by Scott Powell, 1925


Contributed by Linda Fluharty.


Pages 266-267.

     ROSTER of members of Company M of the 1st West Virginia Regiment of Volunteer Infantry from MARSHALL COUNTY, enlisted May, 1898, for service in the Spanish-American War under the command of Captain R. N. Humphreys.


Humphreys, R. N., Capt.
Hooton, A. L., Lt.
Conner, C. W., 2nd Lt.
Neilson, James, Sgt.
Taylor, William, Sgt.
Parkinson,Samuel, Sgt.
Conner, P. E., Sgt.
Yoho, R. C., Sgt.
Evans, Charles, Cpl.
Donley, E. E., Cpl.
Conner, William, Cpl.
Wright, Thadeus, Cpl.
Keyser, W. E., Cpl.
Lutes, W. G., Cpl.
McGill, Harry, Cpl.


Barker, George
Bertrand, Enos
Booth, Elmer
Brantner, Charles
Charlton, Elias
Conner, William
Donley, John
Duncan, B.
Edwards, Howard
Echols, Clarence
Ewing, William
Flanagan, Mort
Fry, John
Goudy, Harry
Gamble, Charles
Goodwin, Mart
Hagerman, James
Henretta, Houston
Jones, Alton
Kull, Charles
Koch, R.
Lancaster, Samuel
Litton, Arthur
Litton, Edward
Mangold, John
Mathews, Jesse
Marple, William
Martin, Arch
Moser, Charles
Pattee, Shirley
Powell, William
Price, William
Purdy, Harry
Purtiman, James
Rine, Foster
Rogers, Harry
Salters, H.
Slipner, John
Stitlz, W.
Thomas, Harry
Wade, William

Co. G. 1st Reg. WV Volunteers, May, 1898

Bartley, Richard
Hubbs, C. S.
Hubbs, Frank
Ingram, Albert
Lowe, George
Stilwell, William
Wilson, C. H.
Wilson, Daniel

Company D, Second West Virginia Volunteers

Conner, George
Doty, S.
Phillips, S.

First Reg. West Virginia Vol. Inf., First Battalion

Schafer, Philip

United States Navy - Battleship Brooklyn.

Hanen Jr., Samuel