by Scott Powell, 1925


Contributed by Frank Manning.


Pages 293-305.

MARSHALL COUNTY contributed liberally of both men and means in support of the World War. The amount of government war bonds purchased by the citizens of this county was certainly creditable to it. The following reports made by the banks of this county, of quotas estimated for the county and the amount subscribed to the several LIBERTY BOND LOANS cannot fail to be interesting to the patriotic people and one of which future generations will look upon with com­mendable pride.

THE FIRST LIBERTY LOAN, 1917, the quota estimated for this county was $208,500, and the amount subscribed was $99,100.

THE SECOND LIBERTY LOAN, 1917, the quota esti­mated for this county at $473,850, and the amount subscribed by the citizens was $672,750.*

THE THIRD LIBERTY LOAN, 1918, the quota was fixed for this county at $540,400, and the amount subscribed was $831,100.*

THE FOURTH LIBERTY LOAN, 1918, was conducted upon the plan of a regular campaign, and was of unusual interest and was, beyond a doubt, well managed and the people were instructed and interested in many thing connected with bond issues that were of much benefit to them. It was a campaign of patriotism and instruction in matters of busi­ness interest and it was made plain that investment in Liberty Bonds was a matter of business and an opportunity for investment people should seek. It was a new method of thrift and an opportunity to save. The result of three weeks' campaign will tell the story of success of the campaign in few words and few figures.

The quota estimated or the county was $1,042,100, and the amount subscribed was $1,331,250. Oversubscribed $289,150.*

THE FIFTH LIBERTY LOAN or the FIFTH LIB­ERTY VICTORY LOAN was in the spring of 1919. The quota as estimated for this county was $742,350. The amount subscribed by the citizens amounted to the sum of $773,000.* *The above amounts are as reported by Federal Reserve Banks.


In memory and honor of these illustrious brave Marshall County boys who have made the last sacrifice, even unto death, and the fifteen hundred Marshall County boys, many of whom are now in the front line trenches, and all of whom now stand ready to make that same supreme sacrifice for the cause of humanity, THE MARSHALL COUNTY HERO CLUB is hereby organized.

To entitle one to supporting membership in this club, individual subscription to the FOURTH LIBERTY LOAN must be at least $2,000.

Martin Brown           $2,000.00
C. B. Roe               2,000.00
W. D. Alexander         2,500.00
M. F. Compton           2,500.00
J. A. Boyd              5,000.00
B. F. Hodgeman          2,000.00
W. Martin Riggs         2,000.00
Friend Yoho             4,000.00
Mrs. Mary E. Smith      5,000.00
I. Gordon               5,000.00
Joseph Nolte            3,000.00
R. D. Miller            2,000.00
S. A. Walton            2,000.00
Chas. McCamic           2,000.00
M. A. Sybert            2,000.00
J. M. Sanders           5,000.00
Mrs. Mary Etta Weaver   2,000.00
T. S. Riggs             2,000.00
C. A. Showacre          2,000.00
W. A. B. Dalzell        5,000.00
B. M. Spurr*            2,500.00
H. J. Zink              2,000.00
E. C. Yoho              3,000.00
V. A. Weaver            2,000.00
W. D. Dunn              2,000.00
John Chapman, Jr        2,000.00
W. H. Hubbs             2,000.00
John Dague              2,000.00
B. M. Spurr*            2,000.00
John Johnson            2,000.00
T. E. Young             2,000.00
Elmer W. Bonar          2,000.00

Equitable Life Assurance Society          $8,500.00 
Manufacturers' Light & Heat Co.            7,000.00 
Carnegie Natural Gas Company               2,000.00 
Wheeling Electric Company                  2,000.00 
S. H. Woodruff and family                  3,000.00 
J. C. Bardall Company                      5,000.00
Sullivan Bros.                             2,200.00


MEMBERS of the Women's War Saving Stamp Club were each required to
purchase W. S. S. to the amount of one hundred dollars face value when
matured January 1, 1923.

Mrs. Ella Benedum 	Mrs. Caddie Grimes
Mrs. J. T. Baxter 	Mrs. Emma Crow
Mrs. J. I. Elbin  	Mrs. O. Benedum
Mrs. F. Hays Fish 	Mrs. Loper
Mrs. Etta D. Leach	Miss Clara Peoples
Mrs. Geo. Platt   	Miss Blanche Durbin
Mrs. Harvey Hicks  	Miss Emma M. Crow
Mrs. Elizabeth Crow	Miss Laura Church
Miss Helen S. Nowell	Miss Alta Bungard, R. D. No. 3
Mrs. C. D. Fish         Mrs. C. M. Phillips, R. D. No. 3
Mrs. A. Richter         A. F. Knight
Miss Tola Yoho          Mrs. Cecil Timmons
Mrs. G. W. H. Gatts	Mrs. Eugene V. Gatts 


Mrs. Elizabeth Cresap	Miss Elizabeth T. Cresap 

Miss Leota J. Steele	Mrs. Cora Campbell
Mrs. Amanda Harsh       Mrs. W. A. Harsh
Mrs. Maggie M. Mooney	Mrs. W. A. Campbell
Mrs. A. D. Mooney       Miss Mary Harsh 

Mrs. Charles Morningstar Miss Helen Morningstar
Mrs. Wallace Smith	 Dr. Harriet B. Jones
Mrs. Harry Schafer	 Mrs. Mary C. Dowler
Mrs. Frank Cotton        Mrs. J. A. Clark
Miss Clara Morningstar	 Mrs. Nannie Beal
Miss Ida Still           Mrs. Meta Gilmore 
Miss Ada Beal

Glen Easton
Miss Edith Jefferson	Mrs. Allie Chapman 

R. D. No. 1
Mrs. Mary B. Rine       Mrs. G. B. Games
Mrs. Samuel Chapman	Mrs. T. T. Bonar
Mrs. W. A. Chambers	Mrs. John Chapman
Mrs. Eliza C. Wayt	Mrs. J. G. Kelley
Mrs. G. W. Kelley       Miss Olive Bonar 
Mrs. A. M. Anguish

R. D. No. 2 
Mrs. Jacob Coffield 

Mrs. Leonard Hartley	Mrs. Nancy Cain Moundsville
Mrs. Evan Roberis       Miss Sebasteen Rafferty
Mrs. H. L. McCuskey	Miss Dess Turner
Mrs. Vera Newman        Mrs. Mary E. Smith
Miss Lou Turner         Mrs. Will Hicks
Miss Ethel Woodburn 	Mrs. Myrtle Haynes
Mrs. V. A. Weaver 	Mrs. Fred McMullen 
Mrs. Anna B. McGlumphy 	Miss Emma Francis 
Mrs. A. L. Francis 	Mrs. Louisa Schumacher
Mrs. Tom Kelley         Mrs. W. C. Ferguson 
Mrs. Frank Peters 	Mrs. S. T. Courtwright
Mrs. Parry Miller 	Miss Virginia Francis 
Miss Francis McCamic 	Mrs. Lillie Marple
Miss Bess E. Shaw 	Mrs. M. A. Sanders 
Miss Julia Campbell 	Mrs. Mary Reilly 
Mrs. J. A. Morrison 	Mrs. John Johnson 
Mrs. W. M. Riggs        Mrs. Spencer White 
Miss Rose Litman        Mrs. Erastus Miller
Mrs. L. H. Denosky 	Mrs. S. C. Montgomery
Miss Emma L. Walton 	Miss Lena Lauffer
Mrs. J. G. Walton 	Miss Grace Woodburn 
Mrs. S. J. Echols 	Mrs. L. R. Potts
Miss Pluma Jenkins 	Miss Mary Nesbitt
Miss Violet Smith 	Mrs. Mary Etta Weaver 
Miss A. Ewing           Mrs. Laura Kelley 
Mrs. Chas. E. Carrigan 	Miss Helen Henderson 
Mrs. Harry A. Bowers 	Mrs. J. T. Jefferson
Mrs. J. W. Moorehead 	Mrs. James T. Miller 
Mrs Charles Kull        Mrs. W. P. Fish
Miss Nellie Showacre 	Mrs T. L. Rogerson 
Miss Gertrude Shaw 	Mrs. C. J. Barth
Miss Jessie Martin 	Miss Eula Barth
Mrs. J. E. Hughes 	Miss Elsie Smith
Miss Ella M. Brantner 	Miss Agnes Lacy
Mrs. W. S. Powell 	Mrs. L. O. Jones
Mrs. Margaret Swift 	Mrs. A. R. Laing
Miss Maude Riggs        Mrs. W. D. Alexander 
Mrs. A. F. Francis 	Mrs. Chas. Stahl
Mrs. W. A. Luikart 	Mrs. J. M. Cecil
Miss Rose Maurot        Miss Retta Founds
Mrs. E. E. Henderson    Miss Sarah Margaret Woodruff  
Mrs. Louis Ramser 	Mrs. Anna Klug
Miss Mabel Nanna        Mrs. S. D. Ault
Mrs. Robert McCoy 	Mrs. A. C. Scroggins, Jr.
Mrs. S. W. Mathews 	Mrs. W. P. Gorby* 
Miss Eliza Dotta  	Mrs. Arthur Francis
Mrs. R. A. Ashworth 	Miss Antoine Vorderbrueggen
Miss Lena McDaniel 	Miss Jane Elizabeth Roe
Mrs. Emma Clemens  	Miss Toilla Houston
Mrs. O. F. Covert 	Miss Etta Courtwrigh
Mrs. R. G. Blankensop 	Miss Genevieve Barth
Mrs. Harry Kerns        Mrs. M. L. Brantner
Mrs. H. G. Klink        Miss Isabel McConnel
Mrs. Amelia Karcher     Mrs. B. L. Lowe
Mrs. L. H. Coffield     Miss Daisy Gorby
Mrs. Rose Gordon        Mrs. Russell Ransom
Mrs. Phebe Jane Cain    Mrs. John McGary
Mrs. C. B. Roe          Mrs. E. V. Burley
Mrs. J. M. Weekly       Miss Norma Scott
Mrs. Frank Patton       Miss Nettie Riggs
Mrs. Mattie Nesbitt     Miss Ella Harris
Mrs. F. L. Yoho         Miss Mary Ellen Dorsey
Miss Myrtle Vandyne     Mrs. H. L. Bauer
Mrs. T. J. Frohnapfel   Miss Mary Etta Hoskinson
Mrs. James A. Sigafoose Mrs. Mary Schafer
Miss Helen McCuskey     Mrs. Bess Yoho 

R. D. No. 1
Mrs. Clara Dowler       Miss Carrie Powell
Mrs. N. E. Daugherty    Miss Henrietta Mason 
Miss Gertrude Jones

R. D. No. 2
Mrs. Ida Rulong         Mrs. Clara Doty
Mrs. S. M. Wellman      Mrs. Stella Lancaster
Mrs. J. K. Lindsey      Mrs. Mary E. Cecil
Mrs. F. L. Roberts      Mrs. R. M. Gossett
Mrs. Blane Bonar        Mrs. W. B. Wayt
Mrs. Geo. Darrow        Miss Mary Roberts 
Mrs. J. L. Woods

Mrs. C. L. Snodgrass    Miss Margaret Snodgrass 

*P. O. uncertain.

Miss Regina Klug       Mrs. C. E. Bassett
Mrs. George Shutler    Mrs. Joseph Vorderbrueggen
Mrs. Eliza Hyder       Mrs. E. C. Yoho
Mrs. Harry M. Graham   Mrs. Lucy Moore
Mrs. Ellen Wilson      Mrs. Emily Burton
Miss Theresa Klug      Mrs. S. Earliwine 
Mrs. Sarah E. Wayne

R. D. No. 3
Mrs. S. S. Clark       Mrs. Alice Flouhouse 

Round Bottom
Mrs. J. W. Travis      Mrs. Morris Snedeker
Mrs. A. A. Horne       Mrs. Millie Snedeker
Miss Goldie Powers     Miss Marie Snedeker 

Mrs. Josie McCleary    Miss Reka Behrens
Miss Dora Behrens      Mrs. J. F. Kiger
Mrs. Emma V. McCombs   Mrs. Harry Marsh
Mrs. Elizabeth Orum    Mrs. Charles Goetze
Mrs. C. K. McCombs     Miss Augusta Behrens
Mrs. William Klages    Miss Elizabeth Orum
Miss Minnie Behrens    Mrs. Samuel Hall
Mrs. Rebecca Meriner   Mrs. E. J. Harris
Miss Stella Marsh      Mrs. H. G. Marsh
Miss Mollie Marsh      Mrs. W. H. Johnson
Mrs. Elmira McConnell  Mrs. Elizabeth Phillips
Mrs. Ella Campbell     Mrs. Edna Klages
Mrs. Margaret Phillips Mrs. Wilhelmina Behrens
Miss Lena Behrens      Mrs. Laura Pelley Smith
Miss Genevieve McCleary

Webster District
Mrs. W. H. Moore       Mrs. W. T. Norris
Mrs. A. A. Hewett      Miss Jane Brown
Mrs. W. J. Martin      Mrs. Shelvy B. Miner
Mrs. Mabel Scott       Mrs. Caroline V. Francis
Mrs. Adam Francis      Mrs. James Fitzsimmons
Miss Ella Riggs        Mrs. W. E. Moore
Mrs. Mary Norris       Miss Nannie Martin
Miss Ella S. Brown     Mrs. Jennie Fitzsimmons
Miss Minnie Johnson    Mrs. B. B. Elder 

Miss Eva Sims          Mrs. D. W. Boston
Miss Elsie Gatts       Mrs. Ella Yoho 

Mrs. Ira B. Pyles, Bellton
Miss Olive Campbell, Washington
Mrs. B. Evans, Board Tree District
Mrs. Eveline R. Pyles, Littleton
Miss Emma Allen, Union District
Mrs. J. H. Yoho, Howard
Miss Ella Caldwell, Union District
Mrs. Rose Booth, Welcome
Mrs. W. C. Caldwell, Union District
Mrs. J. L. Hood, Roseby's Rock
Mrs. Sarah V. Lilley, Benwood, R. D. No. 2
Mrs. John Lemuel Garvin, Wheeling, R. D. No. 2
Mrs. H. L. Clark, Grave Creek
Mrs. Margaret Garvin, Wheeling, R. D. No. 2
Miss Emma Frohnapfel, St. Joseph	
Miss May Caldwell, Wheeling, R. D. No. 2
Mrs. Lulu Meyers, Wheeling, R. D. No. 2
Miss Alberta Caldwell, Wheeling, R. D. No. 2
Mrs. Marie Meier, Wheeling, R. D. No. 2
Miss Ella Jones, Benwood
Miss Mary Meyers, Wheeling, R. D. No. 2
Miss Olive Crow, Washington District
bliss Helen Garvin, Wheeling, R. D. No. 2
Miss Lottie Riggle, Washington District


This club was composed of those who purchased of the FOURTH
LIBERTY LOAN BONDS to the amount of one thousand dollars or
more but not to the amount of two thousand dollars.

C. M. Hood                  A. F. Francis
Charles McCamic             Thomas Cochran
R. G. Dakan                 Louis Dressel
J. E. McCleary              Sam Dorsey
O. P. Wilson                Elizabeth Francis
George P. Wasmuth           Charles Kull
A. C. Scroggins, Jr.        Anthony Frohnapfel
E. C. Wayne                 E. W. Lohr
M. A. Sybert                Edward S. Dowler
B. F. Beer                  J. W. Henderson
John M. Cecil               John L. Pelky
J. W. Wellman               Mike Albert
S. T. Courtwright           J. T. Francis
A. H. Ferris                W. W. Henderson
W. F. Burgess               W. K. Mason
B. F. Beer                  A. N. Holmes
Jason Parsons               Arabel Lilley
Van Ruckman                 Frank H. Cecil
Oscar Wilson                Thomas Scott
George Ellis                M. B. Pierce
Fred McNinch                William Offterdinger
I. B. Wilson                J. B. Catlett
Dr. J. A. Miller            Friend Cox
Mrs Clara Rife              John M. Johnson
Max Levy                    Z. L. Simmons
A. R. Isiminger             James T. Miller
Harry A. Bowers             J. W. Moorehead
A. G. Bonar                 Samuel McGary
John W. Cunningham          W. H. Hubbs
L. H. McCuskey              Dr. C. E. Hutchinson
M. Bachenheimer             H. L. Henderson
Fred Limlie                 St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church
Earl L. Evans               Suburban Brick Company
C. H. Hunter                Wilson Miller, Woodruff
E. J. Harris                J. I. Hubbs, Nauvoo
Frank Allen                 B. B. Elder, Calis
Joe F. Voitle               S. W. Riggs, Webster District
John W. Crow, Jr.           Mound City Dry Goods Co., by Ferris Bros.
J. M. Poyles	
S. W. Booher*               Little Prince Lodge 79, Knights of Pythias
Mrs. John W. Fish      
Alex Purdy                  P. B. O. Elks No. 282
Parry Miller                Garvin & Ault
V. C. Yoho                  J. E. Sivert & Co.
E. G. Roberts               I. C. Dowler, Calis
Miss Georgia Karcher        James I. Lutes, Glen Easton
W. E. Mason, Limestone      The J. A. Schwob Company
John Shepherd, Pleasant     Mound City Council No. 6, Jr. O. U. A. M. 
James Holmes   $1,500.00     N. R. Yoho     $1.500.00 
D. L. Logan     1,200.00     Riley Workman   1,500.00
Andrew Lilley   1,500.00     C. F. Kelley    1.500.00 
S. Risinger     1,500.00     W. S. Powell    1,600.00 

A. B. Barnett          B. E. McCuskey
Lewis P. Riggle        W. M. Nowell
John E. Wilson         G. E. Fish
E. D. Crow             Margaret Hughes
Harry Burkley          Mrs. Olive Straub
Willard Chapman        Edward P. Cully
T. C. Pipes            F. C. Yoho
H. H. Pipes            Minor Grossman
Milton McCusky         James A. Whelan
Chris E. Yeater        J. W. Baily
Earnest Cully          Sinsel Hardware Company 


THIS CLUB was named in honor of General Pershing and required each
member to purchase WAR SAVING STAMPS to the full limit allowed any
one person to buy, one' thousand dollars value, when matured
January 1, 1923.

Walter Loper          H. W. Walton 
W. M. Nowell          Jane Leach
Benjamin Patterson    Frank Leach
J. M. Phillips        William Jones
Minor Grossman        Harry Howard
E. H. Lawrence        Martha Miller
T. C. Pipes           Sinsel Hardware Company
John Thiel            Geo. McCuskey
George B. Patterson   Thomas S. Gallantine
John Nicholas         George Huffner
H. Burkey, Sr.        Mrs. Clara Fisher
J. R. Jones           Mrs. Leota Benedum
Lloyd Strope          Paul Benedum
J. N. Howard          Guy Patterson
T. E. Willard         S. B. Hinerman
Dave Bonar            Wilber Watson
William Miller        David Murphy
John Wendt            Harley Howard
W. A. Ingram          Charles H. Carpenter
S. E. Leach           Patterson Glass Company 

R. D.
L. L. Phillips        W. H. Chambers
J. B. McNinch         J. E. Crow
W. S. Phillips        J. A. Cunningham 
Martin Allen

C. A. Kessebring      Horatio Gatts 
James H. Wolfe

R D.
A. N. Holmes          T. W. Crow 

Louis Gocke           William Hall
James Launon          J. P. James
A. E. Nolte           J. Frank Boenner
Dr. W. J. Black       Mrs. William Hall
Paul Reidel           L. D. Dolbeare 
Louis M. Schad

R. D.
John R. Roth          Mrs. Emma Johnson Bollton
W. E. Hamilton        L. F. Burley
Everett C. Pyles      J. N. Pyles 

E. L. Kimmins         W. W. Campbell

Glen Easton
T. T. Bonar           W. A. Chambers
Isaac Crow            J. B. Richter
T. E. Young           John Chapman
Willard Chapman       Samuel Chapman
J. M. Rine            W. A. Standiford
T. S. Carmichael      R. A. Fitzgerald 

R. D.
V. S. Kelley          Jacob Coffield
S. R. Lydick          A. R. Isinminger 
J. H. Crow

Nancy Cain            Leonard Whitley
E. L. Robinson

J. M. Sanders         J. A. Forster
Mrs. Chas. McCamic    J. A. Bloyd
M. A. Syburt          W. A. B. Dalzell
Frank Williams        Evan G. Roberts
Mrs. Paul Maurot      A. J. Jones
V. A. Weaver          B. M. Spurr
C. C. Nagle           J. B. Catlett
Mrs. Emma Smith       Blair Yoho
Henry Karcher         Joe Shetler
S. W. Mathews         Max Levy
F. F. Yoho            T. S. Riggs
W. M. Riggs           I. Gordon
Mrs. Alice Logan      Dr. C. D. Williamson
R. J. Cotts           D. L. Logan
D. C. Lutes           Mrs. Margaret Swift
S. F. Francis         W. M. Garner
I. D. Keyser          Mrs. B. F. Beer
Thomas Scott          N. R. Yoho
Mrs. M. A. Syburt     Andrew Lilley
B. B. McMechen        J. Howard Holt
Auten & Gandee        W. X. Rupp
M. J. Callahan        C. G. Musgrove
Lyle B. Byrnes        J. T. Miller
S. T. Courtwright     W. H. Johnson
Charles Kull          Philip Ebeling
T. A. Kelley          W. P. Yoho
Hugh Thompson         C. M. Hood
E. Wilkinson          B. F. Bone
Fred E. Rife          J. E. McCleary
A. Buckleh            Mrs. C. E. Hutchinson
W. D. Alexander       H. E. Roberts
Mrs. W. A. B. Dalzell S. M. Cunningham
Martin Brown          Parry Miller
Thos. Cochran         Mrs. Mary Etta Weaver
Gertrude Spurr        Mrs. Emily V. Burley
Edwin Fitzsimmons     Arch E. Conner
Sarah Ella Smith      H. J. Zink
Cyrus Yoho            J. E. Chase
Rev. M. F. Compton    Mrs. Ella Zena Garner
S. Dorsey             Mrs. Mary E. Smith
Mrs. Vera Newman      Fred McMullen
J. W. Moorehead       Miss Edith Campbell
Dr. J. C. Peck        J. W. Cunningham
Mrs. Pearl Wasmuth    Mrs. Anna B. McGlumphy	

R. D.
M. C. Koontz          Mrs. M. C. Koontz
Harold Conner         John McGary
Albert Leach          Hubert Conner
Wilbert Jones         George A Koontz
Mrs. Mary A. Koontz   H. V. Campbell Mrs. 
E. W. Dorsey

Mrs. Anna Koch        Charles C. Schane
S. P. Ullum           E. W. Samon
F. H. Goodwin         James Baird
H. G. Klink           C. M. Logsdon
Mrs. Will Jones       Mrs. Nancy B. Houck
Ida Schultz           John W. Lineberger
P. Seltner            J. T. Muldrew
James T. Powell       Joseph Gatewood
J. L. McMechen        Samuel J. Hunter
J. E. Gatewood        Mrs. Matilda Schafer
Milton Robinson       Charles Edward Jones 

R. D.
Mrs. Laura L. Yoho    Harry J. Frohnapfel
J. P. Cooper          A. J. Frohnapfel
T. J. Frohnapfel      Mrs. Bordora E. Frohnapfel
Harry Lauffer         J. P. Hyder
Mrs. Matilda Cooper   Effie M. Jolly
L. A. Klug            Joe Verderbruggen

Roseby's Rock
Mrs. Kate Hood        Dr. Harry Howard
Mrs. Emma C. Ruckman  Frank Hopkins 
Freeman Beebout

Vinton McCleary       C. H. Robinson 
W. M. Gamble

St. Joseph
T. J. Shutler         Rev. Fr. Buchheit 
John Shutler

Mrs. Nola Yoho        Mrs. Leota Baker
R. D. Miller          John Wilson
Jehu Yoho             F. C. Rine, R. D. 1 

Mrs. E. C. Yoho       Bismark C. Yoho 
Cecil May Yoho

Clinton Spurr, France
Henry Geiseler, Elm Grove, R. D. No. 5
D. L. Dague, Viola	
James Darrow, Lynn Camp
Mrs. Marie Meier, Wheeling, R. D. No. 2
H. J. Richmond, Fairview Franklin District
A. Turner, Woodruff
W. F. Wagner, Wheeling, R. D. No. 2
D. H. Arrack, Franklin District
Clarence Remke, Wheeling, R. D. No. 2
Henry Meier, Wheeling, R. D. No. 2
Alex D. Hood, Wheeling, R. D. No. 2
Sam Fisher, Elm Grove, R. D. No. 5
Wilson Richmond, Woodruff
Mrs. Blanche Luke, Elm Grove, R. D. No. 5
R. W. Luke, Elm Grove, R. D. No. 5
W. A. Cole, Elm Grove, R. D. No. 5
W. A. Caldwell, Elm Grove, R. D. No. 5
G. N. Dague, Elm Grove, R. D. No. 5
James Cunningham, Calis


Subscribed to Liberty Bonds as reported by Federal Re­serve Banks for
the several bond issues:

I-May 15 to June 15, 1917...............................  $99,100 
II-October 1 to October 27, 1917........................  672,750 
III-April 6 to May 4, 1918 ...............................831,100 
IV-September 28 to October 19, 1918................     1,331,250 
V-April 12 to M ay 4,1919 ......................          773,000
                                               Total   $3,707,200

The amount subscribed by citizens of the county and reported by local

I-May 15 to June 15, 1917..............................   $176,100 
II-October 1 to October 27, 1917.........................  672,750 
III-April 6 to May 4, 1918...... ........................  831,100 
IV-September 28 to October 19, 1918.............         1,331,250 
V-April 12 to May 4, 1919..............................    773,000 
                                                 Total  $3,784,200

The difference is accounted for by the purchase of Lib­erty Bonds from banks out of the county by citizens and credited to the counties in which the purchases were made.

The amount invested in Liberty Bonds and in War Sav­ing Stamps was very creditable to the citizens of the county. War Saving Stamps were purchased to the amount of $628,640. The total amount, as reported, invested in govern­ment securities, amounted to the sum of $4,412,840. or nearly ten percentum of the total assesed valuation of all property in the county.

More than ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS were donated by the citizens of this county to the organiza­tions that aided the soldiers, both over sea and in camps in the United States. The above amount does not include RED CROSS work and cost of material used in making many articles of comfort for the soldiers.