E-MAIL: rwross11@worldnet.att.net


COMMENTS: Crow, Ruckman.. Henry Crow Sr b,1781 M.D. married Sarah Moore b,1795 M.D. moved to Washinggton Co, Pa. and than to Marshall Co, W.Va. Thier son Henry Crow Jr b,1833 Pa, married, Hannah Ruckman b,1838. They got married May 22,1854 in Greene Co, Pa. (Hannah was a Blackfoot Indian Squaw) They had 10 children, Rhoda J Crow 1857 married Joseph White. Angaline Crow 1858 married Joseph Siburt. John R Crow 1863 married Martha Siburt. (My GGrandmother) Sarah Percilla Crow 1864 married John Vincent Clark.(They lived around Cameron, Fish Crek, Browman Ridge). Margaret Crow 1867 James Siburt. William Crow 1868 married ??. Susan Crow 1871 married Mr Workman. Hannah Florence Crow 1872 married Edward Powell. Amanda Crow 1875 married Mr Workman. Blanche Crow 1877 married ??. Is there anyone out there, that can help me with my family, or Families, from above on my list. Thanks, Linda

Jun 4, 1999 07:31

NAME: Daniel Else
LOCATION: Reston, Virginia

E-MAIL: dheplsc@gwu.edu


COMMENTS: LOOKUP request for BONAVITACOLA, Filippo, 1886-1903. Believe came to WV (Marshall Co.?), probably ran boarding house in Italian community, probably died here. Request death notice, cemetary lookup. Many thanks.

Jun 13, 1999 13:37

NAME: Marguerite Howard

E-MAIL: Peg6239@aol.com


COMMENTS: I was just given some old family photos, and among them there is one of a Mr. Spencer and Dora Dobbs, Nauvoo Ridge. Also one of John Williams of Shadyside, Ohio; who was a cousin of my grandfather, Pete Morris. If you have either Spencer Clark or John Williams in your family tree, contact me for copies.

Jun 13, 1999 16:21

NAME: Patricia Green
LOCATION: Alba, Texas

E-MAIL: greenrp@peoplescom.net


COMMENTS: I am searching for any old photographs of Joshua COVALT or any of the COVALT's that lived in Marshall County, Virginia / West Virginia. Joshua was born in Marshall County in 1839: the son of Robert and Sarah Catherine COVALT. If you have a picture can you please scan it and send me a copy. Thank you for your help. Patricia Green

Jun 13, 1999 19:32

NAME: Diana J. Scyoc
LOCATION: East Liverpool, Ohio

E-MAIL: djscyoc@raex.com


COMMENTS: Hello, I seen that there were alot of COULTER's on here. I am looking for information on John COULTER he married Jane ? (b: abt 1806 in Virginia) They had at least 7 children. Sabina b. abt 1840 in PA or IL she married Robert DOUGLAS. She d: 27 Sept 1888 in Hanock Co, WV./ Mary J. COULTER b: abt 1826/ H.L. COULTER b: abt 1829/ J.C. COULTER b: abt 1831/ Wm S. COULTER b: 1834/ Rebecca COULTER b: abt 1838/ M.A. COULTER b: 1842. This is all that I know about the COULTER's. This came from a cousin. Thank you for your time!

Jun 18, 1999 22:55

NAME: Bernice Andrews

E-MAIL: bandrews@sgi.net


COMMENTS: Looking for info on gr.grandfather, Thomas McGARY. Spouse Sarah Grim, dau. of David and Anna Grim. Thomas and Sarah raised 11 children in Cameron, Marshall Co., WV area. When Thomas died in 1905, Sarah moved with 3 youngest children to Washington, PA. Need help locating names of Thomas' parents, where born, siblings, etc. Same info on Sarah.

Jun 21, 1999 22:26

NAME: Casey Wright
LOCATION: Lisbon Ohio

E-MAIL: cwright@valunet.com


COMMENTS: Searching for information on SARAH V. (SADIE) KOONTZ, born Ohio County WV 1872 and married JACOB KOONTZ. They livd in Marshall County, WV.

Jun 27, 1999 19:26

NAME: Sylvia Sligar

E-MAIL: ssligar@worldnet.att.net


COMMENTS: James Murphy Ohio Co 1830/Marshall Co 1840 I have found a James Murphy, , 40-50, living next to sister Mary Murphy Briggs and her husband Isaac in the 1840 Marshall Co, WV census. Unfortunately the information I have is that James died in 1829, but the coincidence of another James of the correct age living next door is most strange. James Murphy is also listed in the 1830 Ohio Co, WV census as are b-i-l Isaac Briggs and sister Mary . Unfortunately this census is listed alphabetically so I have no idea of the proximity of the two families. Is anyone researching the Murphy and Briggs family who would like to compare notes and information?

Jun 30, 1999 19:37

NAME: Dan Craycraft

E-MAIL: danteonline@msn.com


COMMENTS: CRAYCRAFT I am searching all spellings of surname Craycraft: Cracroft, Cracraft, Crecroft, Crecraft,Creacraft,Craycroft, Craycraft other related surnames: Bowell, Atkinson,

Jul 4, 1999 10:17

NAME: Jeffrey S. Hawkins
LOCATION: Maryland

E-MAIL: kph@filetek.com


COMMENTS: Searching for any info. on BORING, WILSON, ZANE, SALTER, FLETCHER, COE, MURPHY families. All these families are in Marshall and Ohio counties. Have info. to share. Thank You Jeffrey S. Hawkins

Jul 4, 1999 15:38

NAME: S. Clayton
LOCATION: Marshall County, WV

E-MAIL: Tootie@ovis.net


COMMENTS: DIXON SCHOOL - Does anyone have any additional information on this school that was on Dixon Ridge in Marshall County, other than what can be found on this web site? I would appreciate anything at all. When it was built or closed, names of students, etc. Thank You.

Jul 5, 1999 23:47

NAME: J. Broomhall

E-MAIL: Joyce1550@webtv.net


COMMENTS: Looking for info on the Crow family in Marshall County- John Wesley Crow (b.1843) married to Jane Conner. Father's name Samuel / Mother's name is listed as Hannah. Any info would be appreciated. Send to: Joyce1550@webtv.net

Jul 6, 1999 17:15

NAME: Mead-Caton
LOCATION: Marshall Co. W.Va. Union District

E-MAIL: vkelly@mindspring.com


COMMENTS: I am searching for L. Mary Mead and Margaret Caton Mead the mother of Mary. In the 1880 census Mary was age 6, born in 1874 in Ohio Co. W, Va. Her father was George W. Mead who married Margaret Caton on July 29, 1872 in Ohio, W. Va.. He died before 1880 since Margaret and Mary were living with Patrick Caton, the father of Margaret. Does anyone know if Margaret married again and to whom and who did Mary marry and when. I know much about Margaret's ancestors but nothing about this family after 1880 in Marshall Co. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you think you have these persons in your ancestry please let me know, perhaps we can help one another Thanks, Virginia W. Kelly vkelly@mindspring.com

Jul 8, 1999 15:20

NAME: Mary Kelsh

E-MAIL: marykelsh@hotmail.com


COMMENTS: My greataunt, Mary A. McCormick Sharer is buried in St. Martin's Cemetery, Cameron, WV with her husband Francis Sharer. She died in 1922 and he died in 1928. She had a sister, Margaret McCormick, who is not buried in St. Martin's Cemetery. Do not know when she died. Any information about when they arrived in Cameron, WV would be appreciated. Her sister Jane McCormick LeStrange died in 1920 in Olean, NY. I believe they all were born in PA. Thank you. Mary Kelsh

Jul 9, 1999 19:32

NAME: Diane Demore

E-MAIL: MedNJGal@aol.com


COMMENTS: Would appreciate info from 1900 Census, Cameron District, or may be Liberty, on George EVANS and wife Elizabeth.

Jul 10, 1999 16:23

NAME: Patsy Bee

E-MAIL: pjbee@alpha.wvup.wvnet.edu

HOME PAGE: www.wvnet.edu/~pke01619

COMMENTS: I am reseaching information on Robert HENRY who was married to Susan THOBURN and lived in Marshall County around 1850. I believe they came to Marshall County from Belmont County, Ohio.

Jul 11, 1999 23:12

NAME: Nathan Oliver Roseberry

E-MAIL: sstep58196@aol.com


COMMENTS: I am looking for an Oliver Roseberry, born around 1850 to 1860 in W.Va. He married Sally Hood in Hancock County around 1875. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Jul 20, 1999 16:24

LOCATION: South Carolina

E-MAIL: nkuba@sccoast.net


COMMENTS: I am searching for the family members of JOHN STEWART who was on the 1840 census of Marshall CO. I have the 1850 info but have a discrepency with my data. Was there a daughter Nancy? She would have been about 15 yrs old.

Jul 20, 1999 22:54


E-MAIL: elwz85a@prodigy.com


COMMENTS: Rachel Stuckey buried at Sand Hill Cem. abt 1930's but no headstone, only family word verification. Can anyone help me find real proof of death date? died in Viola, Marshall Co., WV at home.

Jan 10, 1998 21:18

NAME: Gail Meeks

E-MAIL: Red_Morningstar@hotmail.com


COMMENTS: I am trying to put together a family book on the McGlumphy/Poland lines. All Mcglumphy's are related. We had only one common ancester. John McGlumphy from Ireland, he came to the USA with his two sons, John Jr & Edward, he remarried to Mary "Molly" Pees. They raised the children, they had Nicholas, Triplets, Andrew, Hugh, and William, and Samuel; John Jr married Lydia SMITH in 1794 Greene Co PA;Edward married Margaret HAINES abt. 1807 in Greene Co PA;Nicholas Unknown if he married;Andrew Unknown who he married abt. 1810; Hugh married Sarah J. CUTTER abt. 1814;William married Mary Ann VERNON abt. 1813; Samuel married Nancy ALLEN abt 1820 Greene Co PA;Cavalier Poland Married 2 Oct 1805 to Susannah Jacobs they are both buried in Greene Co PA; their children: William Chess b. 1807 married Elizabeth McGlumphy; Samuel Warren b. 1808 married Kesiah McGlumphy; Emilene b. 1811, married Jacob Nelson; Nancy b. 1812 married Jacob Funk; John W. b. 1813 married Mary; Elizabeth b. 1815 married Dr. John Loar Funk; Cavalier H. b. 1818, married Mary I More; Sarah, b. 1819 never married; Daniel b. 1821 married Nancy; Maxwell b. 1823 married Elizabeth. Please if any one knows anything about this family line contact me.

Jan 10, 1998 21:20

NAME: Larry Conner

E-MAIL: lconner@email.msn.com


COMMENTS: I am trying to find ANY information on Theodore Simpson CONNER the son of Joseph and Nancy Jane (MCCULLOUGH) CONNER. I believe Joseph was born in Wetzel County May 21, 1829 and Nancy was born in Marshall County c. 1830. My information gives their marriage as August 13, 1860 in Wetzel County, WV.

Jan 10, 1998 21:22

NAME: Nathan

E-MAIL: Nathanrd@aol.com


COMMENTS: Spencer BIDDLE m. Sarah PEARCE in 1788 in MD. He bought 800 Ac. On Big Grave Creek on 29 Dec 1799 and moved his family to then Ohio Co., VA. In 1806 part of this land was sold to their sons; Reason, Lloyd, Spencer, and George. Spencer was listed in the Ohio Co. Census in 1830. By 1840 Sarah was listed living in Wheeling. Looking for death dates and burial location for Spencer and Sarah.

Jan 10, 1998 21:23

NAME: Hugh Smith

E-MAIL: grenville@kymtnnet.org


COMMENTS: Looking for the surname Voorhes or any near spelling ie Vorse/Vorce. A Sarah Voorhes m. Charles Smith. Sarah b. abt 1831-32. Married in 1851-52, Woods Co. (W)Va. May have been living in Wetzel Co., WV in 1870. Looking information on any children. Also interested in Sarah's family plus the Smiths.

Jan 10, 1998 21:25

NAME: Mrs. Dean Williams

E-MAIL: awilliams@schoollink.net


COMMENTS: My father is from Moundsville, W.VA., I am seeking information on his family, his parents are Laura and William (Bill) Rhome, he was a constable and she was a homemaker. Their children were (are) Lloyd, Leroy (Skinny), Margaret, Elsie, Frank, George,Jessie, Timmy, and John. Thank you.

Jan 11, 1998 08:15

NAME: J_Alton@compuserve.com

E-MAIL: J_Alton@compuserve.com


COMMENTS: I am looking for any information on the ancestors of George W. Gray B: 1819 Winchester, Va. and his wife Mary Nesmith B: 1825 Winchester,Va. They both are believed to be buried at Sand Hill Cemetery, Marshall Co. after 1880. also need information on their daughter, Martha Gray B: 1861, Ohio Co. and their son George M. Gray B: 1865, Ohio Co.

Jan 16, 1998 08:16

NAME: Donald G. Conner

E-MAIL: deconner@mailexcite.com


COMMENTS: Looking for information on the Earliwine Conner family from Marshal Co. W,VA. Earliwine was born in 1838. he married Louise J. Moore Aug. 20, 1863. Louise was born in 1843. Any information would be appreciated.

Jan 16, 1998 08:38

NAME: Donald G. Conner

E-MAIL: deconner@mailexcite.com


COMMENTS: Looking for information on the Earliwine Conner family from Marshal Co. W,VA. Earliwine was born in 1838.He married Louise J. Moore Aug. 20, 1863. Louise was born in 1843. Any information would be appreciated.

Jan 16, 1998 10:15

NAME: Norma Knotts Shaffer
LOCATION: Grantsville, Calhoun Co., WV

E-MAIL: nspix@access.mountain.net


COMMENTS: Seeking marriage date/place for John PETTIT (1832-1907) and Mary Ann McGARY/McGEARY (1833-1913). Had children: Sarah E. (b. 1850), Silas (b. 1855), Alice (b. 1857), Bashebee (b. 1859), Melissa (b. 1862), Unnamed (b. 1864), McClellan "Cal" (b. 1865), Cora (b. 1867), James W. (b. 1869), Barbara Ellen "Ellie" (b. 1871), Clara B. (b. 1873). Family moved to Calhoun Co. from Marshall Co. about 1890. Part of family remained in Marshall. Family may have come to Marshall Co. from Greene Co., PA. Any help will be appreciated. Will share information.

Jan 18, 1998 10:17

NAME: Pamela Gray
LOCATION: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

E-MAIL: pgray@hfx.andara.com


COMMENTS: According to family legend, some of my relatives were born in Wheeling, WV. They were: STOBBS, Thomas William - born 28 August 1898; STOBBS, Hugh Nevin - born 18 May 1901; STOBBS, Allendale - born 15 June 1906; STOBBS, Melvin Launcelot - born 20 August 1911; and STOBBS, Thelma Elizabeth - born 14 August 1914. Their parents were ?? STOBBS, originally from Allendale, and Elizabeth (born NEVIN, or ROBSON) from Hexham, both in Northumberland, England. My mother (85) last saw these people (her great aunt and cousins) since 1937 and would dearly love to make contact with them and/or their descendants.

Jan 20, 1998 16:08

NAME: Ron Robinson
LOCATION: El Paso, Texas

E-MAIL: rer@flash.net


COMMENTS: I'm researching ALL ROBINSON'S from the Marshall Co. area. If you have any ROBINSON'S, even only one, please let me know so I can sort them all out. THANK YOU

Jan 20, 1998 18:55

NAME: Kay L. Mason

E-MAIL: 73473.270@compuserve.com


COMMENTS: Looking for White House Cemetery. It is where Isaac and Susan Jane Anguish Neely are buried. Thought it was on Bowman Ridge. Thanks!

Jan 26, 1998 14:57

NAME: Ray Wilson
LOCATION: 11643 SW 137th Loop, Dunnellon Florida 34432

E-MAIL: RWilso27@aol.com


COMMENTS: I would like to contact the person that posted the WILSON Query Monday May 19, 20:04 12 1997. I am working Elza Wilson, my gGrandfather. I will share information. RWilso27@aol.com

Jan 26, 1998 15:24

NAME: Ray Wilson
LOCATION: 11643 SW 137th Loop Dunnellon, Florida 34432

E-MAIL: RWilso27@aol.com


COMMENTS: My question is: Can any one obtain records for one room rural schools? I am looking for any kind of records for the old Howard School. The old Howard School is located on Greenfied Ridge near the Wetzel County line. The school is in Marshall County RWilso27@aol.com January 26, 1998 15:19 EST

Jan 26, 1998 21:15

NAME: Joe Jacobs

E-MAIL: J_Alton@compuserve.com


COMMENTS: Any information on George W. Gray, b. 1819 in Winchester, Frederick Co., Va. d.after 1880 in Sand Hill Distict, Marshall Co., W. Va. He married Mary Nesmith 2 Dec. 1841 in Winchester, Va. She was b. 1825 in Winchester, Va. and d. after 1880 in Sand Hill, Marshall Co., W. Va. Thank you.

Jan 27, 1998 19:30

NAME: Martha Crozier Johnson
LOCATION: Athens County, Ohio

E-MAIL: ab775@seorf.ohiou.edu


COMMENTS: Seeking information on George McCorkle, b.1834 and Mariah McMillan b.1850 1880 census of Marshall county lists children William, Edward,Harry,Elbert (who went out West) George,Eria, and Marshall G (my grandfather) Mariah called herself "Tish".

Jan 27, 1998 21:20

NAME: lorie kraus
LOCATION: 6802-B snow rd. Fort Sill Oklahoma 73503

E-MAIL: kraus@ionet.net


COMMENTS: > I am looking for the family of JOHN POTTER and RACHEL SUPLER. They moved from Washinton Co. PA in the early 1800s. Their children were Pardon, Warren, Amanda, and Eveline, who married JOHN LAIRD.

Jan 28, 1998 21:33

NAME: Charie McMasters
LOCATION: Beach Haven, NJ

E-MAIL: C.McMasters@prodigy.net


COMMENTS: I'm looking for some help with my Gr Grandparents, Milton D and Mary J McMasters.I've found thier names listed in the GreenLawn Cemetary.Milton Died in 1926, and Mary passed away in 1930. How do I go about finding thier obituaries? Any help would be appreciated. Charlie

Jan 29, 1998 00:23

NAME: Terry A Harris

E-MAIL: taharris@midusa.net


COMMENTS: Looking for Hartzell family....corrected e-mail address

Feb 5, 1998 18:22

NAME: Sandra Lewis

E-MAIL: SLewis918@aol.com


COMMENTS: Sophronia Samantha SIEVERT, b. 1863, m. bef. 1884 to John Wesley CHAMBERS, b. 1856. Lived in Cameron & had 11 children. Any SIEVERT or CHAMBERS information on my greatgrandparents or their possible families are appreciated. Thank you, Sandy Lewis

Feb 5, 1998 18:43

NAME: Sandra Lewis

E-MAIL: SLewis918@aol.com


COMMENTS: DuBOIS, Lila. She was living in Moundsville, WV in 1920. Does anyone recognize this name? Thank you, Sandy Lewis

Feb 8, 1998 04:37

NAME: Cyndi Porter

E-MAIL: cdjporter@prodigy.net


COMMENTS: I am looking for information on Thomas Brown (B. CA 1815 in PA). He was married to Ruth Bills (B. 1815 in PA) in Marshall Co. in 1835. Their children who were all born in Marshall Co. included: William, Susan, John S., Joseph B., Martha, Emeline, Thomas J., Elizabeth, Cassandea Ruth, and James L. Brown. I am not sure how long before or after they were married they resided in Marshall Co. I believe they were there until 1860. Any information would be a great help. Thank you!

Feb 9, 1998 15:11

NAME: Ray Wilson

E-MAIL: RWilso27@aol (Ray Wilson)


COMMENTS: A posting June 5th 1997 inquired about a DAVID CAIN. David i on my family tree, His father is John Cain. Looking for the person that posted the Queiry, so I can exchange info RWilso27@aol.com

Feb 10, 1998 16:21

NAME: Jacquline M. Smith

E-MAIL: mmtruck@aubur.net.com


COMMENTS: Looking for info on the Aston Family from Marshall Co. Charles (Crane) Aston and his wife ConsalDella (McGary) Aston. Also any info on the Hopkins family from Marshall Co. James Leroy Hopkins and Hildred (Wood) Hopkins.

Feb 13, 1998 17:38

NAME: Kitty Visnich

E-MAIL: kitty@eohio.net


COMMENTS: Looking for information on the name George or Everet BUMGARDNER. Married two sisters last name WALLACE. Also looking for family of David and Benjamin WALLACE. All where in Marshall Co in late 1890 and 1900's. They are buried in that county also. Would like to find some of the family living as well as deceased. The WALLACE family is my great great grandfathers children. Ben and Antha Rena WALLACE were taken in by a David LEVY when there father and mother passed away. Any help would be appreciated.

Feb 14, 1998 16:44

NAME: Audrey

E-MAIL: AudeeG@aol.com


COMMENTS: Searching for info on gf Clement Therman Givens b/1884 family SAYS Captina. I have located a Captina Creek, Belmont Co. Ohio. Rececived info this am, that there is or was a Captina in Marshall Co. WVa. Thanking you in advance Audrey AudeeG@aol.com

Feb 14, 1998 19:06

NAME: Darrah / Derrow
LOCATION: Marshall County WVA

E-MAIL: KRXGN@webtv.com


COMMENTS: I am seeking any info on the DARRAH / DERROW FAMILIES in Marshall County West Virginia 1800 to now. Especially Henry Darrah married Lucinda Scott on 27 March 1815 in MARSHALL Co and names of their Parents .

Feb 18, 1998 23:19

NAME: Henry Albright
LOCATION: Marshall Co. West Virginia

E-MAIL: p-pdclary@sota-oh.com


COMMENTS: Looking for information on Henry Albright married Elizabeth (?) approximately 1830 MArshall Co., West VA. Would like to know the wife's maiden name, exact marraige date and any other information on this family.

Feb 22, 1998 20:28

NAME: Darlene Sadler
LOCATION: Hamilton, OH

E-MAIL: Dargeo@aol.com


COMMENTS: Looking for info on Almyra Rine m William B Wingrove in 1866

Feb 24, 1998 14:58

NAME: Tom Chuderski
LOCATION: Fort Myers, FL

E-MAIL: thomc@bigfoot.com

HOME PAGE: http://www.geocities.com/heartland/prairie/5121

COMMENTS: Seeking information on DORSEY, Roy Guy. In the Dorsey Family Bible it says Born: 07 Sep 1883, Moundsville, WVa. He married Sarah (Sallie) E. THAXTON on 01 Mar 1903 in Butts County, GA. Would like more information about his parents. Thanks Tom thomc@bigfoot.com Homepage: Family Generations http://www.geocities.com/heartland/prairie/5121

Feb 24, 1998 23:10

NAME: Orum,William Oscar

E-MAIL: master@onr.com


COMMENTS: Seeking geneology help. Family been in Texas since 1880 came from Montgomery Co,.,Alabama at end of Civil War. Family stories indicate from England about 177- but no substantuated evidence. Help is appreciated. So mote it be. Oscar

Feb 25, 1998 14:01

NAME: mccorkle
LOCATION: marshall county

E-MAIL: ab775@seorf.ohiou.edu


COMMENTS: Looking for information on George McCorkle, b 1840s in Marshall County. Does anyone know where Bowman Ridge is? That is where he was born.

Feb 25, 1998 15:26

NAME: Susan Moller

E-MAIL: farmers@willinet.net


COMMENTS: Parentage and/or info about Oscar Fitzellen Dunlap, born April 24, 1825 Monroe Co., OH. Family moved to Moundsville area soon after. Oscar indentured to local printer around 1835. Tenured printer-editor in Peducah, KY 1842. Married Loretta McConney in NY in Dec 1846. Back in Marshall Co. for 1850 census - listed as printer. By 1860 in Kansas.

Feb 26, 1998 22:07

NAME: Ray Howe
LOCATION: Lucasville, Ohio

E-MAIL: rhowe@zoomnet.net


COMMENTS: Looking to tie Adam Howe in to the Littleton/ or Roberts Ridge area in approximately 1800. He married an Elizabeth Freeland probably in Green County. Adam and his children and grandchildren (my great grandfather) spent most of their lives within 20 miles along Fish Creek. Any help would be apprciated.

Feb 28, 1998 00:38

NAME: Audrey L. Althaus
LOCATION: Green Valley, Arizona

E-MAIL: althaus@earthlink.net


COMMENTS: Hi! This is an e-mail address change. I'm seeking information on my grandparents, Samuel (or Charles Samuel) and Mary Chambers of Cameron, W.Va. He was employed by the B & O Railroad, and was killed on the tracks, approx. 1910-1915. My mother, Elsie, was born in Cameron in 1904. Her brother, Orville, was born there in approx. 1906-1908. The family were members of the Christian Church in Cameron. Any help will be appreciated.

Mar 4, 1998 16:46

NAME: Larry Nash White
LOCATION: Tallahassee, FL

E-MAIL: lnwhite@garnet.acns.fsu.edu


COMMENTS: Greetings! Looking for any information available for the White family, headed by Richard White in 1860. Richard was born in PA(?) around 1800(?) and had just moved his family to Marshall Co. Virginia around the Rock Lick township about 1853 according to the 1860 census. Richard had 5 children listed in the 1860 census; I am interested in following up on his parents, brothers, and children, especially his sons Francis M.and Richard. I have traced the rest of the family forward to me, his ggggrandson through a Richard M. White, another of Richard's sons born in Pa in 1838 not listed on the census. Am willing to share or trade for any information available for any links white family in the area. Thanks!

Mar 7, 1998 12:36

NAME: Jean Barcus
LOCATION: Fairport Harbor, Ohio

E-MAIL: jbarcus@mwweb.com


COMMENTS: Looking for any information on John William Barcus Jr. or Sr. from Marshall County WV.

Mar 8, 1998 14:57

NAME: David A. Pickenpaugh
LOCATION: Marblemount, WA 98267

E-MAIL: pickenpa@cio.net

HOME PAGE: http://www.angelfire.com/wa/pickenpaugh


Mar 8, 1998 23:52

NAME: denise micheals

E-MAIL: rydd@hotmail.com


COMMENTS: i am looking for any information on the STANDIFORD family that live in the marshall co. in the mid to late 1800's. thanks

Mar 9, 1998 19:07

NAME: Carol McHenry Loggie

E-MAIL: FRANK117@clover.net


COMMENTS: Carol McHenry Loggie - March 8th, 1998 I am searching for JOHN CHRISTOPHER BLACK (b. 5-1863) married to MARY LOUISE WASSERMIER (b. 1863) In Marshall County Marriage records for 12-9-1886, her name was misspelled as Marry Massemyer. Mary's Parents were HENRY & ANNA WASSERMIER from Hanover & Hoolstien Germany. I have found record of them in the 1880 Marshall Co., Meade District Census. The only other info on the Blacks are census records from Ohio County Census in 1900 showing them living in the Tridelphia District with 5 children. My father has mentioned that at one time he beleives the name was SWARTZ and changed to BLACK. Other family names include; ALLMAN, BAKER, BONAR, BUCHANNAN, CONNELLY, CULP, GORBY, McHENRY, MOORE, PARSONS, SULLIVAN, WHITE, & YOHO. Will share any info and I hope to find some help.

Mar 10, 1998 18:59

NAME: Patricia Reynolds

E-MAIL: REYN1612@aol.com


COMMENTS: Does anyone have any info re a Samuel COCKAYNE. He supposedly owned an inn known as the Andrew Jackson Inn on a river in West Virginia. Someone has contacted us to say that they thought he was from Marshall Co. The inn has been dismantled and is for sale - a friend is considering buying it and would like more info re the original location and the family.

Mar 10, 1998 20:08

NAME: Marsha Clark
LOCATION: 709 Sanders Bluff Rd. Humboldt, Tn. 38343

E-MAIL: jwmc51@usit.net


COMMENTS: LANCASTER,Peter born July 4, 1837. Parent's were John and Ellen LANCASTER. Peter's gravestone in Carmichael cemetery Nauvoo Ridge read P. Lancaster Co. G, 7th Infantry. He was drafted into the 7th WV infantry in March, 1865, and muster- ed out from Slough Hospital in Washington, DC on July 5, 1865. He was married to Sarah Ann Lancaster b. Nov. 15, 1858, and they lived in the Loudenville-Cameron area. Thanks for any help. He is g.grandfather of John CLARK. Thanks for any help. e-mail Jwmc51@usit.net

Mar 11, 1998 19:54

NAME: Sharon Smarr Bailey
LOCATION: Springfield Va

E-MAIL: Fishsticks@aol.com


COMMENTS: William Clarence Smarr died on Christmas Eve 1931--His death was front page in the Moundsville Daily Journal. A Ralph Cunningham was injured in the crash that killed my grandfather. Any infor?

Mar 12, 1998 21:36

NAME: Susan Miller
LOCATION: wetzel, marshal, tyler county

E-MAIL: bharbert@neo.lrun.com


COMMENTS: i am searching for infoon william welling born dec 1848spouse susan miller. they had the following kids 1 hannah 2. sarah 3. friend 4 emma 5 brice 6 william P.the 1880 cencus surname was spelled wrong it was pelled "wellen" they lived in the center district of wetzel county wv. the 1900 cencus they lived in the grant district, of wetzel county wv

Mar 17, 1998 09:55

NAME: Joyce Hagerty

E-MAIL: hag@netins.net


COMMENTS: I am researching the Antil (Antill) family in Marshall Co., originally from Greene Co., PA. Would like to contact other family researchers. Will share all information. Thank you.

Mar 18, 1998 13:19

NAME: Erin (Dobbs) Coffman

E-MAIL: Haras90@aol.com


COMMENTS: I have very little information on my ancestors on my grandmothers side. Her name was Bessie (WEST) DOBBS. The surnames I am looking for are: GUMP, WEST and RICHMOND. All were from Marshall and Ohio Counties. Any help would be appreciated.

Mar 21, 1998 19:26

NAME: Ed Glassgow
LOCATION: PO Box 1580, Rapid City, SD 57709-1580

E-MAIL: glassgow@rapidcity.net


COMMENTS: ARMSTRONG - I would be interested in any information on John ARMSTONG (1778-1847) who married Abrilar RIGGS on 16 Aug 1801 in Wheeling. At least one child was born to them, Thomas Doudin ARMSTRONG, born 16 Aug 1819 in Marshall County. All later moved to Iowa. Any information would be appreciated.

Mar 24, 1998 15:09

NAME: Peggy J. Hatcher
LOCATION: Bethesda, Oh

E-MAIL: pegh@1st.net


COMMENTS: I am trying to locate a Andrew Berbeck, b. ca. 25 Nov. 1827 d. 9, July 1863. The person that is hunting him thinks he died in Marshall County. They think his wife name was Lucinda. Can anyone help with this name? They would to send for his civil war records, but don't have much info. Thanks

Mar 28, 1998 09:37

NAME: Hugh Smith
LOCATION: Raccoon, Ky

E-MAIL: grenville@kymtnnet.org


COMMENTS: Looking for Joseph Smith b. abt 1803. Married to Catharin ? b. abt 1806. Children: Sarah b. abt 1827 Charles b. abt 1831 m. Sarah Ann Voorhes Mary b. abt 1833 Kinsey b. abt 1837 Margaret b. abt 1840 John b. abt 1842 Catharine b. abt 1846 1850 census finds them in Monroe Co., Ohio. Charles born in Clarington. Looking for information on the sibblings and parents. Hugh Smith Raccoon, Ky

Mar 28, 1998 09:39

NAME: Hugh Smith
LOCATION: Raccoon, Ky

E-MAIL: grenville@kymtnnet.org


COMMENTS: STEWART: Looking for Joseph Stewart b. abt 1828. Married Francis Catherine ? Issues: James F. m. Melissa Angeline Lemasters George W. Eliza Ann Sarah 1860 Census finds them in Wetzel Co., (W)VA. Says that Joseph and Francis born in PA., children born in VA probably present day WVA. Looking for any information on parents and sibblings. Hugh Smith Raccoon, Ky

Mar 28, 1998 09:41

NAME: Hugh Smith
LOCATION: Raccoon, Ky

E-MAIL: grenville@kymtnnet.org


COMMENTS: POWELL/STULL: Looking for information on Jefferson D. STull b. abt 1863 m. Martha A. Powell b. abt 1864. Children: Elizabeth Fronie b. abt 1864; Arizona Rebecca b. abt 1887; Della M. b. abt 1891; Lily G. b. abt 1894; Ora Olive b. abt 1899 and Rosie b. abt 1880. Arizona m. Nickolas M. Stewart, Fronie married a ? Winters and Rosie m. a James Chevuront. Lived in Tyler Co., WV in 1900. Daughters later moved to Marion Co., Harrison Co., Braxton Co. and Monongalia Co., WV. Looking for information on parents and sibblings. Hugh Smith Raccoon, Ky

Mar 29, 1998 21:29

NAME: Blaine Standifdord
LOCATION: West Melbourne , FL.

E-MAIL: blaine@palmnet.net


COMMENTS: Seeking info. about Thomas Smith ..d abt. 1825.wife Jerucia. Had sons Henry & Joseph. Also brothers James & Henry. One known daughter, Eliza married James Standiford 1827. all in Ohio County now Marshall.

Apr 11, 1998 13:19

NAME: Shirley Shore
LOCATION: Philipsburg, PA

E-MAIL: shore@srt.net


COMMENTS: Seeking information on BENJAMIN MANNING, b. ca 1748 - Piscataway. NJ. Was he s/o BENJAMIN MANNING (b. 8 Feb 1723, Piscatawy, NJ) and ELIZABETH (LENA) BESCHERER? He m. MELISON______. Known children were BENJAMIN (d. 1843; m. JERUSHA _______) and SAMUEL (b. 25 Aug 1786; d. 1838/39; m. MARY BEELER; b. Oak Grove Cem., Fork Ridge, Marshall Co. WV). It is possible there was also a dau. MELISON JANE (b. 1775; d. 15 May 1848, VanBuren Co., IO; m. JOHN BRADY MARTIN 24 June 1796.) Need verification of BENJAMIN's pts. and maiden name of wife.

Apr 12, 1998 16:20

NAME: Augusta Eller

E-MAIL: aeller10@comcast.net

HOME PAGE: http://people.delphi.com/aeller

COMMENTS: I am interested in the Smith family after which the Smith cemetery on Burch Ridge is named. My ancestor Andrew Wayne is buried in the cemetery. His wife was an Elizabeth Smith, probably related to this family. I am interested in finding her ancestors.

Apr 15, 1998 11:46

NAME: Bill Knisely

E-MAIL: bknisely@rcvideo.com


COMMENTS: Any information of the ANDERSON OR MACAVEE family.Thank YOU.

Apr 17, 1998 18:21

NAME: Steve Dennehy
LOCATION: 209 S, Crystal, Butte, Mont,. 59701

E-MAIL: svjd@yahoo.com


COMMENTS: KEMPLE: Seeking descs. of Charles KEMPLE (1806-1856) and wife Eliza HUKILL (1810-1897) of Sherrard, Marshall Co. Children: Alexander, Amelia (mar. John ALLEN), Henry, Charles Wesley, Lucretia, Sarah Matilda, Adeline. Eliza HUKILL Kemple b. 1810 near Bethany, Brooke Co., W.Vir, daughter of Joseph HUKILL an ?. Siblings were Wm. Hukill of Brooke Co.; Mrs. OWEN, Amelia SCHWATKA of Salem, Ore. and Rachel Drusilla SPIKER of Hancock Co., Ill.

Apr 18, 1998 16:42

NAME: Beverly Todd
LOCATION: Perryton, TX

E-MAIL: btodd@ren.net


COMMENTS: Looking for info on Edward White and his wife Anna Whipkey White. He was killed in the Civil War at Winchester, VA. What happened to his widow and kids?

Apr 18, 1998 16:48

NAME: Beverly Todd
LOCATION: Perryton, TX

E-MAIL: btodd@ren.net


COMMENTS: Looking for info on Lycurgis DUNLAP and his wife Lois Sarah Hart. Their son James Randolph married Matilda WHITE also of Marshall Co

Apr 18, 1998 18:33

NAME: Sandra (Butler) Jones

E-MAIL: farseen@cablenet-va.com


COMMENTS: Searching for any info on Eli Burge b.c. 1841. His wife Anna Blake b.c. 1846. They were married 10/25/1882 in Marshall Co. Do not know their ancestors,etc. BURGE, BUTLER, WILSON, NORMAN HOLBROOK, DENNY.

Apr 20, 1998 00:46

NAME: Toni Thompson
LOCATION: Chewelah, WA

E-MAIL: miketoni@theofficenet.com


COMMENTS: I would like to get in touch with Carl Dunn. He posted a notice for info. on the Shepherd family. Please E-mail me. Or if anyone else knows how to contact him, please let me know.

Apr 21, 1998 19:04

NAME: Tim Bode
LOCATION: Michigan

E-MAIL: tbode@riverview.net


COMMENTS: TAYLOR, SPRAGUE, FRAZIER, Seeking information on the Taylor family, of Dallas once in either PA or VA, Frazier Taylor was the son or grandson of either Lucretia or Susannah Frazier, who married a Taylor, christian name of Thomas or John. Frazier or Frazer Taylor married Rebecca Sprague, and had sons William, John, Jesse, Benjamin and Frazier Jr. and moved to Belmont Co. Ohio about 1800. Frazier and Rebeccas' marriage would have been abt 1780-85. Family history says that the Taylors originated in Washington Co. Pa.

Apr 24, 1998 20:25

NAME: Betty Card

E-MAIL: betty26@airmail.net


COMMENTS: SAYERS, John John Sayers married Sarah Whitlatch who was born in Marshall Co. WV shortly after 1800. They had at least one son, Cecil. Please contact me if you have any information on the SAYERS line. Many thanks

Apr 25, 1998 12:02

NAME: Eric White
LOCATION: Nederland, Colorado

E-MAIL: EWhite4129@aol.com


COMMENTS: COOPER Eric White -- 24 April 1998 Searching for information on the parents of my great grandmother SUSAN MARY COOPER who was born in Marshall County in 1849. The 1850 census records a SUSAN M. COOPER among the children of H.N. and SUSAN COOPER. Does anyone have any information on these Marshall County Coopers?

Apr 25, 1998 22:26

NAME: Bonnie (Clark) Kidd

E-MAIL: bkidd@csr.link


COMMENTS: I am looking for Nathaniel Shepherd CLARK'S grandfathers name, who was killed at the "Battle of Brandywine" in 1777 at Valley Forge, PA. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Bonnie (Clark) Kidd

Apr 28, 1998 19:37

NAME: Amy Cochran
LOCATION: Marshall County

E-MAIL: amster_too@yahoo.com

HOME PAGE: http://users.1st.net/wheeling/index.htm

COMMENTS: I am just starting to research my family tree. My father's name is John Albert Cochran(born in Charleston, parents are David Sherman Cochran and Mary Margaret Hicks Cochran). My mother's name is Shirley Jean Hocter Cochran (born in Columbus, Ohio, her parents were Paul Eugene Hocter and Dorothy V Webber Hocter). If you could help me on my journey, or steer me in the right path, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Amy Cochran

Apr 30, 1998 22:33

NAME: Phyllis Slater
LOCATION: Wheeling, W.Va.

E-MAIL: PSlater113@aol.com


COMMENTS: What happened to Van Roy Giffin ?? He was married to Bessie Higgs of Marshall county W.Va. about 1900. They lived in Belmont co. Ohio after marriage. Had a son (Kenneth) and a daughter. Around 1903 or 1904 he disappeared on the way to the store. His wife was in bed with second child at the time. Van ROY was never heard from again. Bessie later remarried., who was he ?? What happened to Van ROY Giffin..He was my gr. uncle. PLEASE HELP SOLVE THE FAMILY MYSTERY !! Thank you

May 1, 1998 19:15

NAME: Randy Y Garrett
LOCATION: Mustang, Ok

E-MAIL: DXAB85A@prodigy.com


COMMENTS: Searching for information on the John Owen Morris family who lived in Elizabethtown WV for the census years 1850 and 1860. John Owen Morris wife was Belinda Hines. They were married in 1830 in DC. First daughter Amelia born in DC in 1831. Other cildren born in Va were Mary, Margarett, Anne, John Hamilton, Belinda A, and Emma. Any one researching this family? Will exchange info. Randy Y Garrett DXAB85A@prodigy.com

May 3, 1998 11:26

NAME: Sylvia Sligar
LOCATION: 10881 Meads Ave, Orange CA 992869-1512

E-MAIL: ssligar@worldnet.att.net


COMMENTS: I'm resubmitting this query as I've found some new data. Thomas McCREARY abt 1740 Maryland ? - 1802 Ohio Co, WV. This area is now Marshall Co, WV. His wife was Margaret, surname unknown. Thomas & Margaret McCREARY had 7 known children: 1. William, b 1769 Maryland, d 1854 Marshall Co, (W)Va. m 1795 Margaret GLENN, Cecil Co, MD, 2. James, b 1775 Maryland, d 1817, Ohio Co (W)Va, m Sarah WETZEL 1803 Ohio Co (W)Va, 3. Thomas b abt 1776 Maryland, m Mary 4. Mary, b abt 1777 Maryland, m 1799 James DUNLAP, b 1776 VA , Ohio Co (W)Va 5. Jane b abt 1779 Maryland m abt 1804 Ohio Co (W)Va, Johann Jacob COFFELT/COFFIELD 6. Margaret, b abt 1783 Maryland, m Martin Keller, moved to Licking Co, OH in 1817 7. Elizabeth, b abt 1785 Maryland/Ohio Co (W)Va

May 4, 1998 17:34

NAME: Eleanor Myers
LOCATION: Columbus, OH

E-MAIL: myers@battelle.org


COMMENTS: Looking for info on a Martha WILSON who married James LUKE in Marshall Co., on 30 July 1838. They had five children, Robert, Sarah J., Mary A., John S., and William.

May 11, 1998 23:01

NAME: Tammy L. Mellott

E-MAIL: jtmel@sprynet.com


COMMENTS: I am searching for any information on Gilbert MELLOTT. I have information that he was married to a Mary MOBLEY. They had six children: John, William, Elmer, James, Cristina and Sadie. Son James Mellott was b. 1896 and d. 1974. He is buried in Riverview Cemetery. Gilbert Mellott probably lived in Moundsville, however I am unsure of this. May have come from Belmont County in Ohio. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

May 19, 1998 11:07

NAME: Florence Crow Schaffer
LOCATION: Moundsville, WV

E-MAIL: Buck Schaff@aol.com


COMMENTS: I am searching for Philip and Susan Crow Crow who appeared in Marshall County Land records in 1835. I have found nothing before that only Census says he was born in Maryland and she was born in Ohio. Any help anyone can give me will be appreciated and I will sharre any information that I have. Florence Crow Schaffer

May 27, 1998 16:12

NAME: Dana Remias
LOCATION: Clay County, WV

E-MAIL: dremias@n2crafts.com


COMMENTS: Looking for any information at all on CARMICHAEL, TEAGARDEN, SPILLMAN, BANE families. All are names of my g-grandparents. Have been able to find a bit of info on all but Spillman. Have been to some cemetaries for names and dates and the rest has come from aging grandparents. Do not live in the area any more where I can get out and hunt down the info , so I am trying by computer. Any help appreciated!!!!

Jun 4, 1998 11:17

NAME: Hal Baker

E-MAIL: HBaker1432


COMMENTS: Looking for information on James SMITH who married Mary Jane BAKER 14 June 1794 - Recorded in Bood 1, Ohio Co., VA marriages. - Mary Jane was daughter of Capt John and Elizabeth (Sullivan) BAKER.

Jun 6, 1998 12:38

NAME: pat douglas
LOCATION: Columbus, Ohio

E-MAIL: vvo@worldnet.att.net


COMMENTS: I am looking for any information on the Staley, Goudy, Henthorn families - most of them would be from West Virginia. Thanks.

Jun 14, 1998 00:42

NAME: George Downing
LOCATION: Springfield, MO

E-MAIL: Gdown65804@aol.com


COMMENTS: Looking to share info on the RANSOM family, Hiram RANSOM b. 1803 VA m. Mary b. 1812 VA their children were Elenor b.1834; William b.1835; John b.1836; Samuel b.1841; Leander? b.1843; Alexander b.1847; Alfred b1849. Alexander RANSOM m. 1870 Virginia HIGGS b. 1848 their children were William T.b.1871 d.1896; Millard J. b.1873 m. Lula ROBERTS d.1950; John C. b.1875 m. Lena ALLEN d.1950; Mary L. b.1877 m. Thomas HELMS d.1951; Harry G. b. 1879 m. Elsie COLE d. 1930; Lewis V. b.1881 m. Florence CLAWSON; Russell b.1883 m. Nelle POOL d. 1952; Homer b.1885 d.1963; Sabina b.1887 m.1914 Grover C. HIXON b.1884 d.1977; Ida Mabel b.1890 m. Howard SMITH d.1971; Carrie Ellen b.1892 m. Walter SMITH George H. Downing

Jun 19, 1998 13:58

NAME: Tracey Mason Wilfong
LOCATION: Pocahontas County

E-MAIL: twilfong@neumedia.net


COMMENTS: I'm am searching for any info regarding Francis Marion Mason, father of Orest Mason, grandfather of Harold Lyle Mason Sr. Came to Marshall County from Wetzel county. Also info on John Anguish from Greenfield Ridge Wetzel/Marshall County.

Jun 22, 1998 18:48

NAME: Eric White
LOCATION: Rollinsville, Colorado

E-MAIL: EWhite4129@aol.com


COMMENTS: WHITE-- Researching JOHN & ELLINOR WHITE. This couple emigrated from Ireland to Canada where they had 8 children (John, Jane, Catherine, King, Ellen, Mary, William, and Isabella) born between 1842 and 1856. By 1870, they and their children were on a farm in Marshall County.

Jun 23, 1998 01:57

NAME: Pat Boyer
LOCATION: Casa Grande, AZ

E-MAIL: paboyer@aztec.asu.edu


COMMENTS: I am looking for the ancestors and decendents of JOHN L. ROBINSON & MARY ELIZABETH NICHOLS ROBINSON. I would like to find out more about John's family, where they came from orginally. I know he was born in Va. in 1844, but thats aobuat all I do know. Any help would be greatly appreciated. THANKS PAT BOYER

Jun 23, 1998 14:48

NAME: Gail Meeks
LOCATION: Cameron, Marshall Co WV

E-MAIL: Red_Morningstar@hotmail.com


COMMENTS: John Milton MCGLUMPHY, b. 1857 in Greene Co PA, died 10 Dec. 1937 in Cameron, Marshall Co, WV. he married Anne Rebecca REID on 7 Oct 1876, she was born 1849 and died 10 Apr. 1930 also in Cameron WV. There children are: Ida May, she was born 1877, she married Charles Bernard HENDERSON on 7 Sept 1904 in Marshall Co, WV; Carl b. 1881; Mattie E. b. 15 may 1884; Mary L. b. 22 Sept 1896 Big Run WV; died 1946, married/1 Mr. DAY, m/2 August A. ZERQUE on 27 Jul 1916; M.M. b. and died 1879; Mytle Clare, m/1 Elias EISIMINGER 1905; m/2 John C. CHRISTY Any and all help is most welcomed.

Jun 25, 1998 22:43


E-MAIL: bjad@swbell.net



Jun 27, 1998 15:42

NAME: Christina Lynn Burgy
LOCATION: Athens, Ohio

E-MAIL: clparsons@eurekanet.com


COMMENTS: I am looking for any information on Eliza Jane PELKEY, who married David SAMPSON and Eliza's parents John PELKEY and Elizabeth ATHEY. Also, ANY information about the SAMPSON families around Cameron.

Jul 1, 1998 22:35

NAME: Ronald Frank Jackson
LOCATION: 1551 Avenida De Mesilla Las Cruces, NM 88005

E-MAIL: ronfjack@zianet.com


COMMENTS: Harry Robert Jackson Born 12/17/1869 Died 10/29/1931 Married Lula Mmae Mobley sons Ronald Harry Jackson , Lyle Stanley Jackson, Norman Jackson daughter Lula May Jackson

Jul 2, 1998 17:35

NAME: Kathy Shiver
LOCATION: Rt. 1 Box 7 Altha, Fl.

E-MAIL: kathyshiver@digitalexp.com


COMMENTS: I'm looking on information about Dianna Earlywine's family I know she was married to David Whipkey I'm looking for her parent's name's

Jul 8, 1998 19:06

NAME: Marilee Tolman

E-MAIL: mle@nemontel.net


COMMENTS: I am looking for information on the Benjamin MARTIN family of Marshall county. The 1850 census of Marshall County shows Benjamin as a 34 year old farmer, his wife age 32. Children were Caroline, James, John, Oliver P., Riley, and Martha. Marshall County Marriages 1835 -1889 shows Benjamin marrying Mary THOMPSON in 1837. Does anyone have any other information on this family? Marilee

Jul 8, 1998 22:56

NAME: Carlisle Bowling
LOCATION: Flagler Beach, Florida 32136-1177

E-MAIL: Zarvon@aol.com


COMMENTS: Searching John McHENRY (b. 1803, d. 1849 Marshall Co) and wife Mary DYE (b. 1812, d. 1861 Marshall Co). Their children: John Jr., Anna B.(m. Philip CAMPBELL), Mary J. (m. Simeon PARRIOTT), James N. (m. Martha Ann WILLIAMS), Amanda, William H., Abigail J., Esther P. (m. Peter ORUM, Sr.), Margaret E., (m. Davis RIGGLE), and Winfield Scott McHENRY (a bachelor). Trying to prove John is the son of James McHENRY. Any family help will be greatly appreciated and I will share what I have. Thanks. (Most of these folks are buried in the terribly unkept McHENRY Cemetery near Sherrard.)

Jul 9, 1998 03:02

NAME: Shana Looman
LOCATION: California

E-MAIL: Shana67@aol.com


COMMENTS: Looking for info pertaining to the family of James Purdy and Aurilla Ann Bartlett. Married Marshall Co.VA 12/21/1837. Children: (all born in Marshall Co.) George H. 1840, Simeon 1842, Elisse Jane 1845, Rufus 1848 & Ethen James 1850. Any and all info appreciated. Thankyou!

Jul 10, 1998 00:25

NAME: Linda (Clark) Ross
LOCATION: Akron, Ohio

E-MAIL: rwross11worldnet.att.net


COMMENTS: I'm looking for Nathaniel Shephard Clark born around 1820 Married Barbara Jane Gorby around 1846. Who was his parents, also who was his brothers or sisters. was from the Marshall county W.Va

Jul 14, 1998 17:37

NAME: Floa Swisher
LOCATION: For Marshall County

E-MAIL: fswisher@geocities.com

HOME PAGE: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Pointe/7741"

COMMENTS: Looking for information on contents of the will of Aaron MORGAN.
Was told it was in the Marshall County WV Will Book 1A.
Aaron was married to a Nancy MASSA (or MASSAY?) in 1803.
PLEASE....contact me if you know of anyone who may have info on this family or any descendants!
THANKS!! Floa Swisher

Jul 25, 1998 05:10

NAME: Gary Cassell
LOCATION: Titusville, Fl.

E-MAIL: stude64@aol.com


COMMENTS: I am searching for the HOWARD family that lived in Marshall County in the 1850's. My great-great grandmother, Sara HOWARD (1852-1926) married George W. Hawkins (1852-1924). Their children were, Charles, Anna, Kathern, Pearl and Roy. Sara's parents were Thomas HOWARD and Margaret Snedeker. Any information on Sara and her parents would be a grear help.

Jul 25, 1998 23:35

NAME: Janice Griffin
LOCATION: Dayton, Ohio

E-MAIL: n.griffin@worldnet.att.net


COMMENTS: Am looking for info on William CRISWELL, married to Susan Lemley. They had a son named Shelton Seymore in 1887. His birthplace is listed as Roseby's Rock. Shelton moved into Ohio. Am just starting out on this search. Any help on the CRISWELLS would be appreciated.

Jul 27, 1998 10:18

NAME: Howard E. Bell
LOCATION: Bonita Springs, FL



COMMENTS: Seek info on John Lowry Sr., b. PA ca. 1779, lived and died in Marshall Co., M. Ruth White 1818 Ohio Co. She died 1876. Any info re:any other marriages, their children, burial, etc. greatly appreciated. Thanks

Jul 28, 1998 17:40

NAME: Sherry Ray
LOCATION: Kent, Washington

E-MAIL: sherraygen@aol.com


COMMENTS: Could someone tell me where Greenfield Ridge Cem. is located. My gg grandfather, Shipley HEWES is buried there and I will be making my first trip to WV in late Sept. and would like to visit his final resting place. When giving directions, please remember, I have never been there before. Thank you. Sherry

Aug 3, 1998 04:23

NAME: Cherie Marek
LOCATION: 12650 Cumbres Rd., Valley Center, Ca. 92082

E-MAIL: marek@cari.net


COMMENTS: Looking for information on LEACH, Clement and Sarah, Ambrose and Mary, in and around Cameron. Ambrose was born in Maryland. Mary Arnold Leach was born in Pennsylvania, Clement and Sarah were born in Virginia before WV became state.

Aug 6, 1998 13:28

NAME: Ann Carrothers

E-MAIL: accisco@yahoo.com


COMMENTS: Searching for any info on REGINALD ROBERTS born abt 8 Apr 1897 New Martinsville, WV son of Joseph Jefferson Roberts and Frances Jane Core. When did he die? Where? Is anyone else researching this family?

Aug 6, 1998 20:44

NAME: Karen Hern

E-MAIL: Gilglen@aol.com


COMMENTS: I am seeking information on a William B. DUNLAP. He was born Sept. 6, 1846 in Marshall County to a Martin and Susan DUNLAP. He married Zelphia FULKS in Braxton County in 1870. Any information would be useful and much appreciated. Karen

Aug 7, 1998 11:48

NAME: Ann Carrothers
LOCATION: 15250 Gray Ridge #716 Houston,TX 77082

E-MAIL: accisco@yahoo.com


COMMENTS: Researching ROBERTS, ROBERTS,ROBERTS,ROBERTS,ROBERTS!!!!!!! in West Virginia (also Virginia in 1776). Any info on GAIUS ROBERTS, JONOTHAN ROBERTS, REUBEN ROBERTS who settled Roberts Ridge would be appreciated. Write A.Carrothers, 15250 Gray Ridge #716,Houston Tx 77082 or accisco@yahoo.com Gaius,Jonothan,& Reuben ROBERTS were given 4200 acres in New Martinsville area after Revolutionary War. Does anyone know anything about this or these brothers??

Aug 7, 1998 23:54

NAME: Virginia Koseff

E-MAIL: Ginnypin@aol.com


COMMENTS: Searching for any information on Bennet Francis. His second wife was Adaline Campbell. If there are an descendents of his please contact me. He also had a brother Richard Francis and Albert. My ggrandfather was Albert. We are searching for Albert's burial site. He was married to Icy Blaker first and we don't know who the second wife was, but, may have been in Marshall Co.,WVA. I believe Bennet died in 1901, but, do not know about Albert and Richard. TIA Ginnypin@aol.com

Aug 8, 1998 07:16

NAME: Gary Cassell
LOCATION: Titusville, Fl.

E-MAIL: stude64@aol.com


COMMENTS: I am searching for information on my great-great-great grandmother Margaret Yoho, born 1812. She was married to Joseph Parsons (1813-1846). They were living in the Marshall County area in the 1830's and 1840's. Margaret and Joseph's children were: Nancy, Catherine, James, Seth and Henry. Any additional information on Margaret and her parents would be of great help.

Aug 8, 1998 07:28

NAME: Gary Cassell
LOCATION: Titusville, Fl.

E-MAIL: stude64@aol.com


COMMENTS: I am searching for information on the GARNER family that was living in Marshall County in the early 1800's. My great-great-great grandmother, Rebecca Garner (1816-1905), married Smith Richmond (1815-1879). Their children were:Henry, James, David, Mary, John, Hannah, Hiram, Theodore and Martha. Any information on Rebecca and her parents would be a great help.

Aug 10, 1998 01:33

NAME: Calvin Garvin
LOCATION: Fountain Valley, Orange County, California



COMMENTS: Alexander Denton HOOD, born March 30, 1856. Lived off Rt. 88, Mt. Olivet, Marshall County, WV, what is now called the Smith Farm. He married an ALLEY, had quite a few children, several of whom moved out west to the Washington area. His daughter, Bess Alexandria HOOD, is my grandmother. I'm trying to find out who Alexander Denton HOOD's parents are.

Aug 13, 1998 09:43

NAME: Bob McConnell
LOCATION: Kansas City, Missouri

E-MAIL: BMBober@aol.com

HOME PAGE: http://members.aol.com/BMBober

COMMENTS: Looking for any information on a James McConnell b-c1830 in Ireland. Married a Mary E. Edwards in Moundsville, Dec 8, 1861. They Had 6 children; Margaret;William;NoName; Charles;James and Matilda. I can find nothing on James McConnell after 1871 in Marshall County. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Aug 14, 1998 01:52

NAME: Ed Starling

E-MAIL: EdStarling@aol.com


COMMENTS: I am looking for information on my great grandfather, Thomas Edward Dowler, born April 21, 1839, in Marshall County. His father was Joseph Dowler and mother Hannah Frazer. T.E. Dowler appears on Civil War muster rolls in New Creek W Va., and later in Romney. Later he marries Catharine Johnston in Washington County, PA., and moves to Missouri, Cooper County. I'm interested in information on his parents, Joseph and Hannah, and their family, on back on both sides. Thanks.

Aug 15, 1998 10:48

NAME: Bob McConnell
LOCATION: Kansas City, Mo

E-MAIL: BMBober@aol.com

HOME PAGE: http://members.aol.com/BMBober

COMMENTS: Looking for information on John W. BOWERS, who married Margaret MCCONNELL, 1890. They had one child, Edward BOWERS, b-August, 1896. Edward married a Julia R. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Aug 15, 1998 12:31




COMMENTS: Looking for any information on the John and Elizabeth(zimmerman) Jefferson who moved their family to Marshall county in 1810 children were James,Ann,Elizabeth,Nancy,Mertenior,JohnElizabeth,Jacob,Mary Jeremiah,Amy,Josiah.

Aug 16, 1998 01:05

NAME: Lori

E-MAIL: lld65055@pegasus.cc.ucf.edu


COMMENTS: I am looking for information about my great-grandmother's family. Her parents were Anne Vandyne and Jonas Whitman Cook of the Wheeling area. TIA

Aug 16, 1998 22:54

NAME: Vickie Richardson
LOCATION: Garden Grove, CA

E-MAIL: VIZRichardson@worldnet.att.net


COMMENTS: First I have a ? Is there or has there ever been a Viola city or township in Marshal County? If so I looking for info on Nancy or Emma PHILLIPS. Emma b 5/24/1869 in Viola.

Aug 17, 1998 22:07

NAME: Ed Starling

E-MAIL: EdStarling@aol.com


COMMENTS: I'm looking for ancestry information on Thomas Edward DOWLER, born 21 April 1839, in Marshall County, (West) Virginia. He married his first wife, Catharine JOHNSTON, in Buffalo Village, Washington County, Pennsylvania, 08 January 1868. He was enlisted 23 September 1862, at Camp Willy by Capt. Work. At that time his post office was West Middletown, Washington County, PA. After serving he moved with his wife to Cooper County, Missouri, where Catharine died, leaving him with 2 children, Fannie Buchanan DOWLER and George Washington DOWLER. He married twice more in Missouri, his second wife, Mary Elizabeth WALTERMIRE nee FRUCHEY bearing a daughter, my grandmother, Sadie Eunice DOWLER. Later he married Susie A. EVANS nee WENSLEY. Second and third marriages followed the deaths of the former wives. I know T.E. DOWLER's parents were Joseph "J." DOWLER, born in Virginia, and Hannah FRAZER. I have found their family listed in the U.S. Census records of 1860, in Pennsylvania, Washington County, Hopewell Township, P.O. West Middletown, Call No. 1192, Page 100, Dwelling No. 778, Family No. 735. Here, Joseph (age 50) and Hannah (age 47) are listed as being born in Virginia and Pennsylvania, respectively. Their children are listed as George W. (23), Thomas E. (21, my g-grandfather), Rachel (19), Mary J. (15), Amanda (14), and Sarah E. (11). Joseph, George and Thomas are listed as farmers. I am very interested in this family and the DOWLER and FRAZER lines on back. DOWLERs seem to be all around in Marshall County, (W)V, and Washington County, PA. I would like information on complete family groups, if possible, and tracing back on male and female lines.

Aug 18, 1998 23:20

NAME: Ruthann Burton

E-MAIL: burton@macomb.com


COMMENTS: Does anyone know anything about the parents,siblings and/or first wife of Levi HICKS? He died in the spring of 1841 shortly after selling his farm to Seth INGRAM. His second wife was Sarah OGDEN from Belmont Co. OH.

Aug 21, 1998 12:07

NAME: Theresa Wolfe

E-MAIL: Theresa_Wolfe@ESC.CNG.com


COMMENTS: I am looking for any information on these families... CROW, HILL, OLIVER, AND PELLEY. Bernard CROW married Martha Oliver, Shepherd HILL married Jane PELLEY. I am looking for where they are buried, along with Bernards parents George and Mary CROW. All these families lived in the Liberty District, town of Belton between 1870-1920. Also if anyone knows the names of the parents of Martha Oliver and Jane PELLEY. Thank You

Aug 21, 1998 12:28


E-MAIL: ab775@seorf.ohiou.edu


COMMENTS: Researching family of George J.MCCORKLE, b 1832 in DE. m. Anne McClain in 1855 of Marshall County. Children: Joseph H. Charles C, William MC, Mary E, Edward L, Henry H, Eelbert, and George P. After Annes's death in 1873 m. Mariah McMillan, also of Marshall County, and had Marshall G. McCorkle. Would love to hear from descendants of Anne's children.

Aug 25, 1998 22:18

NAME: David Powell

E-MAIL: dapowel@bigfoot.com


COMMENTS: I am looking for information on the following people Rachel Powell
+William Calvert
m. 23 Nov 1824
Mary Powell
+Jacob Powell
m. 2 April 1822
William O. Powell
+Mary Job
m. 25 Sept. 1825
Joseph Powell
+Margaret Job
m. 30 Aug 1827
Thompson M. Powell
+Margaret Lowery/Lowry
m.5 Sept 1839

Dave Powell

Aug 26, 1998 00:09

NAME: David Powell

E-MAIL: dapowel@bigfoot.com


COMMENTS: Whoops That's Jacob Calvert married to Mary Powell, not Jacob Powell

Aug 28, 1998 08:48

LOCATION: Marshall/Plesants County

E-MAIL: ctowery@weir.net


COMMENTS: I am searching for information about my grandfather JOHN FRANK VIRDEN, son of MARTIN VIRDEN and LETHA ELLA JONES, born Feb. 7, 1880 in Ravenrock, WV. He married CORA DEAN MOTT daughter of JOHN MOTT and ROSIE HENDERSON.

Sep 8, 1998 13:01

NAME: Pamela
LOCATION: Follansbee, WV.

E-MAIL: forester@ovis.net

HOME PAGE: http://www.ovis.net/~forester.htm

COMMENTS: Looking for marriage record on Walter Blair Larkey and Josie Goddard around 1940 in Marshall County. Thank you!

Sep 9, 1998 00:58

NAME: Sandy (Quigley) Martin

E-MAIL: Sandreamer@aol.com


COMMENTS: I am looking for my g-g-grandfather ?? Quigley. His son was James Melvin Quigley from Marshall Co.who married Christena Sines in Tyler Co.about 1903. Time period is 1850 to 1900. He may have fought in Civil War. No other info known by family. Thanks.

Sep 10, 1998 20:55

NAME: Peg Duffy
LOCATION: Westerville OH

E-MAIL: pegduffy@netwalk.com


COMMENTS: Seeking descendants of Joseph Dowler(cir 1809), the second of probably five children of George Dowler cir. 1776. Joseph moved from Marshall County to West Middletown PA in 1852.

Sep 12, 1998 20:36

NAME: Duane Ames
LOCATION: Wesst Hollywood, CA

E-MAIL: wingmen@aol.com


COMMENTS: Can anyone tell me what happened to the Methodist church on Taylor's Ridge in Moundsville? I just made a trip back there and found the cemetary and only the bell and foundation of the church. Does anyone know if the church records are still around? GATTS, HOLMES

Sep 13, 1998 17:30

NAME: Augusta Eller
LOCATION: Michigan

E-MAIL: aeller10@comcast.net

HOME PAGE: http://people.delphi.com/aeller

COMMENTS: Is anyone researching the McCullough/McCollough family of Marshall County, WV? I am interested in the John McCollough family which appears in the 1850 Marshall County, VA census. John was born about 1795 in PA. His wife's first name was Margaret born about 1796. Children listed in the census are Nancy born about 1830, James born about 1834, Moses born about 1838, and John about 1840. My gggrandfather James McCollough married Martha McHenry, daughter of George and Anne McHenry. James and Martha had the following children: Mary E. who married Evert Sims; Matilda who married Elmer J. Moore; Anna Belle who married William Voltz; Nancy who married Charles E. Brown; Ella; George William who married Edith Sims; Elizabeth; Minnia who married Charles Sims; and Mintie who married Colbert Darrah. I am especially interested in learning what county in PA John and Margaret lived in before moving to Marshall County in the 1840s. Where was John born in PA? Who were his parents? What was Margaret's maiden name and where was she born? Who were her parents? The McCollough/McCullough, Sims, and McHenry families settled in southern Marshall County near what was known as Fairview. Sims Run was named for the Sims family. Minnia McCollough and Charles Sims were my great grandparents and the parents of my grandmother Augusta Stella Sims Wood.

Sep 14, 1998 13:40

NAME: Dian Moore
LOCATION: Moundsville, WV

E-MAIL: dian.m@usa.net


COMMENTS: Does anyone know who has the records for the Fork Ridge Baptist Church? Many of my ancestors attended there. I am researching CARR, MCCOMBS, ECHOLS.

Sep 14, 1998 21:53

NAME: Cathy Hecker
LOCATION: 404 E. Spring St. Covington, Ohio

E-MAIL: cohecker@hotmail.com


COMMENTS: Joseph Ross was in Marshall Co., W. Va in the 1840 census. I need to find some else working or knews of this family. Thank you. Cathy Hecker

Sep 18, 1998 12:16

NAME: Carl Dunn
LOCATION: Burlington, Iowa

E-MAIL: cdunn3@aol.com


COMMENTS: Searching for parents and siblings of Rhoda EVANS Born: circa 1785 in Virginia (or West Virginia) Died: 3 Feb 1853 in Marshall county, West Virginia Married: 5 Aug 1806 in Belmont county,Ohio , Henry SOCKMAN In the 1850 census,Marshall County, was one William EVANS, age 59, with a Rhoda, age 15 in the \household, Household, probably a daughter. Was he related to Rhoda, perhaps a brother ?

Sep 19, 1998 16:23

NAME: Shana Looman
LOCATION: California

E-MAIL: Shana67@aol.com


COMMENTS: Looking for all information to the PURDY family in Marshall County, VA. Especially info pertaining to James and Aurilla circa 1850.

Sep 23, 1998 11:25

NAME: Marlene Roddy

E-MAIL: EERoddy@aol.com


COMMENTS: CROW BAKER Looking for info on JOHN BAKER and also CROW family from 1800's in Marshall Co., or surrounding areas. Thanks.

Sep 23, 1998 12:58

NAME: Dean Phillippi
LOCATION: Marshall County, Rocklick, West Virginia

E-MAIL: dphillippi@aol.com


COMMENTS: I am searching on the Winters, Braden and Pounds Family. What I have is the following: The parents of William Clarence Braden b- 15 Sept. 1896 at Rocklick WVa d- 7 March 1958 West Union, Pa. and buried at West Union Cemetery. were Benjamin F. Braden and Sarah Agnes Winters. Bess E Pounds b-11 April 1891 d- 16 Oct. 1984 Waynesburg, Pa. and buried at West Union Cemetery Parents were Delmar E. Pounds and mother was Flora Ward.Sarah Braden Giles is still living at Washington, Pa. Jean Braden Milikin d 19 Feb. 1986 Waynesburg, Pa. Her Husband is still living in Waynesburg, Pa. Sarah A. Winters was married to first Benjamin Braden and second to Henry H. Braden. Would anyone be willing to share information on this family, I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks. Dean Phillippi

Sep 27, 1998 20:16

NAME: Helen Shipe
LOCATION: Charleroi, PA

E-MAIL: heshipe@icubed.com



Sep 28, 1998 01:08

NAME: colota parkinosn

E-MAIL: curly16315@aol.com


COMMENTS: looking for birth record on George A Parkinson born 3/20/1836 in Marshall Co. W. Va. need to know parents name and any info on record

Oct 1, 1998 08:53

NAME: Wendy Bedell

E-MAIL: dabedell@aol.com


COMMENTS: Looking for any information on ARTHUR families, or MCNEELTY, MCNEELY families that may have lived in this area.

Oct 2, 1998 11:00

NAME: Diane Haynes

E-MAIL: DHaynes@IONet.Net


COMMENTS: Am looking for a William HAKERTY who died at Board Tree (Tunnel?) around 1860. Any information on William or Board Tree would be welcome. Thank you.

Oct 2, 1998 20:46

NAME: Shirley L. Stanford
LOCATION: Southaven, MS

E-MAIL: Lorstan@aol.com


COMMENTS: One of my daughter-in-law's ancestors was a Jacob Young, b. in PA, later settling in Lynn Camp, WV. Supposedly, Jacob's mother is buried in the "original Pennsylvania Dutch Cemetery in Lynn Camp." Is this cemetery still in existence? Would appreciate any information. Thanks Shirley L. Stanford Lorstan@aol.com

Oct 5, 1998 11:12

NAME: Rae Wilson Baker
LOCATION: 1009 Fifth St.,Moundsville WV 26041-1910

E-MAIL: raesba@1st.net


COMMENTS: looking for Baker, Wilson, Young, Blake, Ramsey, Hartley,Gorby, Burch. Burton, McCardle

Oct 6, 1998 01:44

NAME: Kim A. Davis
LOCATION: Marshal Co., WVA

E-MAIL: jdavis@mail.coos.or.us


COMMENTS: Seeking the THURBER family who resided in Marshall Co., WVA from about 1848 onward. Nathan U. THURBER, wife Mary with children from NY. Family resided at least to 1870's...where did they all go?

Oct 7, 1998 03:12

NAME: Jack E. Moore
LOCATION: Washougal, WA.

E-MAIL: Jmoore1248@aol.com


COMMENTS: Looking for information on gg grandfather Joseph Benjamin Moore Born: 26 Feb 1827 in Marshall, WV. Who were his parents? He had a brother William R. Moore age unknown.

Oct 7, 1998 07:26

NAME: Mary EARLE Garrison
LOCATION: Little Rock AR

E-MAIL: mlgarrsn@aol.com


COMMENTS: Looking for information on David STALEY, b. 11 Feb 1806 in Shepherdstown, Jefferson Co. Came to Wheeling/Moundsville area ca. 1820. Married 29 Mar 1835 Nancy BLEAKMORE, d. in Moundsville 13 Mar 1899.

Oct 9, 1998 18:05

NAME: Mary Jane Petersen

E-MAIL: marypaul@tgi.net


COMMENTS: 1850 census Marshall co. Is any one researching this family? BLAKEMORE (1630) Thomas...$400...Carpenter...49-M...MD

Oct 12, 1998 09:57


E-MAIL: Poocca@aol.com


COMMENTS: I am looking for "a first I heard of" relative. My real grandfather. His last name was Watkins from Moundsville. Maybe Charles, William or Albert.or??There is not much on a Watkins in M. he was in the 1st. World War. The only one I found was Albert in the Marines. My grandfather was suppose to be a pilot.Thanks for any help. JILL

Oct 12, 1998 20:07

NAME: Mary Rowland

E-MAIL: m_rowland63@hotmail.com


COMMENTS: I am searching for the family of Mandy Kelley McClellan. If any one knows of this family, please e mail me back. anyone knows of her or her children, please contract me at m_rowland63@hotmail.com Thanks

Oct 13, 1998 02:04

NAME: Diana J. Scyoc
LOCATION: East Liverpool, OH

E-MAIL: wknight@raex.com


COMMENTS: I am looking for any information on the Van Scyoc's of Marshall Co. When did Abel {Sr} come to the County? Who was Aaron's first wife? Where and when were they Married?

Oct 16, 1998 20:08

NAME: Jim Niewold
LOCATION: Sycamore, IL.

E-MAIL: NiewoldJ@aol.com


COMMENTS: Am seeking information on the MARTIN family of Pleasant Valley from early 1800s to present. JEFFERSON MARTIN, JOHN MARTIN, JOHN J. MARTIN, JOTHAN MARTIN,etc.

Oct 17, 1998 10:20

NAME: Tammy Burch
LOCATION: North Carolina

E-MAIL: tburch4@juno.com


COMMENTS: I am looking for information on Zephaniah Burch.

Oct 17, 1998 19:01

NAME: Larry Conner
LOCATION: Virginia

E-MAIL: LConner@msn.com


COMMENTS: I am, still, trying to find information on Joseph and Nancy Jane (MCCULLOUGH or McCobb)CONNER (Conners or Connor). They were married August 13, 1860 in Wetzel County, WV. Joseph was born May 21, 1829.

I have Joseph's parents as Samuel T. Conner and Mary A. Earlewine.

I have Nancy's parents as John McCullough and Margaret Parks.

Any help would be appreciated and I am very willing to exchange files should you have a possible connection.

Oct 17, 1998 23:07

NAME: Virginia
LOCATION: Tennessee

E-MAIL: Nebel@Gateway.net


COMMENTS: I need information about Samuel Ruckman (d.1832) and/or Eleanor Barnett

Oct 18, 1998 12:24

NAME: William Thornburg
LOCATION: Ohio County

E-MAIL: martijo@yahoo.com


COMMENTS: Looking for any relation to William Thornburg in Ohio County. Married Carolyn Porter 18??. I only have one child, Orville C Thornburg of Wheeling, WVa, married Caroline Foose 1/23/1866. Records show her parents were John and Catherine Foose. Any information on the Foose, Thornburg, Musback, Porter would be greatly appreciated. The only other information I have is they lived in either Ohio or Marshall County in the 1800's

Oct 21, 1998 19:19

NAME: A.Miller

E-MAIL: amiller566@aol.com


COMMENTS: Does anyone have information on the Leach Cemetary and a place called Leach Run in the Washington District of Marshall County W.Va.? This is very close to Moundsville. The cemetary was located off of Rt. 36 which should run between Rt.38 and Tom's Run. We have been told that this road is no longer passable in the area of the supposed location of the cemetary. Leach Run is an area up stream from Tom's Run. We went looking but did not feel comfortable going very far on that narrow isolated road.

Oct 27, 1998 05:47

NAME: Ruby Hillberry
LOCATION: Louisville, KY

E-MAIL: Gypsy437@aol.com


COMMENTS: I need to know the location of the Moundsville Prison Records. I have heard that James Minor (Hawkinberry) Hillberry -changed his name from Hawkinberry to Hillberry for some unknown reason. He supposedly served time in the Moundsville Prison around 1860. How would I obtain records from this prison. He lived in and around Mannington WV Thanks for any input Ruby Hillberry

Oct 27, 1998 15:03

NAME: Andrew H. Cockroft
LOCATION: Richland County, Wisconsin

E-MAIL: Andy440@mwt.net


COMMENTS: I am researching the Archibald McGuffie and Ann Bennett line. They are from Scotland and lived at Board Tree in Liberty Township. They are buried in the Cameron Cemetery. Children are: Annie Jane, Elizabeth, Archibald, Mary, John, Agnes, Isabella, James, and Mollie. Are there any descendants still living in the area? Does anybody have information on this family? Thanks!

Oct 28, 1998 12:12

LOCATION: Marshall Co, WV

E-MAIL: PhyllisMillerFleming@starband.net


COMMENTS: Looking for any information on the Isaac MILLER family that moved from Wetzel Co, WV about 1920. Isaac's children were Lawrence (1898-1959) m Amanda Jane Stone MORGAN; Dessie A. (1902-bef 1959) m Jacob UNDERDONK; Clyde (1904-aft 1957) m Lesta; Herbert "Ray" (1905-aft 1957) m LaVerne.

Thanks, Phyllis Miller Fleming, Shelbyville, IN PhyllisMillerFleming@starband.net

Oct 28, 1998 23:57

NAME: Jean Logston
LOCATION: Tampa, Florida

E-MAIL: nlogston@gte.net


COMMENTS: Looking for information on George Woods: On Dec. 27, 1814 Actia Burch (born 1797) married George Woods(born1794)at Crab Apple Creek, Greene Co. Pa. George was in the War of 1812. He enlisted on March 15,1812 in Wheeling, Va. The company was commanded by Captain William Gill. Actia was the oldest daughter of Jesse and Elizabeth Burch according to the will of Jesse. His son Richard and his wife were the Exectors. Actia used the name Mackey. Could it have been Elizabeth's maiden name? George and Actia had 11 children they lived in the 33rd District of Ohio Co. which became Marshall County. I am looking for his parents.

Oct 30, 1998 19:26

NAME: Joe A. Jacobs
LOCATION: Marshall Co. West Virginia

E-MAIL: joe.jacobs@gte.net


COMMENTS: COMMENTS: I am looking for any information on the ancestors of George W. Gray B: 1819 Winchester, Va. and his wife Mary Nesmith B: 1825 Winchester,Va. They both are believed to be buried at Sand Hill Cemetery, Marshall Co. after 1880. also need information on their daughter, Martha Gray B: 1861, Ohio Co. and their son George M. Gray B: 1865, Ohio Co.

Nov 5, 1998 13:50

NAME: Kevin A. Furbee
LOCATION: Clearwater, Florida

E-MAIL: furk1@aerial1


COMMENTS: Trying to investigate the Roots of the "Furbee" history in this area. I was born in Wheeling W.V. and am just trying to trace the Family tree as far back and where it originated from, supposedly Denmark origination but I am not sure. Thanks! Kevin Furbee

Nov 6, 1998 15:06

NAME: Dean Phillippi
LOCATION: Jacksonville, Florida

E-MAIL: dphillippi@aol.com


COMMENTS: SEARCHING THE SURNAMES OF BRADEN/WINTERS/WARD/POUNDS: David Braden B: Abt 1764 Washington, Washington County, Pennsylvania D:1816 Mifflin Township, Ashland County, Ohio married Ruth (Unknown). Dave Winters B: August 1834 D: 1910 Richhill Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania, married Mary Marcus. John Ward B: 1805 Greene County, Pennsylvania, D: ?? Greene County, Pennsylvania, married Minerva Gray. Harry Pounds B: ?? D: ?? married Emily Walker. This is all that I have, and if anyone has any information on these names or any of the surnames listed, I would love to hear from you to share information. Thanks. Dean Phillippi

Nov 6, 1998 16:02

NAME: Shannon Flaker(soon to be Shannon Hill)
LOCATION: Glen Dale West Virginia

E-MAIL: Flaker@ovis.net


COMMENTS: I am looking for any information on the Hill family that originated on Waymans Ridge in Marshall County. I am marrying Charles Sials Hill II. He is the grandson of Silas Meritt Hill who was married to Elsie Marie Coffield also of Marshall County. Together they had 2 boys Charles Silas Hill, and John Meritt Hill both live in Wheeling. If you have any information please let me know. I want to pass the history on to my children.

Nov 7, 1998 23:26

NAME: Jean Logston
LOCATION: Tampa , Florida

E-MAIL: nlogston@gte.net


COMMENTS: I am looking for the parents of Mary Worley.

Mary Worley (b.Ohio l798) was my gg grandmother who married Clement Leach (b.Md 1795) in l8l7 in Ohio Co, Va. They lived on Wayman Ridge, Marshall Co. and raised their family of 9 children.

Nov 9, 1998 09:42

NAME: Carolyn Jividen Miller
LOCATION: Barboursville, WV

E-MAIL: cdmiller@zoomnet.net


COMMENTS: Seeking the family of John and Prudence Richardson WILLIAMS. They are listed in the Marshall Co 1850 census with 8 children:Lawson, Susan, Thomas, Caroline, Jefferson, Leander, Mary, Catherine and Susan Richardson whom I would guess is Prudence's mother. Caroline is my gr-gr grandmother. She married James Tucker of Putnam/Mason Co. I feel they moved to Putnam between 1850 and 1860 because they are not on the 1860 Marshall Co. Census list. Thanks! Carolyn

Nov 10, 1998 11:38

NAME: Cyndi Shriver

E-MAIL: wshriver@1st.net


COMMENTS: Doing research on family. Some of the surnames include Conner, Neely, Burge, Wayt, Nice, and Blake. Most are from Marshall County. My gggrandfather was Samuel Alexander Conner Born June 11, 1844, he married Mary M. Wayt. His son Wilbert Conner married Grace Burge. If any of this rings a bell, please write back.

Nov 10, 1998 18:47

NAME: Debi Ohanian
LOCATION: Marshall County, West Virginia

E-MAIL: Depodeb@aol.com


COMMENTS: Seeking information on Jacob CLARK(e), who was the 2nd husband of Betty Zane. Am looking particularly for information on their son, Ebenezer CLARK(e), born c. 1801. Please e-mail me.

Nov 11, 1998 21:30

NAME: Sharon A. Cox
LOCATION: Greenville, Ohio

E-MAIL: petelace@wesnet.com


COMMENTS: A friend of mine is looking for info on Sarah Enochs Briggs who was born in 1805 and died 8-18-1850 in Wetzel County. She was married to Henry Briggs and had the following children: Nancy, Zuba, Margaret, two unknown females, Evaline, John, Lot, Brice, and Harrison. I am unfamiliar with genealogy, and my friend is not on the internet, so if anyone out there has any help for her, please e-mail me. Thank you very much.

Nov 12, 1998 16:08

NAME: Shannon Flaker

E-MAIL: Flaker@ovis.net



I was incorrect in the information in my query about Silas Merrit Hill. His wifes name was Elsie Marie Wood of Waymans' Ridge. Together they had two boys Charles and John Hill.

If you have any information about Sials' family tree I would appreciate it. Thank you Shannon Flaker (Hill)

Nov 15, 1998 00:16

NAME: Audrey L. Althaus
LOCATION: Green Valley, Arizona

E-MAIL: althaus@earthlink.net


COMMENTS: I'm seeking information on the family of Ephraim and Barbary Chambers; listed on the 1880 Liberty District Census, lot(?) 435. Among their children were Samuel, age 12, and Robert, 19. I have reason to believe that Samuel was my grandfather. Would greatly appreciate ANY information about this family, or contact with any descendants. My grandfather, Samuel, and his wife, Mary, lived in Cameron during the period 1900/1910. Samuel worked for the B & O Railroad, and was killed on the tracks there. He had a brother, Bob, who owned a farm in the area.

Nov 15, 1998 21:41

LOCATION: Lancaster, Ohio

E-MAIL: pjchambers@juno.com


COMMENTS: Would like to get in touch with SNOWFIREBIRD regarding JEFFERSON/ZIMMERMAN per 7/27/98 inquiry. Also anyone else interested in researching this family.

Nov 16, 1998 21:57

NAME: Patricia Davis

E-MAIL: tapdor@aol.com


COMMENTS: Looking for information about Elizabeth EARLYWINE. She was born May 02, 1829. She went to Green county Pa. to marry David G. RINEHART. Thanks.

Nov 17, 1998 15:50

NAME: Garry Foster
LOCATION: Archer, Florida

E-MAIL: FosterG@mail.vetmed.ufl.edu


COMMENTS: I am looking for information on the James Foster family of Beeler's Station, Marshall County, WV. James was born in Ireland abt 1784 and died in Marshall Co.,WV, abt 1870. The 1850 Marshall Co. census has James as 66yrs, wife Eleanor, and 8 children (Nancy, James, Thomas, Robert, Harriett Sarah, James and Adeline). I am most interested in Adeline age 9yrs at the time of the 1850 census. Adeline married Charles W. Fuller, also of Beeler's Station, 28 Dec. 1865 in Marshall Co. My grandfather's aunt (Adeline's daughter) said her mother (Adeline) told her a Joseph Bane was her(Adeline's) father and that Joesph Bane died shortly after Adelines birth and Adeline went to live with her grandfather (James Foster). Memories may have been foggy at Aunt Hazel's age. Thanks for the help!

Nov 18, 1998 21:53

NAME: Bill Kiger
LOCATION: Salem, WV 26426

E-MAIL: billkiger@iolinc.net


COMMENTS: Looking for information on Andrew & Lewis Kiger. Lewis born 1807 died 1853 Marshall Co. 2 wives ? Smith and Jane Anne Bailey. Any information appreciated. Thanks

Nov 20, 1998 18:59

NAME: Rebecca Bond

E-MAIL: koala1701genealogy@cox.net


COMMENTS: Seeking information on Joseph BECKETT born 21 Aug, 1819 in Smith Township, Belmont Co. Ohio died 24 Nov, 1881 in Smith Township, Belmont Co., Ohio married on Jan 1841 in Marshall Co., West Virginia to Rebecca CARMICHAEL born 22 Dec, 1818 in Marshall Co., West Virginia died 6 Jan, 1891 in St. Clairsville, Belmont Co.,Ohio. Children born to Joseph BECKETT and Rebecca CARMICHAEL were: Sarah J. born 20 Feb, 1841 in Marshall Co., West Virginia; William Henry born 5 Apr, 1842 in Ohio; Eliza E. born 13 Jan, 1845 in Ohio; Rachel Nancy born 1 Apr, 1847 in Ohio; Rebecca born 1848 in Ohio; Sintha A. born 1851 in Ohio; George M. born 1853 in Ohio; John M. born 1855 in Ohio; Alvaretta born 1857 in Ohio; Mary Anna born 1859 in Ohio. Any information on would be appreciated. Willing to share information. Thanks in advance.

Nov 21, 1998 19:03


E-MAIL: topdog@raex.com


COMMENTS: Charles WHITE b1844 m,x2. First wife may have been named Gatewood. Charles married in 1889 Arnetta BUSH b1863. Charles had 7-8 children with first wife, among them were Charles, Lonzo and Archie WHITE. Charles and Arnetta had the following children: Bluford b1893, Roscoe, Ethel, Leonard, Florence, Zilpha, and Zella. Charles died in 1907, Arnetta in 1945. Looking for information about the parents of Charles WHITE and Arnetta BUSH.

Nov 27, 1998 14:16

NAME: Ginny Owen
LOCATION: Marshall County

E-MAIL: ginnyo@juno.com


COMMENTS: Searching for information on Tylee/Tyler CLAYTON, Found in Marshall County in 1850/1860/1870. Tylee was born about 1819/1820, wife Mary, born about 1824. Children: John Wesley, Jacob, William, Elizabeth, Sarah, Margaret, Rebecca, Issac and George. Possible brother of Tylee was William. Seeking to conect this Tylee with possible parents Tylee/Tyler CLAYTON and Sarah KREWSON of Phila, PA area. Contact Ginny Owen at: ginnyo@juno.com

Nov 28, 1998 05:02

NAME: Carol (Boyd) Frary
LOCATION: Floral City, Florida

E-MAIL: frary @citrus.infi.net


COMMENTS: Researching BOYD/MCDONALD Family. I have found the family of my greatgrandmother MCDONALD, Martha Jane in the 1850 Marshall Co. census. Her father was MCDONALD, James. Her mother was MINOR, Elizabeth (married 1 EDLEMAN, Jacob). I have found a MCDONALD, Wm R. in the 1840 census. Is this MCDONALD, James' father? Does anyone have anything on the MINOR family? There is a MINOR, John in the 1840 census. Is this MINOR, Elizabeth's father? Does anyone know what happened to EDLEMAN, Jacob, Elizabeth's first husband. They had two sons-Isaac and James. thank you in advance for any info.

Nov 28, 1998 18:34

NAME: wade frank
LOCATION: littleton w.v wetzel county

E-MAIL: dleee@ncweb.com


COMMENTS: I'am searching for Frank Wade b.1863 married Emma Porter b.1869 they had elven children she died during child birth June 6,1909 he may have remarried after her death to a Elzia Kimbell I think he died in 1923 I would love to hear from enyone with information on the Wades from wetzel county. Donna

Dec 1, 1998 17:16

NAME: Nancy Wach

E-MAIL: nancywach@uswest.net


COMMENTS: EARLYWINE or ERLEWINE. I am seeking the parents of or birth record of Gilbert who was born in 1854 in Marshall county. The family moved, probably to Nebraska. Gilbert married there and had children before moving the family to Seward county, Kansas.

Dec 1, 1998 20:12

NAME: Jonette L. Muntz

E-MAIL: JoLyMu@AOL.com


COMMENTS: WEST AND BIRD FAMILIES. Looking for information on any family members. I know very little. I know that Elsie Lela Bird married Casper Pearl West and when he died she married Benjamin; casper's cousin. Elsie's mom's name was Winona Dell Hurley and she married a Bird.I don't knwo any dates.Winona's children were Elsie, Lillian, Velma, Nellie, Carrie, Margaret,Earl,Robert,and Ada. Elsie's children were Nellie Pearl, Doris Jean,Edith, Ralph, Tom, and step-son Denver. I only know the families of Nellie and Doris. Any information is wanted. If there are any family members out there I'd like to get to know you.Thank-you Jonette Muntz JoLyMu@AOL.com

Dec 2, 1998 14:59

NAME: John Criswell
LOCATION: Moundsville-Marshall County

E-MAIL: scriswell@centuryinter.net


COMMENTS: Looking for all info ; John CRISWELL & family. Born about 1919 in Moundsville 1919.

Dec 3, 1998 20:48

NAME: Kay Custer

E-MAIL: KCuster@your-net.com


COMMENTS: Seeking descendants of Marshall County resident Robert Dorsey LEGGETT b. 7/28/1926 and his wife Mary D BURCH. Their children married: John Young PUGH, Lewis POWELL, William POWELL, Henry W HOWELL, John WITTEN, J R KIRKMAN, Jacob LINIGER, Edward C LUIKERT, Ella F HUTCHENSON, Lila W BRILL.

Dec 4, 1998 18:23

NAME: Bill Bauer

E-MAIL: wbauer@ala.net


COMMENTS: Need verification on 1880 ce Marshall Co WV Liberty Dist #352,is Jacob M,grsn 28, b1852 surname BONER or BAUER? Next door to Jacob Bowers 57, b.1823, Baden, #351 1880 ce Marshall co, Liberty

Dec 7, 1998 20:33

NAME: Tony McCormick
LOCATION: Illinois

E-MAIL: mccormic@starnetusa.com


COMMENTS: I am searching for information on Dr. Thomas McCormick (McCormack or McCormic) and his family who lived in Elizabethtown in the mid 1820's to late 1830's. In a history of Marshall Co. he was named as one of the first trustees of Elizabethtown. I am especially interested to find out whether he is related to the other McCormick's in Marshall Co. at that time (James, John, and Joshua)

Dec 7, 1998 22:31

NAME: Joan Derry
LOCATION: 337 N. Earlton Road, Havre de Grace, Md. 21078

E-MAIL: MDMama2841@aol.com


COMMENTS: ROBERT DERRY WILLIAM DERRY Both on 1860 Va. Census for Marshall Co., W. Va. -- Who are they? Are there any other DERRY's in the area?

Dec 10, 1998 20:55

NAME: George Washington Rogers
LOCATION: Cameron, WV Marshall county

E-MAIL: jakeroge@neo.rr.com


COMMENTS: Looking for information on my grandfather George Washington ROGERS, lived in Cameron, WV between 1925 and 1929? George m. Addie Beatrice WHITLATCH in Aug of 1925. They had 5 children. Rosella ROGERS b. April 11, 1925. Charles Leo ROGERS (my father) b. Aug 12, 1926 in Cameron WV. George Lloyd ROGERS b June 12, 1931, James Henry ROGERS b. Dec 10, 1932 in Bergholz, OH. and Mary Ellen ROGERS b. April 19, 1935.

Dec 13, 1998 10:56


E-MAIL: pattyb@aol.com


COMMENTS: I am researching the family of Squire Dillie Martin & Lavina Beeler. I would like to hear from anyone else working on this family.

Dec 14, 1998 10:16

NAME: Howard Bell
LOCATION: Bonita Springs, FL



COMMENTS: 1880 Census Franklin District Household #172 BAKER James 53, Elizabeth 50, Belle 23, James 22, Georgiana 19,Ida 17, Martha 15, Charles 12, Clarence 6. Did Belle marry a James Lowry in my line? Any info on this family if there is a tie. Thanks.

Dec 15, 1998 21:15

NAME: P. Chambers
LOCATION: Lancaster, Ohio

E-MAIL: pjchambers@juno.com


COMMENTS: Seeking information on descendants or ancestors of Samuel NORRIS b@1815 in Ohio (?) m. Jane Holliday b @1816 in Virginia, d. @1881

Dec 20, 1998 23:50

NAME: Reva McIntyre
LOCATION: Illinois

E-MAIL: carlm@comwares.net


COMMENTS: I am seeking descendents of Benjamin & Hannah DAVIS MCINTYRE in . and also descendents of Melvin and Juditha BEVERLIN RICHARDS. Both of these families were in the Marshall County area in the 1940s & 50s. Hannah was my grandmothers aunt and Juditha was her sister. I would like to exchange information with these families. ASH, BAKER, BEVERLIN, BLAND, BROWN, DAVIS, CUNNINGHAM, FISHER, MCINTYRE, MORGAN, SCHAEFFER & WILLOUGHBY all in WV

Dec 21, 1998 15:51

NAME: Howard Bell
LOCATION: Bonita Springs, FL



COMMENTS: BAKER, James 53, Elizabeth 50 Belle 23 James 22 Georgiana 19 Ida 17 Martha 15 Charles 12 Clarence 6 Household 172 Franklin Dist.Marshall Co. 1880 Census. First appear 1850 Census James 23 Elizabeth 18. Believe James, Elizabeth, and Charles (C.W.) buried Burch Ridge Cemetery. Trying to tie Belle or Anna B. or Amybell (different spellings in censuses) to James D. Lowry, also buried Burch Ceme. An Anna Bel signed death record for husband James. Need info on the Baker children, married and buried, especially Anna Bel or whatever her correct name. Thanks.

Dec 23, 1998 15:24


E-MAIL: RMcavoy414@aol.com


COMMENTS: BANE family Buried at Highland Cemetery are Lloyd Bane 1896 - 1919 and Pauline Stewart Bane 1916 - 1965 . Buried at Mt. Rose Cemetery are William A. Bane 1875 - 1948, Annie J. Bane 1880 - 1925 and Mary Jane Bane 1908 - 1942. Could someone tell me how they are related to the rest of the Bane family of Marshall County?

Dec 23, 1998 23:44

NAME: William Forester
LOCATION: Pittsburgh, PA

E-MAIL: 75034.2704@compuserve.com


COMMENTS: I am searching for any relatives of William Allen, who was born ~ 1785 (wife Abigail)and posted his will 6/20/1849, naming children;Sarah, Hannah, William, Robert, Mahlon, Linnie, Amanda and Armstead.

Dec 26, 1998 18:50

LOCATION: Brooksville, FL

E-MAIL: broja@gate.net

HOME PAGE: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Woods/7856/

COMMENTS: Looking for family of Eli SALTER and his wife Martha_? Eli was born abt 1824 in PA and died aft 1880 in Marshall Co WV. He and Martha had following children; William SALTER, b, 1849, d, 1851; Eddie SALTER, b? d 1851; Ada M. Salter, b, bet 1850-1861, d, 1861; Noah W. SALTER, b 1858;d? m?; Ada E. SALTER, b 1865, married, George RUPP, 11 Aug 1888; and Harry Montgomery SALTER, b 1869, married, Minnie E. Allison, 1892. I would like to know if Harry and Minnie had any children? I have data on Harry after he left WV.Need info on Ada and George RUPP. Any Children? Martha's maiden name? If any one has heard of this family I would love to hear from you. broja@gate.net

Dec 28, 1998 16:53


E-MAIL: jh7277@aol.com


COMMENTS: Looking for any info on Joseph and Barbara Hammond of Moundsville. They had at least three sons- John (1810), Jacob (1815) and Joseph (1819). Does anyone have anything on this family?

Dec 28, 1998 20:09

NAME: Marilyn S. Vadakin
LOCATION: Marietta, OH

E-MAIL: mvadakin@frognet.net


COMMENTS: Nelson & Sarah [Shafer] Wildman came to the New Martinsville, WV area (Pinegrove) from Greene co., PA after the 1850 PA census. Nelson [b: c1815, PA-d: 1871, Wetzel co., WV] Sarah [b: c1822--d: ?]; after Nelson's death, Sarah m: Isaac Lowe. Who were Nelson's parents? Sarah's parents? Where is Nelson buried? Where is Sarah buried? My ancestor, John Wildman, was a Union veteran. He m: Louisa Nay of Harrison co., WV and raised his family in the Cairo, Ritchie co., WV area. Would like to correspond with decendants of Nelson & Sarah Wildmans.

Dec 28, 1998 20:23

NAME: Marilyn S. Vadakin
LOCATION: Marietta, OH

E-MAIL: mvadakin@frognet.net


COMMENTS: Mable B. LEMON [b: 1904, Ritchie co, d: 1990, New Martinsville] m: 1929, Harrisville, WV to Frank P. DULANEY [b: 1896, Wetzel co, d: 1989, New Martinsville] Mable & Frank had 3 children: 1) Virginia Rose DULANEY, m: 1- Lee J. SAMPSON, 2- Ernest P. CRAFT, JR. CH: Charles SAMPSON, Kenneth CRAFT, Kimberly D. CRAFT.
2) Norma J. DULANEY, m: Robert KEES. CH: Debbie KEYS, Robert KEES.
We have written a family history book of the Lemon Family of Ritchie County, WV. We would like to communicate with descendants of this family. We will be happy to exchange any info we have. Frank & Mable were residents of Hamlin, Lincoln co. and Middlebourne, Tyler co. Marilyn mvadakin@frognet.net

Dec 30, 1998 02:39

NAME: Pat Greathouse
LOCATION: Phenix City, AL

E-MAIL: PGreatho01@aol.com

HOME PAGE: http://www.geocities.com/heartland/pointe/6094/

COMMENTS: There is a brand new GREATHOUSE surname list for you! Please join for discussion of genealogy of the Greathouse family anytime and anywhere and for posting of your Queries! To subscribe send a message to GREATHOUSE-L-request@rootsweb.com that contains only the word subscribe and nothing else. Or for digest mode send the command instead to GREATHOUSE-D-request@rootsweb.com If you know of someone researching GREATHOUSE, please let them know about this. Happy New Year and looking forward to finding all of our Greathouse links in 1999! Pat Greathouse- List Sponsor PGreatho01@aol.com

Dec 30, 1998 16:12

NAME: Kay Custer

E-MAIL: KCuster@your-net.com


COMMENTS: Robert Dorsey LEGGETT: correct date of birth 1826 instead of date in Dec 3, 1998 query. What relationship exists between the LEGGETT's and the BLAIR's? Robert's father, George, was a witness to Waren BLAIR's will in Marshall County (W)Va. 1840.

catnip@bright.net - Roger K. Terrill-Dec 30 1997
I am looking for information on Robert Terril, who was born in present day Ohio Co, West Virginia on May 1, 1808. He later married Elizabeth Thompson on December 22, 1829 and they had eleven children (Daniel, William, Mary Jane, Jeremiah, Rebecca Alice, David, Elizabeth, Ruth, Margaret, Robert and John Thompson). He was the son of Daniel Terril and Jane (Jane) Giffen. Both of which died in present day Ohio Co., West Virginia. Thank you very much for your assistance.

whucko@valunet.com - Karen Hucko-Dec 30 1997
I am looking for the following:
I have three RICHMOND girls: Elizabeth born 1770 in Pa.,Martha born 1772 in Pa., and Esther born 1774 in Pa.I need to find who they married. I know they married between 1790-1800.They have ties in Washington Co.Pa.and Marshall-Ohio County, W.Va. Can anyone help me?
NDudley677@aol.com - Norval Jack Dudley-Dec 29 1997
I'm looking for any information I can find on Sarah K. RIDDLE. She was born in Wheeling. She married Charles BLACKMAN and later lived in Henry County, Indiana. I have extensive data on BLACKMAN and will be glad to share it.
Alalthaus@aol.com - Audrey Althaus-Dec 29 1997
I'm researching the lines of CHAMBERS and RINEHART or REINHART. My grandfather, Samuel C. Chambers, and grandmother Mary Rinehart or Reinhart lived in Cameron. Their two children, Elsie and Orville, were born in the period 1904 - 1908 approx. Two families on the 1910 census appear to fit the description closely. Samuel worked for the railroad, and was killed on the tracks approx. 1910-1915, in Cameron. He is buried at a cemetery near Cameron. It is rumored that Mary Chambers moved to Bellaire Ohio, where she died in a hotel fire. A brother to Samuel, named Bob, continued to live in Cameron. Any help locating the famiies of Samuel and Mary would be greatly appreciated.
rroberts@p-b-llp.com - Raymond M. Roberts-Dec 29 1997
I am researching the Clegg Family in Marshall County West Virginia. Some of lineage is as follows:
Thomas Clegg (b 1750, d 1/1830) m. Mary ?? (b ?, d 2/1832) buried at Wolfrun Church; son Samuel Clegg (b 1774, d 1844) m. in 1796 Joanna ?? (b 1770, d 1850) Son Thomas Clegg (b 1797, d 1883) m. Margaret Reed (b 1801, d 1874); son Thomas Jackson Clegg (b.1838 d 1885) m. Sydney Howell (b 1846, d 1896).
Note, several of the Cleggs married into the Hubbs Family. (Elizabeth Clegg (b.1798, d 1856) married Elijah Hubbs and Thomas Clegg (b 1782, d 1871) married Kesiah Hubbs and later Rebecca Hubbs). Any assistance will be appreciated.
cford@peganet.com - Carolyn Ford-Dec 26 1997
Seeking information about children of Abraham Earlewine and first wife Eva Catharine Gasser in Sand Hill area near present day Moundsville by 1770. I have conflicting info re children's birth dates and which children belonged to which wife. Eva Catharine died after 1802 and Abraham m Keterin Sailor, dau of Jacob Sailor of Washington Co., PA. Does anyone have these children's birth dates documented? Will exchange information.
wandrews@efn.org - William Andrews-Dec 14 1997
Looking for information on John BOGGS, wife Margaret (Peggy) and their daughter, possibly named Susan. Thanks.
whucko@valunet.com - Karen Hucko-Dec 13 1997
Abraham Richmond married Rachael ? Abraham was born in 1785, so Rachael was probably born about the same time. They lived right across the Pennsylvania border. They got married about 1806. Does anyone have a Rachael that was born about that time that they can't find? I really need help on this one.
whucko@valunet.com - Karen Hucko-Dec 5 1997
I am in the process of ordering Civil War Headstones for the three Civil War Veterans buried in the Salem Methodist Cem. in Washington County, Pa. One of them Eli Harris, was in Co.L, 4th W.Va. Calvary Regiment. Does anyone have information on Ben Wallace or David Majors/Magers? I need to have their Regiments to order their headstones. I WOULD APPRECIATE ANY INFORMATION ON DAVID MAGERS AND BEN WALLACE..DAVID WAS IN THE CIVIL WAR FROM MARSHALL COUNTY.
Lauraf101@aol.com - Laura Forrest-Dec 5 1997
Any info on Benjamin W. Lancaster married to Sarah M. Ogle Logsdon, living in Marshall County, Cameron TWP as of the 1870 census, or on any children...J.P.A. Logsdon,b.1861, Wm. Burley Lancaster, b. 1864, Charles E. Lancaster, b.1867, or Julia B. Lancaster, b.1870. All were living in Cameron as of 1870....Any elementary school info available for this time period?
DianeKrade@aol.com - Diane Krade-Dec 2 1997
I am looking for information on Elizabeth Gatts Smoth. She was from Marshall County and taught astronomy at Bethany College around 1890(?). Elizabeth married one of her students Enoch Gatts who became a minister in the Christian Church. I am portraying her in a Christmas in Shepherdstown Parade as she is the sister to my great grandmother. Any information would be appreciated.
miketoni@theofficenet.com - Toni Thompson-Nov 30 1997
Looking for information about the family of George W. CLARKE who married Rebecca Anguish 1-9-1858 in Marshall County. He was born in Belmont County, Ohio and first married Mahala Gorby. They had sons Thomas, Jesse and John Edgar. George and Rebecca had Joseph and Mary. Joseph married Amanda Gump and moved west. Any help would be appreciated.
SCOTT_WEST@ecunet.org - Scott West-Nov 28 1997
Seeking info. about Isaac BLAKE and wife Elizabeth, lived in Ohio County, Va. (portion that became Marshall Co., W.Va.) circa 1800 - 1850. Isaac Blake served in War of 1812 with a co. of Va. Militia. One son known, Nathaniel, married Susannah Richardson Feb. 1836 in the newly formed Marshall Co. Any info. on Isaac, Elizabeth, Nathaniel or Susannah would be appreciated.

Also researching:
EARNEST: ancestors & descendents of Peter & Rosannah (Stollar) Earnest , primarily from Liberty District, Marshall Co. 1820 - present. Earlier generations often lived in Greene Co., Pa. Peter & Rosannah (Stollar) Earnest buried at the Hutchinson Cemetery, Springhill Twp., Greene Co., Pa.

GRIFFITH: ancestors & descendents of Samuel & Lydia Jane (Blake) Griffith, whose farm straddled the W.Va./Pa. state line, near Woodruff, Marshall Co., W.Va. Both buried at the Fall Run Cemetery, near Woodruff.

BPAULZ@mediaone.net - Dawn Zelewicz-Nov 24 1997
I am researching the families: Marsh,Carrigan,Allen, and Caldwell, all of Sherrard. Would appreciate any information available, and would enjoy exchanging info with others.
ELWZ85A@prodigy.com - Victoria D. Sulpher-Nov 24 1997
SAND HILL CEMETERY...Have been told that there are actually 2 Sand Hill Cemeteries located in Marshall Co. Can anyone verify this? Have family buried in one but no stone and no info on paper. Help!
UNDF94A@prodigy.com - Charles McMasters-Nov 24 1997
I am looking for information on Milton MCMASTERS who was married to Mary. They had 4 children between 1899 and 1907; William Ward, Walter States, Harry James, and Lillian (?). I believe all were born in Moundsville. Any help at all would be welcome. Thank you,
ndw1@psu.edu - Nancy Hallberg-Nov 23 1997
HOWARD, HELMS, GORRELL Am seeking information on Andrew J. Howard, born abt 1836; Enos Howard, born abt 1813; or John Howard. Enos was listed as sheriff in the 1850 Marshall Co. census. John was born 1775 and was a Baptist Minister. Also seeking information of family of Marshall Co. residents George Helms, born abt 1819 in Ohio, and Robert Gorrell born abt 1781 in Virginia.
JanelDC@aol.com - JanelDC-Nov 19 1997
I am looking for the parents of Julia N. Tomlinson b. 24 October 1848 in Moundsville,Marshall West Virginia. Her mother's married name may be Indiana K. Tomlinson. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
boot-z@email.msn.com - Laura Parkhill-Nov 7 1997
Looking for information my gggrand father who was b. in Marshall Co. Elizabethtown, WV the family is William Cochrane m. Anna B. Mathers, children are W.L., John C. Joseph, Margaret, Elizabeth
Nov 6, 1997
I am currently compiling information for my HISTORY OF SHERRARD book that will be published soon. I am trying to locate old photos, Sherrard High yearbooks, lists of Sherrard High graduating classes prior to 1932, and any other facts, stories, photos or events that might be appropriate for this historical/genealogical publication. Any assistance will be appreciated. If you have anything you would like to submit for consideration, please contact me at Marlo3749@aol.com
Corrigan@genesys.net - Corrigan-Nov 5, 1997
Looking for parents of Charles Milton Mobley, b 31 Dec 1876, Monroe County, Woodsfield, OH; d 12 Dec 1934, Marshall County, Moundsville, WV. Parents may be from Monroe County, Cameron, or Woodsfield, OH. Father's name possibly Andrew J. Mobley, mother's name possibly Sarah E. (Ady) Mobley.
113066.3652@compuserve.com - Cindy Swoboda-Nov 4, 1997
Looking for information about Henry Huggins family. Lived and died in WV. My grandparents were John Potts and Goldie Huggins Potts who lived near Campgrounds in Moundsville. Any information would be appreciated.
RJAYWILL@aol.com - RJAYWILL-Nov 4, 1997
Martin Keller married Mary Elizabeth Garvin 20 February 1836. I need Martin's parents and any other information about this couple.

whucko@valunet.com - Karen Hucko-Oct 30, 1997
I am researching the Richmond Family line in Marshall County, West Virginia and Washington County, Pennsylvania. Anyone having information on the family please contact me.

Corrigan@genesys.net - Corrigan-Oct 30, 1997
Looking for: Charles Milton Mobley, Andrew J. Mobley, Sarah E. Ady Mobley, Ida Bell McCoy Mobley, Jim McCoy, Alcinda Lemasters McCoy, Lizzie McCoy, Leona McCoy Dulaney, and many more.

downing@mosquitonet.com - Janet-Oct 26, 1997
I am looking for information on Joshua Carmichael. He married Nancy Okey in Noble County Ohio 10 October 1855. I do not know his parents or birth place. I hope you can help. Thanks.

bonniev@rcvideo.com - bonniev-Oct 26, 1997
I am searching Johnson/Johnston. I am back to Jacob Johnson, born abt. 1798 in Ohio. He bought a farm on Fork Ridge in 1841 and was there until his death abt. 1877. He had 3 sons: Morris, Ezekiel, and ?, and two daughters: Phoebe Johnson and Rebecca Johnson Williams.

zuelsdorf@cybertime.net - Mariana-Oct 15, 1997
I'm looking for Henry Gehring or Garing who supposedly lived in the Wheeling area about 1850. His wife's name was Mary Elizabeth. Enlisted Company E, 2nd Reg. Infantry in 1861, then Company E 5th Reg WV Cav. Supposedly taken prisoner at Bull Run & held in Libby Prison for 6 mos. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.
KKMason@classic.msn.com - Kay L. Mason-Oct 12, 1997
I'm trying to find out more information on Mason's Island. It is supposed to be near Lynn Camp and where many Masons lived in the early part of the 1800's. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
reb0149@indy.net - H. W. Steele-Oct 11, 1997
Andrew Jackson STEELE, b. 7 Jul 1834, Majorsville, Marshall County, (W)VA. d. 1 Dec 1909, Washington County, PA. Married (1)1858 to Martha Jane CONKLE at Guernsey County OH. Children: Thomas Vincent, Henry Willard, Margaret L., Jane A., and Celina Etta. Married (2) 1874 to Mary CARROLL. Children: Charles O., Blanche R. and Maude W. Is anyone familiar with this Family?
jwmc51@usit.net - John Clark-Oct 11, 1997
Looking for Quintin Clark, born, born Dec. 1856. Married Mary Elizabeth Wilkinson on 15 June 1878. Had 2 children:Harry A, Clark, and Hester Rosalie Clark. Quintin's parents came from Scotland. He worked on Dennis Whitney farm in 1870 at age 14.
nspix@access.mountain.net - Norma Knotts Shaffer-Oct 11, 1997
Seeking info on John and Mary Ann (McGARY?) PETTIT (and spelling variations of same) who were living in Marshall Co. at time of 1880 Census. Census lists John age 48, Mary A. age 47, Bashba age 18, Malissa age 16, George B. age 14, James age 12, Cora age 10. Other known children and year of birth from Family Records are: Sarah E. 1850, Silas 1855, Alice 1857, unnamed 1864 (probably George B. from census), McClellan "Cal" 1865, Barbara Ellen 1871, Clara B. 1873. Ages given in census differ from family records by about 2 years. Seeking parentage, marriage and any info on this family. John and Mary A. moved to Calhoun County about 1890, but the older children did not make the move.
Nesslocks@aol.com - Mori-Oct 8, 1997
I am looking for the Rush family in this area of West Virginia. Franklin Rush was born Mar 9, 1867 in Wheeling. His Father was also called Franklin Rush and was married to Lucenda Rush born Rush. Lucenda was born Jan 25, 1829 in Wheeling. They had a son named Robert Rush born May 26, 1851 in Wheeling. There is a Robert listed in the 1850 Census in Marshall County and a Lucinda Rush also in Marshall County. Are there any records for this area? I would like to obtain any information about this family. If there are any researchers available-please let me know and what the rates are. I would like to hear from you concerning any help that is available. Thanks.
tatters999@aol.com - Sandy Cook-Oct 7, 1997
Walton, Mary - I am attempting to research my husband's family for which I have very little information. I only know that Mary WALTON was from Moundsville, Marshall County, WV. She married Walter Watson COOK and had a sister Elizabeth WALTON who married Herman VOSS. I have no dates for any of these people other than Elizabeth who died at the age of 93 in 1990 and Herman VOSS who died in 1986 and was app 95. Any information regarding the WALTON family would be very much appreciated. Thanks,
JUCH46A@prodigy.com - Patricia Murphy DiNarda-Oct 6, 1997
I am looking for any information on the Board Tree area where the Railroad workers had a community with a church, a settlement...a grave yard is located in this area. My ancestors are buried there. I do not know much about this place?? The church was moved to Littleton, WV because of a great deal of sickness and deaths. Thank you.
martha@cboss.com - Martha-Sept 28, 1997
SHOEMAKER/JOB Robert Shoemaker b. abt. 1805 PA. Marr: Oct. 31, Ohio Co. WV. Elizabeth Job b. abt. 1810 PA. They had 9 children: (1) Rebecca b. 1832 VA; (2) Robert H. b. 1835 VA; (3) George C. b. 1839 VA; (4) Elizabeth b. 1841 VA;; (5) Mary b. 1843 VA; (6) Isabella b. 1845 VA; (7) Nancy b. 1847 VA; (8) Martha b. 1848 VA; (9) Matthias b. 1847? VA; Need help with parents of Robert & Elizabeth, etc. Anyone working on the Shoemaker line I could use some help. They lived in Marshall Co. WV. in 1850 Census.

RUTH/JOB William Ruth b. Abt. 1801 b. PA. Marr: 14 sept 1826 Ohio Co. WV. Hannah Job b. 1805 PA.They are listed in the 1850 Census in Marshall Co. WV. with children: (1) Martha b. 1830 VA; (2) Thomas b. 1832 VA; (3) John b. 1833 VA; (4) William b. 1835 VA; (5) Elizabeth b. 1837 VA; (6) Sarah b. 1839 VA; (7) Abigail b. 1840 VA; (8) Lydia b. 1842 VA; (9) Daniel b. 1843 VA; (10) Albert b. 1844 VA; Anyone having any information on this line please contact me. Thank You, Martha

EFrazie101@aol.com - EFrazie101@aol.com-Sept 27, 1997
I am researching William and Martha Wolff whose daughter Henryetta b 25 dec 1835 in Moundsville, (Marshall) VA. Married Stephen A. Wilcox b Jun 1830 in Mass, in Wheeling 8 Feb 1857, Had children, Charles, Edward, Harry, Maggie Mary. The Boys were born in Tenn and Maggie in Wheeling. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.
marcia@provide.net - Marcia MacMullan-Sept 18, 1997
I am researching the line founded by RUDOLPH WELLMAN, b 1758, Washington Co PA, d. 1836, Belmont Co OH, married AGNES ARCHER, b. 1760, d. 1834. RUDOLPH and AGNES had four children, all born in Ohio and or Marshall counties, WV, between 1790 and 1802. Their eldest son, JAMES, married SARAH PALMER and settled in Marshall Co WV where they raised 13 children. Family lore says a MICHAEL WELLMAN was RUDOLPH's father, and that the grandfather of Rudolph was JARRED WELLMAN. Looking for any clues as to the parents of either Rudolph or Agnes.
LXXX86A@prodigy.com - Mary Ann Zervos-Sept 14, 1997
I am trying to find my Yoho connection. All I know is: Cyrus Yoho reported my 3rd gr. grandfather George Washington Allman's death. George lived in Moundsville and is buried at Taylors Ridge Cemetary. Another Yoho married into I believe my Hood side. As for the Wetzels. Ida Belle Briggs (gr. granddaughter of Jacob Wetzel/Rhumana Shepphard) married George Washington Allman/Sarah Hunter's son John Hamilton Allman my 2gr. uncle. C.B. Allman (John/Ida Belle's son) was my cousin, he wrote the Lewis Wetzel book. Joshua Allman/Rebecca Conway's son Elijah married Mary (Maria) Wetzel. Trying to connect Joshua to me. Have more info. Would be willing to send. Any help would be appreciated. Have a lot of loose ends.
73473.270@compuserve.com - Kay L. Mason-Sept 14, 1997
I have tons of relatives from Marshall Co., although I've never lived there. My grandfather was Ronald Wayne Mason, s/o Martha Young and Marvin Mason. I'm related to Shepherds, Neelys, Anguishes, Hartleys, Gorbys, McDowells, Alleys, and Sockmans, to name a few. I would really appreciate any available information on these surames.
philpotj@kih.net - Jan Philpot-Sept 12, 1997
CLARK, DUNLAP. Looking for information on Marissa Clark (born Wheeling, WV) married James Dunlap (born Pittsburg, PA). I have no dates but know they had a daughter, Minnie, born 1864 in Stewart Co., TN. Thanks for any help you can give.
Patch227@aol.com - Barbara Johnson-Sept 09, 1997
Looking for info on the MARSH family out of Sand Ridge. My Sutton line settled in Wheeling, Philip Sutton married MARY MARSH 1824 in Staffordshire, George Sutton m ELIZABETH MARSH in Staffordshire 1815. They arrived with some Sand Hill Marsh's in 1830. Letters from England ask how Uncle Abraham, Aunt Mary and Uncle Richard are, they are signed by Mary Thomlinson, if there is a connection to the Tomlinson in Sand Ridge I don't know of any. Would love to connect with any other Marsh's from this area.
betty26@airmail.net - Betty B. Card-Sept 09, 1997
Looking for information on Matthew WHITLACH who married Elizabeth "Bettsey" BYARD and Nancy WHITLACH who married James KERBY.
Humphrey@computron.net - Bonnie Humphrey-Aug 31, 1997
I would like to exchange information with anyone researching the KLEINER family who resided in Marshall County from about 1850. Christian David KLEINER was born in Wuertemberg, Germany in September 1824. He arrived in New Orleans, LA on 4 May 1952 and migrated to Hamilton County, OH where he married Mary (?) Louisa ACKERMAN. The first four of their ten children were born in Hamilton County. He moved the family to Marshall County around 1861. His wife died 7 January 1895 in Wheeling. He later remarried Barbara YOCKEY.
JIMC6442@aol.com - Jim Clouston-Aug 28, 1997
73552.1552@CompuServe.COM - John J. Hood-Aug 25, 1997
Would like to exchange information with descendants of Jesse and Anne (HOOD) DALLISON (also DALISON, DOLLISON, DOLISON). Jesse and Anne were both born around 1796 in PA (Greene County?). They were married about 1820 in Greene County, PA. They appear in the Wood County, WVA census of 1850. It appear that son, James, remained in Wood County. An Alex Dallison appears in the 1870 census of Marshall County, WVA. Known children: Margaret, James, Isabel, Rebecca and Amos, all born in PA.
Didunc@aol.com - Diane Duncan-Aug 23, 1997
Researching Joseph B DUNCAN found on the 1850 census in Marshall co-married to Rebecca Catherine ......can't find him prior or post. 1850 showed all of them, including children ages 31-8 yrs as PA for birthplace. He bore another child that I know was born in Mineral/Hamphire co in 1854. Any help is greatly appreciated!!
reiterfam@cybrtown.com - Edward & Francis Reiter-Aug 21, 1997
Is there a listing of ferryboat owners/operators in the Ohio River area (not necessarily the Ohio River itself) during the 1790s-1800s? Family legend says the Martin family owned/operated one in this area. I cannot prove any connection to Absolem Martin of Martin's Ferry. I am looking for info on the parents of our Jesse Martin, one of 3 Jesse Martins, all related, all around the same age, and all living in the Belmont/Jefferson/Harrison Co. OH area. Thought I would check whether there might be any info on the WVA side of the river. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
karen@clover.net - Karen Leach-Aug 19, 1997
Am looking for information on my ancestors who are from Marshall County,WV. Specifically, anything on Jacob LOUGH was born in Germany and emigrated to the U.S. in the early 1800's. Was married to Sarah Ann PORTER in Greensburg,PA and moved to Marshall County, probably in the Cameron area. Am also looking for information on John and Drusilla (?Swearingen)CARPENTER who were supposedly in Fort Henry at the time of the Indian siege in the late 1700's. Am also connected to the TOMLINSON'S who are from Marshall Co. through the above marriage. Any information on these families would be appreciated. Thank you.
zuelsdorf@cybertime.net - Mariana Hornbrook Zuelsdorf-Aug 15, 1997
I am trying to locate information on Hornbrooks's Mill on Fish Creek, 11 miles from Moundsville. My ancestor, John Hornbrook, built a mill there in 1840 and a school in 1843.
nativecd@ovnet.com - Connie Drum-Aug 14, 1997
Looking for the date of death for SAMUEL WYKERT, buried near Proctor.
jbelford@sssnet.com - Johnson Belford-Aug 10, 1997
I am looking for descendents of George Washington Conner of Marshall Co., WV. They had 7 children, Fay, Friend, Florence, Carl Roscoe, born 8/8/1900, Mary, Harry, and Grace. George is reported to have died in Canton, Stark Co., Ohio about 1946. His son Carl Roscoe married Gladys Waunetta Mathews of Moundsville WV. Carl and Gladys settled in Ohio having lived in Clinton, Summit Co., and Gurnesy Co., Ohio. My wife is Gladys Conner, daughter of their son Paul Revere Conner. Any help that you can be will be appreciated.
SJAFox@aol.com - Shirley-Aug 9, 1997
In the 1985-86 time frame a cemetery marker was found along the road in rural Marshall County, it was taken to the sheriff's department, where it still is in the garage. No one has been able to find the proper cemetery for the stone. STONE READS: MARIE E JEFFERSON BORN FEB 6,1837 DIED APR 17, 1896 Does any one know the cemetery she should be in .?
sheila@lumatec.com - Sheila Dugosh- Aug 8 1997
Looking for an Alice Virginia Lucas who was born in Marshall County in July of 1864. I have since learned that she was related to John L. Lucas who may have been her father. She was also related to Jacob Lucas and Reubin Lucas, but I'm not sure how. I also have the name of Chlose Lucas whom John L. married on 24 Feb 1859. Thanks.
JFry644208@aol.com - J. Fry- Aug 4 1997
Looking for information concerning parents of Daniel Fry who was born in Virginia (or West Virginia) in the 1790's. He and some of his brothers lived in Cameron, West Virginia (Marshall County).
CORITAY@aol.com - Corine Taylor- Aug 3 1997
Looking for information on Leonard TAYLOR and Sarah J. (CLARK) TAYLOR. Family notes say that he died in 1878 and she died in 1894. They had one son, Adam. I believe they lived in Wetzel County as they were in the 1870 census there. They may have died in Marshall. Any help will be appreciated.
rdarrah@prodigy.com - Ronald Darrah- Aug 2 1997
Looking for info on Johnston KEMP and Susannah SPOON, ca 1840-50's. Susannah was daughter of Peter SPOON.
nlogston@gte.net - Jean Leach Logston- Aug 1 1997
I was raised in Marshall Co. and I am looking for several families in the valley. The Logston, Leach, Ashby, Sole, Yost, Gable, Coss, Carr, McCombs, Woods, Ballard, Haught,and Burch families are related to us. We have been doing research for about 10 years and would like to exchange information. We lived thirty years in Moundsville and over thirty five now in Tampa, Florida.
Aug 1 1997
Looking for MATHEW and KRESS descendants. My G.G. Grandfather was August Victor Mathews. He lived in Wheeling and owned "The Stone Saloon". Please write: Joe Kress, 3025 Wexford Blvd, Stow, OH 44224-2849 or Call: 1-330-996-3465 - work or (330)678-5239 - home, sorry no e-mail yet. Thanks....Joe Kress
greenrp@peoplescom.net - Patricia Covalt Green- Jul 31 1997
I am looking for any and all information on Robert Covalt born in Ohio County on May 8, 1809 and died in Marshall County on Nov. 25, 1862. Would like to know who his parents are also. Been looking for Kirby/Connelly Cemetery in Marshall County where Robert and all his children are buried except one son Joshua Covalt my Great Grandfather and he is buried in Oklahoma somewhere around Woodward, Oklahoma.
rer@flash.net - Ron Robinson- Jul 22 1997
I'm looking to connect with anyone researching the following surnames in Marshall Co., WV: ROBINSON, WORKMAN, YOUNG, METHENEY, POSTELWAIT, HARTZELL, WHIPKEY, DOUGHERTY, GILMORE, PITTMAN, HEWITT, PARSONS, HOLMES, DARRAH, TRAVIS, MCCOLLOUGH, MCHENRY. Willing to exchange all info to help others.
jvmusik@primenet.com - John Kieffer- Jul 19 1997
Searching for information on Archibald James WILEY. Born Feb 13, 1831 in Glencoe, Mead Twp., Belmont County, Ohio. Died Jun 26, 1892 in Fairview, Ella, Marshall County, West Virginia. He married Rebecca Jane WARREN, daughter of Daniel William WARREN & Sarah HARDESTY, Nov 25, 1852 in Jacobsburg, Belmont County, Ohio. Born Apr 21, 1833 in Richland Twp., Belmont County, Ohio. Died Aug 8, 1921 in Fairview, Ella, Marshall County, West Virginia. They had the following children: Homer Licurgus WILEY, Edwin Franklin WILEY, Velma "Velmie" Alvira WILEY, Ebenezer Charlesworth WILEY, Albert Rudolphus WILEY, Alice W. WILEY, Philip H. Sheridan WILEY, Warren Hudson WILEY, Arthur Archibald WILEY & Maud Lavinia WILEY.
RETBOBR@aol.com - Robert Rinehart- Jul 19 1997
I am looking for information on Robert R. HENDRICKSON who married my Great Aunt Roberta Rinehart on 21 Jan 1868. He died about 1906 and she died 12 Nov 1907. They had five children, William T b. 1868; Phoebe b. 1872; Spencer b. 1874; Morrison b. 1877; and Hannah J. b. 1879.
cford@peganet.com - Carolyn Ford- Jul 18 1997
Need siblings and parents of Elizabeth CROW(1750-1830)who m John CARMICHAEL(1745-1841).They moved from PA to Ohio Co.,then to Marshall Co. Elizabeth died there and is buried in Carmichael Cemetery. John, a Rev. War veteran, is buried in Stafford Cem.,Monroe Co.,OH.They had Samuel CARMICHAEL, who m Sarah EARLEWINE. Would like to correspond with anyone having info on these names.
stardais@theonramp.net - Eric Van Gorp- Jul 18 1997
I have relatives that I think resided in Marshall County. The Beatty family. I know that James W. Beatty was born on August 19, 1876. He had a brother and two sisters, one died at the age of four, the other at twenty-possibly during childbirth. I know his parents were Thomas W. and Susanna Earliwine (or Earlywine). I just wanted to possibly confirm information or find out any existing, distant, relatives. I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of the name. Thanks.
P.S. The brother's name was John and the two sisters' names were Carrie and Elnora (She looks as if she was married to James Spragg). Anything you can give me would be wonderful, even if it is just the fact that they did exist in this county. Thanks again.
User543139@aol.com - USER Jul 16 1997
I am looking for Stephen JEFFERSON b.@1830 in Marshall Co. Va. He married Mary CAROTHERS in 1850, same county. They lived on Roberts Ridge WVA. Any info would help.
LAF1941@aol.com - Lois Fortney- Jul 18 1997
I am looking for my grandfather (Jacob Dewayne Holzhauser). Worked in the mines. I am looking for his grave site for closure for my mother (his daughter), she turned 79 this week. Would appreciate any help in this area. Thank you very much.
mpetersen@lumatec.com - Sheila- Jul 18 1997
I am loking for a Alice Virginia Lucas born in Marshall County July,1864, married Charles Eisenach 17 June 1886. She later lived in Wheeling. Thanks.
WOOF1@worldnet.att.net - Lori Whitwam- Jul 17 1997
I am seeking any information on Thomas GEHO and Anna YOCUM, who lived in Marshall County. I believe they appear in the 1880 census as a young married couple...their daughter Katherine GEHO was born 27 March, 1887.
lca@txdirect.net - Anne- Fri Jul 04 18:18:06 1997
I am looking for WAYT family that originated in PA in Washington Co., but moved back and forth through Marshall Co., WV to Monroe Co. and Belmont Co., OH. Wayts still live in Marshall, WV - any out there that may have family history information? Thank you!

taharris@m,idusa.net - Terry A. Harris- Wed Jul 02 20:48:36 1997
Am looking for information on the Hartzell family of Marshall County, West Viginia.
Mlake97284@aol.com - Mary Ellen Lake Sun Jun 29 14:07:59 1997
Looking for any info on Jeremich BLAKE b. abt 1843 who married Martha Ryan. They had a child Phoebe Ellen Blake born in Marshall Co. in 1871.

claudeburton@juno.com - Claude R. Burton Fri Jun 27 12:55:28 1997
Louisa Jane Craig m. Eli Connelly abt 1839 lived in Marshall co. One issue: Hamilton Connelly m. 13 July 1862 in Marshall co. Mary Jane Craig father William Craig & Elizabeth Looking for the parents of Louisa Jane Craig and Eli Connelly

ship850@net-link.net - Everett Shipley Mon Jun 23 22:45:24 1997
Need any info on Eli Connely b.1809 MD,m.abt.1838 Louisa Jane Craig or Bowman b.1819 MD,d.abt.1885. They lived in Marshall Co.,West Virginia. Need any info on Lockwood John Helms b. abt 1847 Marshall Co. WV m. Amelia Shriver Connely 19 Nov. 1872. She b. Jan 1,1851. d. Nov 1938. He d. Jan 8, 1918. They lived in Marshall Co., WV

jackson2@7cities.net - Thomas Jackson Mon Jun 23 22:24:49 1997
I am searching for the ancestors of my great grandfather, Harry Robert Jackson, born 12/17/1869, probably in or around Marshall County W.Va. He married Lula Mae Mobley, born in Marshall City(County?) W.Va. My grandfather, Harry Ronald Jackson was born 10/25/1896 in McMechan, W.Va. He married Theresa Frank, also born in McMechan. They were married in Wheeling on 7/23/1916. Any information is appreciated.

marcia@provide.net - Marcia Wellman MacMullan Sun Jun 22 06:56:23 1997
Searching WELLMAN-ARCHER lines. G-G-grandfather RUDOLPH WELLMAN, b 1 Nov 1758, Somerset Twp, Washington Co PA, m. AGNES ARCHER in 1789, she b. 1760. RUDOLPH was a PA Ranger, he survived the infamous expedition to Upper Sandusky OH. Last found in PA in 1784, then he and AGNES apparently moved to VA (Ohio Co)on or before their first son JAMES WELLMAN was born in 1790. They next moved to Belmont Co, OH where they are both buried. Son JAMES m. SARAH PALMER in Belmont Co OH in 1815 and returned to settle in Marshall Co W.Va. His sister, MARY WELLMAN, b 15 Aug 1796, m. JAMES STEWART in Belmont Co Oh in 1821 and they then moved to Marshall Co. After RUDOLPH died in 1836, deed records (1837 show that his youngest child, SAMUEL,b. 1802, was named his executor, and that JAMES, MARY and their spouses signed over their share of the family farm in Belmont Co to SAMUEL. The third son of R & A was my great grandfather, MOSES,b. 14 SEP 1798. He married ANN MARQUIS in Belmont Co in 1822, and subsequently moved to Logan Co OH, where my branch of the family remained until about 1916. On a brief stop in Wheeling last week I learned that there are several WELLMAN families in the Moundsville Area; I would most appreciate hearing from any and all who might be related.

PJPlas@aol.com - PJ Plas Sat Jun 21 19:10:32 1997
Looking for any and all information regarding the HILL, MATHEWS, GATTRELL, MASON families of Cameron, Marshall County, WV. Information specific to James I. HILL, wife Laura MATHEWS (father Howard MATHEWS) parents of Romeo Freer Hill b. 15 Oct 1900. George GATTRELL, Wife Lora MASON, Parents of Kathleen Crisse Gattrell b. 9 June 1907.Any e-mail is welcome.

campbell@msys.net - Connie Campbell Fri Jun 20 17:16:12 1997
I am looking for any information on my great-grandfather CLARENCE SMARR who was ran over by a car in Marshall County Christmas Eve in 1931 or 1932. He was carrying X-mas packages for his wife and five children (one of them my grandmother). They lived at Captina at the time an he is buried at a cemetery near Fishing Creek. There's a church there at the cemetery and the cemetery has an iron fence. He was born in Spencer, Roane County, WV. If anyone has any information or remembers this story, please e-mail me. Thanks so much.

Darbac@aol.com - Darlene Bacon Tue Jun 17 18:48:52 1997
I am looking for information of a Joseph Hendershot with wife Hannah. They are on 1850 Census for Marshall Co. Living with them at that time are two little girls Hannah Pittman and Phebe Pittman. Parents of these girls are Elias O Pittman and wife Elizabeth.

record@citrus.infi.net - Greg Martin Tue Jun 17 17:18:53 1997
Searching for Wellman family decendants and fellow researchers. In particular I am looking at the Wellman families in and around Lynn Camp and Taylor Ridge. My grandfather was Carl Austin Wellman b. 1897 d. 1973.

lkkell@sprintmail.com - Linda Kell Thu Jun 05 12:40:11 1997
Looking for DAVID FRANCIS CAIN b.1838 in Marshall Co. He married MARY YOUNG b.Dec 27,1832--died Jan 13,1892 Any info on David or his Father JAMES CAIN would be greatly appreciated.

ssligar@worldnet.att.net - Sylvia Sligar Tue Jun 03 06:44:37 1997
John BRIGGS abt 1742 - 1800 Westmoreland Co, PA, married Elizabeth, had 4 known children. (John had a brother, Thomas BRIGGS, in York Co, PA.)
1. Rachel BRIGGS, b 1767 PA, m abt 1790 William Deveron CLARY, d 1813 Darke Co, OH.
2. Isaac BRIGGS, b 1771, m abt 1791 Mary "Polly" MURPHY, d 1841 Pleasant Valley, Marshall Co, W(Va).
3. Thomas BRIGGS, b abt 1774 PA, m 1824 Rebecca WILSON, d 1853 South Bend, St Joseph Co, Indiana.
4. David BRIGGS, b 1779 PA, m1816 Rosannah LOWREY, m 1836 Sarah HUFF, d 1837 Darke Co, OH
Looking for information on when and where he was born as well as his parents and siblings, and the maiden name of his wife.

ssligar@worldnet.att.net - Sylvia Sligar Tue Jun 03 06:50:49 1997
Henry MURPHY, b abt 1750, Ireland - 1826 Fayette Co, PA, m Susannah FOSTER 1775 Burlington Co, NJ, 9 known children;
1. Mary "Polly" b 1775 Burlington Co, NJ, m abt 1791 Isaac BRIGGS, d 1865 Marshall CO, WV.
2. Susanna b abt 1779, d aft 1826.
3. John b abt 1781, m Mary ALLEN.
4. Sarah b abt 1783, d aft 1826.
5. James b abt 1785, d aft 1826.
6. Henry b abt 1787, d aft 1826.
7. Martha b abt 1789, m John GAREE, d aft 1826
8. Agnes b abt 1791, Fayette Co, PA, m Samuel BROWN, d aft 1826
9. Rachel b abt 1793, m John COOK.
Looking for information on when and where he was born as well as his parents and siblings, and the parents and sibbling of his wife.

ssligar@worldnet.att.net - Sylvia Sligar Tue Jun 03 06:56:54 1997
Thomas McCREARY abt 1740 Maryland ? - 1802 Ohio Co, WV. This area is now Marshall Co, WV. His wife was Margaret, surname unknown. Thomas & Margaret McCREARY had 7 known children:
1. William, b 1769 Maryland, m1795 Margaret GLENN, Cecil Co, MD, d 1854 Marshall Co, (W)Va.
2. James, b 1775, m Sarah WETZEL 1803 Ohio Co (W)Va, d 1817, Ohio Co,(W)Va.
3. Thomas b abt 1776 Ohio Co (W)Va, m Mary
4. Mary, b abt 1777 Ohio Co (W)Va, m 1799 James DUNLAP, Ohio Co (W)Va
5. Jane b abt 1779 Ohio Co (W)Va, possibly m 1804 Ohio Co (W)Va, Johann Jacob COFFELT/COFFIELD
6. Margaret, b abt 1781 Ohio Co (W)Va
7. Elizabeth, b abt 1783 Ohio Co (W)Va
Looking for information on when and where he was born as well as his parents and siblings, and the maiden name of his wife.

WildWarta@aol.com - Lori Wilson Wed May 28 16:01:09 1997
MINOR: Searching for any information anyone would have one the Minor family. Known children are: Laura Lovella, Elizabeth, and Gertrude. It is also know lived in Belmont Co., Bridgeport OH, and also Columbus OH. Also known that Laura Lovella Minor marries a Charles Baer Baer: Searching for information on Charles Baer. Known brothers: Frank and Harrison. Sister Hanna(AKA: Lena), Father Alexander Baer, Mother Florance (Mossholder) Baer. Any information would be appreciated.

cdavid@mail.tds.net - Chuck Davidson Wed May 28 11:06:32 1997
I'm looking for my ancestors in Moundsville, Marshall Co, W.V. There names are William and Margaret Davidson and their children are listed below. These records came from the U.S. Census. William and Margaret Davidson lived in Moundsville from 1859 until around 1863.. Need any kind of info that anyone can give me at this point. Thanks so much for your help on this... The children were Nancy, Hamilton, Lucinda, Sara, William M, Robert, Harriet, Benjamin, Cythnia, Wiley, Jacob and Sherman.

cdavid@mail.tds.net - Chuck Davidson Wed May 28 09:28:46 1997
Need help on locating my Ggreat Aunt Lucinda Davidson who was born in 1840 in Hookstown, Beaver Co, Pa. Married in 1863 to David Smith Richmond in Marshall Co,Clay TWP, Moundsville, W.V. Need information on date on marriage and children born to this union. Also need info on Lucinda Davidson's parents William and Margaret Davidson.. Where born, when married and who the parents of William Davidson were.. Your help is deeply appreciated.

roh@appsig.com - Richard Wilson Mon May 19 20:04:12 1997
John (#90) and his sons came from Adams Co. Pa approx 1840 and settled in Wheeling.
..2 John Wilson #90 b. ABT 1800.
...3 Hugh J. Wilson #78 b. 1820 d. 15 Jul 1885
.....m. Mary Ann Smallwood #79 b. 12 Sep 1825 d. 1913
....4 William H. Wilson #70 b. 18 Sep 1844 d. 1914
......m. 1 Sep 1868 Clarissa Margaret Holmes #71 b. 22 Apr 1846 d. Apr 1932.
....4 Robert Cummins Wilson #86 b. 15 Jul 1850 d. 1 Oct 1911
....4 Mary Ellen Wilson #88 b. 1 Jul 1852 d. 5 Mar 1926
......m. Edward G. Mossburg #952 b. ABT 1852
....4 Virginia Wilson #951 b. May 1854 d. 10 Dec 1854
....4 Alice Wilson #89 b. 14 Sep 1857
......m. George Benson Pelly #953
....4 Newly Wilson #85 b. 9 Jul 1858 d. 13 Jul 1858
....4 Margaret Wilson #87 b. 1860 d. 11 Feb 1924
......m. Charles Henry Schrader #954 b. ABT 1860
....4 Joseph Sigel Wilson #82 b. 22 Jul 1862 d. 9 Aug 1933
....4 Charles Wilson #84 b. 24 Jan 1867 d. 10 Jun 1910
...3 Elza Wilson #91 b. 1823
...3 David Wilson #92 b. 1831
..2 Hugh Wilson #888 b. ABT 1802
..2 Mary Wilson #892 b. ABT 1803
..2 Peggy Wilson #890

abryant@ix.netcom.com - G. Ann Varley-Bryant Thu May 15 17:27:23 1997
Researching VARLEY surname, lived in Ohio Co 1800's. Thomas VARLEY, census of 1810, Ohio Co. William Varley, census of 1830, Ohio Co. John Varley, census of 1830, Ohio Co. Also lived in Marshall Co. later in 1800's. Looking for relationship between these and ancestry of each. Thank you.

Bipsy@aol.com - Dorothylou Sands Tue May 13 01:50:33 1997
Information on Frank MORMAN who died Nov. 1978 in Wheeling. He lived in Moundsville. Information was submitted by Roxy Kehr on his death certificate. He was my mothers brother. I learned of her biological family after she passed away in 1985. I would like any information on Frank or his brothers Clarence and Russell and his sister Helen. Thank you.

jefmundo@pacbell.net - Eleanor Voight Proietti Sun May 11 17:06:46 1997
My father's family was located in the area of Benwood, WVA, Marshall county. I have not records of that family and after many years of wondering, getting a new computer system I would really like to know what happened to them. My father's name was Edward Voight, no middle name, born in Benwood, March 14th or 17th, in the year apporx. 1891-1892. I am sorry that I have so little to go on but that's how his family was. Had a older brother Frank Voight. Please tell how to proceed from here. Thank you

kalliegirl@aol.com - Cheryl Marang Thokey Sat May 10 14:25:04 1997
I am looking for information on the parents of James Riggs, SR. who was born in PA or N.W. VA (now WVA) about 1783. He was supposedly of English descent. He marrie Rosannah Whitlatch (or Whitlash) who was also born in PA or WVA. Thery were married in 1805 and resided on a farm near Pleasant Valley, Marshall Co, ,WVA (then Ohio Co., VA) until 1825 when they moved to Ryerson Station, PA a few miles from Cameron, WVA. If anyone has information on Rosannah Whitlatch (Whitlash) and her ancestors, I would appreciate hearing from you. I am also looking for information on James Linzy and Rachel Jane Riggs Fisher who moved to Moundsville,Marshall Co., WVA in 1901. James had business interests in Wetzel Co. during the oil boom there

Nhansen@isd.net - Brad Henry Fri May 09 19:25:30 1997
I am looking for information on the MCCOMBS family. James was born ca. 1786 in Pennsylvania. He and, I believe, his brothers John, George and Thomas settled in Marshall county in the early 1800's. James married Hannah ---. Any information on the MCCOMBS in Marshall Co. would be greatly appreciated.

SKyHa32463 - John R.Pyles Tue May 6 23:05:20 1997
Help Please - William Bennett SMITH B.14 April 1913 in Wellsville, Oh. Father George Levonia Smith, Mother Pearl Logsdon. Father Left family when Wlliam was 2 Yrs old. He has looked in Ohio & W.Va. all these years for his Fathers resting place without success. His Father was from Wheeling, his Mother from Moundsville. He is requesting any and all help, Possibly if he has brothers and sisters. He currently lives in Sherrodsville, Ohio-Carroll Co. Ohio . Thanks to all and God Bless

Jakerogers@earthlink.net - Jake Rogers Thu May 01 14:46:05 1997
Looking for information on the parents of my grandfather GEORGE WASHINGTON ROGERS b Hundred WV April 26, 1902. and his wife ATTIE WHITLATCH b.? d? They had five children. Charles(my father)born in Cameron, James, George, Rosella, and Mary. Any information would be much appreciated.

aeller10@comcast.net - Augusta Eller Tue Apr 29 07:41:28 1997
I am interested in getting as much information on anyone from the STEENROD families of Ohio and Marshall Counties, WV and Belmont, Monroe, Muskingum, Athens counties, OH. The first STEENROD to come to the Ohio Valley appears to have been Cornelius born about 1743 in NY, married Mary Elizabeth CALDWELL and then Amy ?. Cornelius had a son Daniel by his second wife Amy and probably sons Cornelius and Briggs by his first wife Mary Elizabeth CALDWELL. He died in Ohio County, VA in 1796. My ggggrandmother Mary STEENROD was born in VA or OH November 24, 1824. She died in Marshall County, WV August 31, 1892. She married Jackson SIMS. Who were her parents? What was her exact birth state? According to the 1880 census her father was born in NY and her mother in VA. The History of the Northern Panhandle mentions a Lewis STEENROD who practiced law in early Marshall County, VA. Who was he, where did he live? I have found a Lewis STEENROD in Muskingum County, OH censuses but not in Marshall or Ohio County, VA. An Ephraim STEENROD was listed in the 1840 Marshall County, VA census living near Jackson SIMS. Who was he and what became of him? He disappears from (W)VA censuses after that year.

rer@centurian.flash.net - Ron Robinson Mon Apr 28 17:10:22 1997

jbice@gator1.brazosport.cc.tx.us - V.Bice Thu Apr 24 07:11:53 1997

ptndhm@aol.com - Patricia Needham Wed Apr 23 13:04:57 1997
Seeing info re my great-grandparents, Edward CARR and Jane Devlin CARR. Edward Carr, b. 1837 in Ireland. Married Jane Devlin, came to America 1853. Owned property in Washington District, Moundsville. Purchased this land from Eliz. Moore in 1875. Sold this land (about 65 acres) in 1883 to Thomas J. Campbell. Moved to Wheeling where they lived at 3420 Chapline Street. Edward Carr d. 1906; Jane Carr d. 1919. Both buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Wheeling. Children: Alice (SMITH); Jennie (QUIGLEY); Mary (MAGERS); Anna Louise (FUCHS); Joseph, Emma, John and Edward.

jkeegansoundbeach@CompuServe.com - Jim Keegan Sun Apr 20 16:43:25 1997
Looking for information on John H. Rutan (1832-1920) CW soldier Co. G, 17th WV Inf. m Caroline Minor (1845-1933) in 1860 at Glen Easton; died in Kausooth: Children include Cashes b 1887;Dock b 1886; Elza b 1874 m Florence V. Richmond in Adaline in 1897; and Emma b 1865. Any further information will be appreciated.

cdunn3@aol.com - Carl Dunn Sun Apr 20 08:00:00 1997
Looking for contact with any descendants of SHEPHERD or SOCKMAN, who resided in Brooke, Ohio, Marshall, and Wetzel Counties, WVA, 1787-present. Have much information on the SHEPHERD family, descendants of John SHEPHERD, died 1815 who married Leah LINDER, and his brother Nathan SHEPHERD who died in Marshall County 1849.. Many descendants removed to Iowa 1836-1870s. Have a database with 1200 SHEPHERD descandants up to the present, and will be pleased to share.

adunivan@tenet.edu - Anne Wayt Dunivan Sat Apr 19 16:36:45 1997
I am looking for information on Andrew WAYT/WAIT from Washington Co. PA. His son Joseph Wayt - I am having difficulty finding a wife. Joseph's son, Allen Glen - who was born and lived in Ohio, Ind., and Ark. Andrew was born in England in 1738. When did he come to America? He was here by 1765. He fought in the Revolution. His wife was Mary James. I can't find much on Joseph - born 1768. Allen Glen Wayt married Margaret Mathis in OH. They had a number of children, including Abraham Bird Wayt. I am interested in land deeds, wills, obituaries, newspaper articles, family bibles, etc. Any information would be appreciated.

funk@greenepa.net - Charles Funk II Fri Apr 18 17:59:05 1997
Looking for information on Dave Winters and wife Mary Marcus who had a daughter Sarah Agnes Winters married to a Benjamin Braden, who's father was Jackie Braden and wife Ann ? . All were in Marshall Co. 1870's. Any information would be greatly appreciated, I will share all infro. I have.

DSABQUINN@worldnet.att.net - Sandra Quinn Fri Apr 18 06:58:14 1997
I am researching George Washington ECHOLS/ECKELS who was born in Brooke Co. WVA 8-21-1830 to the parent James Drum Echols/Eckels married to a daughter of George William Echols/Eckels. Have lots of information to share with other researchers and would like to know more about the wife of James Drum Echols daughter of George William Echols/Eckels.

sshapiro@et.byu.edu - Sam & Tiffany Shapiro Wed Apr 09 22:04:38 1997
I am searching for the ancestors of Andrew MYERS and Emeline DUNCAN, married in 1875 in Aleppo Twp. Greene Co., PA. They moved to Cameron, Marshall Co., WVa around 1899, then to Moundsville in 1906 when Andrew died. Their parents are Andrew and Easter Myers and John and Mary Duncan. I can't get back farther than that. I'm willing to share anything I have.

jkirby@houston.geoquest.slb.com - James Kirby Wed Apr 09 14:52:36 1997
I am searching for the death date of William BALDWIN b 1790-1791 in CT. Lived in Moundsville & Rocklick and may have died in Huntington. He is supposed to be buried near Rocklick. He moved to Moundsville about 1834 and married Rebecca LANG. Known to be alive and in Rocklick in 1861, but in poor health.

209 S. Crystal, Butte, Mont. 59701 - Steve Dennehy Thu Apr 03 13:04:41 1997
Searching for daughters of Charles (1805-1856) and Eliza (Hukill) (1810- 1897) of Marshall Co., W. Vir., may be in Wetzel or Tyler or nearby county: Sarah Matilda, Adeline and Lucretia. Husbands' names unknown (they did not marry in Marshall or Ohio Cos.). Am seeking mother Eliza Kemple in 1880 ceneus; was living with one of them.

gafaz@aol.com - Susi Fathauer Thu Apr 03 15:49:43 1997
I am researching Nancy MARTIN who was born in VA (WV) in about 1803-1804. She married Horatio Gates Jones in Sept. 1825 in Ohio County, WV. I have information on the rest of her life to death but I am having difficulty finding which MARTIN family she is connected with. I would like to find her parents. Any leads are greatly appreciated. One more note, they moved from WV in about 1834 and headed to Indiana and from there to Wisconsin.

freckles@onslowonline.net - Joyce Fletcher Wed Apr 02 11:09:10 1997

VaBrwnBear@aol.com - Dianna Mathis Tue Apr 01 15:24:36 1997
I am looking for information about Cornelious HOLDRON he lived in Marshall in 1840. Need to know if he was married and what his childrens names were. And also for Henry HOLDRON also of Marshall CO. in 1840 same info needed. I am trying to find or connect him to Samuel Holdren of Mercer Co. West Virginia my 2nd great Grandfather. Have found Holdren spelled as Haldren in the marriage register of Mercer Co. Book , and as Holdron in the census these two spellings were for the same individuals.

pittman_b@popmail.firn.edu - Brenda J. Pittman Sat Mar 29 10:32:47 1997
I am researching MASON's/McHENRY's of Marshall Co. At present I am looking for information on the following: Henry MASON, d.o.b. 1806 who married Barbara GETTZ/GATTS and Geroge McHENRY, d.o.b. Abt 1814 who married Anne (maiden name unknown), d.o.b. Abt 1815. Any information would be appreciated.

slucey@vt.edu - Seth Lucey Tue Mar 25 1997 23:30:31 1997
Looking for info on LUCEY and MOORE Families of Marshall and Ohio Counties, and VARNER and EDDY Families of Monongahela County.

ORCompton@aol.com - O. R. Compton Tue Mar 25 10:56:24 1997
Starting to research the CUMPSTON family. Of the 253 Cumpston families with telephones, 15% live in WVA and about 8% in Marshall and Wetzel counties. I seek information on early CUMPSTON residents in Marshall County

mjwhite@dtc.net - Melvin White Sat Mar 22 08:14:56 1997
Looking for information on ALEXANDER BARNES. Born in Wheeling, Virginia about 1840-1850. The only information I have of him is that he was one of 10-15 children and left home at the age of 10. He is buried in Skiddee, Oklahoma with his wife HARRIET BARKER BARNES. I am gggrandson and have run out of family hand-me down information. Thank you for any information that you could possibly contribute.

JUCH46A@prodigy.com - Patricia Murphy DiNarda Fri Mar 21 08:46:51 1997
MURPHY, FITZGERALD, GUMP, SIX, BYARD, HUGHES, RODGERS, OTTE, McCARTHY. 1816 - present. In the area of Marshall, Wetzel, W.Va. and Greene Co. Pa. If these name are on your FAMILY TREE please reply. Thank You.

jbice@gator1.brazosport.cc.tx.us - Verna Bice Tue Mar 18 22:50:51 1997
Searching for ROBINSON Family of Marshall County. James Robinson b.1-6-1828 in Marshall Co. parents of James was James and Sarah Hubbs Robinson. James Robinson m. Mary Payne Anderson in Wetzel County. James Robinson Sr. family line:

1 James Robinson
.. +Sarah Hubbs
............. 2 William Robinson
............. 2 Sarah Robinson
................. +Nuss
............. 2 Ester Robinson
............. 2 Rosie Robinson
............. 2 Rebecca Robinson
................. +William Crow
............. 2 Mary Robinson
................. +Joseph Crow
............. 2 James Robinson
................. +Mary Payne Anderson
............. 2 Elizabeth Robinson
............. 2 John J. Robinson
................. +Amanda Province
............. 2 Rachel Robinson

igi@earthlink.net - Richard J. McHenry Mon Mar 17 20:13:16 1997
McHENRY, BURLEY, PARSONS, WOOD geneology/Marshall County Seeking information on above subjects plus moundbuilders (Adenis indians) who built mound at Moundsville. Wood side have Adenis Indians in background (Gehos). Please provide any information on above subjects. Thank you.

debrock@pe.net - Daryl Brock Sun Mar 16 10:26:07 1997
Looking for TARR family, in and around Cameron, in early 1800's through 1860's.

louabbot@mail.ameritel.net - Lou Abbott Sat Mar 15 20:41:56 1997
Researching ancestors of James McMechen and Hanna Davi(d)son married 1779. Son of William Mcmechen (Capt). Thanks.

WOOF1@worldnet.att.net - Lori Whitwam Fri Mar 14 16:34:49 1997
I am seeking a death record for George GILLINGHAM. He was born in Baltimore but moved to Marshall County and married Jennie COCHRAN. Their son, James, was born in 1885. I don't have any further information on when George might have died...any time between 1885 and about 1935, I would guess. This is very critical...if I can find a death record for George, I might be able to link to an existing family tree and add four generations to my line! If anyone in Marshall County is willing to do the research, please contact me!

Motorhomer@aol.com - Fred Bice Mon Mar 10 11:16:16 1997
I am seeking info. on the WILLIAM GORBY and HANNAH CHAMBERS GORBY family. I believe both were born around 1850. About 1870 they adopted Sharlottie Bice and John Miller. Both were the children of Simone Grim Bice, who died about 1870/1871.

Rhenthorn1@aol.com - Dick Henthorn Sun Mar 09 19:34:58 1997
Interested in contacting others interested in the following families of Marshall Co., WV: ELLER; HENTHORN; PARSONS; RICHMOND; RUCKMAN; YOHO. http://members.aol.com/Rhenthorn1/index.html

bej@wcnet.org - Barbara E. Jones Sat Mar 08 22:20:23 1997
Looking for a place called Camore, WV ( ? spelling) on Ohio/WV border. Town no longer exists. What happened to it? My mother Verna Beatrice JONES was born there in 1901 to Everett Thomas JONES and Mary Elizabeth BOSTIC. Would like to locate birth record. Also interested in information on Martin VanBuren Jones who was married three times. Children were Everett Thomas, Emory Emerson, Nellie, Espie, John and Addie.

JUCH46A@prodigy.com - Patricia Murphy DiNarda Sat Mar 08 17:46:59 1997
Searching for information on a Patrick Joseph HUGHES b. 1859 Ireland, married d. ? Sarah Ellen RODGERS b. 1868 d. 1887 in Marshall County. 8 children, oldest Mary B. (Mollie) HUGHES b. 1881 d, 1960 Littleton, W.Va. married to John Murphy b. 1888 d. 1954.

Pecline@aol.com - Paul Cline Sat Mar 08 16:03:42 1997
I am researching the John MARSHALL and Catherine (?) family who lived in the Cameron, Marshall Co., WV area in the 1850's. One of their sons married a daughter of John MATHEWS and Millie (?) named Elizabeth. John and Millie also lived in the Cameron, Marshall Co. WV area in the 1850s. William W. Marshall was born ca 1851, and Elizabeth Mathews was born ca 1855. According to Census records, both families had their orgins in Pennsylvania. I would appreciate any information concerning the parents of John or Catherine Marshall or John or Millie Mathews or siblings of either family.

WOOF1@worldnet.att.net - Lori Whitwam Sat Feb 1 21:58:26 1997
Seeking birth, marriage, death information on Jennie COCHHRAN. She was married to George Gillingham by 1885 and having children. Her birth place is presumed to be Glen Easton. I would guess her to have been born about the 1860s. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Motorhomer@aol.com - Fred Bice Sat Mar 08 11:27:36 1997
Seeking info on the family of Jacob Leroy Hixenbaugh Bristor ANDERSON (wife was virginia Chambers) and the family of Jacob's brother Edmund ( wife was Anna Whitlatch)

Motorhomer@aol.com - Moterhomer Sat Mar 08 11:27:36 1997
Seeking info on the family of James HOWARD, born about 1880 and his wife, Clara Mae Anderson. This James Howard lost his lower leg in a railroad accident.

Motorhomer@aol.com - Moterhomer Sat Mar 08 11:27:36 1997
Seeking info on the descendents of Jesse AMOS and Daisey Anderson Amos. I know they had a daughter. That daughter had twin girls, one of whom ( Carol?) married a Baker. Also, the twins had a brother, Donnie.

cdixon@sisna.com - Carl Dixon Wed Mar 05 Mar 20:07:21 1997
I am looking for anything on the family of Hanson and Mary Turner Wait(e), my great grandparents, I know nothing about them except that they had a daughter Eva Bessie born Aug. 6, 1879, in Limestone, Marshall County (my grandmother). She married Wyley Dixon of West Liberty, Ohio County at Wheeling on Feb. 14, 1906 then moved west and died Aug. 28, 1968 in Colorado.

BURLEYDK@aol.com - David K. Burley Sat Mar 01 00:44:12 1997
Looking for ancestors and descendants of Jacob Burley born in Sinking Valley, Pa. around 1771, and married a Hughes. He and family went to Grave Creek, VA around 1800. Currently have extensive family data down through my own family, but would like to collect and catalog as many of the Burleys of Marshall Co. that I can. My nt work is researching Joseph Burley (Burleys Bakery) and James D. Burley (Banker, First National Bank at Moundsville). Any information would be appreciated, and inquiries about my work are invited. Have some data on Masons and Millers around Moundsville also.

RETBOBR@aol.com - Robert L. Rinehart Fri Feb 28 17:15:24 1997
My G-G-Grandfather Thomas G. Rinehart (b. 14 Jan 1825 was born somewhere in Pa. He and his wife Elizabeth Cecil (dau of John Cecil) (1829-1883) had 10 children most of them I believe were born in Marshall Co. There names are Roberta m. Robert R. Hendrickson, Oliver Robert m. Phoebe Janette Ross, William, Missouri, Morrison Luther, George W, John Allen, Thomas Grant, and Isaac. I would appreciate any information available and I will be happy to exchange what information that I have.

cdavid@mail.tds.net - Chuck Davidson Fri Feb 28 19:38:06 1997
Need help in finding my two Great Uncles (TWINS) Wiley and Jacob DAVIDSON born on Nov. 19, 1862 in Clay Co, West Virginia. I requested and received a copy of their birth records from Moundsville Court House.. This is the only information that I have been able to find.. Can some kind sole lend me a helping hand. I need to find out where they went from here to continue my research at this time..Thank you so very much.

juch46a@prodigy.com - Patricia Murphy DiNarda Thu Feb 27 05:42:02 1997
William MURPHY 1816-1886 Married Joanna FITZGERALD 1817-1910 5 Children, Oldest Son... William Murphy 1858-1902 Married Maggie Iona GUMP 1869-1963 She was born Greene County, Pa.. Lived and Died in Littleton,W.Va.

Rcan57@aol.com - Roslin Cantrell Tue Feb 25 07:15:10 1997
Andrew PALUGA (aka Andy POLUGO) and Mary FURTO (aka Mary FERRTO) were married by Rev. E. Nusial on 9 Oct 1909 in Wheeling, WV. They had a farm in Benwood, WV. Anyone have access to tax, land, deed records? Mary worked at the old Wheeling hospital (between 1905 - 1925) died 1925 (flu epidemic) and is buried at St. Mary's Gate of Heaven Cemetery in Lafferty, OH (Belmont County). Have not been able to locate death certificate. Any info on Andrew or Mary would be much appreciated.

betty26@airmail.net - Betty B. Card Sun Feb 23 20:36:26 1997
WHITLATCH OR WHITLACH, Matthew, b. 1800 in Va. and married to Elizabeth Unknown, b. in PA. Their daughter Nancy b. abt 1844 was the second wife of James KERBY [KIRBY?] married in about 1860. What was Nancy's maiden name and who were her ancestors? Also interested in any information about Matthew WHITLATCH.

aeller10@comcast.net - Augusta D. Eller Sun Feb 23 15:11:13 1997
Looking to correspond with any descendents of Samuel SIMS/SIMMS or anyone with information about the above. Samuel SIMS bought land on the Ohio River in present day Marshall County in 1797 from James McMechen. Sims died about 1818 and left a widow named Isabella who later married a Matthew BROWN. My 3rd great grandfather Jackson SIMS was a son of Samuel and Isabella. Samuel lived in Ohio County at the time he bought this land. Where was he born and who were his ancestors? What was Isabella's maiden name and who were her ancestors?

GTaylor481@aol.com - Patsy Peery Taylor Tue Feb 18 1997 00:13:01 1997
I am searching for any information on Peery's in the area in the 1800's. My G.grandfather James Benjamin Peery was born 4/1/1853 in the Wheeling area. He was orphaned at age 12 and sent to Corinth, Ms. to live with relatives, even though he had relatives remaining in the area. I have not been able to find or make a connection to any Peery's left during that time. One of his sons, Luther, returned to the area and was killed in a mining accident 3/7/1914. I am trying to identify James B.'s birth parents or any siblings, if there were any. Any information you could share with me would be helpful. Thank you.

jhj24@erols.com - Unknown Mon Feb 17 21:05:06 1997
I am interested in corresponding with anyone researching the Isaac SIMMONS family. He died before 1841 on Big Grave Creek. I am descended from his son, John S. SIMMONS (1817-1892). I am also interested in corresponding with anyone researching the James CAIN family. He between 1850-60 on Brock Ridge in Wetzel Co. His daughter Lydia A. CAIN married John S. SIMMONS. John & Lydia are buried in Mt. Joy Cemetery on Macedonian Ridge on the Marshall/Wetzel border.

denunzio@ix.netcom.com>Steve & Denise DeNunzio Mon Feb 17 15:12:50 1997
I'm looking for information on the WELLMAN and TARR families, who lived in Marshall County in the 1840s and 1850s. Specifically, my ancestors are John WELLMAN and Eliza Ann TARR, who married here in November 1841. Thank you!

LAPS@MIDUSA.NET - LUCY PIHL Sun Feb 16 09:40:41 1997
I'm looking for info. on EDWARD B. HENDRICKS and MARY E. WISE. Edward was born in Canden city, nj. on march 23,1851. mary was born on sept.18,1855 in Jackson county,wv.They was married on may 13,1871, in jackson county,wv. They had 17 children. Mary die in Syracuse, Ohio on october 30.1918. EDWARD die on July 13,1938 in Middleport, ohio.Anyone with infor. on the family would be appricate.

kabaybruce@zoomnet.net - Nancy C. Adkins Sun Feb 16 13:35:24 1997
I am resesarching the following surnames: STEWART, McCARTNEY, STORY, O'SHAUGHNESSY, CARR, BURNETT. Will gladly share information. Would like to hear from anyone researching these lines. Thanks!

drbillsmith@centuryinter.net - Dr. William E. Smith Sat Feb 15 22:03:54 1997
I'm looking for information on the surnames HUGGINS and BOGARD. I am also looking for family information concerning Nellie Louise Huggins born 3 Feb 1923 in Moundsville WVA to Thema A Bogard & William H. Huggins. William Huggins had a brother George Vincent Huggins (born about 1924). I would appreciate any and all information on these individuals and their ancestors. Thank You to the person(s) helping to research this information.

cdavid@mail.tds.net - Chuck Davidson Fri Feb 14 16:58:00 1997
I'm looking for my Granduncles who's names were Jacob and Wiley Davidson born on Nov. 29, 1862 in Marshall, Clay Twp, W.V. Their parents were William and Margaret Davidson. They were twins and had a sister Cythina. I have not been able to find any other information on these twins. I have began to think that they died at a early age. If so, would anyone have a record of that?

KPolicastr@aol.com - Kim Policastro Fri Feb 14 21:51:52 1997
Hoping for some help with the LARIMORE family. My 3 great grandfather was David Larimore twin brother of John. David's wife was Malissa HAWKINS. Together they had 8 children. Delia Catherine VARNER, Hester BURKEY, Mary HUFFMAN, Daisy ROE, Annabelle DAVIS, Maimie MCCRACKEN, Beulah MOONEY, and David Jr. Some of the children moved on to the Akron area. At least 2 stayed in the Marshall Co area. My great great grandmother was Delia VARNER. At least one other sister stayed near Benwood and her father spent his last days with her. He and Malissa were married 27 April 1874 and divorced by 27 Jun 1903 when she remarried. Any help appreciated.

ohioco@hostville.com - James Caldwell Jr. Sat Feb 08 10:04:50 1997
We are looking for the parents of James Caldwell, born 1724 in Tyrone co. Ulster North Ireland, married Elizabeth Alexander 1752, first born son is John 1753, family migrated to the colonies in 1769, settled in Wheeling in 1772. Any information would be greatly appreciated....you can email information to this address or contact my father...James Caldwell 204 Schiller Ave, Sandusky, OH 44870.

APowell674@aol.com - Anthony Powell Fri Feb 07 21:04:04 1997
I am searching for any information on the family of Henry Crow who served with the 12th W VA infantry. He was married to Hannah Crow and they had at least 2 children (William and Hannah Florence). They lived in Marshall County. Henry Crow is buried in the Bethel Cemetary in Glen Easton. I would also like to know if this cemetary is still in existance.

ggracie@feist.com - Gracie Stover Tue Feb 04 13:08:02 1997
I am looking for my g-grandparents, Elias(or Isiah) STILLWELL, born abt 1847 im Marashall Co. He married Martha Ann CALDWELL, born around 1857 in Marshall Co abt 1873. They then moved to Greenup Co, Ky. If anyone has any information, please e-mail me as I am really stuck on these two. Thank you.

dkenyon@freeway.net - Judi Kenyon Mon Feb 03 00:02:09 1997
I am seeking information on the marriage of Elijah Burge and Elizabeth Goddard. Elijah was born about 1787. I am hoping to find the names of his parents. He married Elizabeth Goddard, daughter of William Goddard. I also am seeking information on their children. I am a descendent of Joshua Goddard Burge and Susan Cook. If anyone can confirm Elijah Burges parents, please let me know. I have them as Christian Burge and Barbara Livengood but have not been able to confirm this. Thank you.

LXXX86A@prodigy.com - Mary Ann Zervos Mon Feb 03 23:25:20 1997
Looking for Benjamin Allman b: 1780 Del. m: Mary McCullough b: 1794 PA: His father Abraham (which one) mother unknown. Her father John MCCullough, mother Lydia Hickman. Trying to connect. Benjamin and Mary's children: George m: Sarah A. Hunter, Frederick m: Melinda Martin, Benjamin Jr. m: Elizabeth Caplinger, Dorcas m: Noah Barcus. Joshua (a brother or son of Benjamin Sr.) m:Rebecca Conway. Who is John McCullough's parents? C.B. Alllman my cousin- have his parents and Wetzel heritage. Really need Benjamin Sr. ancestory and McCullough's. Thank you.

csmith@remcen.ehhs.cmich.edu - Cheryl Smith Sun Feb 02 10:24:30 1997
I am searching my family line of LYDICK. Benjamin Thomas LYDICK was born 6 Feb 1823 Somerset Co Pa. married 12 Dec 1845 Marshall co to a Greathouse. Benjamin son of Samuel and Catherine Black LEIDIG. Benjamin's children: William Henry b Jan 1848, Mary Ann, Sarah, Margaret Jane, ca 1850. Benjamin served in the Civil War. He is on the 1850 Marshall co census. When/where died? Cheryl Smith

WendyNdHod@aol.com - Wendy Sun Jan 26 14:58:57 1997
Looking for info on Hugh Mcmillan..1750-1830. His son was named Thomas, married to a Prisilla WATSON..later moved to Marshall County WV. He had a son Benedict McMillan that i am looking for info on. He lived in Marshall CO and later moved to Missouri.

smcb0824@brightok.net - Susan Bradford Sat Jan 25 17:14:17 1997
I am looking for information on the family of Edward R. LEACH and wife Rebecca in Marshall County area in 1840. At that time they had daughters Elizabeth (1831-1917), Rebecca, Samantha, Mary M., Sarah. They moved to Wood County before 1850. Elizabeth married Jackson JONES (1817-1887) about 1847 and moved to Carroll County, Missouri about 1859 with children Adeline A.(b. 1849), Susan P.(b. 1851), William E.(b. 1853), Jacob Lawrence (b. 1855), and Lawrence Dade (b. 1857). I do not know Jackson JONES' parents or siblings or any other family member. Need information on possible relatives of Jackson JONES in Marshall County.

cindy@shawneelink.com - Keith & Cindy Pegg Fri Jan 24 22:41:35 1997
I am looking for information on Wilfred Marion WILLISON. He married Alice Jane (PEGG) CLARK in 1893. Alice died before 1900 and Wilfred is married to someone else by then. He had a daughter names Isabell that I believe was one of Alice's children. Would like to get more information on the all the family. Thanks.

HBaker1432@aol.com - Harold Baker Tue Jan 21 20:17:26 1997
I'm trying to determine who Sarah Baker, dau. of George Baker, married. I have conflicting information -- Was it Andrew Simon -- or Andrew Snyder (Snider). The marriage date I have is 21 June 1828 - George Baker was son of Capt John Baker, my ggggrandfather.

HBaker1432@AOL.Com - Harold Baker Tue Jan 21 18:39:39 1997
I would like to hear from anyone who is descendent of Capt. John BAKER and Elizabeth Sullivan Baker. I am his ggggrandson through their son, Jacob. Please EMail me

k8mn@clinet.fi - Dave Heil Tue Jan 21 16:16:24 1997
Looking for information on the Buzzard family of Cameron, Lough family of Cameron Ridge, Jefferson family of Wayman's Ridge all pre-1900.

phanes@ivy.tec.in.us - Peggy Hanes Mon Jan 20 16:29:43 1997
I am seeking ANY information on a family named Mitchener or Mitchenor who would have lived in the area in the late 1700's. Moved to the Greene CO., PA area sometime before 1820 census when son, Marcena Mitchener is listed. Need to know parents of MARCENA or siblings of same.

cdavid@mail.tds.net - Dot & Chuck Davidson Mon Jan 20 15:19:35 1997
I'm despertly looking for two great uncles.. They were twins at birth and born on Nov, 29, 1862. Names were Jacob and Wiley Davidson. Marshall Co, W.V. and were the sons of William and Margaret Davidson... Could you please help me on this.. I can find nothing else on them. It's like they disappeared...

tterrell@denver.net - Terry Terrell Sun Jan 19 08:35:39 1997
WALKER and BRAND families- I am looking for information on John WALKER (1828-1903) and his mother Sarah Raleigh (or Rowley) WALKER (1806-1882) who came the the US (probably the Wheeling, WV area) in about 1843 from Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England. Family oral tradition says they came to join Sarah's husband, possibly also named John, and brothers of either the husband, or the son. John (1828-1903) married Mary Ellen BRAND (1837-1932) in Wheeling in 1857, and John, Sarah, and Mary Ellen moved to Belmont Co., OH by the 1860 Census. In that Census, Mary Ellen is listed as being from VA (possibly Wheeling, as it was still in VA then). John enlisted in the 1st WV Light Artillery, Company D?, unlike most Belmont Co. residents who enlisted in Ohio regiments. I suspect he enlisted to fight beside relatives or friends from the Wheeling area. I would appreciate any information on the WALKERS or the BRANDS.

rhsmoyer@clover.net - Ralph Smoyer Jr. Sat Jan 18 04:59:46 1997
Am seeking information on WILSON family living on site of Fort Beeler in 1820's. I think they were originally from PA.

WOOF1@worldnet.att.net - Lori Whitwam Mon Jan 13 19:21:54 1997
I am searching for information on Mary Alice Higgins, believed to be born in Marshall County somewhere around the mid-1870s to mid-1880s. She married William Andrew Pearl and lived in Benwood. Also seeking information on William Andrew Pearl who was believed to be born in Springfield, OH, but probably died in Marshall County about 1949.

WOOF1@worldnet.att.net - Lori Whitwam Mon Jan 13 19:31:32 1997
I am trying to locate a birth record including parents' names, for Charles R. Whitwam, believed to be born in Marshall or Ohio County on 22 November 1911. Any help would be appreciated.

LADHOPKINS@aol.com - LaDonna Hopkins Wed Jan 01 20:34:50 1997
I am searching for any and all info on the Ephriam R. Hall and Sarah Jane Ott family, both ancestors and decendants. They were listed on the 1900 census in Meade Dist., Marshall Co. Showing 12 Children. Edward Zachariah was shown as being 15 at the time of the census, he was born 28 August 1884 in Boardtree. Can any one help me find out about this family? Edward Z. Hall is my paternal Grand father and I can find nothing on his father, mother or siblings. ThankYou.

manor@marshallnet.com - Carolyn Bauer Wed Jan 01 20:34:50 1997
I am seeking information on the family of JOHN DOTY (DOTEY, DOTEN, DOUGHTY) (b. abt. 1760 in Wantage, NJ; d. 1806 in Woodland, WV) and especially about his son, JOHN MARTIN DOTY, b. 1789 in Woodland, W.V. (have also found this listed as Woodland, PA.). JOHN DOTY married HANNAH MARTIN in Sussex County, NJ. Their children were EPHRIAM DOTY, PHEBE DOTY (m. MARTIN GOODALE), REUBEN DOTY, SUSANNAH DOTY, MICAJAH DOTY, JOHN MARTIN DOTY (b. 1789 Woodland), JOSEPH DOTY (b. 1790 Woodland), ABNER DOTY (b. 1802, Woodland, WV) and POLLY DOTY. Following the death of the father, the mother reportedly remarried. The children were left in the care of the son MICAJAH DOTY. The father, JOHN DOTY was a private in the Revolutionary War in the Sussex Co., NJ, Militia. He was also a member of the Order of Free Masons. JOHN MARTIN DOTY moved to Chillicothe, Ross Co., OH, where he was a private in the War of 1812 with the 2nd Battallion of the Ohio Militia. JOSEPH DOTY also moved to the Ross Co., OH, area. JOHN MARTIN DOTY eventually moved to southern IN (in 1818) where he was one of the first settlers in Parke Co., IN. The town of Dotyville, later renamed Rosedale, was named for him. I am especially interested in obtaining any documentation on the births of JOHN MARTIN DOTY and his siblings, as well as information on their descendants.

jrwiley@imperium.net - James Ross Wiley Wed Jan 01 13:18:33 1997
Searching for further information on families: McHENRY, MOORE, and CULP. My Grandmother, wife of Edwin Franklin WILEY, of Fairview, Burch Ridge, Marshall Co., Melissa J. McHENRY, b. 1860, Fairview, Marshall Co., WV, dau of James McHENRY (Jr), b. 1820, Marshall Co., WV, and Margaret ___, b. abt 1816. PA, son of James McHENRY (Sr.), b. abt 1793, Ireland. Also, Melissa McHENRY's mother, Mary Jane MOORE, b. 1834, Wetzel Co., WV, dau of Jacob (Aug 30, 790, PA) and Anna CULP MOORE, b. 1795, VA.

RMcavoy414@aol.com - Ron McAvoy Mon Dec 30 11:29:33 1996
Researching the surname BANE in Marshall Co.,W.V.and Greene, Washington Co., Penn. Will exchange information

ANGLETOUCH@prodigy.net - Jerry Mace Sun Dec 29 17:00:57 1996
I would any information about Jefferson Family. I have some information I would share.

73453.1003@compuserve.com - J. Alton Tue Dec 17 16:20:23 1996
Researching Gray's, Grindle's, Whipkey's, Slonaker's, Cassell's, Nesmith's, Porter's and Howard families in Marshall County, W VA.

wvfoto@newwave.net - Steve Shaluta Sun Dec 15 20:46:01 1996
I am looking for information on WILLIAM MONTGOMERY in the Marshall Co.,VA (WV) area about 1850.In the Marshall Co., VA census of 1850 he was 38 and married to Sara (?)age 41, his children were ...James B. age 16, John age 12, and Williamage 3.It also note that both he and Sara were born in PA. This is my great-great-great-grandfather & mother and I am now at a dead end...any info would help. I have a little information on James B. Montogomery, this is my great-great grandfather, and his son John W. Montgomery, this was my greatgrandfather, and finally John Bunyan Montgomery, this was my grandfather.

GenieJD@aol.com - Joyce Duncan Tue Dec 10 10:55:44 1996
Seeking information about the parents of George Garrett ECKELS b.1863 & his wife, Margie Elizabeth BROWN b. 1874, both born in Marshall Co. They married in 1892 at Jerry's Run, Marshall Co. Margie's parents may be Frank BROWN & Lucy GRANT? Margie's mother died at her birth, she was raised by her Grandparents Alex & Mary Ann BROWN. I will gladly exchange information.

jbice@gator1.brazosport.cc.tx.us - LEACH Sat Dec 07 22:17:17 1996
Looking for the parents or siblings of Joseph LEACH. Here is what I have at present: Descendants of Joseph Leach 1 Joseph Leach b: 1840 in Dauphin County, Penn.d: July 28, 1933 inFlorida City, Florida Age at death: 93 est.
.... 2 John Milton Leach b: Abt 1850 d: 1924 in Florida City,Florida,buried:Homestead, buried Graceland Cemetery in Miami,sec.D Age atdeath: 74 est.
........ +Minnie R. Robinson b: 1858 in Robinson Ridge, Littleton,Wetzel County, West Virgina d: February 13, 1944 in Homestead, buriedGraceland Cemetery in Miami,sec.D,rd.D,Q-crip 1,Florida Age at death: 86est.
........... 3 Vernon Garde Leach b: April 06, 1889 in Havensvill,Pottawatomie County, Kansas d: May 20, 1963 in Homestead , Florida Age at death: 74
............... +Mabel Irma Heimbach Homebrook b: December 19, 1892 inChicago, Cook County, Illinois d: January 21, 1965 in LakeJackson,Brazoria County, Texas Age at death: 72
........... 3 Lester L. Leach
........... 3 Marjorie Leach
........... 3 Everet Leach
........... 3 Eva Leach
........... 3 Ruby Leach

neilw@netrunner.net - Fran Whiteman Tue Nov 19 18:03:22 1996
Researching WHITEMAN name.. they lived in Marshall Co., WV from about 1865. William Arnold Whiteman married Margaret Hill in Boggs Run. Had the following children. Thomas Rees, Margaret,George, Elizabeth, Nancy, Charles Ford, and others. I are looking for anyone researching the Whiteman Name.

kentlewis@aol.com - Kent Lewis Mon Nov 11 08:56:05 1996
Looking to correspond with anyone researching the West family in Marshall County. I have much data which I will share. Need paricularly the birth and death place of William West father of Able and John V. West.

JEBTEXEXEC@Aol.com - John E. O'Brien Sat Nov 09 17:31:22 1996
I am searching for my GGfather, Thomas O'BRIEN and his Grandson, George Byrne O'BRIEN. Both might have been in Marshall Co. around 1900 - 1910. George was born in Moundsville in 1903.

nfn03210@naples.net - Robert L. McConn Fri Nov 08 13:05:23 1996
Am looking for information re Thomas McConn, born WV 1828. Most probably lived in Ohio County, WV until approx. 1852. Married Elizabeth Barr (born OH Nov. 8, 1831). See many McConn's in 1850 Census in Ohio County's 44th District about this time but do not have access to actual rolls. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Have much info in this family after they moved to Illinois will share with anyone interested. Robert L. McConn

JEBTEXEXEC@AOL.com - John E. O'Brien, Jr. Wed Nov 06 17:02:22 1996
My Uncle, George B. O'Brien, was born in Moundsville, Marshall County, WV on 20 Feb 1903. His father was a petroleum driller who moved with his wife to Moundsville from McKean County, PA. If anyone has information about oil drilling activity in WV around 1900-1910, please let me know. Thanks.

terrilucas@juno.com - Terri Lucas Mon Nov 04 19:54:52 1996
I am looking for information on the Stimmel family. According to the 1880 census of Mashal County, My g-g grandfather William H. Stimmel lived with his mother Anne. There were several boys. According to census reports Anne was a widow and born in VA. My g-g-g grandfather was b. in MD. On April 24, 1884 my g-grandmother Cassa Ann Stimmel was born. Her mother Sarah's maiden name is unknown. This family lived around Cameron, WV. Cassa married my g-grandfather Franklin Pierce Lucas January 23, 1901 in Marshal County. Anyone with information on this family please e-mail me. Thank you.

jra@on-ramp.net - Rick Anderson Sat Nov 02 07:57:19 1996
I am looking for any information on the ANDERSON and MORRIS family of McMechen and Benwood.

rdarrah@prodigy.com - Ronald Darrah Sat Nov 02 13:21:41 1996
Seeking information on the family of Henry DARRAH of Marshall Co., especially pre-1840. Did they come from PA? What happened to Henry after the 1850 census?

egals@netgate.net - Terry Bodkin Thu Oct 31 13:33:26 1996
MASTERS, RIGGS: Nathan Masters, John and James Riggs settled in Ohio Co 1777, and may have had a brother Jeremiah Riggs from Ohio Co, or nearby Washington Co, PA. Have found census records up to 1820 for Nathan, 1830 for Cloe Masters, and Lot Masters and Henry Masters in 1810. Riggs and Masters families may have intermarried. Some Masters and Riggs showed later in Marshall, Tyler and Ohio Counties. Any information on these families greatly appreciated.

bill@ovnet.com - Bill Cunningham Sat Oct 26 06:54:53 1996
Seeking information on parents of George W. Lancaster born 1832 in Marshall County, VA. m. (1) Mary Ann Kimble, (2) Sarah Jane Watkins. George Lancaster lived in Tyler Co. or Wetzel Co., WV.

jregan@telis.org - James R. Regan Fri Oct 25 23:46:01 1996
Looking for any information on the Roemer family, 1870 - 1900. It seems that the majority of the family lived in Monroe County Ohio, but there was one birth, my grandmother, Lydia, who apparently was born in Moundsville. My grandmother's parents names were Peter & Mary (Whetzel) Roemer.

dklug@westol.com or DKLUG@JUNO.COM - Douglas M Klug Wed Oct 16 21:25:57 1996
Query in Marshal County West Virginia for any information available on August Schmid(t)1833-1897 and Catherine/Katherine Keohline Schmid(t)1844- 1939 Berlin Germany & Marshal Co WVA. Catherine is the daughter of John Keohline?. They have at least on child, Katherine Schmid(t) Klug 1869-1948. I would like any and all information that you may have about these people. Other children, who parents are, birth and death dates, where, any significant history, ect, ect. Thank you. PS George W Klug 1859-1938 Wurrtemberg Germany was married to KatherineSchmid(t)

ndw1@psu.edu - Nancy Hallberg Tue Sep 24 12:52:31 1996
HOWARD - I am seeking information on Andrew J. Howard, born abt 1836 in Marshall Co., son of Enos Howard

CGirl_001@wow.com - Ron Robinson Mon Sep 16 06:47:57 1996
I'm researching the following surnames in Marshall CO.: ROBINSON, HARTZELL, WORKMAN, GILMORE, YOUNG, METHENEY, Anyone out there want to exchange info?

bship@eastky.com - Anthony BLANKENSHIP Sun Sep 15 17:29:06 1996
Searching BLANKENSHIP FAMILY wv., ky., va., with related names of MCCOY, WOLFORD, DAUGHERTY, BAKER, HURLEY, LOCKHART.

cdavid@mail.tds.net - Chuck Davidson Wed Sep 11 13:54:19 1996
Looking for Wiley and Jacob Davidson, born in 1862. Twins in Moundsville, W.V. Marshall Co. Also a sister Cythnia Davidson born in 1859 in Bowman, Marshall Co, W.Vir. Any tiny bit of help would be deeply appreciated. Thank You Very Much.....Chuck Davidson

Coffield@aol.com - Bob Coffield Mon Aug 19 12:27:37 1996
I am looking for anyone who is interested in researching the Coffield family of Wetzel and Marshall County, West Virginia. I have extensive reasearch on the family and would be interested in sharing information.

vanscyoc@tusco.nat - Cook Mon Aug 19 22:03:32 1996
Looking for info. on Doc Van Scyoc d.1861 Moundsville Married Mary Purty, also Newtan Magers Married Caroline Crow? all from Moundsville.

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