by Scott Powell, 1925


Contributed by Linda Fluharty.


Pages 5-6

The author of this book commenced work on it when he was in his seventy-first year of age and labored under many difficulties to complete it. It was not one of his projects but that of Walter R. A. Morris, a very bright, energetic young lawyer. He came to him in the summer of 1918 and requested him to write a history of Marshall County. Mr. Morris stated that he thought it one of the needs of the people and would be of educational value. He would render aid in preparing the work; attend to publishing the book when prepared for the printer, and put it on the market when ready and see that it was properly distributed as the author was unwilling to undertake such arduous labors as would be required for that part of the work. With the assurance of Mr. Morris he commenced work immediately. And having some material suitable for the work he commenced within ten days from their conversation on the first pages of this history. He worked diligently and by the end of the year, 1918, had much of the material gathered and many sheets of typewritten copy lay on his desk.

During the prevalence of Spanish Influenza, Mr. Morris was one of its victims. The author thought for a time to abandon the work, but concluded to go on with it; complete his part as contemplated.

The work was chiefly done in evenings after a day's regular work had been completed, till the advance of the season and short days compelled him to give up the work other than gather material. His wife proposed a plan which would permit him to continue the work. She prepared a stand for the typewriter which could be placed under a light near the winter fire where he could work with all comfort and convenience of warm weather, till the return of spring permitted him to return to his former place of work.

Day by day the work went on through winter and spring till the Fourth of July, 1919, the last pages of the history were written. Since that date some matter has been added and in 1923, the history was brought up-to-date, making it cover the history of Marshall County from the first settlement in it till the close of 1923.

The sheets were temporarily bound in 1920 and exhibited at a "Homecoming" at which some citizens examined it and concluded it would interest people and ought to be published and put on the market that people might have opportunity to add it to their home libraries.

The matter was taken up by different organizations and since October, 1920, there has been much talk of having it published.

No less than five times in the past four years have representatives of different organizations assured the author that they were going to have the history published but the matter of publishing it remained a matter of uncertainty, till the early days of autumn of 1924, when Rev. J. M. Rine, an ex-county superintendent of schools and a veteran teacher of the county, took up the matter and decided to fill the place left vacant by the death of Walter Morris and soon arranged to have the work published and put on the market and to him and his unbounded energy rests the credit of having it published after four years of disappointments to the writer.