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Civil War: West Virginia

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Revolutionary War Soldiers' Graves, Ohio County, WV
Ohio & Marshall County Revolutionary Patriots
A Short Sketch of the Life of Henry Clarke
Christopher Parriott Pension Application
Captain John Baker
WAR OF 1812
Pension File of Jacob Sivert
Civil War: West Virginia
New! - Charles Younger & Sons in the Civil War - And a Postwar Murder
Denton Lock, A Moundsville Black Soldier
Marshall County Men in the Civil War
1st West Virginia Cavalry Page
First West Virginia Infantry - Book & More!
The Civil War Medals of WV... Where Are They?
12th West Virginia Infantry Page
Battery "D" 1st W. Va. Light Artillery
Militia & Home Guards, Marshall County
1883 Pensioners' Roll, Marshall County (Most are Civil War)
1890 Marshall County "Special" Census
Soldiers' Biographies - Presidents, Soldiers, Statesmen, 1898
Soldiers' Obituaries
Civil War Union Veterans Buried In Sand Hill Cemetery
Kiger Family In The Civil War
Capt. John P. Baggs, Company "A" 11th Infantry - Snake Hunters
History of the Panhandle, West Virginia
Civil War Ancestors of T. Vernon Anderson
Civil War Records of James N. McHenry
The James Bonar Family
Thomas Snodgrass Bonar
Lt. Col. Jonathan H. Lockwood
John Montgomery, A Biography
Caleb & Mary Ellen (Welling) Chambers
Joseph C. White Finds His Children
Andrew B. Porter, 1st WV Calvary
Thomas Warren Hill, 15th WV Infantry
Samuel A. Smith, Confederate Soldier, Civil War
Philip Caldabaugh, 189th Ohio Regiment
James M. & Jacob Howard, 1st WV Infantry
John Wesley Bush, 17th WV Infantry
9th WV Infantry - Adjutant General's Report, (1864 Memorandum)
11th WV Infantry - Adjutant General's Report, 1864
Pension Application of Edward Grandon
Lewis H. Smith's Letters Home
Smith Risinger, 9th Penna. Reserves
First Confederate Casualty
The 3 Andrew Mathews/Matthews
William M. Richmond, 4th W.Va. Cavalry
Tomlinson Brothers in the 6th W.Va. Cavalry
Eli Benson Huggins
Letter - 6th W.Va. Infantry Soldiers
"Duck" Alley - Last Civil War Survivor in Marshall County
Francis W. H. Baldwin, Highest Ranking Soldier
13 Veterans of Civil War Survive in Marshall County
Standiford Family In The Civil War
Samuel Gunn, 11th Penna Infantry
James Clark, 17th W. Va. Infantry
Samuel C. Murphy, 11th Penna Infantry
Joseph Stewart, 6th W. Va. Infantry
Muldrew Brothers in the Civil War
Robert Sherman - Killed in Battle at Antietam
James David Bonar - Died at Andersonville
Tree Planting Song
When General Taylor Ate His Dinner Here
First Marshall Soldier to Fall In Battle
Reminiscences of a Moundsville Man
Woman Shouted at Whig Meeting
Joseph Pyle - Veteran Given Belated Honor
Court Martial of Lt. James H. McGill
Grave & Obit of Jacob B. Pyles, 4th WV Cavalry
Company "B" 7th West Virginia Infantry
William Harrison Frey, 92nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Samuel Criswell, 126th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Miscellaneous Civil War Articles - Marshall County
The Era When Our Veterans Received Adoration and Respect
William G. Crow, 85th Pennsylvania Infantry
Joseph Cain, 4th WV Cavalry
Survivors, Company "I" 6th WV Cavalry
Robert Purdy, 3rd WV Inf/6th WV Cav & Potomac (Md.) Home Brigade
William Delaney Patton, 77th Ohio Infantry
Dr. Samuel F. Craig, 7 WV Infantry
Lt. Samuel A. Parriott, 4 WV Cav. & 17 WV Inf.
Isaac Grimes, 3rd WV Inf. & 7th WV Infantry
James A. Wood, 11th WV Infantry
Civil War Soldier Descendants, 1961
Newton Gilbert Sims (From Calhoun County WVGenWeb site)
Civil War Soldiers Buried at West Alexander, Pa. Cemetery
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George Tyler Moore Civil War Center - Shepherd College
David Kerns, 1st W.Va. Infantry
Gamaliel Kerns, 1st W.Va. Infantry
Company K, 140th Penna. Volunteers
The Civil War Battles In West Virginia
1890 Special Census, Ohio County, WV
Unclaimed WV Union Civil War Medals
John Dawson's 11th West Virginia Infantry Homepage
West Virginia In The Civil War
Benjamin C. Criswell - Medal of Honor Recipient
James A. Criswell Obituary
Elgin Bert Jones
Company "M" Roster, Etc.
Company "M" 1st West Virginia Infantry
Company "M" 1st Sgt. Nielson & Trumpeter Stultz
Marshall County Rosters, World War I - 1925 Book
Marshall County World War I Deaths & Obits
Marshall County Casualties, World War I - 1925 Book
Decorated Soldiers of World War I
Distinguished Service Medals, Marshall County
Casualty List of WWI - West Virginia
Joseph Henry "Paddy" Schmid
Addie Gable In World War I, By the Students of Gary Rider
Ross Monte Wiley
314th Field Artillery - Book
314th Field Artillery - Supply Company
St. Joseph's Settlement World War I Veterans
Edwin E. Logan, Moundsville, W.Va. - (Barbara Welling Fox)
Claude Worthington Benedum
The Blake Brothers - American Legion Post #46, Benwood
Arch Parks - Mess Sgt., Camp Lee, Va.
Lester Delno Durbin, Killed in Action
Howard M. Fisher, KIA - NOT From Cameron
Lawrence Larry Lancaster - Survived - Awarded Bronze Star
Denver Pearle Martin - Survived the War
Clarence Willard Vandine - Survived the War
Thomas "Earl" Staley - Died of Disease
James Ralph Wilkerson, Wounded in Action
William H. Wirt, DEAD-NOT DEAD
Marshall County WWII Veterans - Courthouse Wall
Marshall County WWII Veterans - NOT on Courthouse Wall
Some of the Veterans
Photos of Marshall County Vets - Young American Patriots
Charles L. Boswink, U. S. Army
John W. "Jack" Cunningham, U. S. Navy
Joseph Samuel Polsinelli, U. S. Navy Reserves
WW II Veterans, By the Students of Gary Rider
St. Joseph's Settlement World War II Veterans
Jack Gould Receives Recognition
World War II Draftees
Robert E. Kestner, Army Air Corps
Lawrence R. Berardi & Son - U. S. Army
Wilfred I. Myers, U. S. Army
Remembering Bill Musilli, U. S. Army
George David Zearott, Jr. - U. S. Navy Reserves
1569 Mail Bag, 1943
James Lloyd Rose, First Marshall County Boy Killed
Samuel Schane, U.S Navy - Marriage
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WWII Memorial - Marshall County
Glen L. Whitlatch, Distinguished Service Cross
WV Korean War Casualties - (National Archives)
Joseph Samuel Polsinelli, U. S. Navy Reserves
Roll Of Honor
Vietnam Veterans, By the Students of Gary Rider
WV Vietnam Casualties - (National Archives)
Joseph Angelo Polsinelli
Gary Wolfe
Franklin Delano Porter, KIA
Lt. Col. Samuel J. Cunningham, U. S. A. F.
Ryan Hammond Killed in Afghanistan Crash - OBITUARY
Marshall County Men in Four Wars
Marshall County Honors Veterans - 2001
Service Veterans of Marshall County
Lt. Col. Samuel J. Cunningham, U. S. A. F. [Career]
Marshall County Military Monument Dedication
West Virginia Medal of Honor Recipients

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