Will of Richard Ravenscraft

Submitted by Hazel M. Spahr.

Marshall County Will Book 2, page 140.
March 30th 1880

I Richard Ravenscraft greatful to Almighty God for the many years
he has permitted me to live and for the worldly possessions with
which he has blessed me and now being of sound mind and memory do
make this my last Will & Testarnent hereby revoking all former
Wills and testaments that I have heretofore made.

lst I will and bequeath to my wife Elizabeth Ravenscraft her lawful
third of my real and personal property which after said Elizabeth
Ravenscrafts decease shall be the property of Lucretia Jane Eisneigh
and her heirs.

2nd I will and bequeath to Lucretia Jane Eisneigh and her heirs
twenty acres (20) acres of real estate on one side of said Elizabeth
Ravenscrafts dowry.

3rd I will and bequeath to Joseph Francis Kiger and his heirs thirty
acres of real Estate as the surveyor James Conner surveyed.

4th I will and bequeath to my sister Mary Arnold twenty acres real
estate her life time which after her decease it shall be the property
of Dora Bell Vanaman. None of above named legatees are to receive any
thing until all my debts are paid. The property is to be rented until
the debts be paid. I nominate and appoint my friend George Kimple of
Marshall County State of West Virginia as Administrator whereof I have
here set my hand and seal.

                             Richard Ravenscraft (Seal)
Signed sealed published and declared by the testator Richard Ravenscraft
as and for this his last Will & testament in the presence of each other
and at his request have hereunto siped our names as witnesses thereto,
Mrch the 30th day 1880
                                   R. K. Ashton
                                   George Kimple

West Virginia Clerks office Marshall County Court Dec 15 1880

A paper writing bearing date March 30" 1880 purporting to be the last Will
& testament of Richard Ravenscraft late of this county Decd. was this day
fully proved by the oath of R. K. Ashton & George Kimple the two subscribing
witnesses thereto is ordered to be recorded & George Kemple the Executor
therein named declined to qualify as such & upon the written request of
Elizabeth Ravenscraft, R. K. Ashton is appointed Administrator nill said
will annexed who took the oath as required by law & together with Conrad
Eisnoch his security testa qualified as to his sufficiency enter into and
acknowledged and their bond in the penal sum of seven hundred dollars
(unintelligible) & payable as the law directs, thereupon Cerfificate is
granted the said R. K. Ashton for obtaining a probate of said will in due
form & Isaac Gordy, Geo Ashton & George Kimple are appointed appraisers of
the personal estate of said dec'd. they being first duly sworn for that
                             (Clerk's name - could not read)