Pleasant Valley

Submitted by Phyllis Slater.

In earlier times, Pleasant Valley had two stores, post office, blacksmiths shops, Methodist Church and school and parsonage. Today it has a very progressive store owned and operated by Fred Hammel and family, a Methodist Church and parsonage, and also many new homes.

Pleasant Valley, Webster district, was the place of the "First Farm Women's Club" in Marshall County, organized February 13, 1924, by thirteen farm women. It was the out growth of a Country Life Conference being held in the county at that time. These thirteen farm women were the forerunners of the Extension Homemakers, widely known throughout Marshall County with 35 clubs and the "Barn" located on Grave Creek. It is a barn that has been converted into an activity building for the clubs' various functions. Mrs. Henry Moore, Mrs. Charles Pipes and Mrs. John Martin were the first officers.

The Pleasant Valley consolidated school that was built in early 1920s and discontinued in March of 1978, is now being used as a community center. The Lions Club, the 4-H Club and Homemakers and many other social functions are held there, such as Voting Precinct No. 35, dances, reunions, wedding showers and receptions; also the pony pulls were a once-a-month feature during summer.

From History of Marshall County, 1984.