Will of Stephen Priest

Transcribed by Peggy Lynn Rowe, 1/29/2001, from
Putnam's Monthly Historical Magazine, Vol. 1, 1892-93, PG. 257,
(Article entitled "Genealogical Gleanings in England")

PRIEST, Stephen: Will 1640 England

1640 Stephen Priest of Pitminster; sick of bodie; Dat. 1 Oct. 1640; to poor of Pitminster xx s.; mother An Norrish xx s. a yere for life towards the Reparation of her aparell to be provided by John Preist; to Edeth Midlam the wiffe of Richard Midlam xx s.; Edeth Tratt xx s.; Elizabeth Tratt xx s.; Elizabeth Edwards x s.; bro. John Preist whome I make Exr., one wheten mow; Overseers, frds. Richard Tratt & William Scadding; signs by mark, no witnesses; Pro. 26 Nov. 1640 by Exr. Filed Will no 152