Rock Lick

Submitted by Phyllis Slater.

This small community is near the Pennsylvania state line and was first settled about 1785. Early settlers included Parkinsons, Ingram, Laughlin, later Bell, Phillips, Baldwin, and Earliwine. The settlement took its name from Deer Lick Spring on the Clara Bane farm. The village boasts the highest elevation of any place in the county, averaging 1475 feet above sea level.

The first school in the community was a log building on the Gray property. It began as a subscription school, later became a free school. The second school was built in 1869 on land donated by David Philips, the building standing at the junction of Calis Road. A third school was built on the Presbyterian Church property. Today, youngsters attend Cameron elementary and junior-senior high schools.

The area is primarily known for sheep and farming although oil and gas brought prosperity to the community for a brief time. In 1876, sheep raised in the community won first prize at the World's Fair held that year in Paris, France.

At one time there were three stores and a filling station operation in the village which is located on State Route 891, two miles east of US 250.

Copied from History of Marshall County, 1984; submitted by Frances Bonar.

Submitted by Bill Leichter.

This information on the U.S. Post Office at Rock Lick is from the Post Office Archives.

The Rock Lick Post Office was originally established as Rock Lick in Virginia in 1846. Its name was changed to Poplar Spring on April 9, 1850, back to Rock Lick on June 6, 1853; and to Rocklick on May 22, 1894. It became part of West Virginia in 1863. The Post Office was discontinued on February 15, 1918 and the mail was then sent to Cameron. Here is a list of the postmasters who served at this Post Office and the year of their appointment:

Joseph C. Ruple --- 04-06-1846
Alexander Gilbert --- 04-09-1850
Wesley E. Funk --- 03-08-1852
Alexander H. Smith --- 11-05-1852
John Laughlin --- 06-06-1853
David McGinnis --- 01-03-1890
Samual S. Hicks --- 05-29-1890
James W. McGinnis --- 05-22-1894
David L. McGinnis --- 02-18-1899
Henry Leichter --- 09-05-1903*
John H. Dickey --- 10-23-1903
Maggie Clouston --- 03-13-1907
John H. Leichter --- 10-11-1910**

*My great grandfather - He died on 10--3-1903
** My father

These Post Offices were all operated out of stores in the small town. Site location reports were completed by the Post Masters along with other information. I have ordered these but have yet to receive them from the National Archives. I hope the above information is of interest to some in Marshall County. - - Bill Leichter